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  2. Varsity also beat Crockett and west greene today. Hampton looked really good in their camp at myrtle beach
  3. I agree. Not gonna lie I've looked up to him for about half my life and Larry pretty much my entire life. I was a freshman DD first year at Polk. Besides my dad those two ah e and a huge impact on my life. Glad he's back home.
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  5. spinning 'round in a spell it's hard to leave this carousel 'round & 'round & 'round & round ~ journey School (Out) IN *Interim **New School ***back to 11 man football. Independent schedule 2022. ****non region varsity schedule 2022. *****closing Update [ ] championship co-head Alcoa - (Gary Rankin) - Brian Nix Antioch -(Ian Marshall) - Devin Arnold Arlington - (Vic Shavers) - Tommy Miller Baylor - (Phil Massey) - Erik Kimrey Beardon - (Morgan Shinlever) - Josh Jones Boyd Buchanan - (Jeremy Bosken) - Gary Rankin Brainerd - (Stanley Jackson) - Martels Carter Brighton - (Mike David) - Morgan Cruce Bruceton - (Bert Snow) - Trey Crews Chattanooga Christian - (Mark Mariakis) - Phil Massey Chester County - (Steve Robinson) - Dewond Johnson Chuckey Doak - (Matt Ripley) - Dallas Kuykendall Clarksville NE - (Brandon Clark) - Claude Townsend Clay County - (Jake Johnson) - Bruce Lamb Collinwood - (Leslie Mote) - Boyce Dixon Columbia - (*John Moore) - Bobby Sharp Columbia Academy - (Charlie Lansdell) - Seth Anderson Cookeville - (Jimmy Maynord) - Taylor Hennigan Cordova - (Marcus Wimberly) - Keith Setler Cornersville - (Gerard Randolph) - Shelby Waddle Dickson County - (Greg Burns) - Jeff Tomlinson East Robertson - (Atlee Pond) - Chase Brooks East Ridge - (Tim James) - Chad Barger Ezell Harding*** - (Dustin McGee) - Corry Stewart Fayetteville - (Kenny Morson) - Daniel Johnson Franklin Rd Academy - (Bill Whittemore) - Justin Geisinger Fulton - (Rob Black) - Jeff McMillan Gibson County - (Cody Finley) - Charles Rogers Glencliff - (Mike Passen) - Michael Stevenson Gordonsville - (Scott Clemons) - Stephen Jackson Grace Christian Franklin - (Rusty Smith) - Bobby Miller Greenfield - (Don Pitt) - Tyler Rice Hamilton - (Antwone Moore) - Jerel Blanchard Hardin Valley - (Mike Potter) - Jeff Miner Harding Academy - (Cody Nelson) - Herbert Kendall Heritage - (Tim Hammondtree) - Joe Osovet Hillcrest - ( Mario Stevenson) - Harold Wooten Independence - (Scott Blade) - Scott Stidham Kenwood - (Les Greer) - Jarhett Snead Kingsbury - (Quintin Jones) - Quintin Jones KIPP Academy - (Montrell Craft) - Knoxville Halls - (Scott Cummings) - Brent Hughes Lake County - (Cory Quinn) - Jonathan Canada Lakeland Prep - (**) - Tyler White Lakeway Christian - (Steve Haywood) - Thad Wells Lenoir City - (Jeff Cortez) - Gary Dugger Lewis County - (Bobby Sharp) - Derek Rang Liberty Creek - (**) - Bill Alexander Lincoln County - (Kevin Rose) - Eddie Cunningham MAHS - (Cedric Miller) - ***** MASE - (Julius Jackson) - Cedric Miller Manassas - (Chris Rayborn) - Kenneth Gillion Marion County - (Dale Pruitt) - Tim Starkey Melrose - (Cedrick Wilson) - Derrick Bobo Middleton - (Craig Harris) - James Davis Jr Midway - (Ron Treadway) - (Joe Campbell) - Justin O'Toole Milan - (Carl Diffie) - Derek Carr MLK - (Jeremy Rockette) - Michael LaFrance