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  2. stockton4182

    Central/Gibbs for 2-5A Title

    Only one thing is certain Crockett vs former head coach Bosken and Knox Halls. Does anyone have a scouting report on Halls?
  3. JacketNationFan1

    2a state championship contenders

    Well maybe we can do y’all a favor so you don’t have to drive that far lol it’s only 35 minutes for us to Watertown
  4. ReitzFan

    Peabody @ TCA

    His words give you the feeling you are listening to an Elton John movie them song.
  5. TynerRamFan


    I meant no disrespect. Could be a close game. You never know until they hit the field!
  6. bigredmachine

    Basketball shorts rule

    So there is a huge MidTn wide petition being started for T$$AA to change the rule of rolling up shorts during games. Almost 1500 have signed this petition. Twitter is blowing up. Since this is a NFHS rule, can T$$AA change it for TN? Players and coaches are complaining that the shorts run too big for many of their players.
  7. ocac

    Henry County at Northeast

    That makes sense. I can see Watson leaving soon. I think he wanted to have a Head Coaching job in Clarksville area because of his nephew #6. If I remember from a discussion at one time that he has custody of his nephew and they did not want to leave the Clarksville area. I guess it would be starting over again for NE if he were to leave. I wonder what kind of roster NE is going to have in the next couple of years. NE usually has some very good athletes and probably the best linemen in CMCSS year in and year out.
  8. TynerRamFan


    Signal wins!!
  9. Old Pirate ain’t gots to have the ear on the ground to hear all the rumblings! Theys trying times ahead fer many. The SP fans support last Friday night was downright shameful and OP ain’t jest joking neither! Fans mostly are spoiled and are fair weather supporters, Venom served! However theys other trying times coming fer a HEEP of fans. Best check the pulse & take a seat. The Pirates have to do a HEEP of maturing to come close to reaching their ultimate goal.
  10. Here is the TSSAA rule book on Tie Breakers A. In Class 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A and 6A, all teams are required to play all other teams within their region. The teams with the best region records shall be declared the region winner, runner-up, third and fourth place and shall advance to the first round of the football play-off series. B. If at any point when the following tie-breaking procedures are applied, one team has beaten all the other teams that are tied for a play-off position, that team shall be rated above the others. C. In the event of a tie for the region winner, runner-up, third-place, or fourth-place team, if either team(s) has defeated the other(s) in regular-season play, the team(s) shall be rated above the other(s) in the standings. (After the region winner has been determined, the tie-breaker procedure shall begin all over again starting at the top to work out the runner-up position. The procedure shall be repeated to determine the third- and fourth-place teams.) D. The following tie-breaking procedures shall be applied and all regular-season games, both region and non-region, shall count (After each of the following steps have been applied, item C above shall be applied.): 1. The team with the greatest number of victories. (BEECH/ HILLSBORO TIED) 2. The team who plays the greatest number of teams who win 50 percent or more of their games. (STILL TIED AT 5 EACH) 3. The team who has the greatest number of victories over teams winning 50 percent or more of their games. (STILL TIED AT 2 EACH) 4. The team whose opponents have earned the most victories. (Beech-41 Hillsboro-40) 5. The team whose opponents have received fewer defeats. 6. Coin Flip This will play itself out until the tie is broken. Even though Gallatin drops out of the tie breaker with the first criteria, it states the tie-breaker continues on until 1 team beats the other two. IT DOES NOT REVERT BACK TO HEAD TO HEAD in a 3 way once one team drops out! (At least that is how I read it) Have we ever had a coin flip for a region title?
  11. TynerRamFan


    Brainerd's speed should get them the win!
  12. WingoVFL

    Sale Creek vs. Whitwell

    I Pitty the fool
  13. Rhea Co.

