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  1. If anyone sees an old bearded man waiting with a goat in a proctologist's lobby, you will know its Roy. I ain't joking.
  2. They return 7 starters on Defense and 7 on Offense. Nice try.
  3. Are you trying to say old Roy can milk a billy goat? I'll never be able to look at goat cheese the same way.
  4. We have regular season games with teams in the preseason #2 from 2a, #10 from 3a and another with an honorable mention in 3a. We could go into the playoffs at 7 - 3 and have to make to the semis to play at Orangeback. I think we should be at about #4 on the preseason poll behind GB, LC, and Huntingdone.
  5. That is incorrect. So Pitt and Trousdale had to wade through the alphabet schools in the 80s and 90s and even into the 2000s to make to the dance. Then 6 times they beat the snot out of each other. 1995 SP lost to BGA 17 to 15 in Semi and BGA won it. In 1996, DCA took out SP and Trousdale and won it.
  6. Yes and the employees could just as easily be coming from some where in Jasper's district or Whitwell's district.
  7. 3rd round and especially the semis will be tough sledding for the Pirates this year. I think the Pirates missed an opportunity when the let Whiwul get them into OT in the 3rd round this past season. We had them on 4th down and a country mile 3 or 4 times in the 4th. When Touchdown Jesus shows up, there isn't much you can do. Just ask Boyd Buch. Then that epic FG against you guys. SMH.
  8. I heard Grider was going to dress us up like Jasper that night so that no one will worry about us.
  9. That's not the Pruitt man I was referring to!
  10. rlh

    Jasper 2019

    Well, they could lose to Lookout Valley . . . again . . . if they were on the schedule. There is a reason Whiwuhl and LV isn't on there.
  11. I guess that Grider man isn't sure that Pruitt man's team is ready for playing on Saturdays.
  12. Jasper got honorable mention in 2A. LMBO as The Mayor says.
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