CoachT Plus
CoachT Plus is an extended community of high school sports fans that has helped to shape and direct the growth of, while enjoying extra benefits along the way.

Since it's inception, the Plus memberships have been extremely popular with Tennessee members and has allowed us to add many regular features that would not be possible without the revenue that it generates. Thanks to those who have joined and those who are about to.

Here is what you get with CoachT Plus:
  • Access to ALL message boards, ALL of the time, and extra message boards. We call them Plus boards and there are more than 15 of them at the present moment. They cover everything from college football, pro sports and open discussions on any and all topics. As demand grows, other boards are added to the mix.
  • Ad-free browsing on the message boards. No ads means that you can more easily read and respond on your favorite forums.
  • Submit in-game scores and edit schedules of schools near you to ensure more timely accuracy.
  • Private member to member messaging. This feature enables Plus members to communicate with other Plus members without using the public boards or revealing anyone's email address or other personal information. The site will notify you when you have new messages waiting, too.
  • Add signatures to your posts and other profile customizations like avatars.
  • Additional integration of your Facebook and Twitter accounts and your profile.

We'll introduce new things as time goes along and as we get input from members on what they'd like to see.

One-Year Plus Membership

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Thanks in advance for your support and membership in CoachT Plus!