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  2. Do not forget about smokin hot in Milan if you love BBQ. ( BBQ turkey is my favorite, I know this is thanksgivings but its awesome! )
  3. Safe travels tomorrow for all Betsy players, coaches and fans.Betsy by 2 touchdowns.Go Cyclones!!
  4. What....how old am I? Are you some type of freak?
  5. The Gleason Boy's team are 3-0 for the first time since the 1969 season. That's the last time they played in the state tournament. Granted they have a kid that will be playing in the NBA. What a great story.
  6. Good luck to the Panthers in 2021. I have to rely on my brother in law who is a Bath Springs resident for news about the team.
  7. You have been very fair. However, I think we can throw records out the window at this point. I hope for an injury free game. My son is a senior on the Lexington team, and I hope we pull it off. Either way, I'm just glad we had a season because his junior year of baseball got killed by Covid. I don't want any of that for these football teams.
  8. This is the truth observersd.Every expert knows o.r. has 460 more kids than south doyle.
  9. Question I have is when will the HC coach pull his starters to get ready for the championship game. Does he run the score up to send a message or does he pull them up like 35. Difficult decision, either way they win big. Doesn’t matter how many Wade brothers Summit has.
  10. Today
  11. Brave1

    LA vs ECS

    I hope you are correct but I know lots of alumni that fee like the school has sold their soul to the devil to win football games. Yes every coach should put their stamp on a program that’s what they are hired to do but this particular coach has been given resources that nobody else in that position have had.
  12. I garuntee I hope I can make it to Griders stadium tomorrow night. Wendy made pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dessert and I garuntee it has given me the trots. I have about read my entire Murphy Fair book today sitting on the Jon. I garuntee I will be calling my doctor in the morning if this mess doesnt go away. You think im joking but im not.
  13. The only bad thing about our new place is it isn’t quite as close to @TheCommissioner‘s house as the old stadium was. He actually has to drive to home games now
  14. Yesterday
  15. I see this game being a barn burner tomorrow night. Rankins is going to carry this TC team to Cookeville with 153 and 3 touchdowns. The creekbank is one tough place to play in November. TC- 35 MC- 31
  16. What Batman said. Early on coaching is where DB is missing it. But of course we've been saying it for years now. There's just no way that DB can put quality players all over the field but can't come up with a defensive back that's even average. And there's no way Gaines is that bad of a coach. No, I'm not downing the players. It's been this way for 20 plus years. I can just about count the number of good defensive backs that have come through DB in the past 20 years on one hand. And those were the type players that didn't need coaching. What would this team have looked like with just a average secondary this year? Two things they need to do moving forward #1 build a secondary, #2 cut out all the stupid penalties. They've got everything else figured out.
  17. Yea, we know we're better than then sissies!
  18. Thanks man! We are greiving here but he's partying in heaven !
  19. I was at the East tournament Tuesday night and will be going back tomorrow and Saturday. Pretty much everywhere I have been this year both football and what little basketball I have got to see so far, people wear there masks to get through the ticket gate and immediately remove them. Fans, coaches, whoever. If you're scared of getting COVID, as stockton said, don't go to the games. Face masks aren't going to keep anyone from getting it regardless. After Saturday, I probably won't get to watch another basketball game this season anyway since most schools in upper East Tennessee have limited attendance to families only. So I guess if I get kicked out of the East tournament in the next couple of days for not wearing a mask, oh well. So be it I guess. Nobody else is either.
  20. This is my most favorite thing I enjoy about watching Maryville High Football. While the other teams have their attention on getting to the locker room for halftime we sneak one in on them. You'll never see another team in Tennessee that has done that over and over so successfully. Worth the price of admission just for that alone. It's like watching someone talking to somebody else while their pizzing on them and they don't realize it until their done.
  21. It might be a good idea for coaches to let folks know how to go about purchasing tickets for sporting events as well as restrictions and requirements. Sycamore I know will be using GoFan to sell tickets for all home events including our duals tournament. We will also do temperature checks and masks are required in the facility.
  22. Glisson is the post that guarded Madison and held her own. Good player. Greenfield is better than I thought in the post.
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