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  1. In 1A.. I’d move McKenzie up to 2nd and put Lake at 5. Peabody McKenzie Fayetteville South Pitt Lake County Thats my preseason top 5
  2. You forgot Hancock County and Lookout Valley in the East and Middleton and Memphis Business in the west.
  3. Let’s hope so. That junk the last 2 years was difficult to watch.
  4. I wasn’t insinuating you did. I was just saying. One way or the other I think it will work out fine.
  5. I’d say either way SP will continue to be SP.
  6. I heard some talk that he’s ready to retire in this state and go out of state and that it’s not a matter of if he goes.. it’s just a matter of when. That could be now or a year from now is what I’ve heard.
  7. He sure was good back in the day. Tough as nails. He’s been on the staff for awhile now.
  8. He was one tough competitor back during his time.
  9. Marion will give Meigs all they want next season in the East.
  10. It’s hard to go against Lizzy Beth or Greenville for the top spots.
  11. That up for the update coach. How about you?
  12. I’m not sure what everyone had coming back in region 2, but Monterey had some pretty good players.
  13. I believe Monterey only had a couple of seniors. According to the roster online.
  14. I see several of the same kids on the teams. I guess consistency is good.
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