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  2. I wasn’t there so genuinely thought Zac might have gotten the shaft. After watching that video, I’m not sure what you’re looking at. He had the sock and refs were right there to see it. Does it suck, yes. But that appears to be the exact definition of intentional.
  3. Wayne Co and McKenzie has to be the game of the night. Not saying it will be the closest game, but so much intrigue based on the last couple seasons. Wayne Co feels like the favorite but hard to picture Savanna Davis finishing her career anywhere other than the Glass House
  4. Aren’t the bathroom facilities open in the old gym? Thats close to the visitors bleachers.
  5. Met Jake and his dad a few years ago on a summer time traveling team, enjoyed my short time with them. Man I hate this. Like everyone who gets their chance to win a state title the work he was putting in was very clear to me, even back then.
  6. Maya Turner guarded her and did an outstanding job on Massengale. Massengale is an outstanding player. And yes Bystry hit big time money shots. Massengale I agree got some big steals late to carry McMinn. We were up 5 with the ball with about 4:30 minutes left so we had our chances. Bystry was hitting 3's from downtown. I will give McMinn Central and Johnny credit. Always in the mix and very well coached. Always a very tough out and this year will be even tougher.
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  8. Absolutely correct abot EVERYONE being confused. -Both wrestlers were confused as to why there was a stoppage. Pretty sure Heflin wanted to keep wrestling because he didnt even know said "infraction" even occured. -Coaches confused as to why there was a stoppage at that point - Fans confused as to why there was a stoppage - Refs called for a stoppage. From my vantage point on the floor which was facing the ref when he approached the scorer's table, I thought he first said "headgear" while he for sure held up 1 point red. I will admit I'm not a very good lip-reader but that's what I think he said. There was a mini- discussion with the secondary ref and it was then changed to 1 point green. At minimum, ref showed the same uncertainty and confusion on the call as the rest of us while we all wondered why there was a stoppage in the first place.
  9. I heard you've been trying to talk players into quitting. Are you trying to form a "quitters club". Maybe you can have t-shirts printed with "Quitter" and the #0 across the back. All size small. You should find a new school because you're not going to be welcomed at DB. Nobody's on board with you. Poore is our coach. You are nothing.
  10. Coaches, wrestlers, and parents: You can register through track wrestling by searching for NHSCA. Wrestlers will not need an AAU or USA card to participate. We have secured insurance through NHSCA. Coaches, if you plan to bring 10 or more wrestlers, contact me about a discount. You can just shoot an email. Each division will receive scratch weight plus 3lbs. Head gear is optional and a singlet is required at weigh-ins. I hope to see you on March 9, 2024.
  11. No, they did not throw a game. That guy is an idiot. They didn’t play well and in district 7 AAA if you don’t play well you get beat. This is not a cupcake district. Cumberland County high school is sitting at home because they didn’t play well. They are a very good team that did not make the region tournament and it wasn’t because they tanked. The Upperman program doesn’t dodge anyone. I remember years ago when you had Jackson County at their best Livingston and Upperman all in the same district and Coach McWilliams could have thrown a game to get opposite of the other two but did not. JC would go on to win their first of 4 gold balls in a row, Upperman won a couple of Silver balls along with Livingston winning 2 as well and not one time did Coach McWilliams throw a game to avoid playing those teams so keep your mouth shut about Upperman. This guy is just mad because his team got beaten on their home floor by a better team. Back to the topic of discussion…
  12. Ah yes. Back when the rivalries were hot. Lady Landers reading the newspaper while NG was being introduced lol. Who can forget that. Back when a young king was trolling the T and stirring the pot
  13. I was surprised when I saw the announcement and it wasn't Josh. Seemed like a perfect fit.
  14. Can't have your cake and eat it too. If you want a long-term coach who won't leave after having success it has to be a local. Success breeds opportunity... if you win you'll get offers, and the more you win the better the offers will be. Give someone a shot not from there, and you can't blame them when they have the opportunity to get paid, to have a better situation, or to go to where they'd rather be. Very few coaches are compensated for all the time spent away from their wives, children, and extended families... not to mention the expenses that they put back into the program and kids, so it's far from a financial decision to be a coach from the outset. Hire a local and you still have to respect any opportunity they have to better provide for their own, or to be in a better position to succeed in their chosen line of work, but you also have the draw of school pride and loyalty that outsiders rarely attach to the place that they happen to work at.
  15. The #2 player in the country (24/7 Sports) is a Chattanooga kid named Ace Bailey. He left Boyd Buchanan and now plays for McEachern in Atlanta. He's special.
