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  2. Morson from Decatur high school. Qb came from Sparkman high school in Alabama.
  3. Glad someone started this thread. Wish I could add to it but I haven't seen many A schools play. Please keep us updated.
  4. I still just dont understand how we can look so good against Red Bank in scrimmage and then come out and lay a complete egg against Walker Valley and Brainerd. How does that happen? Does anyone have any details cause i didnt get to go to the jamboree? Did we play our starters?
  5. Oh there's no jealousy. I have no problem with a kid moving if that's what HE wants. We dont get transfers like people think. We did many years ago but not now. I think we had 3 go down to sp this past year.
  6. The back up QB had a minor injury for the jamboree. He should be fine soon, maybe even by now. I don’t imagine they will run a dual QB system, #11 is definitely the guy but there is a backup, he just wasn’t available for jamboree.
  7. You are correct. Good to see someone has bothered to know their schedule. Someone had told me they squared off week 1 and one team was going to get their first win in 3 years. That is what I get for listening instead of learning.
  8. You might embarrass us. We are no where near the team we were that year. We had a good run for a few years but we lost a ton of 3 yr starters and it's taken time to load back up. Good kids coming up though.
  9. Heritage should have a pretty good shot in this one. If they can get a win this week, they could potentially win 2 or 3 games this year. If they lose this week, it will be another 0-10 year.
  10. He’s as good as I’ve seen in awhile.
  11. January 18th is the Girl's Regional Duals which only a limited number of teams will even qualify for due to the lack of full size teams right now (Hopefully there will be more as the sport grows). The Individual region tournament happens on Jan 31 - Feb 1 (it is two days this season). The tournament on the 25th is MTWOA which always takes place before the girls individual region tournament. They have just added the duals this season. I hope this adds clarification to your question. On a side note, any girls team who does not qualify for the girls duals on January 18th (due to not having the required amount of wrestlers) is more than welcome to come to Siegel's girls tournament the same day.
  12. I watched your scrimmage with them. That rb was a load for sure.
  13. Does anyone know the Coach at Fayetteville name and where in Alabama did he come from?
  14. Summertown tall and talented take very good team to compete with them
  15. BC vs 91 halftime entertainment. Cage match on the 50 yard line. I'll see if we can get APB to come back in and be the special guest referee!
  16. I think we would be smiling because if you guys show up on Friday we have already won.
  17. Cascade had a really strong team. That Seth kid benched a ton.
  18. Nope, still here. Just staying out of the shallow end of the gene pool.
  19. Ok. I thought it would be kinda weird to paint green grass green. Lol!!
  20. Green grass painted green?? Am I missing something??
  21. That's it. My boys played for Cascade that year.
  22. Only thing painted on that field is white stripes...we are just lucky to pay the electric bill! I wanted UC to feel special
  23. Ethan Tummins. He got hurt against cascade the next game.
  24. It is hard for us all to go back and forth past the Purple Poodle and Pee jokes simply because of the respect for each others ability and program in general !! But I honestly dont know how I feel about this game I wanna get hyped about the game itself but the atmosphere is electric and I hope doesnt overshadow the game itself!! I will say we want the win , yall want the win ,but neither team "needs" the W in all actuality !! What Milan and PHS needs is to grow in this game and come out injury free !!!!! We always come out of this game beat up and a couple years ago it hurt us against a region foe in U.C . ITS THE TIDE AND DAWGS ITS GAME 1 BABY IF YA PULSE AINT RACING YA MIGHT BE DEAD FLOOD THE PURPLE PUPS RTR
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