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  1. TheAmbassador

    Cornersville 2019

    They have a huge school with a bunch of great athletes for 1A standards so that definitely helps them.
  2. TheAmbassador

    Whitwell 2019

    Wow you boys even had the news there for it. I’ve never seen that done before around here. Impressive...
  3. TheAmbassador

    Best 1-A team since 2000 (yes I'm bored)

    No, they sure didn’t. They were a recruited, assembled bunch of kids by Brother’s. People can say what they want, but it’s the truth.
  4. TheAmbassador

    Cornersville 2019

    Both good quotes. I agree with both of those.
  5. TheAmbassador

    Cornersville 2019

    When a 1A team loses a huge senior class. The next year should be a drop off 99% of the time. That’s just the way it is in 1A. Or at least that’s the way it is for us at SP. When we lose a large, talented senior class we usually drop off the next season. Small enrollment numbers will do that to a program.
  6. TheAmbassador

    Waverly 2019 - Head Coach: Randall Boldin

    Waverly should win by a bunch.
  7. TheAmbassador

    This Ryan mans Greenback team in 2019

    Greenback University... big things? Are you boys getting new bleachers? You get some new seating and we might can officially call you a University. LMBO
  8. TheAmbassador

    Cornersville 2019

    They won’t be horrible, but nothing like they have been. Lake Co and Huntingdon should be the two best in the west this season with senior loaded teams.
  9. TheAmbassador

    This Ryan mans Greenback team in 2019

    SP will eventually win again, but with y’all reloading every season and replacing these key losses it will be tough to ever do it.
  10. TheAmbassador

    Whitwell 2019

    This is just not the place for it.
  11. TheAmbassador

    This Ryan mans Greenback team in 2019

    You boys just reload. It’s amazing the recent run you’re on. One day we will get back to the pinnacle.
  12. TheAmbassador

    Tellico Plains Football

    He was after my time, but I did some searching. Yea, he was good.
  13. TheAmbassador

    Waverly 2019 - Head Coach: Randall Boldin

    They were a pretty good team. Better than average for sure. The 2017 SP team was only a good team. They weren’t great either.
  14. TheAmbassador

    Whitwell 2019

    SP was good up front the last few years. Won the trenches vs Greenback in 2017, but it didn’t matter. They did it the second game vs Whitwell in 2018 as well. The last few years the team that had the most Jimmy and Joe athletes went to Cookeville.