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  2. GeneralAmerigha

    Watertown @ Gordonsville

    We did home and home scrimmages with Trousdale in 16 and 17. 16 was a hard hitting pretty equal deal. 17 the jackets rolled.
  3. WaCoJaCo

    Greeneville @ DB

    ..............So you're sayin' we had a chance. (from the dumb & dumber movie)
  4. Croppygenius


    Sure do miss this game being on Thursday night. It had gotten to be an annual trip for me. Bet your giving up a lot of gate money.
  5. TigerfootballFan

    Cannon vs Jackson Co.

    Cannon gets the W
  6. TigerfootballFan


    MC in a close one.
  7. DevilMan03

    Anderson County host Carter

    I believe any rb would have ran well against Carter lol they are coming off a 3-7 season and Ac acts is if Carter was the New England Patriots.
  8. peabodypride

    Peabody @ Milan

    Sir I have 3 kids in band and Music,it's such a commitment by the educators as well as students! And Marching Band is a sport!!!!!!!! Thanks for your dedication to broadening the horizon of our youth!!!!!! Band is sending 2 of mine to college for basically free!!!RTR
  9. BatmanDevil

    #1 Greeneville Vs MoWest

    I think I will just paste and post or copy and post,either way,it works for this .........................................................................I remember what an old ball coach once said.I didn't like it but it was fact.In short he said it wasn't his job not to score but your job to stop his team from scoring.People can pess and moan but these kids are out there playing a game they love.Fact is, Greeneville could have pulled their starters after the National anthem and won.A kid can get hurt in practice .I know because it happened to one of mine.Stupid to think it's about stats because he already has a D1 ride waiting . It's about a team being as prepared to win as they can.I think our coach is better then any in this area when it comes to That.Our second and third team plays a bunch and every week they go against a lot better in practice then they will see most Fridays.....
  10. cbg

    Metro Rankings

    Terry did not deal with the issues and demographics that John Overton has today and it's not even close. IMO, what should happen is Hillsboro should close and the students that live on the HHS side of Hillsboro Pike should be zoned to Overton and the kids that live on the Green Hills Mall side of Hillsboro Pike should attend the new Bellevue High School. On the other side of Overton the zone should not cross Nolensville Road. The true facts are that MNPS are really open zoned and if they provided an activities bus for kids that participated in after school activities like some other major cities the participation numbers would increase. It's difficult to participate in after school activities if you don't have a ride home.
  11. Solomon

    Mightee Okelund comes two 825

    Welp, could be a long night.
  12. TDCman

    Riverdale Irrelevant

    LOD, you've become a very mellow person. I retired and moved to Florida but did catch a couple games last year while in town. Losing to E. Nashville and getting beat 35-0 in one half at the jamboree is just pretty terrible. A healthy program should lose 20-25 seniors every year. MidtENN, how many seniors did Oakland lose last year? The thing that stood out in the games I watched last year (WC,CC, Blackman) was how weak the players were. They were in position, got to the right spot, but just too weak to make the tackle. I suspect the lack of emphasis on conditioning is showing it's full effect right now. Hopefully I'm wrong and Coach K gets this thing turned around. I remember 2003 when CGR had a sophomore dominated team that got it all turned around by November.
  13. gbrpats

    Haywood vs Northside! Who you got both?

    Haywood will just be too much in this one. Haywood probably feels they should have beat HC last Friday. I believe it will be a score of Haywood 49 - 0
  14. wingman10

    Upperman vs Dekalb....battle of Center Hill

    Coach Cain team to get the w
  15. wingman10

    L.A. vs Cookeville

    Cookeville going thru a down cycle. LA to get the win.
  16. Spike16

    Oneida 1-0 GP 1-0

    I'm hopin we can run the ball on them. I know that their line is bigger than Oneidas. Hopefully with some play action and stuff we can loosen them up enough to run the ball. I really like our RBs this year since we have RB by committee. We have some thunder and lightning in the backfield this year. Defensively Oneida is not very strong in the secondary. Claiborne completed 10-20 for 200 something yards. If GP has good receivers then we're gonna have to get pressure on QB and force him to throw it quicker than he wants. If he has all day to throw wouldn't be surprised to see them pick us apart. The front 7 is fairly strong and can stop the run when they don't take plays off. I'm really lookin forward to makin the trip over Friday night and watchin a great high school football game.
  17. Nice stadium...a lot of pride at SP
  18. cbg

    Lipscomb Academy

    No excuses, the fact is numbers are down and expense is the major reason. If something is not done quickly you will find some schools being forced to close the doors. I am truly happy that JP2 has good numbers but you must ask yourself two questions: 1. How many of those new students pay 100% of their tuition and are not receiving financial aid 2. If the enrollment numbers are down at the feeder schools how long will it take for that to impact JP2
  19. wingman10

    Gordonsville @ Smith County

    Pulling for Gordonsville
  20. logcabinman

    Sequoyah vs. McMinn Central

    Care to elaborate?
  21. Folks I just want you to know that Raymond Dunning probably has the best wrestling mind of anyone in Tennessee and for a number of years I have considered him to be the top clinician of anyone from Tennessee. He is truly a combination of Doug Blubaugh and Gray Simons. Raymond teaches what works against world class athletes not what someone would use in a JV match against a throwaway opponent.
  22. osunut2

    Austin East TN @ Huber Heights Wayne OH

    Wayne has had one heck of a run the past handful of years. One of my co-workers played for Colerain in the early-mid 2000s, and most of my extended family played at Dublin Scioto and Worthington Kilbourne during the same time frame (when both schools were D1).
  23. AllAboutTheW

    Bledsoe @ Whitwell

    So are we
  24. PIONEERS12

    Warren County 2018

    On to White County.
  25. AllAboutTheW


    Tyner by a million
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