Montgomery Central - (Jeff Tomlinson) - Corey Wright Northview Academy - (Heath Woods) - Justin Anderson Oak Ridge - (Joe Gaddis) - Scott Cummings Oliver Springs - (Larry Green) - Tyler Harper Polk County - (Rusty Brewer) - Derrick Davis PopeJohnPaul II - (Justin Geisinger) - Brian Sneed Raleigh Egypt - (Devlin Lane) - Thurston Rubin Jr Red Bank - (Chris Brown) - Ted Gatewood RePublic**** - () - Keith Martin Rockvale - (Rick Rice) - Brian Guthrie Scott - (Josh Terry) - Chris Harris Sequoyah - (Ryan Bolinger) - *Peels/McConkey - Derrick Vestal Shelbyville - (Josh Puckett) - Soddy Daisy - (Justin Barnes) - Carter Cardwell South Doyle - (Clark Duncan) - (*Rusty Partin) - Paul Shelton South Gibson - (Scott Stidham) - Ben Johnson South Pittsburg - (Chris Jones) - [*Grider/Stone] - Wes Stone Southwind - (Chris Jones) - Jerome Griffin Stratford - (Thomas Porter) - Summertown - (Dakota Crews) - Rick Rice Tellico Plains - (Jon Rechtorovic) - Bobby White Tennessee High - (*Matt Chandler) - (Matt Rhymer) - Josh Holt Tullahoma - (John Olive) - Coy Sisk Union County - (Larry Kerr) - Steve Smith Wartburg - (Kevin Human) - Dustin Peels Webb School - (Kyle Turnbow) - Evan Gay West Creek - (James Figueroa) - Rob Gallowitz Westwood - (Orentheus Taylor) - Devin Scates White House Heritage - (Stetson Dickerson) - Chad Broadrick White Station - (Reid Yarbrough) - Teran Conley William Blount - (Phillip Shadowens) - Robert Reeves Wooddale - (Jerome Griffin) - Jerrell Starnes York Institute - (Kerry Johnson) - Derwin Wright Zion Christian - (Jeff Jordan) - (Charlie Lansdell) - Kurt Beathard
  6. That's actually funny but he comes from Arkansas they just do that at birth I'm pretty sure.
  7. Well the Season is almost here, time is flying with all schools now on Dead period. I haven’t had a chance to see the team since last November. Tomcat fans how are we looking!? Heard we put on a good show in the 7 on 7 with Trenton, Ripley and Henry County
  8. I wondered how we faired against you guys. Sounds like we put up a good showing! A lot of new pieces for us this year so to hear that is great!
  9. My point to a T... You are going to play teams that can score just as well... If you can't stop teams from scoring, it is a footrace every game and that don't cut it
  10. Just gotta wait it out and see.Hopefully just didnt give him time to put his stuff in.If we dont improve then....
  11. I can respect it but you know 7on7 ain’t real FB right? We haven’t even participated in one yet but best believe we grinding.
  12. I have been unable to find a preseason top 100 to see if other TN teams are in there. has anyone else seen one?
  13. TN Report “Way Too Early” Rankings A 1. McKenzie 2. Wayne Co 3. Cloudland 4. Moore Co 5. Huntland 6. Clarkrange 7. Pickett Co AA 1. Westview 2. York 3. Gatlinburg Pittman 4. Alcoa 5. McMinn Central 6. East Nashville 7. Gibson Co AAA 1. Jackson South Side 2. Upperman 3. South Gibson 4. Elizabethton 5. Livingston Academy 6. White Co 7. Creek Wood AAAA 1. Blackman 2. Bartlett 3. Bradley Central 4. Bearden 5. Cookeville 6. Warren Co 7. Sevier Co Thoughts?
  14. You are absolutely correct that TN USA Wrestling does not have the right to tell anyone how to spend their money. However, they do have the right to demand a non- refundable deposit.
