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  1. He threw a punch. That's why he was ejected. How was this close? Did Westmoreland have a first down before the final minute of the third quarter?
  2. Can the game be viewed online anywhere? The Trousdale-Watertown game was online last Friday
  3. Does anyone have the schedule/bracket? Which teams are left? Are all of the games being played at Jackson County High School (at the school or at an off-site location)?
  4. Will the state title games be televised in the Nashville area?
  5. This team is not as talented as 09. That team was stacked. Not as talented as the 2010 flameout squad either with Neal, Zinchini, Haymer, Fleming, Martinez, Podany, Hathaway, Kingcade, Rumsey, Peoples, Gomer and Mortensen. Neal was injured late that season. Stars just didn't align. That team could have won it too, but it just wasn't meant to be. Gallatin has more raw skill kids who can run. All around though (including interior guys), Beech wins the Sumner County talent contest over the past decade though, no doubt.
  6. Wouldn't sniff it in 6A. Not as deep and athletic as those elite programs and not versatile enough to win at that level. But Beech doesn't have to play in 6A. Has developed into an elite 5A program. System is so very watered down though. It's sad.
  7. Fair point. I agree to some extent. They've done a nice job of riding their horses. I don't know of anybody in high school football that has done that better to be honest. The tailback at Beech is going to carry it until he drops. It has evolved into that anyway. Back in 2008, they had Deantrice Bennett, Justin Allen, Bobby Huey and Taylor Stewart all in the backfield, and in 2009, they had Sites, Haymer, Walker and Haley (who was more of a factor the next season I believe). They spread it around back then and were in the wing-T more back then. Then, it started turning into a one-horse race as Haymer developed, and he got better the more he touched it. Some of his performances (against Mt. Juliet specifically) should be legendary. They've never been very good defensively. In fact, this is one of their better groups defensively. They've had personnel but have never really won with defense. They've always won by outscoring people, which is odd since the program is so run-oriented. That would give folks the indication that they really develop players. I think that's a little skewed though, because it's the primary ballcarrier that appears to really develop. And those kids have developed. But how much have their quarterbacks developed? Jarod Neal would have been a Mr. Football finalist elsewhere but just played his role at Beech. Smith has matured but hasn't developed a ton in his four years (he got a few snaps as a freshman I believe). He just plays his role. Playing their roles is great and selfless. I love it. But are those quarterbacks being developed? You can look at it in different ways. But overall, do they just do an unreal job of developing talent? I don't know. That's certainly subjective. If they developed kids that well, I'd think they'd be better defensively than they've been. Bottom line is that they win though. AC deserves credit for that. At the end of the day, that's why you play the games. But as far as overall talent, yeah, I'll take Beech's 10-year run of talent over GHS, HHS or SC. I believe the talent is comparable initially, but when you add all of the elite transfers that have strolled through the doors, Beech is definitely the most talented of the area schools IMO. And they've never had to play in the largest classification like HHS and SC has. In this watered-down system, it has given Beech the opportunity to win gold. Good luck to the Bucs the rest of the way.
  8. More with less, I don't know about all of that. More with more perhaps ... Hurd transfers in. Napper transfers in. Dunlap transfers in. Dorian Carter transfers in. Deantrice Bennett (really nice athlete and quality linebacker) transferred in (senior on the 08 squad). Was Haymer there in middle school? I don't remember him. Currently, Dyilin Hoosier transferred in. That doesn't even touch the "other" players who played big roles but in less visible ways (Hathaway, big offensive tackle from a few of years back who transferred in from Metro). Beech has been fortunate, and then, Beech has capitalized on it when it has had talent. Kudos to AC and the program for being able to do so. It's not easy to win one. But they were really talented in 09 (Sites, Zinchini, Neal, Fleming, Huey, Howell, Martinez, Kingcade, Walker, Aiello, Rumsey, etc.). Needless to say, Hurd was the driving force behind the 12 title. Moral of the story, let's not act like the cupboard has been bare much over the last 10 years though.
  9. Beech and White House pick up wins tonight? Scores?
  10. Is the schedule out yet for next week's District 9-AA Tournament?
  11. Does anybody know where the District 11-AA Tournament is being played and who is in the championship match? I would assume that Portland is playing somebody in the final.
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