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  1. I'm working on something to get players from around the state recognized, lacking information from NE Tennessee from the 2019 school ball season. Any confirmed stats, suggestions on top players, or links to all-star teams from Johnson city area, etc? I have Jefferson County and some other top level teams but looking for some who may not have had as much recognition.
  2. Hopefully SP players are distracted by all this consolidation talk and the possibilities of school stables and pools. Seq needs the help.
  3. SP didn’t allow a first down against Bledsoe. Seq will try to keep the clock from going non stop.
  4. What's funny, East Ridge turns around and plays Bledsoe next week. Could have made this a 3-team event on Wednesday and given them all a break.
  5. Hopefully SC can stay within 3 or 4 TD. Looks like SP’s best team since 99.
  6. 1 touchdown to 1 in varsity. Another possession was a lost SC fumble inside the WHS 1. 4 possessions each with first downs. No live action on special teams, otherwise similar to game situations. 2-0 in JV.
  7. A decent performance against Whitwell, even though it was just a scrimmage, helped bring up the excitement level a bit. Some probably won't go to Grundy because of the lack of seating but they should be at the game in 8 days.
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