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A player is a solid, well above average high school player. 

A few scenarios:

1. The current school he is attending is not ideal for his high school football career. Either his current team is second rate - below average team, coaches, and facilities. Team will have a small chance of making the playoffs or a certain first round drubbing. 

2. Coaches have him completely out of position or their scheme will not allow the player to reach his potential. So they're playing a running back at guard or the player has all the tools to be a solid QB or WR but the coach will not throw the ball. 

3. Player only plays defense at a big 5A or 6A program but could be the star running back at the local 2A or 3A school. 

There is an opportunity to make a legit transfer to another school with a team that he can contribute on right away and have more team and individual success. Anyone transfer for the above reasons and regret it? Anyone choose to stay at their school and regret that?

What would you recommend for a young, talented player in one of the above situations ? Stay at a school you've always attended or transfer for a better football opportunity?
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Volunteer General and ELA are two of the first ones that come to mind.  When I first came to this site they were pillars of this community. Anyone know there where abouts now?


BTW everyone feel free to list any of the old school people. I have questions about several, but the two above were the first ones that came to mind because they were prominent members here. 
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Right now just in the discussion stage..Meeting agenda
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Let us know who deserves either Class 5A or Class 6A and why. Negative comments do not belong in this topic. Details are HERE
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This game going to be a dandy. Crockett comes in 8-0 Boone is 7-1 unbeaten in region. The winner is the regional champion the loser will be 2nd and have a home playoff game. Better get there early I say they will close gates that’s why they should’ve moved to ETSU. If Crockett stops Cole Crockett wins. Can Boone defend the pass? If not Crockett wins.
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A game that has defined the region for the last several years doesn't seem as exciting this year as in years past.  I have GHS by 21
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