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  1. District 9-AAA

    A very reliable source and friend of mine at the school board told me, that Massey has two choices after the season: resign/retire or be terminated.
  2. Station Camp violations

    If this happened around Christmas, why was the team allowed to keep playing the season out?
  3. District 9-AAA

    Well we both was wrong. I got Lebanon by 6 Tuesday.
  4. District 9-AAA

    Tomorrow night: Bears by 19 over Camp Lebanon by 6 over Beech
  5. District 9-AAA

    I missed on Central too.
  6. District 9-AAA

    Bears by 22 Wave by 18 Blue Devils by 36 Wildcats by 5 in beat game of night.
  7. Station Camp violations

    All the coaches including Cook at his new school should resign or be terminated immediately.
  8. District 9-AAA

    What's going on at Statiom Camp? Just seen where WSMV is having a story Thursday on them. Will this affect their first round game against Gallatin?
  9. District 9-AAA

    Who is the regular season district MVP?
  10. District 9-AAA

    District is horrible this year. No one team is really that great.
  11. District 9-AAA

    I don't think they recruit. I heard they ran off Hodges who went to Nashville and won Mr. Basketball the following season.
  12. District 9-AAA

    Mt. Juliet still has a chance, as well as any team in the district that will stand up to Station Camp. I've seen Station Camp play a few times this year and they are soft. Their players are soft, and they are coached to play soft. When a team hits them in their mouth, they will fold.