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  2. wingman10

    Coffee County 2019

    tough place to win
  3. wingman10

    Coffee County 2019

    Coach Greene
  4. Today
  5. LetMeHearYA

    District 13AA and 14AA

    District Schedule for the Week Final week of the district schedule and the only seed that is nailed down is Adamsville in the 8th. We know who the top 4 seeds will be but we do not know the order. And to help out that order, the top 4 four teams all face off against each other this week. Series of the Week Scotts Hill (10-2) vs Northside (8-4) Scotts Hill will clinch the District Regular Season with a win in either game. Northside can win the District with a sweep and Riverside sweeping Lexington. They would finish 2nd behind Lexington with a sweep and Lexington winning 1 game against Riverside. Other series: Lexington (9-3) vs Riverside (8-4) The only way Lexington can win the district is by Northside sweeping Scotts Hill and Lexington winning at least one game. Riverside can not win the district but they can finish 2nd with a sweep of Lexington and Northside losing a game. McNairy (5-7) vs Chester Co (3-9) McNairy can finish 5th with a sweep of Chester Co. Chester Co can finish 6th with a sweep of McNairy, otherwise they finish 7th. Southside (5-7) vs Adamsville (0-12) Southside can finish 5th as long as they don't tie with just McNairy or if they finish in a 3-way tie at 5-9 with McNairy and Chester. Otherwise, they are 6th. Adamsville will be the 8th seed.
  6. Alleyman

    Softball pitching coaches

    Interested in finding a pitching coach for a freshman pitcher. She is an advanced pitcher and throws a riseball low and high plus an off speed pitch. We are interested in advancing her speed and delivery. We are in the middle TN area but will travel for the right person.
  7. durdon

    FloNationals - TN Results

    Big shoutout to Garrett Bowers for finishing 3rd at FloNationals Junior Freestyle at 65KG and Aiden Bowers finishing 8th FloNationals Cadet Greco at 60kG. Here all the TN wrestlers that competed 55KG Dayne Dalrymple 60KG Aidan Bowers 65KG Evan Anthony 65KG Garrett Bowers 70KG Joey Ahern 80KG Mario Robledo 80KG Theo Sewell
  8. OldSchoolCharger

    Goodin resigns @ McMinn Central

    Spring practice targeted to start next Monday the 29th. Coach D working on getting enough equipment right now since he had 60 sign info sheets so far. A little short of helmets right now for that many. Next big step is get the booster club cranked up like it was back a few years ago as there is several items that need to be replaced and upgraded.
  9. cbg

    Wilson Central Job is open

    They don't want someone like Steve Thompson that demands discipline from both the players and parents. You want to know why the kids act like fools just knock on their front door and a fool will answer the door.
  10. Lost Old Dad

    Ensworth Job open again

    I will bet BIG money that Rankin will apply. Be a horrible hire though if they did. Good Luck Ensworth.
  11. TheHill

    Wilson Central Job is open

    You would think so...but it won't happen.
  12. Yesterday
  13. We were talking about Huntingdon at the banquet last night. I look for Huntingdon to be tough as nails too. A healthy Fuller goes a long way. Another guard will help. He beat us year before last in the championship of a Christmas Tournament and he beat Westview last year. Will have a lot more talent in Huntingdon than he did at Obion. Look for Huntingdon's girls basketball to play a ton year round. Great hire by Huntingdon!!
  14. Mothman26

    Ensworth Job open again

    Jeff Fisher?
  15. orngnblk

    2019 State Baseball Poll Rankings (Poll #2)(4-14-19)

    And i got everybody upset about the "slightly obese" comment.....anyways GREAT POST!

    Best / Worst Facilities

    I have had a problem with the Milan stands for years especially the visitor stands. Haven’t been to Waverly in a couple of decades so I can’t comment on how bad theirs are but Milan is horrible. On another note though the stadium is about to get a complete over haul in the next couple of years. Both sides of the stands will be knocked down and rebuilt with the home side being on the current visitors side. The parking lot will be redone with an entrance paying homage to the 9 teams to have made it to the championship. All of that is a go. They are now trying to decide if they want turf or not. Combine all that with the new scoreboard they recently got with the field house that is in great shape and Johnnie Hale will look amazing. Excited for our future.

    Hookfin leaves Haywood

    I can’t blame Haywood or any school for trying. Always want to get the best coach you can. But he won’t coach again unless it’s a private school or out of state. If at all.
  18. lastinning

    Who you got top ten in AA for 2019

    Well they got their competition boost and very well. They are definitely a top contender in AA
  19. gcapride

    2019 State Baseball Poll Rankings (Poll #2)(4-14-19)

    The kid had fat fingers and Breeden shouldn’t have jammed his face mask right into the kids fat fingers....I’m more of a gray kettle guy.
  20. I agree on the top 2. Both teams are outstanding. West Tennessee is loaded with solid teams for 2019-2020. Huntingdon Fillies could make a run if our new coach can get his system installed effectively this summer. He may coach 30 more years and not have this much talent. Also hearing rumors that the Fillies are getting a transfer guard that's good!
  21. From Coach Ruschell: "Join us on May 5th for a pre-practice celebration at Maclellan Gym parking lot; 600 Douglas Street, Chattanooga, TN 37403. [Tickets: $10] Practice is 4 - 6 PM. All proceeds will go to the RTC South, allowing athletes to come and train with the best - we are excited to make a difference in the southern wrestling community. For more information on the RTC South please visit our website at: https://rtcsouthwrestling.com Please let me know if you have any questions. Hope to see many of you there!"
  22. Croppygenius

    Best / Worst Facilities

    Thank you Waverly can do a lot better. Better wear boots if you're a visitor!
  23. Booger

    Ensworth Job open again

    Jeff Jagodzinski Booger just sayin
  24. PeabodyPride

    Griders 2019 South Pittsburg Pirates

    1 A and 2 A will be Power P Goldball victories in 2019 !!!
  25. Beagle

    Hookfin leaves Haywood

    Whats Coach Jeff Morris doing ?
  26. MSURacer

    Hookfin leaves Haywood

    Hookfin woke a sleeping giant. If nothing else, he showed how viable that program can be in the right hands. No idea what the administration and community support is like, but they have some of the best athletes in West TN year in and year out.
  27. Beagle

    Best / Worst Facilities

    Ill only name 2 and they are Camden(my town) biggest rivals, Huntingdon even before the turf. Great stadium lots of fans foods good . Best one we play in other than home games and thats just me being bias . I would name fairview as well but they are 3a The Worst waverly. The visitors stands are the biggest joke in the state. Small, below feild level ,rough rocky uneven climb into the stands themselves. Only one gate into the stadium and they dont even sell the tickets there? You have to walk a hundred miles from parking lot to the ticket gate and another mile to give someone your ticket and squeeze through a 4 inch gap they call the gate(maybe a bit exaggerated) It is a horrible set up which only becomes worse after games when everyone is leaving single file . concessions are bad and over prices as well They spend 25 grand on a big fat inflatable helmet a few years back.The money was very poorly spent They can barely get it inflated before game time. Should have spent to improve the stadium and pave that grassy mud pit between the parking lot and and gate
  28. lastinning

    Soddy Daisy Invitational April 19-20

    Thanks to all the teams who came out to play. Despite the weather we had a very competitive tournament. Congrats to Baylor , gold division champions and to Cookeville silver division champions. 30th annual tournament already in the works for 2020
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