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  1. BarneySox2007

    William Blount 2019

    All jokes aside, they may not have had a choice but to put the two junior highs together because one of the programs would have folded anyway. If those two schools had of made it individuality they would have been playing the same schools their playing now as one. Some thoughts to me are that Rick Young has done an incredible job getting the number of kids out and they have been successful. Unfortunately at the high school level when the consolidation took place over 40 years ago it was really the demise of any good chance for a consistent winner other than maybe a sprinkle or two of a 7-3 team every now and then and that isn't even a possibility anymore. The records prove that all the way from the beginning.
  2. BarneySox2007

    William Blount 2019

    A 17 year old 8th grader.
  3. BarneySox2007

    William Blount 2019

  4. BarneySox2007

    William Blount 2019

    Single A 1975 State Champions Walland Indians 13-0
  5. Hey folks I'm just throwing out some of the things that are causing the lack of players all the sudden not going out for football like they used to. This past years football teams senior class was the very first one that really got my attention a couple of years ago when they came in as freshmen. From that point the numbers have went down and down. When somebody made the statement that only 25 were out at the junior high this spring for football that is very concerning. I know we will have a real good team this year but it is after that I'm worried about. Also after many years as a season ticket holder I didn't renew the four tickets this year simply because of the online ordering situation. The tickets actually only went up $5 per ticket but I know that had to have went to pay for the online because that isn't free. Like I said before somebody's buddy up there is in the middle on that one that got their hand greased. The only problem is the season ticket holders got something else greased.
  6. I couldn't tell you how many the game of soccer actually takes from the high school football team in numbers but it is a fact that younger kids are being steered that way because of the CTE scare. I drive by the local Parks and Rec fields on Saturday and from an aerial view it would look like an ant farm. There are many factors on attrition right now and I would put soccer in there as one of them. Soccer is one of those sports that don't pull its weight and sucks the blood out of the programs that do.
  7. BarneySox2007

    Seymour Searching for a Head Coach, Again!

    It's not official until HTV says it is.
  8. BarneySox2007

    William Blount 2019

    Hammer their all excited because Mr. Cupp upgraded their system from Shad 4.0 to the all new Shad 5.0 just recently. It's supposed to deliver 2 more wins from what all I heard down at Woody's BP the other day when I stopped in for some hot dogs.
  9. Another thing I don't care about are all the kids that are being steered towards soccer. Never have been interested or gave a flip about that sport. They should call it like it is 'Football in Panties".
  10. I'm not in the right tax bracket to eat there.
  11. May I have your ticket stubs after the games to play scratch off the Red Dot at Patel's Market for the free Baloney Sandwich giveaway.
  12. Not totally sure what you know that I don't but attrition will be the cause of the demise of Maryville Football in the end. The Junior High had 31 out last year and 34 the year before and the number keeps getting smaller. I've heard everything from the parents won't let their kids play because of the head injury scare to their just not interested because they have to many choices today with their time.
  13. Guess that might solve the empty look so we may need to call ahead to Sandy's Lingerie and tell them to be on the lookout for an order of about 800 around the middle of August. To bad we can't have Shad to help blow them up since so many of the William Blount Posters are claiming he's full of hot air.
  14. This is a picture from the season ticket section I set in while Maryville is fixing to score in the first half of a game during mid season when people are still wearing short sleeves. This was actually a game in 2014 when Maryville won the state. Those empty seats represent the Fat Cats I talk about. I have many more pictures with a lot more empty seats than that. I know your a big fan and yes you have plenty of company setting around you which I am very glad. This is a regular thing 3 out of 5 games if not 4. This picture wasn't taken during fall break either because I have some of them also which are really embarrassing. The picture was Maryville fixing to score in the first half and I'm pretty sure that many people didn't all get up to go take a wee wee at that moment and miss the touchdown.
  15. Excuse me for making such a big fuss about the season ticket issue over ordering online and going up on the price. The price don't bother me much as the online crap because you still have to go there to pick up the tickets. If you follow the money trail you can bet your arse somebody did somebody a favor because that online service isn't free. The problem at Maryville is that you have to many Fat Cats that buy these tickets at any price that may not have kids even on the team for a few more years making sure they are in the fold years down the road when they are leaving tons of empty seats all over the place. Those people don't give a fiddly fart about Maryville Football, their just there to watch junior pick splinters out of his hind end and get him a ring hopefully in the end and never set foot on that campus again after. Maryville caters to these type because of the extra money they bring in while they take a big dump on the fans that have supported them over the years that do come to every game. The truest fans are setting between the 10 and 28 yard line on the Cedar Street Side of the field and are usually there game after game. It's a total embarrassment to see all the empty seats that are in the season ticket section and I'm sure it has to be a big downer when the kids on the field turn around and see that. Some of the best fans I know of are either cutting back on the tickets they order or just giving them up this year and planning to set in the regular seating.