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  1. This thread reminds me of a Bigfoot Sighting except Bigfoot is setting over at Alcoa getting a big laugh out of it while he prepares his team for winter workouts for the up coming season.
  2. The New Word of the Day at William Blount was "Gillette". Shad made a call to Heritage this evening and said why don't Gillette me coach you all since I beat you four years in a row.
  3. Much better coach than his record. Heritage has had a lot of kids that have up and quit especially four years ago which set that program back to the stone age. Don't know where you would start to look for a coach out there it's so bad. Thought they were starting to break through six years ago until their 1,500 yard rusher transfered somewhere else which ended a rivalry that cost one of the schools a fortune in gate money considering most of their games very few people attend on the visitor side. That school needed that kid like a hole in the head but left them with a hole in their pocket from loss gate revenue. Anyways when I think of Heritage I think of that one coach that quit one time and left his wife for his new child bride and left town or the other one that would take a vacation during fall break and leave it to his assistants while he was at the beach having a good time. Only Shad topped that one and everyone went on vacation.
  4. Great to see someone come out and address the public and hope we see more. Love to see this program be competitive as it was in 2007. It will be a long road but worth the fight. Discipline is the main key to winning and if Robert can change that in these kids that battle is more than half won.
  5. The New Word of the Day at William Blount was "Sausage". I never Sausage a good press conference like today's in a long time, good luck Robert.
  6. Well all jokes aside I'm sure the folks that call the shots wanted to move on and pretty much had their man picked going into this. I am glad to see someone who will be all in and everyone likes that I've heard talk about him as to pick someone just needing a place to hang their hat until the next best job opens up. I also like the fact he has been a head coach before at Karns so he knows what to do. Not surprised Shad stepped down especially after those season ending defeats to Mo East and losing the Laughing Stock Bowl Game over at HVA. Time for some new fresh ideas and a new chapter.
  7. The New Word of the Day at William Blount is "Cheesehead". I talked with the lady that runs the concession stand today and Cheesehead anybody is better than what we had.
  8. Last college coach left and took the uniforms with him and skipped the country.
  9. Thier eyes are focused on the carrot not the bucket of crap that it's sticking in. Like the last carrot, they got it's mess all over them.
  10. The last time they told the guy it was pretty much his job and along come Shad, so we going to get the same thing again. This is why the WB thread is so fun because the drama never ends. This place deserves it on sitcom tv show for everyone to enjoy, not just Coach T posters.
  11. Maybe it takes looking through two applications longer than we think, remember they got to get it right this time.
  12. I do know he was at Karns 2007, 2008 and 2009 as head coach which was a real tough time with CAK and GCA in the same neighborhood recruiting his players away. Will be very interesting to watch how this all unfolds but I am glad this guy has been in the roll of being a head coach before if this is their pick. To hand it to someone that hasn't is a learning curve in itself.
  13. Barney knows the actions and reactions of the powers that are in charge like the back of his hand and would have bet anything the new coach would come off of this staff even after being told on the street by many there is no one on staff capable even by coaches on that staff. Right now it's just hearsay until the baby is delivered possibly today. I do know the middle school only won one game and the name mentioned was the coach and wasn't present during the game they did win. In all fairness he did split time as one of the position coaches on the high school staff which would have been impossible to do by anyone but we all know who the mastermind of that was. I'm not against anyone on staff or being denied their opportunity to possibly turn this mess around but save us the horse and pony show with the applications and misleading everyone who applied to the Good Ole Boy's Club.
  14. My guess is that if not for that rule Greenback would double overnight in enrollment because of it being a newer school.
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