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  1. Football practice in the hot summer months of July and August are just about here.
  2. BC I think they went out and brought in some new players this year at Catholic so they can compete with the privates. Thank goodness the kid you all had that body slammed Tee is gone.
  3. Anyone else that wants to leave the program, now is the perfect time to get the F out or quit your moaning and whining and shut up and stop causing drama for the others.
  4. A great gift for all the Rotten and Lazy Parents that don't have time to take Junior to Practice and ROB them of a little Structure in life because their all self absorbed with their own lives while destroying someone else's.
  5. That would be a great contest to see how the line is, why go to Cookeville and play Endsworth when we can just stay local and play the best team money can buy.
  6. That's the 64 thousand dollar question Solomon. That was one of the reasons I was hoping to have scrimmaged in the spring to find out.
  7. Word of the Day at William Blount is Window. I'm a big William Blount Fan on the side but for some strange reason we never Window.
  8. You know Knoxville Football very well my friend. Your my go to man when ever I have a question regarding the inside scoop over there.
  9. Not sure about that but I did hear one of their fans say "That's alright, That's okay, You'll be working for us someday".
  10. I think their moving down 411 near Mama Kerns Fill Her Up and Keep on Truckin Cafe.
  11. Just having some fun with ya. We're glad for you all also.
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