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  2. Then why have a state championship game at a site that’s having construction done and taking that chance of something going wrong? I’m pretty sure it was Huntingdon games when I was flipping through. I watched two pitches and turned it because you couldn’t even tell when the ball was being released when the camera was right behind a net
  3. The middle Tennessee area is a desirable area for families moving from out of state.
  4. Several people got what they wanted. Personally, I’m not sure it was a good thing for the program. I know whoever the brave soul is that accepts this job better buckle up. I do think it was a good decision for Blake Satterfield.
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  6. That’s awesome! Nothing better than seeing some hometown kids bring it home to their city.
  7. Let’s hope not, it’ll make everything easier!
  8. Judging from what teams lost last year I would say 1.) Cloudland (Top dog until someone beats them) 2-5.) Cosby, Jellico, North Greene, Unaka (Arrange them in any order Jellico and Unaka lost the most) 6.) Hancock (They lost all of their best athletes in a big senior class last season)
  9. Last week
  10. Walker State CC in Alabama where he was an assistant with current Lipscomb coach Lanny Acuff several years ago.
  11. Yeah. Worst kept secret in this coaching cycle. He wants to watch his son play next spring at Mississippi State. And good on him.
  12. McCallie Wrestling Clinic With Army West Point Head Coach and TN Legend, Kevin Ward Where: McCallie Wrestling Room When: June 17, 18, & 19 9am-11am & 11:45am-1pm (open to all 6-12 graders) Cost: $175 (cash or check; venmo: @Jake-Yost) Contact Jake Yost for more information (jyost@mccallie.org; 423-309-5253)
  13. Congratulations to Huntingdon and Station Camp. Lots of good softball in Tennessee. Alcoa been media favorite last two seasons.
  14. Im more of a Basketball follower than football and like I said we play what we have, there is no going and recruiting or even talking kids into transferring…..and to rebut about Memphis teams in finals I’ve watched Memphis East and Penny Hardaway with the enrollment of a single A team play up and dominate any and all challengers for years! They aren’t the only ones either Mike Miller and son at Germantown put together that super team a couple years ago that ran through the rest of the state! Other teams from Memphis or Chatt or Nash or any large populated area pop up and are relevant out of nowhere every year because they get an influx of talent be it from a new coach or AAU affiliations it happens in football also just like any other sport! I hope these two schools that close join together and get to play the team you support, then you may see it differently! I find it funny some of you think recruiting and resources don’t matter . The county schools get very little funding also but you don’t want to get me started on that part!
  15. Eagleville also loses Brown the catcher, Lamb CF, Mclemore RF (Heck of an athlete) and Drew the 1st baseman. They will be young.
  16. I’m hearing that he did such a good job with the basketball team that he’s going to coach basketball and baseball this year. He might even help out with offense in the Fall?
  17. Gville will be a tough out this year. That pains me to say
  18. Dyer Co asst Tyler Barber takes over at Bradford
  19. I think this is a good move for them. Bring an experienced coach who is familiar with the program and the kids, so as to keep off season work going without interruption, and be able to prepare for next season, as far as further penalties, I believe the TSSAA said that the fine and game forfeits would be all. This is good damage control and good that it was done promptly.
  20. This top 25 needs to be updated bad half these guys aren’t even top 5 in the record books at LA so makes no sense why they’d be still in top 25
  21. Freedom Prep has discontinued their football program. These are the teams that were on their schedule in case you are looking for a game:
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