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  1. I watched as I always do every week but WB was looking good and had the momentum and had the holder not bobbled the snap on the 46 yard field goal attempt allowing Sevier County to set up shop at the 40 yard line in the middle of the second quarter WB should of won this game. When that happened Sevier County made them pay for it driving down field like the first team does in practice against the hamburger squad. I've got an old saying, you better always use your qb as the holder in case something bad happens because he has the best experience to jump up and find someone open. Oh well it's a new week and a new team and personally WB can win this game if something stupid don't happen. I'm not impressed with West Ridge as I was in the beginning. Their schedule consist of the regular group of teams in the northeast corner of the state that seem to exist and all play for a chance at the Jaycee Turd Bowl at seasons end.
  2. Not much more than 125 fans on the Science Hill side. How the ale we going to pay the light bill this month with crowds like that.
  3. We need some Moron Offense Shad. That third series at the end of the 1st. Quarter was awesome then somebody turned off the switch. Defense went on in for halftime during the middle of the second quarter, what happened.
  4. Going to tune in at 7 this evening to watch the next exciting adventure of "It's a Family Tradition".
  5. I run it good enough that I don't qualify for one of Uncle Joe's stimmy checks. Fact
  6. I own my company, I'm not one to work for the man
  7. West is athletic and quick. ALCOA has those road graders that are good but slow as smoke off of dog do do and have to hold on to anything that they can grab which we all got to see last night. Same thing against Maryville but a blind eye was turned toward it. Now Alcoa can go get that little trophy no one cares about and set over there in EPA Poisoned Town and beat their chest and celebrate beating up all those little hillbilly towns that don't have any money.
  8. If BC said they got cheated we need to put on our tinfoil hats and agree with him or argue with him all day long.
  9. Maybe all the Alcoa complainers should watch the replay tonight and try to understand what a holding call looks like instead of getting on a public forum accusing a former coach at West of screwing them in a Witch Hunt. The replay was clear to those who understand the rules.
  10. Alcoa would have got away with all those holds at home. Glad it was on TV for everyone to see.
  11. The replay plainly shows the holding. Alcoa held just like this against Maryville while six blind mice never saw a thing.
  12. Word of the day at William Blount is "Moron". Shad said in an interview today we've been working Moron Offense this week for the Sevier County game.
  13. Please let me show everyone from William Blount that most likely wasn't even born yet how they are the old Everett High School made all over again. Let's examine the last five years of Everett Bulldogs football record and see the resemblance. The 72 team was junior loaded which ended up 26 seniors the following year on a 48 man squad. Sort of like the 2007 WB team and what followed after. 1972 Everett Bulldogs Clifford Irwin 4-5-2 McMinn County 0-21, Knox Central 0-22, Morristown West 22-21, Loudon 34-7, Greenville 14-14, Maryville 7-21, Carter 22-16, Fulton 12-14, Sevier County 12-12, Clinton 7-12, Morristown East 39-19 1973 Everett Bulldogs Clifford Irwin 9-2 McMinn County 10-0, Knox Central 0-12, Morristown West 25-15, Kingsport DB 33-19, Sevier Co. 29-13 Maryville 24-7, Carter 43-12, Fulton 30-7, Sullivan East 36-20, Clinton 42-21, Scenic Bowl Game in Chatt. McCallie 7-9 This was the best team Everett High ever put out since the 1941 team that went 10-0. The loss to Knox Central knocked them out of the playoffs. Those were the days when you were proud to have a playoff letter on your jacket because it usually meant you were a top eight school in the state. Mike White also coached on this team earning a head coaching job a Erwin High School before coming back home to William Blount. 1974 Everett Bulldogs Clifford Irwin 1-9 McMinn County 0-21, Bearden 0-27, Morristown West 6-20, Bradley County 0-25 , Sevier Co. 7-0 Maryville 7-21, Fulton 0-49, Sullivan East 6-13, Clinton 20-28, Crossville 0-21 1975 Everett Bulldogs Clifford Irwin 3-7 Clinton 6-7, McMinn County 14-32, Bearden 7-9, Morristown West 8-7, Bradley County 8-42 Sevier County 0-14, Maryville 7-13, Jefferson County 12-6, Fulton 21-33, Newport 23-8 1976 Everett Bulldogs Clifford Irwin 2-8 Sevier County 15-8, McMinn County 9-29, Clinton 16-21, Morristown West 14-0, Oak Ridge 14-32 Campbell County 14-16, Maryville 10-21, Jefferson County 9-40, Fulton 12-36, Newport 6-25 Now this is 100% DNA proof Everett was William Blount's Daddy. Apples don't fall to far from the tree.
  14. Hard to lose your job with Blount County for not being able to turn a football program around unless the AD had enough pressure that he had to do something. WB in my opinion is a salvageable program unlike Heritage which is not. Heritage just plainly sucks and I mean like" Union County Suck" and that is bad as it can get. WB hasn't reach that depth yet but moving to a weaker conference and only to get your face slapped silly is standing at the doorstep wanting to go in. I do enjoy watching WB replays and some of their games on their network unlike their brother across town. That's like tuning in to watch something get the holy ale beat out of it. The ball is in the AD's hands after this season and he knows it too.
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