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  1. Sounds like the wildcats of sweetwater are feeling like 93
  2. Well my guess is it’s not the kids who are true Clinton kids anyway
  3. Anyone hear how the SD northview scrimmage went?
  4. With the reuniting of principal(former assistant coach) and HC will things turnaround at Beep Nation?
  5. Anyone know how the sweetwater LC scrimmage went?
  6. Surely they couldn’t have been that good vs them. I’ll have to check it out
  7. Would rather y’all have em then the fighting upside down vizor wearing team
  8. Been hearing OleHickory is already hitting up the Clinton kids trying to get them to come over
  9. Not a Clinton fan at all. You seem to be a fan of multiple teams
  10. If you read earlier, someone else told me about it. I was just warning you wildcat faithful of illegal activity. I forgot y’all do no wrong
  11. https://www.wyshradio.com/2024/05/acs-3-more-fired-carrie-jenkins-suspended-pending-investigation/ I think all the counselors have been fired now. They are cleaning house
  12. Hearing they will have to forfeit all wins. OR will have a win with an *
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