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  1. I miss seeing anything from the Greenback friends and posters about what's going on with the program like in the past. They had a great run there for a while then a heavy graduation loss just took a toll just like it will with most smaller schools and the loss of a coach that left for greener pastures didn't help matters either. I do realize from talking to people there on the street I know that most fans don't see eye to eye with the current principal and are counting down the day's he leaves there is the general assumption I'm gathering. His choice when picking a new coach was that he didn't have Greenback ties is also something most have told me also which has burned a lot of bridges with the fans. People I know well don't even want to talk about the program anymore unless you strap them down and pull it out of them. Hope things turn around this year and we hear about the program more as we approach the new season.
  2. That Melissa Blair deal with more victims coming forward starting to sound like McMinn Central is in the middle of a hit country song. This one has "The Harper Valley PTA "beat all over the place.
  3. The biggest reason is the flip flopping of all these regions every two years.
  4. I guess to be fair and honest I was one of those pool kids growing up. I was the one who provided everyone at the pool their entertainment if you remember correctly. I went straight from the pool across town to football practice with only a minute to spare and across town and back in the pool right after. Back in our day we would only be 2 weeks into the summer vacation right now , not on a football field when it's 90 plus starting next week. Back then the first game was Aug. 30 or Sept.1 with a jamboree the week before and 2 weeks of practice before that and 2 in the spring. Back then it was a commitment of 15 weeks of your life maybe an extra week or two for us for a playoff game or two. Now days your committing to 40 weeks counting a longer season, playoffs, spring and weight strength time which we really didn't do back then in all fairness. If you messed with weights in those day's it was at home with that setup mom and dad got you for Christmas one year from J.C. Penny. Back then there was only a third of the kids that are in high school now but three times as many played football then as they do this day and time. That 40 weeks is a lot of time to take out of a kids life growing up than the 15 back then and I can see why there isn't as many today playing as then.
  5. Congrats, maybe that's why I saw such a big difference in the two teams. It don't take a rocket scientist to figure out who is there to play and who is only going through the motions. Like a former coach, Sam Anderson for Austin-East said back in the mid 80's in the Knoxville Newspaper while we were working our tails off this summer those Maryville boy's were all out laying around the pools and lakes and you could tell it.
  6. I'm not sure who the receiver Maryville had that burned it down the field for a couple of touchdown passes but it was sure good to know they have someone because that was a big question mark along with qb going into this season. It's hard to tell who anyone is plus most of the people I know that do know wasn't there. The biggest thing that bothered me was the 5 and a half interceptions. I quickly looked for the schedule when I got home to see who we won't get away with that on.
  7. Went to the 7 on 7 last night at Maryville and was very impressed with Anderson County. They came to play and we sort of looked like we didn't want to even be there. The kid you all have at the running back position could really juke and will be hard to bring down once in open field it seems. The receivers really looked good also and really made us look like crap. Your defense intercepted us 5 times and would have been 6 had the kid not dropped the ball he had in his hands for almost 2 seconds. Like I said they wanted to be there and came with a mission and I'm sure if any of you went you saw the same exact thing I did.
  8. Obvious who the QB would be this evening. There was a lot of good things and a few bad one's also but I expected that anyway. I think once he learns everyone's speed a lot of issues will be solved. Derek saw the same things I did and I expect he will be able to help undo what got done somewhere else.
  9. Hearing you all are getting a good transfer basketball player right after football season.
  10. Anyone know exactly what time for sure? When I hear around 6 I think, it reminds me of a roofing crew which means you better go two hours early and don't get mad if they don't show up. Biggest thing I want to see is if someone really can't hit the side of a barn or not tonight.
  11. I sure would like to see it myself. For over 25 years straight Maryville has always came up with a good QB but a lot of fans have had a lot of sleepless nights this year thinking one is to little, one is to inexperienced and another is Guarantano II. There have been a few seasons like this before in those 25 years and everything worked out just fine. A 7 on 7 or two and it will be apparent in my opinion who can cut the mustard and who can't.
  12. Prayers from Maryville to the South Pitt players, families and community.
  13. Happy Birthday RW87. Rebelron is right, Della Mae Nuchols was one heck of a fan.
  14. This rule should be rewritten for all the Karen's of the world that if your in the middle of a count with a hitter that you can finish the count if it were to go an extra 2 or 3 pitches then exit the game. Other possibilities is if you know your going to go past the 100 mark before the next hitter comes up take him out. I don't keep up with baseball and would have never heard about this game had it not been for Karen.
  15. I have been to many WB spring practices in the past years and have never seen 27 out in the spring. There are other factors besides spring sports , two in particular. The first is Eagleton College will draw some kids from both WB and Heritage and some of the Rockford kids that usually make their way to Alcoa I'm hearing are going there also. The other big reason in my opinion is the cost a family in a rural area of the county are going to be able to afford with gas at an all time high and no end in sight. I see that alone as the death of a bunch of county wide programs all over the state this year.
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