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  1. Alcoa over East Nashville Knox West over Page
  2. Nothing more fun on the T than reading about a programs dirty laundry. This one exposed who even has holes in their underware.
  3. Off the top of my head driving down the road all the 1950's and either up until the late 60's to early 70's back in 69 when the playoffs started there were only 3 classes and 4 went to the playoff's which let teams still play bowl games if they had good records. They eventually bumped the playoff's up to 8 teams in each class meaning 24 went to the playoff's up until the late seventies then the TSSAA started getting greedy and started inviting Cinderella to the Ball. Now all the family comes in casual dress. Takes a really bad team to not make that invite now days.
  4. The New Word of the Day at William Blount Tomorrow is Slipper. Shad also told Mr. Cupp since my wife blows the air horn at practice can you Slipper some money also.
  5. The Smokey Bowl always played on Thanksgiving Day.
  6. I would chime in on this thread but it's hard to after this past weekend. It's almost felt like being at a family gathering and somebody comes down the road and runs off into your yard to hit your dog, it's been that type of week.
  7. Thanks for the info. I was watching two games at one time Friday Night. A crappy one and a real good one with West and Powell.
  8. Actually Derek has done a top notch job getting kids out that once played at one time or another. He is a good guy and I can see why kids would want to play for him. The youth leagues are loaded and so is the middle school. I was just alarmed at how many we do lose. I don't want to ever turn into one of these type schools that builds for three years only to restart and do it again and again.
  9. I didn't believe it until I saw it. Maybe taken out of context knowing the Daily Times.
  10. Couldn't believe what I read in the Sunday paper in last paragraph " The most fun I've ever had in a season and the most I've ever learned". It was the most fun I had after the Alcoa game not going back.
  11. If I'm right I heard them say he transferred here to live with his father his senior year. That was a smart move. Plenty of big time schools should want this kid. I'll drive 200 miles to see a good game but this was so predictable I knew I would be kicking myself all the way back home for wasting time like that for the short time I have on earth.
  12. Thanks General Admission, Always have said if you want to find out something never go ask someone. Just go to the internet and say something wrong and somebody will be ready to correct you. So we lose one more on defense than I thought but two less on offense. If that's right we'll be playing Oakland again this time next year. Seriously I am glad we have two on the offensive line back.
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