    Fulton @ OR

    Catholic is good but very young at few positions. They are not as complete of a team as they were last year. Last year the QB had several targets to get the ball to this year not so much. The RB Jarmon (who is a freshman) and O-Line are the bread and butter of the offense this year. Tommy Winton the freshman athlete is going to be a monster over the next few years. They try to get the ball to him in a lot of different ways. The defense has a good pass rush and plays the run pretty well.
  14. Waverly #37 JD Dixon Season Totals Games Played 9 Offense - Rushing Totals Carries 24 Rushing Yards 452 Yards Per Carry 18.8 Rushing Yards Per Game 50.2 Rushing Long 24 Rushing TDs 8 Offense - Receiving Totals Receptions 52 Receiving Yards 1290 Yards Per Catch 24.8 Receiving Yards Per Game 143.3 Receiving Long 71 Receiving TDs 15 Offense - Off. Fum and Pnk Blks Totals Offensive Fumbles 0 Offensive Fumbles Lost 0 Offense - All Purpose YardsTotals Rushing Yards 452 Receiving Yards 1290 Kickoff Return Yards 82 Interceptions Yards 0 All Purpose Yards 1825 All Purpose Yards Per Game 202.8 Offense - Total Yards Totals Rushing Yards 452 Receiving Yards 1290 Total Yards 1742 Total Yards Per Game 193.6 Defense - Tackles Totals Solo Tackle 39 Total Tackles 39 Tackles Per Game 4.3 Tackles For Loss 2.0 Defense - Interceptions Totals Interceptions 1 Interceptions Yards 0 Yards Per INT 0.0 Interceptions Per Game 0.1 Scoring - Points Totals Total TDs 24 Total TD Points 144 Total Conversion Points 0 Total Points 144 Points Per Game 16.0 Scoring - Touchdowns Totals Rushing TDs 8 Receiving TDs 15 Fumbles Returned for Tochdown 0 Interceptions Returned for Touchdown 0 Punts Returned for Touchdown 1 Kickoffs Returned for Touchdown 1 Total TDs 24
  15. orngnblk

    Greenback at Midway

    Cut blocks inside The Tackle Box are allowed that's not what we're talking about we're talking about cutting on kickoffs and the one defensive back that went in every time right at the the knee,i know its legal but to try and hurt a high school player doesnt look good on your team.
  16. Who would have imagined that Tullahoma would have competed for a region title? Looking back on their season, I recall going to the Marshall County game in what turned out to be a dome rattler between two good football teams. I would still consider Tullahoma's win over MC an upset, but nevertheless, it apparently propelled Tullahoma to make a pretty good run thus far. A friend from Tullahoma's staff says that the difference has been how physical they(Tullahoma) are. He also says that Maplewood is loaded with team speed, as most would suspect. Good luck to both teams. Win or lose, each of those two teams will host a 1st round playoff game against that region from the Plateau. I don't see either one of those two teams struggling against a Cumberland Co., Dekalb Co., or a Macon Co.
  17. Red Rebels

    AAA State Tournament

    Bracket with latest rankings (adjusted for AAA only) from: https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/high-school-soccer/state-team-rankings/women/fall-2018-october-23/tennessee/5028/1509/43
  18. Tomcatfan2011

    4A Playoffs

    The tomcats are beginning to peak at the right time of the season. giving up only 8 ppg the last 3 games. Team is back focused, and looking forward to a deep playoff run, all plays out, the rematch @dyerburg will be fun in the 3rd round
  19. Today
  20. cbg

    Possible transfer rule change

    My suggestion would be for the TSSAA to consider the following: 1. Every student athlete would receive one free transfer after they begin their athletic career. After the first transfer any additional transfer would require a true change of address by the family. 2. Remove the rule that a student athlete that transfers from school X to a boarding school will be eligible immediately. Again refer to rule number 1. By adopting these rules the TSSAA would eliminate 95% of the workload that they currently have and could focus on making the organization stronger and better for the kids.
  21. orngnblk

    Greenback Orange vs Greenback Black

    I hope you all are right.
  22. stockton4182

    Musket Bowl

    He turned Crockett football into a contender. I didn’t like the way he left trashing Crockett on the facility’s. Also he said he wanted to be home with his family.
  23. GeneralAmerigha

    REGION 5 | 2A

    DD don't be n ugly winner. We gave you your props. Be gracious brother. I haven't always been, and it was ugly when I did it too
  24. mrbigster


    We play Thurs night.Yall come watch the real L.C.H.S.
  25. CC will have a hard time scoring on PC.Unless you gift them one. I'd say PC by 50. You want get xhallenged til the 3rd round and maybe not then.
  26. blazer1set

    Dobyns Bennett

    Oh I see what you are saying, when the now defunct Super-32 was in place you could make the playoffs with an 0-10 record. I completely forgot about that. But still, Christian is the one who has to take the heat for missing the playoffs for the first time in 26 years. He was thrown into an impossible situation. I know everyone thinks that Witten, Ballard, or whoever would have had DB 10-0 this year and knocking on Maryville's door, but who are we kidding, a first-year Nick Saban would struggle with a schedule this brutal. Who knows, perhaps Clark saw that (the disbanding of the Super-32) and decided to get out while he still looked good. So on to this week's game, do you think it is reasonable to assume that Jeff Co is beatable?
  27. Turtle

    Alcoa @ Austin East

    Hahahaha now you and I both know that if you’re asking /wanting a physical game AE will bring it. That’s what they’re known for, PHYSICAL TEAM!!
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