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  2. This is a sports thread. You said you were done before. So typical Liberal. Say one thing and do another. I will Not debate you on politics here because this is sports. Take your soapbox elsewhere. Plz of course and praying for you.
  3. Today
  4. I’m talking about Molly not Anna. Molly was coaching when Bradford beat them the year Pioneer is talking about
  5. I like this idea. And pray no rain.
  6. Welllll hate to tell you but them Tigers ain't playing either....
  7. This is what I was told, so I’d assume this applies to all spring sports. You can start back playing games May 2. You’ve got 3 weeks to play your regular season district schedule and with that I doubt if baseball/softball can play a home & away series or a double elimination tournament. District tournament is the last week in May. Region is in June and spring fling will be the week after. The quarantine date is going to keep getting moved. TSSAA should do the right thing and cancel all events and get rid of the dead period this summer. But they won’t cause they are in the business of making money.
  8. As I stated in my original post, some schools choosing to go back to school wouldn't have any bearing on sports. If the state recommends closing schools for the year, the TSSAA will follow suit with sports. Schools that went back could in theory still play regular season matches with other schools that are back in session, but there wouldn't be any point. The TSSAA will not sanction a postseason in which some schools are allowed to play and others aren't.
  9. That is a fact! BTW, J.W. starting at TB for the Pirates predated the 1971 TC Williams Titans by 4 years.
  10. 2019-20 School year is over ladys Booger just sayin
  11. TSSAA should keep the dead period where it is at due to safety concerns for the players. This break may be the best thing for student athletes as it is giving their bodies time to heal. Unfortunately coaches today, overwork student-athletes thus leading to more injuries due to overuse.
  12. Absolutely! I cant wait to see it! I will definetly be making a game this fall.
  13. It’s obviously shut down now, but did the new coach make it in before the shutdown? How’d the workouts go? I assume the same philosophy stayed in the weight room since most or all assistants stayed
  14. There would be 1 less game. In Tennessee 10 games District 11AAA Tournament = 3 games, Region 6AAA = 3 games, SubState = 1 game, State Tournament = 3 games In North Carolina 9 games: MEC Conference Tournament = 3 games, Round of 64 = 1 game, 32 = 1 game, 16 = 1 game, 8 = 1 game, 4 = 1 game, ‘Ship = 1 game. I don’t know the cost to use MTSU for 3 days, but w/the NC model, the “Regional Championship” (State semi-finals, i.e. West Bracket & East Bracket finals) and the State Championship would be the only 3 games played at a non-HS venue. West Region Title = UT Martin(??) Bethel(??) East Region Title = Tennessee Tech(??) UTC(??) All Region Title games on a Sat and all state title games the following Saturday at MTSU.
  15. Peyton Sharpe transferred in January 2020 to finish his freshman year of high school in Oak Ridge. He transferred from Richland High School in Lynnville, Tennessee. His father is a pastor in Oak Ridge and moved here for his work. You are welcome, Willie! lol RWR!
  16. Yesterday
  17. Vols let a great one get away. Grey is the total package.
  18. I bet if you guys let trump put a campaign sign on it the town could get it fixed for free. I can see it now. “Trump 2020- Making South Pitt Great Again”. Go ahead ST. Make that call. Do it for the team.
  19. My golly... Probably one of the toughest tournaments in the past 15-20 years... i.e.,. 2x TN State OW Felix gets frustrated in the finals and many other shockers. Here an update on Felix's foe from Ringgold... https://www.timesfreepress.com/news/sports/columns/story/2020/mar/28/wiedmer-covid-19-pandemic-gives-local-mmfight/519383/
  20. I agree we are not doing well right now. But I am not a quitter. Good Lord can put a stop to this with a snap of a finger. Either way I give God the glory because we have been blessed. But at this point I don’t know what is going to happen. We are close with a medical breakthrough and that could be a game changer. Remember I said it first. This is an election year and Trump can’t let this economy shut down. Look for medicine to come out of the wood work.
  21. I believe this one has been in Quarantine to long.
  22. Last week
  23. I knew Cloudland did but didn't know about Hampton. We had 8 or 9 seniors last year and I'd say 5 of them or so had good impact on the game. I'm sure Hampton will field a tough team. I just hope we have a 2020 season
  24. With all this quarantine business and social distancing, I am extremely bored, so I figured I would jump on this thread again. I am really excited for Fall 2020 in Decatur. Lots of talent graduating, but many great players returning. Word on the street is our young quarterback is working really hard and have had many players hitting the weight room together during this break. It's great to be a Tiger!
  25. Truer words have not been spoken - been together to long to divorce, only way out of here is death and without fall ball - you said it.
  26. Blackman girls just committed. We believe that this will be the most competitive tournament in the South East next year. Committed are: Cleveland (20-12) Blackman (26-8) Tullahoma (25-10) Huntsville-Lee, AL (24-8) Cookeville (19-11) Wayne, WV (18-5) To register for the last two spots click the link. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1KFz0NRSErKDsfO02qdNf8ksNM0Uc2vElQTRL-nyIxJs/edit?usp=drivesdk
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