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  1. Past hour
  2. It's the first game and you only had 7 returning starters total while we had 7 on each side of the ball so there is plenty of hope. You guys really gelled last year, it could happen again.
  3. I missed it by 3 on both sides. I feel pretty good about that. there were no questionable calls or bs penalties, which was GREAT. Alcoa earned that win. Blackman has some athletes, but they got outcoached by Brian Nix tonight.
  4. Boone by 7 I changed my prediction because of how whiney the Greenville fans are.
  5. Bobcats will embarrass the jackets once again. Bobcats win by 14
  6. CR beat PC 10-9 in 2012, and been running every since until tonight.
  7. 1.). Pearl-Cohn 2.). East Nashville 3.). Stratford 4.). Hillsboro
  8. I’ve seen Portland play there huge and very physical good luck!!
  9. They’re definitely improved from last year, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Aside from a long pass and a long drive aided by penalties I thought our defense played ok, too many missed tackles. We could’ve definitely played better, but credit to them for playing hard and making us earn it.
  10. Have you seen the trophy it’s pretty bada**
  11. Not much to say cats or kers? Strange.....
  12. One thing I forgot to add. I know we were 3-8 last season but we were a better team than that. We had our best player out for 6 weeks. At Loudon we build our young players like a farm team in baseball. When you do this you will have a couple of down years but every other year you will have a really good team. And I read on this thread we had a receiver from GCA. That is not true. Semy is Loudon born and bread. All of our kids came from what we call "on the hill" (Loudon little league football).
  13. I garuntee you Grider better have our runners carrying a durn ball assertions around. Our runners are fumbling too much. That Hayworth mans substitute is going to be telling those Grundy boys to strip the ball. You think im joking but im not.
  14. It won’t be close if we play like we did last night ole buddy. I was embarrassed.
  15. There is a guy that does a great job making signs in Portland that has a 1990 state championship ring.
  16. Unicoi will not be near as big and no where near as fast as GP but still another tough game on the road for week 2.... Especially after Friday night. These boys have to remember we played a GP team that looked like a 5A program and still probably had close to 300 yds rushing....We just have to learn to give it our all on every single down. Three times, I can think of, we drove to the 10 or closer and nothing GP could do to stop us...but we came away scoreless because we didn't give the same effort every down. This could be like 2013 when we started 0-3, but if we play ball we can take care of business the next 9 games.
  17. But they’ve got Braden Anderson
  18. Funny enough BigEd, but I do too. I have made it no secret how I felt about the way that Bland was "let go", and that I relished what Humboldt's administration has reaped from it. Shame that the kids have had to endure the rewards that treachery and treason have brought, because they have suffered more from it than those responsible ever could, and weren't at fault.
  19. Today
  20. I understand the pick, but I also believe WC is much better than we anticipated, that bad loss may turn out being what they needed.....
  21. Both teams look bad and need a lot of work. Im not really sure which one looked the worst.
  22. Former DB Cade Maupin sure single handely put it to Science Hill !! 158 yards rushing , crucial interception , fumble recovery and a TD !!! sometimes I think how I can't blame him but then how can you get any better than J Fred on a Friday night .. thats The Story at DB ... two players (our Big 235 lb bruiser of a running back is not playing(quit) and Cade transferred ) ... WOW
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