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  3. It's easy to win when you collect all the best players in RCS on one team and then add in the two best "transfers" from D2 to your roster.
  4. Sounds like a plan. Would love to meet ya !
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  6. Happy for Robert. He’s a good man. No one will love WB any more than him. No one will love the kids any better either. And I promise you he will be “all in” with the program. It would poetic justice for Coach Reeves to succeed and do well. He’s put in his time.
  7. Hardin County qb ability to make chunk plays with his arm might make them the favorite. Plus HC defense probably be good too. Difficult to find much info very deep into the roster of Lexington & South Side. McNairy is very young but will finally get a spring practice and a full off season of training with their new head coach. Bobcats should be better even if the w-l record does not show it.
  8. abo14

    10 AAAA

    Any surprises after the first time through?
  9. Cumberland’s biggest issue is consistent coaching. They are on their 3rd Coach in 3 years. The girls are swapping systems every year and it takes a while to get going. Hopefully Torres stays for longer than a few years.
  10. Y’all definitely seem to be getting better ever year, no doubt. Pretty amazing how Haywood reloads every year. The talent pool never seems to run dry for you guys.
  11. Five candidates interviewed from four different counties. Each interview was about one hour. Candidates were told February would be the date for the announcement. Several other coaching positions have been filled but not announced.
  12. ecu


    From what I have heard this is misinformation and is not a forfeit but will be made up later.
  13. Two huge milestones for the Irish tonight as Senior BJ Edwards tops 2000 points and Junior Blue Cain hits 1000 in a win over Cookeville.
  14. There really are some dumb people in this world BPM. Thanks for helping me realize that. I’m sure Dyersburg is proud to have you.
  15. Yes, it was definitely down compared to years past.
  16. LRDAO…now PM we used to hearing about next year from and around the jailhouse. You think im joking but im not.
  17. No leg issues last night, she played bully ball and got a way with it. Guess it was the officials way of showing sympathy.
  18. Got outplayed this afternoon by a determined Howard squad. Played pretty good the 1st half, but the 2nd half was a killer. We'll get a chance to right the ship next Saturday at home against Howard.
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  20. Did she play against Loretto? I don’t remember seeing her at the Gatlinburg Christmas tournament.
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