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  1. Clinton fans can only wait and set idle while the school is being drug through the mud and trying to figure out when they have finally hit the bottom.
  2. The only jobs that seem to be safe right now is the lunch ladies and the janitor.
  3. They'll start showing up in yard sales this week.
  4. I woder what cleaning service got the contract to clean the yellow paint off that football field. Not sure what was used but somebody needs to send them a 5 Star Google Review cause it does look good.
  5. Looks like a lot of Clinton fans are very upset with Coach Keiths departure on 5Stars today.
  6. Hearing some good news today that our cat will be extended a ninth life so he won't be going to Powell afterall. Not to say there won't be a price to pay on his part but I believe he'll do better. Maryville will need to good two back system to be a good team this year. Hearing Price has came out of the weight room looking like Superman which will help his stock climb with the college scouts. Unbelievable offensive line will be a big factor and why I see this team 9-1 or better.
  7. I hate this for all the kids in the program and fans alike. I can't recall of anything like this before in my lifetime but I'm sure it isn't a first. After criminal investigations are complete and the TSSAA looks into this the program it will be facing Nuclear Winter for some time to come. It's always the innocent left behind that end up paying the price for something someone else has done. I'm sure the transfer portal will be very active in Clinton over the summer months. How could you find a good coach worth his salt that would take on a situation like this not knowing what will happen.
  8. Just curious, is Bishop still at UT. Hope he does well.
  9. What coach in their right mind would want to come here and set theirself on fire to keep her warm.
  10. This is the biggest explosion in Clinton since someone blew the high school up with a 100 sticks of dynamite back in the fall of 1958 on a Sunday Morning. I've never heard of a cheating ring like this in high school and wouldn't be surprised what happens next. I hate this for any of the fans and kids because it seems like in any penalty situation it's them that end up paying the price grown adults that know better done and are long gone from the situation they caused. Sort of like going to jail for something one of your parents did.
  11. The facility is a dump. I haven't seen all the playing fields across Tennessee but this is the worst one I have seen in East Tennessee. I could take you to a handful of old fields that haven't had a high school in sixty years left to youth leagues that are a heck of a lot better shape than this place.
  12. Looks like this is going to be their reward.
  13. I do know some. Just being nice. It starts at the top though.
  14. Honestly the A.D. may be powerless at Maryville to some degree versus other schools. I know he has his hands full with GoFan and all the stupid surprises just from the emails he sends out during the season.
  15. It will be interesting to see how many more teachers come clean.
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