  15. Reminder: Fargo Training Camp in Spring Hill 7/6-7/8. Register via below link: https://www.rokfin.com/article/9582/Team-TN-Fargo-Training-Camp-Details-7678-in-Spring-Hill-TN
  16. You are right, the good news is that DB's offense is usually good enough to overcome and win a lot of games. The first 5 games are no-contest slam dunks for the Indians with the possible exception of West Ridge. If DB wins any of these 1st 5 by less than 3 TD's I will be surprised. Perhaps that can be used to build enough confidence to find a way to win a few in the 2nd half of the season. Maybe even experiment with some different types of defensive back coverages (man-2-man, zone, etc.) and have the coaches evaluate every play as if it was a pass play.... look for where a defensive back got beat, was out of position, etc. and try and correct it right there instead of waiting until the next week to look at game film. I dunno, I'm sure you guys have good athletes, just a matter of getting them playing the positions correctly.
  17. @tradertwo Looks like you were about spot on perfect.... Looks like litigation is about to start against the broadcaster and espn.
  18. 7 on 7's are really hard to gauge on how good or bad a team is going to be. That said, I was there and from what I saw, they seemed to pass the ball ok. I don't know how much Coach Harper will pass it come time for the regular season, but they have some weapons there. I still think they're a year or two away from making serious noise, but I fully expect them to be a playoff team this year.
  19. virtual phone A Guide to Manage Your Virtual Phone" is a step-by-step, comprehensive guide that will help you manage your virtual phone effectively. The advice given can be taken as whether you're an executive, a business owner, or a worker bee. It will also benefit you in any field of work where you need to conduct conversations with people who aren't in front of you, such as customer service professionals and managers.
  20. OR always has the athletes, but they've really struggled on the OL in recent years. It'll be interesting to see if Cummings can address that weakness.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Marion will be a underdog alot this year lost some good seniors last year
  23. DIRECT LINK FOR REGISTRATION - http://trackwrestling.com/registration/TW_Register.jsp?tournamentGroupId=206629132 Mid South Wrestling Clinic July 29 – 31 Open to all ages for experienced wrestlers (No beginners) What to expect: - Two and a half days of learning, drilling and live wrestling for the wrestler serious about improving in the sport - You will learn elite-level and fundamental technique, skills, and tactics from clinicians who have performed and had success at some of the highest levels - High coach to wrestler ratio Schedule: Friday (Doors open at 8:30am) - Session 1 = 9:00am – 12:00pm - Lunch = 12:00pm – 1:00pm - Session 2 = 1:15pm – 3:45pm - Dismissal = 4:00pm Saturday (Doors open at 8:30am - Session 1 = 9:00am – 12:00pm - Lunch = 12:00pm – 1:00pm - Session 2 = 1:15pm – 3:45pm - Dismissal = 4:00pm Sunday (Doors open at 11:30am) - Session 1 = 12:00pm – 3:00pm - Live Wrestling = 3:00pm – 3:30pm - Talk/Q & A = 3:30pm – 4:00pm What to bring: - Packed lunch - Water Bottle - Extra workout gear Location: Houston High School 9755 Wolf River Blvd Germantown, TN 38139 (west entrance and door #22) Cost: $200 - Cash or check made to Houston Takedown Club Clinicians: Jon Morrison - Former coach at Cowboy Wrestling Club - 2x Big 12 Champ and NCAA All-American - Junior National Freestyle Champion - Illinois State champ for Carl Sandburg HS Conrad Polz - Head Coach at Bolingbrook HS, IL - 2x All-American for University of Illinois - Junior National Freestyle Finalist and World Team member - 3x Illinois State champ for Carl Sandburg HS Dorian Henderson - 4x NCAA Tournament Qualifier for Missouri - Senior National High School All-American - 3x Georgia State champ for Columbus HS Brandon Wright - 2x NCAA Tournament Qualifier for UT-Chattanooga - Senior National High School All-American - 2x Tennessee State Champion for Houston HS
  24. This wouldn't be a bad idea if they do it this way. The way it is now is just too watered down for a state that isn't even as big as some cities in the US.
  25. Hopefully then Shelbyville had a feeling this was coming and started to create a battle plan for when it does actually happen. I assume a current assistant gets promoted for the season and then they will do a search again next off season?
  26. If any teams are off and interested in picking up for Saturday only event, please reach out and we'd love to pick up a few players with the heat situation. Catcher and Pitchers always helpful just in case someone overheats. Send email to [email protected] or message 931-215-2808 for more information.
  27. 15 more girls needed for this to happen support girls by spreading the word out to middle school and high school girls you may know.
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