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  2. Its 2 weeks from now, not sure HV can beat Trinity next week.
  3. Wow! What a game! I knew it was going to be a good one. First I want to say thank you to all of the posters, and fans. Very classy of you guys with your kind words of congrats. I even have to say thank you to the Milan fan with the kind words ( yes it was painful for me to type that ) I think that most logical fans knew this was going to be a close game. Covington came out running a double wing / triple option. I tip my hat the Chargers for putting that in during the bye week and surprising us with it tonight. Also, coach Kirby is class act. I talked with him and was full of nothing but praises and compliments. Charger fans, You guys are really and I do mean really good. I know that y'all have take 2 back to back losses but step away for a second, get it back together y'all will be fine. Marcus Hayes is the absolute real deal. He IS THE BEST RUNNING BACK WE HAVE PLAYED THIS YEAR. Unfortunately for him he was having to run right at the best lineman in our league in Paxton Terry. To the legend on this board " chargerfan " Thank you for your kind words. I was a pleasure to meet you. I thought you were an old man! You did not look a day over 29! BPM EAT A FROG!!!!!! A BIG FAT JUICY FROG!!!!! SGC WON!!!!! I HAVE PICS TO PROVE IT! I knew before the season started that SGC was going to be pretty good but I did not know how good. I think they proved tonight that they deserve the region crown. Someone WAY smarter than me is going to have to figure out how the region is going to shake out for the 2,3 and, 4 spots. Congrats to my Hornets! Proud of kids, and coaches for finding a way to get it done this year in the nastiest region in the state. /steven
  4. FINAL: USJ 24, Fayette 20. This was a back and forth affair with 4 lead changes. FA seemed to control the line of scrimmage more in the first half and USJ took the upper hand in the second half. Much of the Bruins damage was on the ground, but a handful of key passes to convert 3rd downs helped to balance things out. The FA QB threw some nice balls early that didn't connect, but found his favorite target #81 on a perfectly thrown ball to the corner to take the lead late 3Q. Both RBs (both #4) ran the ball well most of the night, with USJ's Willis pounding in the 4Q go-ahead TD on one of his most impressive runs of the year. Having Carlock back in the lineup (even a little short of 100%) was a nice boost and Andrew Smith was on the receiving end of a few passes for a change with Cody Smith at the helm all night. With a win tonight, the Bruins helped their position in the standings. The matchup next week between FA and DA will really clarify things.
  5. Noah Martin has started at linebacker for Baylor since his sophomore year....
  6. I know Córdova has had a tough brutal schedule but what is wrong with there offense? No decent qb play ? I saw the game tonight against briarcrest and they struggle to get there key players the ball. Why not put them in wildcat ? Is it true that wimberly has his assitant coaches coaching different positions now ? I heard it tonight at the game. But again this is my first game watching them live but on film they have struggled sense the Bartlett game . Gluck to the wolves the rest of the way next week is Houston and then the week after Arlington .
  7. I think McMinn Co will give Bradley all they want in 2 weeks. Bradley will have to score 50+ to beat them...
  8. Y'all worried for nothing. Was there no scoring in the 2nd half?
  9. Congrats McNairy. Your boys played hard and earned a big win. Much respect.
  10. Not really much chaos left here. The two teams that win will be in. Of the two left at 2-3, whoever won heads up will get the 4 seed. Good luck guys and gals.
  11. Region 5 tonight. Cornersville wins Moore county wins Huntland loses. MP non region game
  12. It's the same old Houston county. Waverly isn't the same team has we had the last 4 years. We don't score crazy amount of points this year.
  13. Say Houston beats Hickman and riverside beats waverly where does it stand there w a three way tie. U have to toss out the head to head games
  14. Tiebreakers are where Lewis Co being unable to get a 10th game will hurt them. Eagleville can get to 8 wins if it beats Mt Pleasant and Loretto. Lewis Co will be 7-2 with a loss to Forrest. Lots of incentive for Lewis Co to win and get home field vs lose and drop to 3rd.
  15. Make plans to attend the big game Oct. 25th at Hillwood High School as the Hilltoppers take on the Hillsboro High School Burros in the 2019 Pink Out game in honor of breast cancer awareness. The game has major 5A state playoff implications and the cause is worthy of your support. We are challenging the Hillwood & Hillsboro communities and alumni all over the country to please donate and consider participating in the Making Strides of Nashville Walk Presented by Kroger on Nov. 2nd. Below are helpful links to get involved. Donation as part of team Hillwood vs Hillsboro 2019 Pink Out Game: https://secure.acsevents.org/site/SPageServer?pagename=strides_donate_now&PROXY_TYPE=22&PROXY_ID=2511511&FR_ID=94392&fr_id=94392 Pink Out Game Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/184820645798904/ The Pink Out field will be designed by community member John Clintsman in honor of his wife Carrie who is a breast cancer survivor.
  16. The Tomcats were flagged a ton of times, but they persevered and won. Congratulations to the Tomcats on their Class 4A Region 7 championship. If anybody has the stats on Haywood's number of penalties and yards penalized I'd love to know that information.
  17. Thanks Lawnman I hope so. Definitely made the road ahead tuffer tonight. I have a lot of frustration with the coaching staff right now. Just not sure this is the place or Time to say much about it. I would not want to do of say anything to take away from Elizabethton's Win they played a Great Game and Deserved to Win
  18. So, I guess Rhea will win the District if WV beats Soddy?
  19. I thought it was the right call to go for two, and I think you had a good play called. When the ball was snapped, I thought your back was going to walk in. Defender made a play and filled that gap. Looking forward to a potential rematch. Let's hope we get to see it!
  20. @lakecounty1968 when you have time give me some individual defensive stats on the year! Just curious?
  21. I don’t think it will be very close... 35-14 GCA
  22. LC will always swim in the pool of mediocrity as long as Fayetteville City has the doors open.
  23. Sounds like the coach outsmarted himself (& peed on his own leg).
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