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  1. REBELRON your 100% right about the Eagleton mess. That was Heritage's feeder program and it was either not play football for two years or pay and go to Alcoa Middle and the trail was cut from that poor decision on the County's behalf. I used to live behind the football field at Eagleton and it was a hard look across the fence my house bordered not seeing football for many years. When they decided to play again the damage was done and Heritage has payed for it dearly ever since.
  2. It's the most convenient excuse since it has been past down from one generation to the other. The biggest thing in regards to Maryville are a lot of former players from Heritage have had kids that have played for Maryville over the years. Alcoa for the most part with tuition a third of what Maryville's has more Heritage kids but who can blame them. There are a million reasons why Heritage isn't any good in football but the biggest one is a lot of the boy's going there are working to support the car they drive and football plays second to that. Sad as it may be if you moved Heritage all the way down to 1A they would still turn in a losing record.
  3. This is just my 2 cents, I think this is a great way of the future and real fans don't care about the cost long as it's not highway robbery. Because of work issues like you had it allowed you to not miss the game that I know you didn't want to miss. I'm sure some people that watched last night got ticked and didn't check back in after the delay. There are certain places there are issues for reasons I really don't understand and Ooltewah and McMinn County are a few of them. I also know there are a few greedy teams that are not allowing streamed game because of gate revenue they think their losing. That's why I mentioned the possibility of raising the price to offset this in order to see the games. One of those places that may be coming is D-B in the playoffs and I would hate to miss that game due to work.
  4. If there are 500 or 1,500 that go the away games are always fun to go to. The extra long trips are just hard for some people to make because of work but the memories are never forgettable.
  5. There are always bugs when broadcasting games and I realize it's the chance you take staying home. I know Diamond Clear has been a nightmare this year for sure. glad it did come through.
  6. Did you not read my post what to expect if you were counting on watching NFHS. Barney won't Pizz on your leg and tell you it's raining like some folks.
  7. Pretty much sums up this whole country Frontman. Actually would have been nice if they had left Vonore and Madisonville along and the same way with lots of other schools that were put together for an ultimate doom.
  8. Love to see you make a helmet of the old schools no longer playing since WB and Heritage replaced them. You played during those years and should remember.
  9. I realize what the price is because I subscribe to it and have for years. To be honest with you I haven't even watched the first time this year because I've been to busy but it seemed like last year one of the announcers was someone who had played at Maryville in the past but I may be mistaken but didn't realize it was through the school completely. The best broadcast I have seen were from William Blount and Cleveland High in the past, not sure now. Just hate the game is that far away and very predictable at this point. Some schools have began to deny streaming because of thoughts of losing gate but they maybe should do more exploring into it as another revenue stream. As I mentioned earlier some people can't go because of distance or work. I also know a lot of people that can't attend anymore because their just to old to climb stadium steps any longer. Some live a out of town and can't keep up unless it is streamed. All I know is when I get old and can't go I don't want to be at home hugged up to a radio.
  10. Ooltewah visitor side seats 1,060 people exactly so everyone can be the judge for themselves if we travel well or not but that wasn't my argument. If the schools think a streamed game hurts attendance then why not charge more and make up for the gate loss. Most people would pay $25 in a heartbeat and that isn't to much to ask for either to get out of driving two plus hours and the same coming back not to have that kind of wasted time on the road especially if they work the next day. Most people don't work bankers hours and can't make the trip because it's not feasible to get off work here at 5 and drive like a bat out of hello to get there. MHS should do their own TV, charge a fair price like I mentioned split the gate with the other team and everyone has a choice.
  11. My guess is they know very few are going to travel a hundred miles to watch a blowout and a mercy rule game. Don't know if 500 will go or 1,500 but I don't think they'll lose many that would stay at home to make a difference to see it on NFHS. I myself am over NFHS because we watched a man walk on the moon live back in 1969 on TV but NFHS can't bring you a game without losing signal in most of the games they carry. I sure wouldn't have a party to come over to watch a NFHS game unless I had a good backup plan to show my guest.
  12. WB will be the hunted. If they can't beat Sevier County I doubt they can against Cleveland. Bradley will wipe the field with them and we have the famous game with the Wampler's to end the season with. My guess is WB can win that one but you can look at the past on their schedule and they always seem to choke on the tenth game for some reason. They did last year and never forget the game with Bearden a few years ago who were 0-9 and they go over to Knoxville and choked.
  13. In last weeks interview Stork had with Shad he clearly said at the end of the interview what all he was going to do on vacation and football practice wasn't mentioned in that list of things.
  14. This is where I go to get my problems straightened out. I know they read this board for quality assurance in case someone has to much and accidently hits the send key. The BoJangles Coupon helped bring me back into the fold after a harsh standoff this summer. Those people know me by my first name at BoJangles now and even start getting my order ready soon as they see my F250 pull into the parking lot. Now next year I might fuss about getting an elevator since I like setting on the top row.
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