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  1. We're going to have to put Red Rebels back to contacting this creator for this site for a new update on what's going on. This was one of the best sites I've ever seen and sad to be missing.
  2. Very sorry to hear this news. Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.
  3. Shad driving around interviewing new Middle School Coach Applicants.
  4. I didn't realize Rick had stepped down at the middle school. This was really the only hope this program has or had to salvage a win or two at the high school. Letting Shad be in charge of picking the new coach at the middle school is the same as letting a match be in charge of dynamite especially the way his application shows up at a lot of other programs looking for a new coach. The reason Meadows didn't get the job at WB was the way they felt betrayed the way he left when another school paid him double what he was making at WB. The only difference between Meadows case and Shads is Meadows can get five jobs today if he wants but Shad can't and they know their safe because of that. His chances of escaping WB are the same as a prisoner in North Korea and that's pretty bad when everyone knows that. I never thought Rome could be built in a day down there but Meadows seemed to walk in and change things in a very short time frame. I also realize Blount County doesn't seem to care about it's football programs the same as other schools in the area and seem to be built on a miracle happening instead of smart developing. I'll say this in closing, if Heritage or WB were to put a real competitive team on the field the fans would come out of the woodwork to see and be a part of it. When I saw the crowd for the WB and Heritage game last year it beat most crowds I've seen at any Maryville or Alcoa game in 2019 by a landslide. Both of the county teams need a younger ,more aggressive coach willing to do whatever to take this challenge on. keep doing the same ole thing expecting different results don't cut it with me.
  5. Finally a trophy to a well deserving bunch that worried their tailends off all season long about Greenback picking up a couple of kids from area local schools that weren't even getting to play in some cases. Please put this in your trophy case to look at and realize how most Coach T posters view some of your fans.
  6. Can't believe you forgot Jay Guillermo All-ACC Center on the 2016 Championship Clemson Team.
  7. The main issue at hand right now is to get BoJangles to sponsor the buy one chicken tender meal and get the second free again on the back of the season tickets. The football will take care of itself because it's in good hands.
  8. If Loudon County allowed Blount County Kids into their school that has a Greenback address which a lot of places in Blount County do it would bring William Blount Football down so bad they would be worse than Heritage and that's bad. It's very hard to believe how two schools could be that bad in football but it starts at the top and always has. It starts with the man that loves to get his picture in the paper all the time. That's where the Buck Stops.
  9. So much harder for a smaller school like Greenback to reload than a bigger school unless the one up the road stocks the pond again. The QB and the 2 WR's are really going to be to hard for any school to replace no matter who the school is. The school up the road seems to have so much internal problems they turn a blind eye to which causes the families of these kids to try and escape and at least salvage some good experience for their kids. They spend more time there worrying about Shadroach instead of the real problem, Shad and look like a pack of fools by doing so.
  10. The New Word of the Day at William Blount is Asbestos. Asbestos I can tell they should go 5-5 or 6-4 unless Greenback comes calling again.
  11. Very impressed with what all Alcoa has returning off this years team for 2020. 7 on offense and 9 on defense. After watching all the playoffs in my opinion Alcoa would get my vote as the third best team this year behind Maryville and Oakland. If all goes well next year with who they have returning my early preseason pick for the best team in the state would have to Alcoa unless Oakland lands a bunch of good transfers which they normally do every year or two.
  12. Big Time as a Maryville fan and an avid follower of high school football I've never seen a school in the area have as many QB's as Maryville that went to the next level whether it be a small division 3 school or a division 1. Not sure who your referring to but every kid I've ever seen that has played that position at Maryville has came in with a lot of ability but also a lot of rust and obstacles that had to be worked out through a lot of great coaching along the way. Had any of them that may have come from somewhere else stayed in their original surrounding I seriously doubt they would have reach the level they did had they stayed. I've got to know a lot of families over the years that have came to Maryville from other places and each came with an interesting story why they came here. Some of those kids are now long gone but still great friends with a lot of those families which is just as important and you can't replace with any of those gold trophies. I'm sure most of the fans at Maryville feel the same way.
  13. MLREB is right about modern era offenses have pretty much taken over. As he mentioned also Oakland has so many great players they can get away with running about anything. Wing-T is great for these smaller schools that aren't going to be able to develop a great passing QB year in and year out. For the larger schools like Maryville that has had an all-star QB one right after another it would be totally foolish to run the wing-t.
  14. It worked out great for McKamey over at Clinton didn't it. It got him an unemployment check just in time for Christmas.
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