  16. Spring Practice starts March 18 for the little fellers at 825 Lawrence.
  17. A visibly emotional and understandably upset Cleveland head coach, Joey Knox, respectfully declined comment after the tournament. Although the unfortunate ending to the Blue Raiders' night put a bit of a damper on the celebration, Cleveland fans had plenty to cheer about as the Lady Raiders wrestled to their second straight state title in only three years of girls wrestling at Cleveland. The state title is Fowler's first after medaling in 2022 and 2023. The gold medal is also the first for Russel, who also medaled in 2023. Fowler's brother, Cy Fowler, won the second state title of the night for the Raiders with his victory at 165. Fowler, a senior at Cleveland, had medaled all four years as a Blue Raider. The Fowler family had even more to celebrate as sister Piper Fowler won her third straight state title with a victory at 165. Fowler also medaled in 2022 and 2023 at 152 and 165 pounds. Two of the Blue Raiders' wins came through former Blue Raiders wrestler Pete Miller who leads the Summit wrestling team. Cleveland's 157-pound wrestler Cy Fowler and 285 pounder Tyson Russel bested Miller's Spartans for the title. Miller, part of Cleveland's extended wrestling family had five Spartans battling for championships. https://www.chattanoogan.com/2024/2/25/483308/Cleveland-Sees-Six-Champions-In-March.aspx. DB wrestler-jakob-wins-another-state-title https://www.google.com/url?rct=j&sa=t&url=https://www.timesnews.net/sports/high-school/d-b-wrestler-jakob-wins-another-state-title/article_79dd45f8-d38d-11ee-9b7c-e74f1e9288af.html&ct=ga&cd=CAEYACoUMTAwMDA2MjIyNzUxMTE0Njc4NDYyGjY3ZGY2OGY0YjA5YWFhZWI6Y29tOmVuOlVT&usg=AOvVaw3kT5o2W2Upv2i24cTo28uu
  18. Hear the new DC at HHS gonna be the DL coach. Anyone heard anything on this Whitehead guy? All I’ve heard is good things. Heard defense will stay similar with a few of his new things.
  19. 2029 Dual Threat All states combined https://qbhitlist.com/qbhl-top-150/?class=2029&style=Dual%2BThreat&state&player A Highly Potentially recruit D1 7th grader JD Gillum. Trained in camps all over the nation. Ranked as #1 #2 respectfully for speed, height, menueaverabilty, accuracy and can throw up to 70 yards. Lot of work to do before he throws the pads on at AC if he so chooses. Wishing the best for my Great nephew. He has it all currently, and the problem is things change rapidly in high school and Summers can always bring out a totally different talent or lack of talent. If his talent stands true we may have a shake up in the head coaching Job at AC. IMO but if AC can hurry get some elite receivers ready, then it all could play out here at AC. Needs some huge strong lineman like the Mavs have never seen. He had passing receiving and speed practice at Neyland Stadium all day yesterday. So who knows what can hold for this talented young man. But whatever it is and being a Gillum, the sky is the limit!
  20. 2020 and 2021 Tennessee did not send kids to National Preps. 2020 the TSSAA moved the calendar so that our States was the same weekend. I’ve never been more angry in my entire life. We were willing to skip States and go to Preps instead but McCallie wouldn’t let us. National Preps is the most important tournament of the year for private school kids and it’s the reason why a lot of us sent our kids to private school. My son got all of his interest and his offer for Pitt from his performance at National Prep as did most of his teammates that are wrestling D1 today. This tournament is that important. Lakeway wasn’t eligible to send their kids to state in 2020 cause they were a new program(which maybe the stupidest rule ever) and they sent Ivey and Roller who both placed(actually both of them had phenomenal tournaments and beat some hammers) and this tournament helped both of them get their offers to UVA and WVU. As for 2021, PA and NJ was still locked down because of Covid so no PA and NJ schools were allowed to compete, so National Prep decided to have an Open tournament about 6 weeks after they normally have it. I forget were it was, but it wasn’t at Lehigh of course. The tournament was open to any private school kid in the country who wanted to show up as this was not a school affiliated event. A lot of TN kids went so we had a strong showing. But most of the brackets were half full as freestyle season had already started. Not taking anything against anyone who placed in 2021 but 2021 wasn’t the National Prep Championships but just a standard open tournament.
  21. Booger aint no SME on theses 2 institutions.... ...but them Ted Turners School for Boys and The Suk Creek Campus have pretty much been boardin youngins since their 1900ish foundins...or at least their pre WWI conversions....which would also have them boardin longer than any CoachT'er been outta the womb...... or T'ers parents for that matter.... ...takin a guess that East Tn boardin aint goin nowhere....and guessin they dont care if the rest of the state does or not....considerin they havent cared in the last 100 ish years Booger just sayin
  22. That was the point being made. Most jobs are decided on who fits the best for the school. Fit is more than just football .
  23. on to different pasture possibly......that was an NIL shoppin spree at the suk creek spirit shop https://www.baylorschool.org/baylor-parents/spirit-store-2 Booger just sayin
  24. I’ve been looking for a picture of him in his AE shirt, thanks for posting . But dang, it’s been way too long since the last one!!!
  25. That’s terrible, Basin needs a program
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