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  1. They remain the front runner for several reasons. One of which they have been one of the best teams in the state for the last 4 seasons as well as the beast of the east. Their talent also is very impressive. Greenback has been to Cookeville 3/4 years. SP hasn’t been in 6 so they are second in the east right now in my mind.
  2. Good point.. I was just thinking out loud again. Whitwell will NOT be as good as they were in 2018.
  3. Roy, D1 means upper echelon colleges. D1 doesn’t always mean they can play in the SEC, but a division 1 athlete around our area in 1A are few and far between.
  4. I believe Coalfield and Whitwell are similar in the east. They both should make the quarterfinals and get a rematch with Greenback and SP.
  5. Now you know I have the answers. You know I’m thinking accurately about this loaded team you boys have as well. As for the QB? Without him this Greenback team is VERY different. Without Rutgerson this team is VERY different, but as it turns out we will have to face them. The QB IS THE BEST QB in 1A. No doubt about it at all. I know it and you know it.
  6. The Jolly Roger is flying high huh Southtowner?
  7. I agree about Freedom Prep. You see that type of talent all the time at metro schools. Greenback has a great mix of everything right now. They have a great staff to go along with those great players.
  8. Yea, you would think they would take a step back. Adding these new kids is going to help tremendously though. As for SP? I’ve said I think this will be the best team since Coach Grider returned. SP will be a good football team. No sandbagging about that. I just think Greenback might have a slight advantage as of now. That doesn’t mean we have no chance. We have some very good football teams in 1A. Whitwell will also be pretty good, but they will take a step back from 2018.
  9. Oh I’m not discrediting SP. This should be the best SP team since Coach Grider came back. SP should be really good. However, I’m also a realist. The type of athletes Greenback has right now.. you just don’t see those type often at the 1A level. I can likely count on two hands how many D1 players I remember SP going against in 1A through the years. Willis, Bailey, (this year), Jeffries (In 4 years) will all sign D1. Then Carnes, Rutgerson, Fields, Stinett, Miller, Alexander are just some of the other players that could easily sign with someone smaller. That my friend is a SCARY football team.
  10. You’ve got studs that can play a lot of positions. I think we will be able to score a touchdown on you though.
  11. I was looking back to when Roy created this website. You boys were trying to tell us to read the tea leaves and some didn’t do it. It looks as though these wheels were in motion before last season even wrapped up. Those parts got filled alright.. with all state caliber players. From my comment in November quoted here I never doubted what would happen. Where is my pat on the back? We need lessons on how to do this. We’re still a step behind, but hopefully Roy’s goat will turn up something.
  12. I wouldn’t say hand it to them, but I think they are the front runner right now. The additions they got in the off season were all game changers. Their D1 prospects they already had on the team plus the addition of these other studs will make them very tough to handle.
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