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  2. Which in hoops that’s over the 2A cutoff but they are still in a 2a district with 2 other schools barely over 500 students which is a 700 student difference. Classification needs some changes especially in hoops..the size differences are huge in a lot of districts.
  3. Any chance some school districts play or is it going to be a full cancellation everywhere?
  4. Today
  5. I agree Grainger and Northview at 1 and 2. I'm curious to see who 3 and 4 from the east are. The best team in district 1 next year should be Sullivan East. They could give em a game at the very least .
  6. I didn’t see CPA on the above rankings list....
  7. I feel like these younger kids that are coming in can do what the 17 and 18 Cornersville Bulldogs did. I have heard that there is a lot of talent that are making their way up in the next few years. I hope this is true because I have gotten used to the winning.
  8. Why has this not effected anyone else in announcing hirings?
  9. A BIG day for me....Guess who has more Twitter followers, Tee Higgins of WillieTheWildcat??? One of us has 85 followers and one of us has 55.1 K fans, So who is it....(drum roll, please) TEE HIGGINS has 55.1 K followers. Probably the most of anybody from Oak Ridge! Me? Heck, nobody likes me but me LOL. Another special note....not for sure on this but # 22 WR/DB Preston Turner may play 4 sports at ORHS. Football, Basketball, Baseball and Track. Not sure how he can do both Baseball and Track at the same time.
  10. Showcase Baseball of TN would like to announce tryouts for July 31st (9U - 12U) @ Music City and Aug 1 (13U - 17U) @ Pitts Park. Please see attached flier for age specific tryout information. Showcase is the most trusted travel ball program in Middle Tennessee. We are a 501C3 Non-Profit. Our organization is not driven by financial motivation, thus 100% of your dues go to supporting your player along with the programs and facilities to develop him. We have coaches who played both MLB and minor league pro ball as well as former college players who coach our teams. We have a partnership with the Hit Lab in Nolensville where our athletes train in the offseason, both on baseball skills as well as strength and conditioning. We have teams from 8U to 17U, several age groups have more than one team. Although we will officially begin the 2020/2021 season in September, we support and encourage our athletes to play other sports. Our Fall program is followed by indoor workouts throughout the Winter. 12 & Under begin Spring/Summer tournament play in March; 13U & Older teams begin typically after middle school & high school baseball is complete. Our C.O.R.E. values are Community, Organization, Respect, and Effort. showcasebaseballtn.org Please visit our new website at ShowcaseBaseballTN.org for more information You will find tryout registrations on our website or you can simply click one one of the respective links below to go straight to our registration form: 12U & Under Registration: https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/231459 13U & Older Registration: https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/231447 Click here to visit our website for more information!
  11. Congrats to #53....heard he received an offer from Georgia Tech yesterday. Some good news amidst all the gloom and doom!! I just hope there is a season so I can watch him play.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Sorry to jump on you, but there are a lot of people who post on here that like to stir the pot and post negativity about WB losing players. There have been a lot of rumors and most of them aren't true. Last year people on here made it out like the sky was falling, everyone was leaving, and we wouldn't even be able to field a team. Well, we just had our best team in over a decade last year. I just don't understand why so many people from schools like Maryville, Alcoa, and Greenback want to see WB fail and enjoy the negativity. It is just very bizarre to me. People should be grateful for all your success and the good times and stay humble. Nothing good lasts forever.
  14. I was amazed that while listening to these idiots that they had a meeting in the first place. They basically met and adjourned. They should have just announced that there are talks going on with the governor and we will meet after they are concluded. What does Childress make and do the other nitwits get anything?
  15. Any updates on the open jobs? What assistant coaches are ready for their own teams?
  16. Can you still get pregnant during the dead period? Asking for Red Rebels.
  17. http://www.williamsonherald.com/communities/franklin-high-forms-committee-to-discuss-rebel-mascot/article_83fffeb4-c12a-11ea-9eab-a378d2fff8e5.html Franklin Rebels are on the clock too.
  18. TSSAA has their meeting today to vote on the optional plans they've been given . Hopefully we will know this afternoon . Giles co is in region 5 and all our region games are with Metro Nashville schools so who knows what that means for us . i just hope all the boys get to play and get back to some kind of "normal" .
  19. Last week
  20. Are all school districts planning to have football, or are any shutting it down even if the state and TSSAA give the go-ahead?
  21. The US Baseball Club is the nation's leader in developing better mechanics using science and technology! We have developed 31 college ball players in the past 5 years. The Club is looking for 12U elite players for the 2021 season. Please visit our website to learn more about the Club and inquire about the team. The team is based in Nashville. www.usbaseball.org Team info on the Club Teams page.
  22. It is a political hoax for sure. 99.7 recovery rate. Much better than the flu.
  23. I'd say this 55 group was pretty tough. Heck, they ain't even wearing face mask. You had to be tough in those days.
  24. The new school is called West Ridge High School and will be the Wolves. It will open in 2021. The Sullivan County School Board named a Principle this past week. Josh Davis will be the principle (Currently Principal at Sullivan North) the AD and coaching hires are supposed to be named in a few weeks. Oh and they will be 6A.
  25. Thanks fan. I knew about Patton but didn't know the rest. Im sure JS will do well.
  26. September 18th, so you can enough weeks of the playoffs to make money
  27. ecu


    She is a winner. Makes those around her better.
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