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  1. It's very late in the process, but with Nashville cutting back (out?) weeks it will have an effect on teams outside Davidson County. I looked up a school at random, Canes Ridge, and it looked as if they have 5 out-of-county opponents. All those teams would have one fewer game-or more if they have other Nashville teams scheduled. Now Knoxville may do the same. Every dollar will be important this fall, teams can't miss games. I don't know if Hamilton County will follow but the team here has 2 games against Chattanooga opponents. One is at home. I'd rather have the option to schedule 10 opponents in systems that aren't cutting back or out even if it's the last minute.
  2. Would rather have had all region schedules scrapped, let teams make up their own schedules this year based on rivalries and "money games." Biggest games at the end in case you have to cancel some at the beginning. Too many teams, if they play at all this year, will lose even more money when they can't face the opponents that would bring in more fans (even with distancing).
  3. How many schools will have bands taking up half of their bleachers if they’re spread out?
  4. Everybody gets in (again, increasing the money). Divide by class first , then geography, then record, then opponent record. Some teams would get a high seed due to a weak schedule but if they were a pretender, it would soon be found out. Money lost if fall seasons are cancelled with be difficult to deal with, higher gates next year would help make up for it.
  5. Money lost if no football will be a concern, on top of spring fling cancelled and no state boys basketball. I wish they'd consider scrapping districts and regular season classifications, let teams make their own schedules based on what's best for them, then dividing into classes in the postseason (1 loss and you're out). That would bring a lot more money in for more nearby games being played, plus travel for most would be better.
  6. Baseball and softball here got in one regular season game apiece, others may have gotten in a tournament before it was all shut down. All the different scenarios-worst to best case-for football and other sports should have been studied since then, there has obviously been time to do so with no games. Maybe it's the wrong view but it seems as if they've been blindsided.
  7. It shouldn't be an all-or-none situation for football or other sports. Those school districts that want to allow it-pending governor's orders-should be allowed to do so. It may take some late shake-up with scheduling. If a substantial amount of schools aren't playing, allow teams to schedule all games on their own without regions then divide into playoffs by school populations for classes/winning percentage for seeding. Number of classes depending on how many teams participating. Baseball and softball clearly could have been played in the summer, there have been youth teams playing all over for weeks. Still disappointed at that.
  8. Any school systems already ruling out football, no matter what the TSSAA or governor decide?
  9. 2-year classification periods would help this issue. It isn't every year like the original guy was saying but 2 years should be manageable. It used to be 2 without instant information transfer.
  10. Are all school districts planning to have football, or are any shutting it down even if the state and TSSAA give the go-ahead?
  11. They should have used February numbers for most schools, then added in the new schools' or ones affected by new schools when they were able to do so. It's going to put off and you'll have same alignments with no chance of going to four classes in basketball, softball, baseball even though it's needed.
  12. https://www.phoenixmag.com/2019/01/01/shoot-first-pass-later/ if you’re a certain NBA player, it seems to work. For the others, a lot of risk is involved.
  13. Any school threatened with state and federal fund withholding if the mascot name isn’t changed would do so. That goes for all Rebels, Indians and anything else someone might consider offensive.
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