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  1. it happened at Jasper in Dave Baxter Stadium when the Jasper Indians were down by 60 in the middle of the 3rd Quarter, that Ridley man's sign went dead. @Southtowner @The Drunken Sailor @team69
  2. Pirates are young this year. Gordy can sleep on them.
  3. Trez's last scandal has died down, so I guess this is there opportunity to be the best 4A team playing in 2A a la Sissy MTN. At least they won't be in a Z-district with 1a teams in the regular season.
  4. What in the cat hair is an Innovation Academy? That's a bunch of mess. Those boys are really good or really bad because they have Brentwood Academy, MASE and Bradley Central on their schedule and have enough money to travel all over TN and Ohio.
  5. I am just glad he didn't go to Onion City!!!
  6. Bolton was a dynamo in the late 70s and early 80s.
  7. The K.C. and the Sunshine Band outlasted his welcome. Now that he left, Jasper mostly sukks.
  8. Maybe that Stone man can get those faux Pirates over at Boydie back on the schedule.
  9. Well, I know if you are the host and don't like the score, you can just turn the scoreboard off in the second half.
  10. I remember Keith Jackson saying "Oh My!" on national T.V. when Smoky 8 hiked his leg and whizzed in the door of UGA's igloo in Athens.
  11. SP has been playing Alphabet schools since 1969.
  12. I hear that Stone man tried, but Sweetness isn't available.
  13. I hope SP doesn't get beat down to bad in back to back games.
  14. How are things up in the Fiery Gizzard?
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