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  1. Barney Fyffe is going to be coaching our boys? What kind of mess is this?
  2. What we need at SP is one of those fancy CFL coaches . . . oh wait . . never mind.
  3. As long as he ain't one of them NFL passers like Philadelphia has. That guy can hit the ground with his hat.
  4. I agree with you in that it seems to be obvious. However, things are much quieter than this time last year surrounding the program which in turn fanned the flames on the coaching search.
  5. I can't imagine B.P. as just an o.c. at LV.
  6. I can say for sure but think Swafford was at least from the valley and think Drost was from Alabama.
  7. "Backwoods" Creasy has done pretty good at Oakland.
  8. I guess it means that an outside hire will put a S.O.S. type guy with no real credentials other than a suitcase in a bind up front.
  9. Just imagine how far in the hole they would have been without all that money.
  10. Yep or take the gratuitous 1 - 0 victory . . .
  11. Hat band weaving and coach tiddly winks at Westmoreland?
  12. Who would figure an old side-saddle single wing Tail Back would end up being an SOS? Tim Moore may have been a hole knocker, but he didn't quit in the middle of the season. Some of you old cast iron tossers should have got hose skillet slingers off his back.
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