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  1. I went to a game at Campbell County a few years ago and fireworks went off in the background and I thought it was a meth house explosion when it happened.
  2. I know you can park at the football field and walk over to the Chow Wagon and get full then go to the ballgame after. We used to have a place called Chow Hound in Maryville before the owner got greedy and put payoff Poker machines in the back and got shut down.
  3. The only thing that could top the stadium renovations would be if they tore the Chow Wagon down and built a Golden Corral in its place. We would know where to find Big Purple if ever in town.
  4. I'm very exciter for Grey Carroll going to Georgia Tech and myself included that Tennessee may have missed the boat on this one for sure. I've brought it up many times before that I've heard it first hand from the right people that most recruiters label Alcoa as a gamble because of playing in 3A. I don't like it either but it is what it is.
  5. I believe this one has been in Quarantine to long.
  6. I'm sure in one sense your right because you've seen enough over the years to write us a book. My biggest supply of info usually comes from a lot of the parents I know. Seems if you ask their more willing to tell you more than you really wanted to know sometimes. That's when you take this information to "The Barber Shop" and see what sticks to the wall or not.
  7. A mass gathering of kids is a recipe for a disaster. A football locker room would be a happy environment for something like this, that's why their shutting down health spas. I would just about bet if a team decided to pull off a spring practice most of the parents wouldn't let their kids go out. I also see this going a lot farther down the road then most people think because most parents aren't going to let their kids be involved until their 110% double satisfied there are no dangers and to some that won't be enough. Do I think there will be a football season in 2020, yes I do but a very late start and maybe a 5 or 6 game schedule and I see a lot of parents not letting their kids go out this year. This may be hard for some to swallow but you wouldn't have believed me if I had told you 2 weeks ago to go get toilet paper.
  8. If we do play this fall I wonder if the tickets will say bring your own toilet paper.
  9. Right now my guess is there will be no Spring Football but could it cancel the 2020 season as well. Never thought there could ever be a topic like this but unless a vaccine comes through I personally see the end of all sports for the rest of the year.
  10. My question for the day , has there been anymore jump ship.
  11. Rankin has done a great job at Alcoa. He don't put up with any bull and some people have a hard time with that is the only negative I've ever heard. He is all business.
  12. Not putting Alcoa down my friend. I would love to go watch them play more often than I do but not against Scratch Ankle and Cornfield County. I actually know more parents of the players from Alcoa personally than I do Maryville so you can bet I want to see good things for them. Me and you differ on the fairness of having players living out of zone and there not being a more fair way to be situated in an enrollment based classification that does not work all the time. There should be a multiplier rule in this situation just like there was against private schools when they all played together. Football is a business and putting butts in the stands are the name of the game Your thinking is like one of Those Bernie Sanders Socialist, if we don't make enough money off the Pigeon Forge game to pay the light bill then somebody will pay for it. Move up to 5A and play Oak Ridge, Knox Central and Powell and have enough money at the end of the year not to have to worry how your going to send the Girls softball team or the Baseball team to the state without having to beg for money in the end.
  13. Maybe they read my post about the recruiters saying the kids from Alcoa were a bigger risk since the competition they play overall is very weak "So they loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly".
  14. You couldn't have said it better. Blankenship is the biggest threat and not only is he an all star at one position but two. When I watch that kid play it's like running into a brick wall for the other team. Great player that will be replacing him that has a real good football sense built into him,
  15. So what your saying is he didn't want to walk in and earn a championship ring, he wanted get his the easy way through the drive thru window.
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