Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Message Boards - Terms of Service

  1. Be Clean: Adhere to decency and refrain from obscenity. No vulgar, abusive or hateful language.

  2. Be Nice: No posting of material that antagonizes, harasses, or creates hostility toward another user or group of users.

  3. Be Courteous: No posting to purposely interfere with normal dialog flow.

  4. Be Polite: No targeting of another user by harassing or giving unwarranted attention to or attacking ones race or gender.

  5. Be Prudent: Use the subject classifications already setup in forums for your posts. If you need a new subject area, contact CoachT.

  6. Be Real: We require your E-Mail address and zip code, so others will know where you are coming from. The password system insures no one can impersonate you. We reserve the right to disallow the use of Web Based E-Mail accounts as contact addresses due to the ease of impersonation and use of fake names when using these services. Multiple user names by the same person is unacceptable and could result in termination of ALL such names.

  7. Be Spam Free: Please don't post the same material to multiple areas. Please no commercial postings or self-serving messages. This is a discussion board.

  8. Be Understanding: We reserve the right to delete any message we feel violates any of these rules. Please report any abuse to CoachT. Repeated violation of any rules results in termination of your account.

  9. Be Accepting: If you violate the above guidelines, be assured you will either have your post deleted, or your access denied or both. If you are here to incite flames and/or antagonize users be assured you will be removed from the forum.

  10. Be Observant: Read the instructions that are presented on the screen. Many frustrations can be avoided by educating yourself on proper usage of our system.

  11. Be Trustworthy: Do not post private email from others that you have received directly from them. If they want their words public, let them post it.

  12. Be Responsible: Do not post slanderous, libelous, or any defamatory statements on the Message Boards. We will not be held responsible for your posts, but just the same, we'd rather not go there! Posts that appear to be defamatory should have supporting references included.
  13. Be Aware: While all opinions are welcome, we do not tolerate mean-spirited, antagonistic, flame baiting posts. We only accept civilized, polite, friendly discourse. If you cannot live by this rule, do not post.
  14. Be Informed: Reading the rules and any messages or announcements posted by moderators is your responsibility. Don't be surprised by the actions taken by the moderators because you violated the rules. Our members insist we enforce these rules, as they are here to enjoy a friendly, civilized discussion board, that stays on topic and discusses the topics of Tennessee high school athletics.

  15. Be Observant: Watch for any announcements posted by the moderators in the Questions and Comments forum.
  16. Be Selective: Don't buy into the flame bait that some members may post. You may be drawn into a "flame war" and we do not tolerate it. Report any potential rule violations to us, and resist replying.
  17. Be Private: If you have any concerns or criticism on how we operate these message boards, do NOT post your query on the site. Send us an email and we'll explain any issue you have. If you decide to publicly show your ignorance on the board, you only make a fool of yourself, before we can explain and correct any misperception you may have of our operation and rules.
  18. Be Gone: If you are under the impression that these are free-for-all forums, or that we somehow are a public discussion center that allows all FREE SPEECH, you can go elsewhere. This is a privately operated website and has established rules of etiquette. You are a guest here and have been extended privileges provided you follow our rules. These message boards are not your right. You are not given a right to post anything you want here. If you cannot deal with these rules, feel free to find an uncivilized forum out there.
  19. Be Welcomed: If you are looking for a message board that encourages civilized discussion and a relaxed environment, this is your place to be.
  20. Do not advertise: has taken 10 years developing its fan base and earning its reputation based almost totally on word-of-mouth. If you are a competitor then you should do the same. Do not advertise products for sale or commercial, competitive web sites. Doing so could result in denial of all access to our message boards.

All messages express the views of the author. The operators of will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

Our terms of service are general guidelines. These are the top ten examples of specific violations:

10. You did not register with your real, complete full name, so all the posts that you made were deleted.

9. You created a thread on a topic that was already ongoing, so your new thread and all posts within were deleted.

8. Your post was not on the topic of the thread that you posted it in, so it was deleted.

7. You're post was antagonistic and designed to inflame the members rather than contribute to constructive debate.

6. Your post was a personal message to one other member, which is best put in a private email to that member, not of interest to all readers. Such as: "Good Morning Jane, nice to see you here today." or "Hi Bob, long time no see."

5. You made the same post in multiple areas. All but the one in the appropriate area would be deleted.

4. Your post contained copyrighted material. This is against the law. It could be deleted. We prefer linking to the material along with some related comments.

3. Your post shamelessly self-promoted your website, and/or commercial venture, or the website that was linked did not contribute to the conversation.

2. Your post crossed the line of constructive criticism and civilized behavior or degenerated into excessive negativity towards the operators of this website, players, coaches, officials, or school administrators. We welcome all opinions but only if it is civilized. It would be considered extreme bad taste to come to our place and post rude and derogatory messages about us.

1. You personally attacked a member, rather than staying on the issue.

Should your post be deleted, please consider these examples in determining why your post may have been deleted and don't assume your post was deleted because we disagreed with your point of view or have any particular agenda.

If you need further explanation why a particular post or thread was deleted, send an email with all the particulars in order for us to be able to determine the reason. While we try to be as objective as possible we do have to make close calls that you may not always agree with, but we have the right to make that call. We have always tried to maintain a friendly, civilized, and informative environment for our visitors by enforcing the above rules. It is not an easy job but it's worth the effort.