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  1. My Razorbacks sent them back to Nebraska Monday night, just not to Omaha. My Razorbacks and Vols are both hosting Super Regionals this weekend.
  2. That Tower man locked his back door!
  3. Sale Creek should have had a football program 40 years ago. I think they would have fielded some great teams. I expect them to breakout one of these years and pull a Whitwell, but with staying power.
  4. This didn't age well . . . Eagleville got run ruled . . .
  5. You guys gonna have my head swollen up so that I have to walk through the door sideways . . .
  6. That was too bad about him. Its hard to imagine that the following 3 seasons wouldn't have been impacted for the better had he kept his nose to the books.
  7. Its too bad the TSSAA doesn't give teams the option of doing a dressed pre-season dressed scrimmage with refs etc. in lieu of going to the Jamboree and giving up one of the regular style August scrimmages. Then again, Phil Beene's Pirates knocked off Knox Powell in 1963 and it was a similar kind of match up playing the largest unbeaten school in the state in The Civitan Bowl.
  8. Since I live in Tallahassee, I can try to help generate some interest since I am familiar with some of the Florida schools.
  9. Well, it is at S.P. so it won't help Oakland's gate this year.
  10. The East is Meigs County's to lose in 2021. The trickiest step may be playing Jasper 2x.
  11. I never brought it up. You did. I called you on disparaging character comments based on hearsay.
  12. One of the thieves mentioned earlier also has an SP letterman jacket as did the player that the paid to illegally practice. So 2 SP leterman were involved with Mac McKrylon's shenanigans. There was one on that staff that wasn't involved just to be clear. That said you proved my point. You based some pretty cutting opinions on someone based on hearsay from one person hence my church comment relative to the 9th Commandment. That stuff is all water under the bridge.
  13. I hope you are in church this morning. Sphincters are like opinions. Everyone has one. Its funny you get your info from the clowns that supported Mac McKrylon at Jasper and his band of thieves.
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