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  1. No different than Alcoa vs Scott County or Warren County vs Murfreesboro 6A teams. 50 percent enrollment/50 percent strength would be ideal if a method could be determined for implementing it.
  2. You should add their results.
  3. Does it even matter anymore?
  4. So are being steered to the Cleveland HS program by anyone directly connected to the HS program or not. In all the pages devoted to this and also on the top team debate, that would seem to be the most important question.
  5. Question from an outsider, is there a direct connection between the Cleveland HS program and any particular youth programs?
  6. Lost one of those to NJ? An all-star game post from the other day popped up earlier.
  7. I think Howard is down to about 40 percent African-American. Soccer is the sport there now. Even basketball has fallen off which hurts since they’re in the largest class. Not sure how much they can progress in football playing 5A and possibly 6A soon.
  8. Voted down. But some in the same building get to continue. Buildings here are about 50 yards apart and it’s a no.
  9. Generally the middle school players move up when their seasons end unless they are high school starter-ready.
  10. TSSAA to consider allowing eighth graders to participate in high school if the middle school/junior high is the high school’s feeder. It’s long overdue especially those who could aid in sports like softball or wrestling. An example here, the girls basketball team is limited in numbers currently because of injury. That makes it hard to schedule JV games so freshmen aren’t getting the game time they need. Even if they don’t play any varsity games, playing in JV would benefit the players and team. Several opponents allow it already due to the building/principal rule and those getting to play high school a year early benefit. If this is voted down it should be cut out for everyone.
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