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  2. Unfortunately it can be fixed but you would have thousands of people get their feelings hurt.
  3. Shoot! Nothing will get me upset...I'm going get me a turkey leg and talk Dolly Saturday!
  4. Lord Shocker you dont wanna invite me and BPM to no fish fry believe me !!!
  5. It's hard to really get a feel of what every team has since the Knoxville News Sentinel Sux. Pilot quit making their high school booklets also. Big reason I don't go there anymore. Maybe one of those guys that took the fall for Jimmy was the one who was in charge of the high school football books.
  6. I’m guessing I should know you? I remember you said you knew my mother-in-law, Miss Keefe. Usually anyone that has anything to do around here I know. Question do you know me?
  7. 28-3 I believe. They destroyed Brighton.
  8. If GP is that good ,so be it, As long as Hampton can stay healthy and grow, its all good either way. This very well may be the toughest game on the schedule. Shoot from what I'm hearing South Greene and Sullivan North are both as big as you fellers.
  9. How did the scrimmage go with Brighton?
  10. I noticed that against Central in the Jamboree.
  11. 31-27 Blackman. They have speed, size, depth. Not a bad showing for a 3a on the road. If game was later in year, I might have picked Alcoa after some young guys developed.
  12. LC has a lot more talent. My wife used to work in LC and if have watched most of these kids since they were in middle school. I think UC cans get some on the ground but not near enough to win. Just enough to slow the game down and limit LC’s possessions. I’m thinking 35-14 or 35-21 type game.
  13. Cloudland WILL show up and HV better be ready. This will not be an easy task. I'm betting HV knows this as well.
  14. Lol...na he’s a good one but not on here I don’t think! I’m just a neighbor
  15. Week one is at Clinton. Anderson Co had a lot of graduates. Wonder who feels the shoes to put up the points they had been in recent years? Clinton lost some talented players too, not sure how big class was though. One has to think this game will be closer than years past. My prediction: AC 40 - Clinton 14
  16. What’s your opinion/prediction ?
  17. Below is a post straight from a 247sports page: ---"Curious if any Mt Juliet fans here and have seen both play (Aiken has only played 1 season). There is a supposed insider on ToS that swears PWO commit Bryan Aiken is better than Grimes. Says he's seen every snap of practice (coach? parent?) and he's undoubtedly better. Here are their stats last year: Reggie Grimes: 48 tackles, 3 TFL, 1 sack Bryan Aiken: 81 tackles, 18.5 TFL, 5 sacks" --- So again, somebody please explain why he couldn't put up stats against a high school offensive line? You can rule out that he was getting doubled and the other guy wasn't because they are both a handful to deal with. Yet those stats are very average for a 5 star defensive lineman that played in 13 games last season. I need somebody to break down a good reason for a 5 star, big framed guy to have those stats against smaller opponents.
  18. Sounds like just a bunch of haters lol. Don’t get me wrong I hate sp but whether they get transfers or not sp is a hard nosed football team. Take it easy on us Saturday
  19. Not sure who you think I am but I’ve never hit a little white ball before. I’m not denying that Marion has had transfers. It’s just funny that y’all are all bent out of shape about greenback doing the same thing you are doing. Lol
  20. How did they do?? I know they had a great WR coming back.
  21. If Hubbard was at QB last year it was in garbage time or against a bad team. You know Sanders was THE QB last year you are just trying to change the subject and not admit that it’s been all transfers playing QB for a long time now.
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