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  1. That 1980 team may have been one of their best but they got busted for playing several 20 y.o. Apparently the state association frowned upon that a little bit and made them forfeit some games. Ironically they came in 2nd in 1981.
  2. Stevenson won at least 2. They beat Handley in 1977 and Wedowee (Randolf, County) in 1979.
  3. They never really lived up to their billing relative to Stevenson and Bridgeport. They seem to be the doormat in their current region.
  4. Pushing it too deep into the fall could be problematic in the case of a seasonal resurgence of the virus. I think adding a week in the summer to compensate the loss of spring practice and continue the season as business as usual because this is one situation where the heat may actually help the season.
  5. That is a fact! BTW, J.W. starting at TB for the Pirates predated the 1971 TC Williams Titans by 4 years.
  6. Oddly, that's exactly what those Lake County Falcons said about those Orangeback boys.
  7. Roy, that's not the 1st time a truck hit that overpass. I truck got stuck under it when I was in school. All the wrecker companies and engineers were trying to figure it out. I told Coach Brooks how they could do it. He took me down there and we talked to them and got them to let some air out of the tires.
  8. 3 Mighty Pirates sailing that Pirate Ship in the sky with Captains Beene, Grider and Brooks and 1st Mate Dave Baxter.
  9. With help from a teammate he pushed back King Kong at least 5 or 10 yards a play in the semi-final game against Hampton.
  10. That McKinney man that used to coach those Stevenson Panther boys had his players loading 110 pound bales of hay on to wagons all summer long to make they real strong and heat tough. I ain't joking. He used 20 year old linemen so his line would be real strong at knocking holes for the runners and pass catchers.
  11. In reality, it was NJ going to Whitwell to play this fall that brought NorthJackwagon into the various discussions.
  12. Diane was one of them which was my point along with Shotgun Joe and his family with nefarious dealings with the Chi Coms regarding military stuff.
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