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  2. Is it me or is it a mistake in the scheduling but i saw that bradley only has 4 home football games this year and 6 road games...is every school like that or was it just a misprint?
  3. Then start basketball season later say December and not november
  4. Not joking Roy, the aforementioned fellows are as good as I've seen. And they are on the same team. If Loudon shows up with any kind of defense it will be a great ball game.
  5. Today
  6. Guess we should cancel the season since Lake County is unstoppable. Looked up these 2 powerhouses. Marshall County won 3 games last year, and pretty much everybody they played put 50 on the board. Murray was an average team barely over .500 that played in 2a, and was put out of the playoffs with a near 50 point loss. You sure made a statement beating them 16-7
  7. Week 1 Schedule Perry County @ East Hickman Middleton @ Collinwood West Carroll @ Bruceton Houston County @ McEwen Wayne County @ Loretto Huntingdon @ McKenzie Here are my picks for Week 1. Good Luck to everyone this week.
  8. I'm hoping so too Two. (Didja catch that antics with semantics? Ha). May take a few quarters until everything gels, but I think we'll be fine indeed. ...And a FYI for Lions & Chargers- the thread for upcoming Westview & Dresden game is in 3A/4A section. I didn't start one- been out of the loop for a bit. Was in hospital & then rehab afterwards. Got home a few days ago. Health is doing better but still have some issues, which may prevent me from going to the games this year. (And the Hevy-haters breakout in chaotic, ecstatic cheers. LOL). Time will tell. And I'm still gonna PTL no matter what, for He is still large & in-charge! Amen! Hallelujah! Glory to God & pass the fried chicken & mashed taters please! (btw- or "by the way".. PTL= "Praise The Lord" for those unfamiliar with such religious abbreviations. Which no doubt I'm guessing is the same crowd who hates on & denigrates yours truly & others here on the T. Bless their hearts y'all). Haha.
  9. I think Coach McConnell has the young QB ready to go. They had a good showing vs McKenzie and I believe they'll break the streak.
  10. In Class "A" here are some teams to watch. Signal Mountain is always good. Chucky Doak and University High are strong teams from upper East Tennessee. Polk County seems to be building. They had a great showing at State last Fall. Madison Magnet from Middle Tennessee is well coached and is always a threat. In our District, which I think is very tough, all I can say is everyone can play and on a given night anyone can win. We have the utmost respect for all those in our District as well as all of Class "A". I really don't know much about the West Tennessee schools. There are some very good teams in Class "A" across Tennessee. I hope I have not left anyone out. If so, please accept my humble apologies. As always, "Go Lady T's"!!! Alcoa Dad
  11. This Lion fan says Dresden rises to the occasion and wins again. Will probably be a mistake-filled high-scoring game. Maybe it won't be by much, but of course I'm predicting Lions win. We've been holding back & not showing our hand in preseason 7on7's & scrimmages. Yeah, that's it, we've been low-key & playing 'possum until the Real McCoy games start. Friday Night will show what I'm talking about! GO LIONS!
  12. who is in charge of counting all of the money? Good lawd this may get out of hand! JK! This does my heart good to see people come out like this to support high school football! Great Idea to have the game on Thursday. You have all of the coverage and all of the press. Tim Haney is licking his chops at the moment!
  13. I wouldn't be shocked if Westview finds their way into the playoffs. They will put up points.
  14. For Milan the difference between 10-0 and 7-3 could literally be inches. This Thursday will be big night for the Dawgs, if they can get out of Trenton with a win it will create huge momentum for the rest of the year.
  15. Speaking of college players. We are very proud that we have the following colleges with former Alcoa girls on scholarship. LMU - 1 Maryville College - 1 Trevecca - 1 Tusculum - 2 This is from our last two teams! Go Lady T's!! AlcoaDad
  16. Is this the only win one of them will have and the other winless?
  17. I think yall will be just fine!
  18. Definitely agree it is not the nicest or the most luxurious Stadium in 2A, especially from where I had to work out of for 3 hours a few years ago.
  19. This will be a heck of a kickoff to the 2019 season. It's finally here
  20. I expect both teams to be bad.
  21. After hearing that WH got hit in the teeth by Smith County, I would assume this could be an interesting game. In my opinion, neither team will be very good.
  22. Perry County is at East Hickman, and Hickman County is ( I think ) at Lawrence County.
  23. Yeti man are you joking yourself. With all the stud recruits that Ryan man and others have orchestrated I garuntee it dont matter what it is doing greenback will win. You think im joking but im not.
  24. Perhaps they’re not, but I wouldn’t sleep on them. Also, not sure there’s a team in 5A that jumps right out and says they’re the best team in 5A. Perhaps we’ll know a little more after Friday.
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