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  2. shockernation

    Single A State Tournament

    All in boss!! I actually said I just wanted to get a (singular) win to get this bunch the experience! Now that we’ve done that...yeah bushes! You guys keep on keeping on
  3. tradertwo

    West TN Coaching jobs

    They're never going to have the pure athletes that South Side has, but with development and discipline they will be consistently toward the top of district, provided she's as good as advertised. Clement's name was mentioned around town for the girls job, but the hire for boys assistant (also mentioned for girls) is Rick Johnson...he's had stints at Riverside, Scotts Hill, Lexington, and Jackson Christian that I know of, and maybe others. The Duke clue was that he was a graduate assistant (or something of that sort) in Coach K's early years there.
  4. Today
  5. LTCB

    Grundy Co. football

    How does the middle school program work? Is it a community team from multiple k-8 schools? I've asked the HS Coach and the GCBE but nobody will or can answer the questions about the job.
  6. Red Rebels

    William Blount 2019

    Barney, Barney, Barney... Some big GOV is going to clean your clock (to use a Roy Shields term) one of these days. I used to despise Bob Gilbert when he wrote his pick column in the Daily-Times and always picked us to lose except for Heritage, Karns, and Campbell County. I couldn't imagine what it's like to be a kid and hear some of the stuff on here.
  7. JoeBlow777

    AA State Baseball Tournament

    Wow, no talk about AA Baseball - hard to imagine. Who is the favorite?
  8. wingman10

    Sequoyah Coaching Search

    Hope he does well
  9. DavidGlasgow

    Spring Scrimmages?

    I will admit that Central's right CB has a pretty good Right Cross. Had to be pulled out for throwing a punch.
  10. PeabodyPride

    Estes leaves Dresden

    I have seen the changes in a once prideful positive program and imo Dresden needs to clean house!! A Promotion for a coach that couldnt stand up and help fix the toxic environment that was taking place makes 0 sense !!! If you couldnt stand and do what's right because your "boss" was the one doing wrong then you arent a leader worthy of a program like Dresen !!!!! I have always said Dresden hits hard and goes till the whistle but trying to roll up our QB last year was shocking in a absolute blow out in which we pulled our foot off the throttle !!!! I respect the Mighty Lions and have always enjoyed the spirited back and forth , as well as a raucous crowd that love their lions whenever we have played them at home !!!
  11. FreePressPatriot

    Posting with class.

    The feelings recommendations expressed here also need to be followed by parents at the field. Saw a parent berating the opposing team and coaches after a loss at the state tournament yesterday. Calling the boys 'fagots' and refusing go away as they tried to conduct their post-game meeting. Behavior like this is never acceptable no matter how passionate you are at the moment. I will not call the school out here but the principal, atheltic director, coach, and tssaa will be informed by letter. Please make sure not to embarrass your kids and ruin your school's reputation with such immature outbursts. Thanks.
  12. reaction

    2019 Season

    We scrimmaged Signal, and played CSAS game 1. After seeing both of them up close, the only team I thought that would give them a game would be GCA. I think CSAS will win tonight. Not sure about Signal and GCA. Too close to call.
  13. apsugov7

    Huntland vs Community Scrimmage

    Upset about us beating em and ruining there District chance.
  14. PatriotNation

    2019 Henry County Patriots

    I like seeing Dante Davis at WR or LB. Would love to see Joe Travis play WR and DB. Jayln Foster and Jamarcus Johnson will get majority of the reps at RB. We need guys like Jawon Odoms, Jayln Foster, Dante Davis, Joe Travis guys like that to play both ways. That way those kind of guys can make an impact whether on offense or defense.
  15. SweetScience

    Oak Ridge Football 2019

    Thanks LOD. Also, thanks to ORC for the great breakdown of the upcoming season. Flack is a name I don’t remember from last year? Is he a transfer?
  16. SCPRIDE30

    Who you got top ten in AA for 2019

    Sequatchie 7-0 over Alcoa. Turner for Sequatchie had 18 strikeouts and 312 or so for the year
  17. PeabodyPride

    Trousdale County Football 2019

    This is 100 percent correct !! Phs was dropped by several on its schedule, you cannot blame the ones that drop the T.C's of our state can you ? Nobody wants to get blown out,not good for crowds or the fund raisers ya know !!!!! But I think it's also in TC's best interest most dirty hits or plays seen to come from a squad getting blown out and wanting some "get even" after all they are competitive highschool young men !!!!
  18. Lost Old Dad

    R'dale ?, ?, ?.............

    Thank You! BTW have you ever thought about asking ALL the Coaches what THEIR plans were to have web sites for and about their teams? I know most fans would like to know. PUTTING the monkey publically of their back would be nice for a change. Their salaries and supplements is NOT for just X's and O's! Any that do not either answer or try to retaliate against you will not be where they are at long.
  19. HTV

    2019 Top Ten in 5A

    Again, my friend - we'll have to agree to disagree. I remember a time when Central had 7 starters who lived in the Powell zone. And they were legit transfers. Transfers in and out are nothing new. And by the way, I am confident that you know better than to believe everything you read on social media, especially coming from middle and high school aged kids. And like I said, it doesn't matter where one lives. If they are granted a Knox County transfer and start at a school as a 9th grader, it's legit. Period. It just is. Coaches recruiting, however, is illegal under TSSAA rules. Coaches can't even talk to their own feeder school guys according to the TSSAA. Ask Scott Cummings about that one. But we all know that there is a third party network in this county that does the leg work. And every single school in the county has those guys. And as long at the officials ties are kept loose, that's not illegal.
  20. kwea42

    Coaching changes

    I can't even follow this.
  21. Southtowner

    2019 State Baseball Poll Rankings (Poll #2)(4-14-19)

    No. Loretto up 6-1. Edit: 7-1 now. Loretto batting top of 4.
  22. Red Rebels

    William Blount > 1000 posts or +Members thread.

    My safe space. Notice how the number of WB trolls has decreased since school has ended. Makes you wanna go hmmmmm?
  23. warmachine7954

    Head Coach Openings

    Because Whitehaven has a support base that Wooddale doesn't (probably never will) have. Also, Wooddale, Sheffield, and another school (can't remember) are supposed to close and merge to create a Parkway Village Area high school sooner rather than later. The coaching link rule will be interesting if he goes to Whitehaven and any of the kids from Wooddale try to go with him. Whitehaven will still have Murrell.
  24. They would make a fortune!!
  25. I have been to the Creekbank several times. I have said it before, I like the atmosphere up there and the small town feel during football season. I have met a lot of good people up there. I just do not understand the way some of the Trousdale Co people generally want to get on here and bad mouth Gallatin Football. I respect the Yellow Jacket tradition, and y’all proudly display that too so it isn’t just us. Only thing I can figure is that 15-6 all time record we hold against those Hartsvillians.
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