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  1. Hopefully while all that is going on Carnes will be have his face in the grass.
  2. I don't find it odd for a long road trip, especially a playoff game or title game. Stopping off at a golf driving range wouldn't help much.
  3. That clip is so apropos for them this year.
  4. I have to give "The Devil" his due. The General sticks by his team. He has been on here for years when there aren't many posters for Forrest High.
  5. The irony is while I and a few others thought Oneida would win, Big Ones and others had Hampton winning. Maybe if you had lost it would have helped your rating . . . oh wait.
  6. Whitvuhls assessment on the season.
  7. He claims its hot cocoa. However, its likely Red Bull based with a spike of corn squeazings from around Gourd Neck. That stuff will make you run around that Grider man's track a few times. I ain't joking.
  8. The ref is considered part of the field and shouldn't factor that into the call.
  9. Class 1A Bracket Challenge R3  Greenback vs Oliver Springs South Pittsburg vs Gordonsville Huntland vs Huntingdon  Lake County vs West Carroll   Class 2A Bracket Challenge R3 Meigs County vs Oneida  Watertown vs Trousdale Co  Forrest vs Riverside  Peabody vs Fairley
  10. Builds character. You are going to like Huntland. LMBO.
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