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  1. Today
  2. Tony has done one heck of a job starting from ground zero and building the Lakeway Program!
  3. Are you sure this is fact and not hearsay? I’m pretty sure that now that their season is over there is no practice, and if McCord is hurt as bad as everyone says with a concussion and all, I doubt he’s even at school.
  4. Good game tonight.I wish Oak Ridge couldve hit some shots tonight but just how it goes sometimes.Oak Ridge is at their best when they play fast and go all out.This team turns it over way too much trying to play a half court inside out game.We can win Monday but we need some key players to step up.J.Miller needs to play like he can.I didnt hear the scoring run down but I only remember him scoring once.I would love to see Oak Ridge and Beardon play 10 more times.Maybe if Oak Ridge can upset DB we can play again.
  5. I mentioned to several of their fans to bring back the Gold Ball and they always seem glass half empty. Just the facts.
  6. Yeah I’m hearing all kinds of things. I will put my faith in the committee to make the right choice for the kids. That is first priority.
  7. I’m from Celina, so obviously I’m rooting for Clay. They have 10 losses, but 6 of those are to Macon County (2) and Clarkrange (4). The other four came to Livingston, Sunbright, Lipscomb, and Pickett. They “upset” a 24-2 Van Buren team due to playing their tough schedule. I think that it helps them here again. Definitely home court for Huntland will be huge. I hear that each team only has 200 tickets to sell. I hate it that the atmosphere will be hindered by that. I’ll take Clay in a single digits win.
  8. I think it’s possible. During my time in metro, Overton had some of the best athletes in their zone. Problem is you have to recruit to retain your own zoned kids. You can’t have the privates poaching your best players. Coach Anderson was a class act and one heck of a football coach. His Overton teams were always well coached and hard nosed.
  9. If you are sincere, and have been opinionated without the desired result, take it to the next level and run for your district's school board seat. Kids need advocates, not politicians.
  10. Oakland coming to Bradley Central Stone travels to Blackmon best wishes to both Region 3 AAA teams!
  11. Can’t argue with this post. Ever since we have moved in the same district with them some have acted a little out of hand in the bigger games sometimes. Great team, but just have some poor sports in the crowd
  12. The refs let them play defense without a foul call every second. As a Upperman fan, I didn’t like the outcome but it was an epic game. They should show a video of this game and show it to all officials across Tennessee.
  13. Grainger Northview Academy York Macon County Maplewood Creekwood Westview South Side
  14. Look like some tough kids. Welcome to small school!
  15. I never knew this. Marion Co played in it's first title game in '82 and it was at Vandy. The TSSAA would probably make more money by letting teams host from the looks of some of the past few years at Cookeville.
  16. Upperman vs Tyner Howard vs York Should be some good games on Monday night!!
  17. that is crazy lots fans from the schools participating could use the extra 250 tickets if schools cant sell the extra then sell to public.they just want to let local people in because its a local school the schools in it should have first option.i wish all schools would get together find another place too play and boycott mtsu
  18. i am a woman and mother of three but enjoy the basement comment. my rebelettes are not very strong and the raiders made sure to prove that this year and it will always come back around to a person like coach cope when you demonstrate that in amateur athletics. do your homework and find out that no team is hundred percent this time of year and the schedule you claim can be misleading. yes they have won many games and the district has been very weak this past season with no team making it out of the region and the last few years only one has made it very far at all. coffee county will continue to win a lot of regular season games and district tournaments but not much else as long as the road they travel continues through rutherford county. unfortunately the same can be said for warren franklin and shelbyville. On a side note I am also glad the pioneers are in our new four team district as I can see some wins in the future for my rebelettes and at the very least we will be going to a region basketball game. back to my basement now
  19. Great game....hate to see officiating play such a big role. Whatever college gets the Johnson get is getting a steal and a stud.
  20. I remember playing Cleveland in Cookeville(a tourney of some kind) when Yarbrough was playing. He had a great dunk on us. Seems like we were up 20+ at one point.
  21. Good stuff! Agree about the commitment, would love to see the teams get more support especially from students! Where would you have John Carroll? I see them left off your list I'm real interested to see what happens with Westwood. Does everyone stay? Central will also be a sleeper.
  22. 1. MC- back to back title appearances, until proven otherwise they have to be #1. 2. Westview- Simpson 3. Watertown- lost 3 best players but returning stud QB and line. Defense is always well coached 4. Marion- watched them play H2o and if they are returning as many as you all say they will be a challenge for anyone in the East next year. 5. Huntington- i don’t know much about them but they usually field a good team. 6. TC- tc lost a lot (rankins) but tradition is tradition 7. York- they did alright in 3a and they usually compete better in 2 8. Hampton- the rest of there region is down 9. Monterey- won a lot of games last year and competed well against a good gordy team. 10. Oneida- defense wins game Lewis is a good regular season team but can’t make it in the playoffs. UC could be a contender or could be bottom tier you never know. Riverside and south Greene are toss ups. this was just for fun I know nothing
  23. Cookeville 3 pts in the 3rd and Stone 4 pts in the 3rd Refs played great defense
  24. Yesterday
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