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  2. 1. Halls 2. Signal 3. Gibbs 4. Soddy Page could sneak in the podium if they’re on their A game
  3. 3 of the 4 technical fouls are legit. The only one that wasn't was the 3rd technical foul in which a player must have said something to the official. This is bad. Shoving a player because he commits a hard foul on you is a technical. It's a tech in college, in the NBA, and it's a tech at toddler ball on Saturday's. Slamming the ball on the ground is a technical foul in high school, it shows up the official. Slamming the ball on the ground where the ball goes above the head of the person that is slamming the ball is a technical foul in high school, college, the NBA, church league, and toddler ball on Saturday's. When a team already has two technical foul's (knowing the first two happened during the first half so the officials talked about that during the half), that team is going to be on edge during the whole remainder of the game. The last play of the first half was about a dirty foul, too. Kid shot a 3, the defender doesn't go for the ball. Ends up tackling the kid. The fourth technical foul was a stupid cheap shot by the HC player. HC is trying to foul, everybody in the gym knows that. Don't run into the Obion Central player knowing you can very well brace yourself to stop. One thing must happen from Henry County is respect. Respect the opponent, officials, fans, and the game.
  4. Ellie Butler. Livingston Academy. The numbers speak for themselves. She's a big time reason that Livingston is returning to the top of their class.
  5. Thanks! We shot 53% 3 pt line. 67% in the first half. Katie Chesser was 7 of 9 from 3pt. It’s coming together i think.
  6. Booger thinkin someone may entertain the idea that this whole Lets Start a thread idea may not be for me Booger just sayin
  7. Super exciting game tonight against West, even though there wasn’t much scoring. There was some serious defense being played out there by both teams tonight, and both teams laid it all on the line. Ray Ray Watson by the time he’s a senior will be All State for Oak Ridge. You heard it here first. Really good win against a solid West team. Big game versus Karns Tuesday night. Karns is very talented. Should be a doozy.
  8. I'm having a normal conversation... State championships are better than getting absolutely massacred in the 3rd round. You're the one who made this conversation awkward.
  9. Well what you are hearing is wrong, you need to listen to LocalHero.
  10. That was one example of where the coach did advise thats where they should go... Either way, when you have your feeder/ pushing kids elsewhere that is poison
  11. Speaking of……if anyone is interested in watching.
  12. #34 is Katie Bailey and she was a thorn in our side both times we played them. It looked like we would blow the game open and she'd start hitting 3's. HV has talent and they should've beat unaka and chuckey Doak.
  13. What was your number when you played. I played at GB during that time frame. May have crossed paths.
  14. I was maybe a year or 2 ahead of Henderson in school, I remember the story that came out in the Tennesseean when he was in Middle School and they were calling him Baby Shaq and he was having trouble finding shoes big enough to fit him, now someone who remembers this correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the actual Shaq sent him some shoes that fit or something to that effect...lol
  15. City and Richland in the region championship. Unless Huntland has something to say about it. Will me an amazing region Championship.
  16. Marquez Taylor has committed to Austin Peay!
  17. Add Britton from North Green just saw he scored 56 or something one night and averages 28.5 ppg. I still think Buckles is the front runner, but could be anyones race.
  18. The problem with this logic is that none of these men fit the set criteria. You see Lewis County is a “premier” program and deserves an “elite” coach. Based on the search from less than a year ago, the future coach MUST have prior head coaching experience and can’t have anything that could “distract” him from his coaching duties, such as a family. This would nix every person you have listed, even if they were interested.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Gonna be fun to watch this year.
  21. Yeah. He went to UT Martin a year as an Asst and then on to WV to take the boy's program. Rumor is that was the plan from the start, so his hometown folks wouldn't be too mad about it. In the end, it was a good move on his part. He'll have the WV boys program in a better position in year 2 and he and the WV's girl's coach are buddies as well, by what everyone says in Martin. I myself often wondered why they didn't ever play each other in regular season as the casual fan, but it was always funny reading the posts on here from Greenfield fans wanting that match up.....when in reality, they really didn't but just didn't know it. During that era, if they played 10....Greenfield may have won 1 or 2, but most small town programs are like chihuahuas until the big dogs take it serious, but it is entertaining to watch the emotion. It's fun watching Chloe, Tess and E on the D1 television stage and Greenfield was blessed with a great run of basketball for sure. As a fan of all of our locals, from Gibson County-Carroll County-Weakley County.....it's fun to see these players do good.
  22. According to a source in roan mountain, the district tourney has been moved to west ridge
  23. yeah i see what you're saying. the state should start doing scoring solely on track, so there is no posting them..they would all be there as it happens. but what do i know lol
  24. Tyler Manes, was the DC at Tyner this year, and no Chandler is up-tempo offensive minded
  25. Welcome home Wes, Green Wave Nation is excited to have you back with us!
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