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  1. Number 7 looked like he had more moves than Ex-lax on that touchdown catch and run.
  2. Anyone have any idea what's for supper tomorrow at the Barber Shop? If it's something spicy and hot I'll have two large helpings and wear shorts and T-Shirt to the game.
  3. So who will win this week Alcoa, Tyner or Covid?
  4. The biggest disadvantage for WB is going over to HVA and playing the twelfth man. In all reality WB should be able to win this game but Maryville had a mile of penalties which is very uncommon for a team that is built around discipline. Maryville is the type team that can get hit with a 15 yarder and score the very next play. I'm afraid if the Govs get caught in this type situation they won't pull through as easy. Also concerned if the Govs just want to hurry up and close up shop like the lady at the concession stand. I told my buddy from Dobyns-Bennett that they were mostly all warm blooded animals down here at WB and want to get into that basketball gym before it starts to get cold.
  5. I think Noah Vaughn at Maryville can also get 3,000 if he were playing under Taylors system but at Maryville 10-14 shots a game is all he is going to get.
  6. BC, Bigpurple and Slant you can't hurt my feelings with all this stupid stuff, let me remind you I used to hold the flashlight for my dad growing up.
  7. Who ever Shadroach is I'm sure he is like most WB fans, tired of it. Most people don't say anything and just quit coming and let that be their voice. Then you have that few that will stand up and question it and want to know why. Some may want to keep an alias to possibly protect others. Me personally I was a Meadows fan because he is one of only two coaches in the 43 year history of WB that has brought any respectability to that program and the rest just hopped on board to get a check. That's why the program has less than a .300 winning percentage over 43 years. Right now Shad is batting .125 for the season and got his hands on the middle school program which was the only bright thing the school had and went 1-6 with a head coach of it splitting time there and the high school as a defensive coach.
  8. You need a couple more of those COVID wins Mr. Smarty and maybe you all will get the hint your not welcome in 3A with all those county farm teams.
  9. I had a gut feeling this game would be a covid win a few weeks ago, Guess that's what happens when all the locals are hanging out at the Dollar General to long showing off their new tattoo's.
  10. It's very hard as a smaller school to lose so many plus the coach also and bounce right back. Sounds like the town has given up during this rebuilding era. My biggest memory of going there for a game was when I had stopped at the vet just outside the gate to get medicine for my cats before going to the game. Someone opened my door and got the medicine during the ballgame which people later said it was a lady searching for drugs. Anyways if she took it the lady got rid of her fleas and ringworms.
  11. The only cooking I want to see Friday Night is at the Barber Shop then walk down to the stadium for desert.
  12. The game should be very interesting. Bad as both teams are keep in mind WB will be playing against the Twelfth Man ( the officials ) so come early and pick you out a good bad seat on the visitor side because their all bad. Whatever idiot designed that place must of been the school nerd back in his day and never attended a football game before.
  13. The same likewise SWVAHavokFan. I ended up going to this really for three reasons, not being able to drive over to HVA and get there on time since we start at 7, HVA is really a poor excuse for a football team and everyone needs to lose their job all the way to the principal and I thought the DB game would actually be a lot better which it was until the bomb exploded with the interception late in the second quarter and then the truth all came out real fast. The DB QB was right on with his throws and really something WB couldn't handle. The QB hitting his target laying on the ground in the end zone is worth watching the replay again. His other throws were like watching a military drone hit video. I did watch the Maryville game while at this contest on my phone. To go over and watch a game at HVA is nothing worse than taking a beating.
  14. Get ready for 24 minutes of some fast football coming up so if your eating out in the local area just call in your order and say we'll be there in 30 minutes.
  15. That touchdown with 13 seconds to go in the half now 21 to 7 just broke the Govs back.
  16. That was a tough interception but then again it's a family tradition.
  17. They still sucking 28 Refs 3 with 3:49 to go in the 1st. Qt
  18. Good Gawd, a minute 21 into the game and Maryville up 14 to 0. I told you all HVA sucks.
  19. Not sure what Bishop had in yardage last night but this game gave him some good exposure being on tv. I think it also showed other teams Karns is the real deal and what can happen if your placing all bets on Bishop to run on every play.
  20. Looking at Joe on the sidelines tonight it concerns me regarding his age and what he is putting himself through, it clearly shows.
  21. Karns is a lot better than most think. They used Bishop as a decoy on many occasions and looked great doing it. Glad to see a team that has been bad for so long finally able to compete. This was a great game to watch tonight. I remember Taylor giving Maryville some tough games at Bearden and may be what the doctor ordered for the Karns program.
  22. My sign was the one that said "We don't want to move but we have to."
  23. Saddlebrook Homes built back up in behind there years ago, knowing them they didn't pay for a sewer hook up and created Chit Creek. You ever hear of Up Chit Creek without a paddle.
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