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  1. Probably watching S Pitt and Whitwell
  2. Cumberland should have requested to play a non-region schedule while building up their program. White County had it approved.
  3. I'm not saying they should start taking a knee in the second quarter. The giddiness over a likely blowout over one of the lowest ranking teams in 1A this year seems a bit much.
  4. Sequoyah wasn't far from going to 5A, things could be even worse. Depending on their upcoming numbers, could be in with Walker Valley, Soddy Daisy, etc next time.
  5. Everybody seems excited about putting up 80, 90, or 100 points on a 2-8 type team, a lot of feelings must have been hurt last year. One of the few times ever these teams had similar talent and Whitwell won both. But coaches ran their mouths and acted cocky so let's humiliate players that were on the bench last season.
  6. A large school in the Chattanooga area had 5A enrollment for football at the last reclassification restart, just a few weeks later the school listed their enrollment as well over the 6A cutoff. Either they got very lucky or there was some monkey business going on.
  7. That was the player who started at Howard, left within a week. Went to Ft Oglethorpe, though he was apparently living in Brainerd. Was wearing a Cleveland HS jersey in a picture posted on Facebook, went to individual camps with Cleveland players, On͏e a brother, and appeared to be on the way to Cleveland. That didn’t work out. Declared a “hardship” and went to Signal even though his hardship match from Brainerd would have been Ooltewah. Signal supporters and coaches made it out to be The Blindside Part 2. Just needed one of the Country Club moms to get involved and there could have been a Lifetime movie. What could go wrong, wait, other schools were at fault.
  8. Whit 20-14 F. That surprised me, Grundy had an improved Cannon team on the run though I believe the QB was out.
  9. 66-0 final. Nice move by Howard slowing it to a halt.
  10. Over Sequoyah. Hoping Chiefs can keep the Tigers from hitting 100. Doubtful Howard will go all out to try and get it.
  11. Are you a Bledsoe fan or Meigs fan?
  12. Hopefully you don't lose any upcoming players to Baylor, who seems to making a habit of playing the local urban schools.
  13. Meigs 28, SP 14. QB from Bledsoe > QB from Grundy.
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