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  1. No, not really. I just try to give an honest perspective. It’s not always right either. I’ve never once said SP didn’t have a good team this year or a chance.
  2. We’ve had several state champion and runner up teams that lost regular season games. If SP loses to any of them it doesn’t mean we aren’t a good team.
  3. Meigs is a very good team. I was impressed with Greenback last night. A bad night for the Pirates could mean a lot of things. That’s going to be a very tough matchup. Obviously they are one of the better teams in the area this season. We could go anywhere from 8-2 to 10-0 in the regular season. Honestly the odds of going undefeated with those two on it are probably not real high.
  4. I’ve not seen Red Bank. I’m just making assumptions. As for LV? They will get out in the half a hundred club as well.
  5. I guess I could be an SP Homer and say... Red Bank is in trouble. They won’t know what hit them, but that would be pretty stupid if I did. LMBO As a matter of fact go ahead and crawl PowerP for his comments on it as well.
  6. We will be the underdogs that night. You might be right, but either way that’s a tough matchup. I believe Red Bank could be a top 5-6 3A team this season.
  7. They are 0-2. I see losses vs SP, Tyner, and Rhea County for sure. That means 5-5 at best. The Bledsoe and Walker Valley games could be tossups. 3-7 - 5-5 is the range I see now.
  8. That’s going to be a bad night for the Pirates I’m afraid. LMBO. They appear to be a beast. Hopefully SP won’t get anyone hurt.
  9. They aren’t as bad as people thought after Fayetteville. That many turnovers will make it appear worse than it is.
  10. Anyone with some highlights from this one? Dropped my phone in the pond yesterday morning. It was in a bag of rice and didn’t have it back until now. Did we see improvements this week?
  11. I’m still not sure the Pirates have 27 kids. I didn’t see anywhere near that many vs Sequatchie County. Very good assessment. I agree with all points. It was a great HS environment last night. The Mexican restaurant was on point as well. My phone has been in a rice bag the last 24 hours. I dropped it in the pond yesterday morning. Traveling to Decatur without a phone took my back several years. The good news for me is it works again. The bad news for you boys is now I’m back. I was very impressed with Swafford last night. He’s a one man wrecking crew to say the least. Willis, Rutgerson, and Carnes are all as good as advertised as well. SP WILL face Greenback. I think it should be a good football game if we can get healthy and keep improving. This game was definitely worth the price of admission last night as well. The passing of Greenback is quite scary to put it mildly.
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