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  1. Wrong photo was placed on Sequatchie vs Sale Creek softball game in scoreboard, a schedule accidentally. 

  2. Indian

    Who you got top ten in AA for 2019

    It was cold, but dry. Thank goodness.
  3. Indian

    Who you got top ten in AA for 2019

    Sequatchie won the Meigs tournament at Athens. Defeated Maryville, McMinn County, and Sale Creek in the "black division" (gold).
  4. Indian

    Head Coach Openings

    Stewart’s Creek coach headed to Rockvale.
  5. Indian

    Who you got top ten in AA for 2019

    Good early win by Sequatchie in the Athens tournament over Sweetwater 5-0. Allowed 2 hits and struck out 9 in 5 innings. Defense was good. Defense wasn’t too good in a 5-1 loss to Sale Creek. No earned runs allowed.
  6. Indian

    Who you got top ten in AA for 2019

    11-0 win in 5 by Sequatchie over Cumberland County. Strong hitting and allowed 1 hit with 13 K. They will see what they have Friday with Sweetwater and Sale Creek to start pool play in Athens.
  7. Indian

    Class A Predictions 2019-2020

    Yes Would seem to be an immediate contender.
  8. Indian

    Class A Predictions 2019-2020

    South Magnet, former homeschool/AAU group apparently loaded with mid major to major prospects. Rounded up before they became TSSAA.
  9. Indian

    Class A Predictions 2019-2020

    Watch out for South Magnet/Prep starting up in Memphis.
  10. Indian

    Who you got top ten in AA for 2019

    It’s a lot easier on the batters when they know their pitcher will probably give up at most four or five hits if that, at most a run and probably none. Cherokees’ and Chargers’ loss was Meigs gain, too bad for them.
  11. Indian

    Never too early...AAA Predictions

    Seems like the Cleveland coach is working to get these things turned around.
  12. Indian

    Never too early...AAA Predictions

    One point lead isn't controlling no matter how it's being played.
  13. Indian

    2018-19 TSSAA Mrs Basketball Award Winners

    If she'd gone to Bradley from EH like Howard I bet he would be supporting her.
  14. Indian

    District to State is an eternity

    That is correct. I would just feel bad for someone in Riverdale's district, or a Clarkrange, an another example, that might be a top 3 team in their class but may get shut out. I think 4 classes are needed with all the new magnet/charters starting up, but as far as the layout I'd keep it the same. If four classes is too much for MTSU play the first round at area high schools. It wouldn't be the same but it would be more incentive to make it to the final 4.
  15. Indian

    District to State is an eternity

    That a good point, but if a region runner-up is good enough to go on the road and beat a region champ they do deserve a spot in the state. There's also the location question, if you just took region champs who would hosts. Neutral court isn't always easy to obtain.