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  1. Without seeing the game who knows if they didn’t pass multiple times. Pulling starters after a quarter shows they were not trying to run it up. Where’s the outrage for this team getting beat 75-7?
  2. Starters played first quarter and back ups are freshmen. Clock ran continuously the whole second half instead of just the fourth. Maybe should have the whole game, would have been finished in half an hour. That team has been beaten badly several times this year while scoring below 10 but nobody hit that magic number of 100 against them so it went unnoticed. Sounds as if people wanted them to hold the ball the whole game.
  3. Scholarships generally come from AAU. Didnt say it was a good or bad decision, just hurts Tellico. UTC already looking close and others will follow. She was already known before heading to Morristown.
  4. Madi Hawk moves on to Lakeway
  5. Youth games Saturday cancelled too, Chattanooga area. Rough wind is expected.
  6. Tellico Plains probably regrets them starting up.
  7. Didn't Bradley's best player go to Cleveland middle? Again-from the outside on these things-but all of it has been touched on here before. When/if such moves decrease and schools keep their own will it be a dropoff for Bradley?
  8. What would have happened? They had one who'd attended Hixson, Brainerd, Howard, and Ft. Oglethorpe (while, apparently, living in Brainerd), went to camp with Cleveland before arriving at Signal (there were photos posted of him by friends in a Blue Raider jersey, shoulder pads), said the move was for academic reasons since LFO wasn't getting it done academically (one of the best schools in North Georgia), was identified as a top prospect despite coaches at Signal claiming they'd never heard of him, was avoiding going to Ooltewah-Brainerd's "matched" school under NCLB and somehow made his way an hour to Signal (an actual hardship, unless living with others there instead of his residence) and was following one of his former coaches who had been asked by his mother to get him up there. What could have gone wrong?
  9. Not mad. SP is non region. Grab ‘em all. Your folks are the ones on here accusing Greenback.
  10. So it's fine for South Pittsburg to have 2 of the best athletes in Chattanooga show up out of the blue, but Greenback is cheating. Okay.
  11. 12 groups in each class, about 75 schools per class, would be ideal if I remember the breakdowns. You might have to have 4 sectionals with teams from 3 districts/regions in each.
  12. Looking at it from the outside, my guess is there is resentment when players from other schools/school systems end up at Bradley. And no, that's not saying there is any monkey business involved in the moves.
  13. Division II school. Newspaper article states family has allowed a basketball standout to live in their home the past 3 years due to a long commute. Does not mention if they are guardians so they’re probably not. Player formerly played on team with son of hosts until son graduated. Athlete has had a difficult time but rules are in place. Violation? We see schools hammered for less.
  14. Class AA was loaded that year. Brentwood Academy though losing in the final was stlll strong. Kingston with a great line, Kevin Mays, others played Alcoa tough in the semi. Jasper was down by 2 if I remember in the fourth to Alcoa in the 3rd round, Alcoa added another TD to make it 30-20 or so. Kingston scores a TD on a QB sneak with a minute left to beat Sequatchie 20-17 in third round. Those teams could have lined up and beaten, or played competitively, with the best in AAA.
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