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  1. What's with the 3-4 crap? Is Rankin on a suicide mission or something? Gary you better go to the store and buy up all their "Fix A Flat" cause these boys aren't lying to you on here.
  2. Most Alcoa and Maryville starters were out of the game after the 1 st. series on each side of the ball last night. Not to down either of the other three teams but the honest truth is that Alcoa's second team could crack the top four in 3A and Maryville could hit the top ten in 6A with their JV's. There's that much of a drop off in both of those 2 schools classifications to make this statement so in reality all the teams played very well last night in my opinion. Every game was good plus I just got through eating my last Band Burger from last night I got for a dollar a piece which made the game even gooder.
  3. If Heritage can break the losing skid maybe this could possibly be their chance this week. I thought they did an excellent job driving the ball in the jamboree last night with a great passing attack. Best I've seen in a while out there.
  4. The one thing I will always remember from my only trip to Wartburg a few years ago just right after I had been to the concession stand was why there was a Sonic Drive In directly across the street from the football field.
  5. That game will always be known as "The Wedgie" to all my team mates.
  6. First game I can remember clearly was going to see Alcoa beating Everett 34-13 in 1966 at Alcoa when Albert Davis played. In another game I never will forget was the time we went to Middlesboro, Kentucky when I played for Maryville and we were walking out of the dressing room through the crowd and their band was also just coming off the field making it even worse. Through a dare from two others on the team I grabbed a majorette from behind and gave her a wedgie and one of our coaches saw me do it and I didn't get to play that night.
  7. I believe someone's true colors shinned right through on that one.
  8. After watching WB last night I might raise the bar and go back to my original prediction of 4-6 wins instead of the 2-4 last week after their scrimmages. The one thing I thought about after all the dust was settled last night is WB and Heritage both looked much better than I normally see them. In the past they both came out looking like F Troop but I have to say I was impressed.
  9. It was a good game but Alcoa was subbing from the get go. The kicker tied the game with a last second field goal. Glad to see him make it. He will be one that might go somewhere after high school and it was great to see him make the kick.
  10. BC I left just in time to get a bunch of those Band Burgers for a dollar each. I bought many as I could hold.
  11. The second team QB proved he had wheels under him on that long touchdown run. I knew he had good passing ability but he also showed how good he can run.
  12. I very rarely go to a jamboree because it's a waste of time and money but if there is a 99 cent Dairy Queen Blizzard ticket and I could find a few laying on the ground as I leave it may be a fair trade off especially with this 90 degree heat wave that won't get out of here.
  13. Not taking anything away from Alcoa but Catholic is a much improved team from last year since going full blooded private and bringing in a cash crop of new blood over the winter. Their dept still pushed Maryville back on the line of scrimmage. 3 of the Tennessee top ten players are from Catholic and they do dominate a game. I was very down hearted after that game until I watched us beat Oak Ridge 61-7 and Central 40-0 in a game that was called with ten minutes left in the 4th quarter due to an incoming storm. Always remember the difference between Catholic and public schools is the way they bring in players through free agency unlike us who develop our own.
  14. Catholic is good no doubt. The problem is there are a few grownups there that would sell their soul to the devil to bring in some of the best players on the free agent market. Those grownups wouldn't be having anything to do with Catholic if they were still located on Magnolia Avenue and playing at old nasty Evans-Collins Field.
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