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  1. Good luck to Marion this season I look for you boys to have a great year.
  2. I believe I’m done here. This stuff is pathetic from all sides. Just a bunch of nothing really.
  3. Stay off that social media. There are a lot of morons on there nowadays.
  4. Whatever SP person said that is off their rocker. SP and Marion would have been a good one this year. I can’t say that this Oakland game will be a good one for SP.
  5. Marion would have lost by a decent margin again just like they had for the previous 3 years. 2021 was the first time the game could have been a close one.
  6. You’re fruity and smoking the good stuff. LMBO
  7. I don’t believe that had anything to do with it. I believe it’s directly because of how last year went down. I’m told that Murphy is loaded and that NJ has a bunch of young talent. It seems to be two really tough games added to the schedule.
  8. It’s important to me, but I believe this stems from last season’s deal. I won’t ever believe differently.
  9. I guess in the end it’s not the most important thing for either team. They can go chase their championships now and not have any distractions.
  10. I was just going by your post several weeks back that said.. “it doesn’t matter who is SP’s coach. They are taking one either way this year.” I hate it this year like I hated it last season. It is what it is though. We must all rise above it. One thing was answered though that you mentioned on here. I guess we know who is in charge now.
  11. We know you have said Marion would have blown SP out this season. I believe it would have been a good game. Either way.. good luck to you on your season.
  12. Well... I guess since SP has 5 titles and Murphy has a boatload of them..it qualifies as a clash of champions.
  13. Second year in a row it won’t get played. I’m not sure about NJ, but that Murphy bunch is the real deal. That will be a tough game the next two years.
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