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  1. BarneySox2007

    Morristown East Hurricanes

  2. BarneySox2007

    William Blount 2019

    I don't have anything against the coach there but have wondered out loud about some of the odd things that go on at WB. The program was on a collision course before he entered the picture with the previous two coaching debacles. The condition of the school has had me more alarmed than anything from what inside sources have told me. One even told me the only way out of the mess the county is in would be to do like Knox County and all the schools would have to run under the same leadership to avoid bankruptcy which has nearly happened before. That's just par for the course when you elect a retired fireman to run the counties business instead of an educated businessman.
  3. BarneySox2007

    William Blount 2019

    As I stated in a post Feb. 9th the whole Blount County School system seems to get a real black eye especially from the local newspaper. When people read these headlines regarding the cost to rebuild these schools that are in bad condition with no real solutions or the one last week about Miss Nasty and her classroom roach problem she has brought on has a lot more to do with families sending their kids to other schools around than athletics. Just a few weeks ago the headlines were about a horny bus driver and her overseer Don Stallion which should of had an "s" at the end of his name made him sound more like a porn star than a county safety employee. I don't make this stuff up and that is one of the reasons Greenback is worried about a massive over run of kids from William Blount.
  4. BarneySox2007

    Oak Ridge Football 2019

    I was in Oak Ridge yesterday on business and very close to Blankenship so I dropped by to see how progress was going on the new field. Looks like they have the outside forms up and ready for the field drainage then the gravel. Looking good.
  5. BarneySox2007

    Class AAA - Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 (Regions 1 and 2)

    Me trying to decide if I should eat a couple of gas station burritos before going to the game tonight.
  6. BarneySox2007

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Thanks snoball. Just having fun with you all. Go Yellowjackets.
  7. BarneySox2007

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    That's how I saw it but these folks don't seem to understand or even care.
  8. BarneySox2007

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Congrats to the new head coach at Trousdale County. We were faced with the same situation two years ago at Maryville and the O.C. moved up to head coach so not to upset the applecart. It was the right move to make especially if they went to the state last year.
  9. BarneySox2007

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Good movie on today at 2 p.m. called Smokey and the Yellowjacket. It's about a small town run by one man that has to pick a new high school football coach.
  10. BarneySox2007

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Pretty easy to pick a one horse race.
  11. BarneySox2007

    William Blount 2019

    I would love to see him turn this around. There is no doubt in my mind that WB is better than Stone Memorial but for some reason they laid down that last game and quit. A win there would have been something great to go into 2019 with but now it leaves questions again. I can tell you for a fact this team can go 5-5 next year but will it want to.
  12. BarneySox2007

    William Blount 2019

    This is my take on all of this. Stone Memorial is in one of the weakest divisions in all of 4A football and their only loss was to Lenior City 21-43, a team WB beat the first game of the year 13-7. WB played Stone Memorial two weeks after they got drilled by L.C. and destroyed WB 27-0 only to turn around and lose the first round of the 4A playoffs to a 4-6 team the following week. Anderson County is a 4A school as well but had a 3-7 record in 2016 the year the 2017 and 2018 games were signed up. Lenior City had a 2-9 record in 2015 and 3-9 in 2016 in 5A and wore William Blount out 34-18 to open the 2017 season. The three games you would think they would win before the season and only beat Stone Memorial. The same in 2018 but they only beat Lenior City. My take on Shad is that he has a great record coming into William Blount and I'm sure a lot was expected of him but he walked into a situation where he had to inherit the staff and make due with the few tools he was given. I'm sure being at a school that had 3,4 and 5 star type material to work with had to have been a shocker to walk into not to mention the crumbling facilities The week off issue was during fall break in 2017 during an open week so the football team didn't practice for an entire week which is unheard of around here but it happened the week before a good possible chance to win against McMinn County. Not going to say that cost them the game but I watched it and you could tell the timing was off especially when the center over snapped the punter a mile. I don't know Shad personally but I do know people that like him and some who don't. The whole program has been a wreck before he even came aboard but I blame the county for that. The biggest reasons I personally have lost some confidence was four years ago losing to the worst team in 6A Bearden 0-9 in the final game, the next year running off half the team just before they go play Oakland there in the playoffs risking getting a bunch of kids hurt, the week off ordeal in 2017 and how they managed to lose 27-0 to Stone Memorial the very final game this past year. There seems to be a pattern here that just keeps rolling over to the next year.
  13. BarneySox2007

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Just my two cents again as an outsider looking at this situation through neutral pair of glasses. If there are 19 applicants and one is the man that seems to run this town's son then it's a no brainer. I believe I would call Vegas today and put my bet on the former coaches son. If it is which I would bet on then that should tell anyone why the applicants names were in the paper.
  14. BarneySox2007

    William Blount 2019

    Might be because Greenback is a brand new school building and WB is an older facility that is falling apart at the seams due to Pizz Poor Run Blount County Government that got it into that condition. WB is just a comedy of events that shower the front page newspaper headlines all the time like how to fund the rebuilding of this school on Wednesday with no real solutions. Then today we read about one of the schools that feeds into WB regarding Miss Nasty causing a roach infestation in her classroom and having to be mopped nightly and additional pest treatment so they gave her ten days off to think about it. Greenback don't want kids transferring there and bringing Miss Nasty's roaches with them.
  15. BarneySox2007

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Snoball I'm sure in a very small town like Hartsville news would travel fast to the people the program means so much to like yourself. I hope you guys get a great coach that can keep the winning tradition going on but if something didn't work out on your new hire a lot of good prospective new applicants may shy away the next time an opening comes up. Some places may not take to kind knowing their coach was looking to jump ship.