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  1. Always a good tournament. It gets cold late Saturday night but that's part of it.
  2. It would take a lot of work, and schools' boys and girls teams sometimes being rated far differently might set it back before it started. But I wouldn't mind a system where there were no districts/regions etc, teams scheduled whoever they wanted. At the close of the regular season, group teams into four postseason brackets by school size, out of qualifying teams-either by a minimum .500 record, Z-plan type rating, however it could be done. Getting those teams qualified in a way everyone would agree on would be a headache but the regular season interest would certainly increase. Travel would likely be aided.
  3. Wasn't South Pittsburg's QB from Grundy? Legit question, unsure if he graduated yet or not.
  4. So who is in charge of the orchestra? The coach, principal, superintendent, janitor..?
  5. If they know it won’t be approved they won’t submit it. If the travel or rivalry argument is judged to be invalid they will be turned down.
  6. Signal Mountain a few years back admitted it. Went to 4A. You would have to have a restart with no approvals affecting decisions.
  7. First post looked far too spread out in its region alignments. One thing which could help is for teams wanting to move up, voluntarily, having to have such moves approved. Avoiding competition wouldn't be approved, it would have to be for legitimate reasons-staying with old rivals, travel situations etc.
  8. Stone big over East Hamilton tonight. Stone is terrific but I’ve expected more from EH the last couple of years.
  9. Very roughly, around 400-700-1200-2700
  10. Does your team count them on the season record? If so, just wins?
  11. Indian


    103-14 over Valor tonight. Quite a win.
  12. Not having football among a lot of small schools ought to prevent having four classes, same breakdowns for football basketball baseball and softball.
  13. It looks like it is picking up some steam in discussions across the state. For or against? My biggest reason for is the number of magnet/charters starting up and adding basketball, really affecting the classifications.
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