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  1. I saw Rockvale has 2426 after the TSSAA listed them with around 1950 last year, new school yes, but how were so many allowed to overcrowd it immediately?
  2. They should request a move to non region. White County was allowed to do do a couple of years back. Yes they lost to 3-7 2A Tellico but they’d have a better chance With smaller/less successful schools than their current district, with Red Bank and East Hamilton, Chattanooga Central building and East Ridge not likely to have another down year like this season. I’m also guessing Sequoyah may be one of the larger 4A schools, never know if a 5A move might be next. I’d try and get a schedule like Tellico, Sweetwater, McMinn Central, Howard, Brainerd, Polk, Sale Creek, Lookout Valley. May still be underdogs in some but would be better games and have to go to Chattanooga now anyway.
  3. Warren County was 2-8 a few years back and had a player sign with Tennessee. He didn't have to leave and go to Murfreesboro. The players will be found.
  4. Cookeville was 1-9 do they have anyone that could make a difference?
  5. Is that confirmed? Not fair to the team but Giles May be in trouble for that one.
  6. 23-0. About to get out of hand already.
  7. Grundy COVID win probably had to be in there for region seeding
  8. Alcoa had 566 in October 2014, which set the classes for the seasons after. Look it up. That set the classes for 2016 (five years ago). Yes they moved up, but without examining it closer I'm guessing 566 in 2A was a result of the ridiculous "Super 32" for the largest schools skewing the other class numbers. If they went from 2A, which you seem so proud of, why the hesitation on going from 3A? https://www.thedailytimes.com/sports/running-the-numbers-tssaa-releases-draft-of-2015-16-football-classifications/article_5ec0624d-75f2-589c-9741-aa3e902c111c.html Any school would enjoy a pair of mediocre at best, 1500-student football programs being just down the road.
  9. So Alcoa got a game tonight?
  10. No game for Alcoa? Zero discussion. Just “funny pictures” and posts your school has to be so proud to see.
  11. So who is Alcoa playing Friday?
  12. Reminds me of a camp game a few years ago, no fouling out or any foul shots at all, and a girl on one team had 22 fouls with the clock not stopping (probably four quarters of 10 minutes). Craziest thing ever. No benefit at all being there.
  13. We all know the outcome. Zero interest statewide as in the other classes. Wonder why?
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