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  2. can you answer my question i think you are trying to get your son recruited by elizabethton if you want to leave that bad go on
  3. Memphis is the AAC Champ. 12-1 on the season. Coach Mike Norvell has taken the Florida State job and a new HC has been hired. Meanwhile, the U of M will be taking on a 10-2 Penn State team in the group of 5 winner's Cotton Bowl on December 28. Wow! What a season!
  4. It’s not necessarily “toxic.” It depends on the school that you work for.
  5. Ok. I wasn't aware. Dang, that was quick. Dude wasn't there a year. That's brutal.
  6. Interesting note Peabody is 89-18 (0.831) since the new stadium and new coaches added.
  7. Yesterday
  8. How do you think it hurts? With the number of good teams? I would like to see Cumberland County back at AAA and I would expect that to happen soon. Maybe they can get back in here and even it up. But there aren’t many teams close to us that would fit in the district. I think it helps us a little. We get to schedule some of the other regions best teams before conference play. But I don’t really care if people respect the district. I think they will show how solid this district is in regional play.
  9. Oakdale ‘94 Vs Sunbright ‘73. Would’ve been an instant classic, especially if they had of played on that lopsided field that you had to run uphill on @ Sunbright back in the day.
  10. MJ and Beech 2-0 Gallatin/SC/Lebanon/Hville all 1-1 WC/Portland 0-2 District play resumes 1/7/20.
  11. we win at least 20 games every year we have only played 1 single a team this year and beat them by 40 dont think hampton u.h. or unaka is much better than S.N. do you? so why cant we beat them by at least 20
  12. Battle for 2nd between McMinn, Bradley and WV could be interesting. Bradley may be the best of that bunch at the moment.
  13. Upperman finally beats Alcoa on their home field! Wait this was basketball haha. Alcoa fans now know Upperman can beat Alcoa when the playing field is even
  14. If you have to take the PWO and then get that scholarship.Let Coach Fitzsgerald get a hold of him. Get up to about 250lbs and be the next Jason Witten especially the way TE has changed football.
  15. To be fair, I have rather bitter feelings towards ECS myself. Our quarterbacks knees or injured by their players two years in a row and quite possibly cost us 2 two chances at a gold ball because his Mobility was extremely Limited after the injuries and he basically played on one leg. Sadly we will never know what might have happened and either your case or mine. Please believe me when I say that I have much respect for Lake County and I enjoyed the competition against them with both schools I have represented behind the microphone
  16. DCA will be very good next year IMO. The big linemen will be sophomores and they have good , fast skill people coming back everywhere. They have kids that didn’t play this year that are difference makers in a huge way.
  17. And part of your problem is ignoring the biggest 2 letter word in the post “IF!” IF anyone hangs around to “torpedo” a coach because they didn’t get the job has a serious character/ego problem. IF that is true... but it was convenient for you to ignore that sentence I guess.
  18. Semi Finals Cleveland 44 vs Gilmer, Ga. 24 Father Ryan 28 vs North Hall, Ga. 38 Finals Cleveland 36 vs North Hall, Ga. 21 Fatger Ryan 39 vs Gilmer, Ga. 29
  19. So no teaching just all ball. Do you know how many coaches in the state does this? Always thought you had to be a full time employee to be a HC. Smart on Alcoa part
  20. Its just my humble opinion but on a per capita basis I'd say Georgia has the best ball in the country. That state is a goldmine for college talent
  21. LOL. They started off the season playing a Top AA team Macon County, not many teams that would start off a season against a team like that. They beat Blackman, and they also play one of the top AAA teams later in the season Stone Memorial. Get your facts straight
  22. What y’all think
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