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  2. Because I know who they both have returning. I have seen Macon, not Smith this year yet. Wondering if there are any transfers in, new kids out, or players from a year ago that have really stepped up.
  3. North side looking good keep an eye out for them
  4. PACK THE SHIP... Students get to Blankenship early, 5pm - 7pm, and receive one of the 100 FREE tickets for the game. All fans, spend 5pm - 7pm, up top Jack Armstrong Stadium enjoying the Tailgating activities. Grilled hotdogs and chips for sale. WVLT will be their broadcasting some of the activities. The Boosters are asking for people to come with Oak Ridge Wildcat support signs, to make signs to give to the Boosters and the first 30 students to show up with signs will get a free " They Hate US Because They AIN'T US" shirts. BE LOUD! BE PROUD! BE OAK RIDGERS! JUST BE THERE! !WE GOT THIS!!
  5. Depth could be an issue with the Vikings. Saw on the roster they only have 25 players. Now that could be mainly because of a new coach. But there's over 50 kids in the junior pro program so hopefully the future will get brighter. For this season, hopefully they can win more than 1 or 2 games.
  6. Oh you guys know it’s too early for that yet. We haven’t even played a game!
  7. No guessing who I am picking... OAK RIDGE! I like the mix of talent from each class. The seniors have several senior leaders and hammer type players. The junior class is the undefeated freshman class from two years ago. The sophomores are providing very green depth and athletic ability. The kicking game is healthy with a few kickers for depth. I will be shocked if Oak Ridge doesn't find kick returners. The OL is small but has playing experience against larger very talented lines like Catholic, Farragut and West. Now, will we be ready Friday? Do we need several weeks of games to begin to reach our potential? Yes, we will be ready to play Friday.Yes, we need more time to even begin to get near our potential. We Got This...Wildcats take hard hits but give enough back to walk off the beautiful new field up the 72 Steps of Champions with a less than perfect 21 - 20 victory.
  8. Parents with unrealistic demands regarding playing time for their freshmen got recruited to JC and now their boys will see exactly zero PT as they are ineligible for this entire school year. No idea what promises were made to get them there, but hopefully it includes cutting a check to USJ for the tuition they owed under contract. For the record, they are both good players with tons of potential moving forward, but their loss has no bearing on this season.
  9. Maybe you meant to say, "Play calling was just horrendous the last few seasons" ? Hopefully, this season the play calling will be more to everybodies liking and allows our Offense to be effective. I do love your score prediction. You're a good supporter. Wildcats are gathering together to protect our territory. A Pack of Cats will not crack! RWR!
  10. My man. Don't be telling off on us this year for watering the field. Hate u have to resort to the private boards this year
  11. ROFL!!!! this is comic gold!!!! I just busted out laughing again! all of yall need to stop it right now! this is getting out of hand!
  12. Nice to see some excitement back in Gallatin. This game doesn't tell them much unless they lose.
  13. Dear Alcoa, Please win. I picked you. Sincerely, 4th
  14. Late night English lesson. The plural of bison is bison. Not that anyone cares. Just saying. Bison by seven.
  15. BPM, Regardless of the amount of nonsense we have on this forum this is why I like you and respect you so much. You just call it like it see it. - when you are not being a clown- . I completely freaking agree with from top down on your selections. I know that know one has a true measure to go by, and we are all making educated guesses at this point. Wish the dawgs horrible luck tomorrow and I hope they all trip over each coming out of the gate!!! I also wish that I have to EAT my words saying that the puppies would beat the tide by 2 tds.....
  16. So, now who have we got? Whitwell? Or Bledsoe?
  17. Rarely see 5 of that kind on one team in 1A. I believe Greenback will top that this year.
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