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  2. Would love to see him and Kodiak compete!
  3. Hate to hear that. Houston County played y’all pretty tough a game or two ago. Did she play that one??
  4. Why is no one talking about the undefeated Lady Cavs?

    Top 5 P4P

    Curious where you guys see Logan Heckert the 160 from Sycamore...
  6. Not as easy as you think. Staff is made according to number of students. You have to place the teachers already in the county first. THEN you can fill spots according to the number of additional students you have. Say you currently have 1500 kids, but then 400 are moved to the new school. That means 400 students worth of teachers are changing schools with them. You don't open a new school with a blank slate.
  7. Cbgay

    Top 5 P4P

    1. Hunter Mason 2. Nick Corday 3. David Harper 4. KV Roller 5. Ashton Davis Hunter has been on a roll these past two years he is hard to argue being any lower. As for Corday although he has been out with surgery he has many quality big wins David Harper again is another with big quality wins. He is one of the most technical wrestlers. Harper is with a doubt top three at this moment KV Roller is another kid that has been on an unstoppable run. Although I think Roller is beatable by a couple it is hard to not put him on this list. Ashton Davis is another guy that has been at the top of the podium for most of his highschool career. Davis has made many improvements in these recent years and without a doubt would run through James Howard.
  8. She also played in 7th grade. She is in her 4th year.
  9. I believe that Coach Abner would be a front runner for any job. My question would be why put this out there unless you knew for a fact that she put in for it because I don't know why she would want to leave?
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  11. I hope everyone is having a pleasant day today. Roy I will give you a call but that Hill lady and that little Grider man are taking no prisoners in this hire. They are going to be raising prices to the stadium and at my concession stand next year to pay for this new coach. I am glad I get in for free and have free concessions since I built them the concession stand. Roy do you know if that little Grider man and that Stone man are going to keep coaching next year? I am going to meet with the new coach this weekend and give him his free voucher for concessions next year.
  12. Yep, but it wasn't good enough for some people.
  13. I like Maryville and DB on the boys side.
  14. So, is this the family of one of the players asking the question and then giving the answer? That’s what it seems. Fellas, how do you know any of this to be true, and even if that is true, how do you think you are helping the Green Hill girls basketball program by putting that out there during the middle of the team’s season? Based on the way that the older of the two stands up at games and makes himself quite visible to everyone, I was under the impression that he supported the program. I heard from other parents that the younger supported the program as well. Sharing that type of information - which is merely gossip - on a public message board in season doesn’t seem very supportive though. Please share with us your inside information gentlemen. Did it come from credible sources, or is this just a strategic, tandem effort to stir the pot?
  15. So I could be wrong, but I think HS coaches can host strength training and things like that, no sport specific practices, but you can not say it's only for 8th grade football players, you have to open it to any middle school students that want to come, and no high school students can be present at all. Please don't quote me but I think that is the rule.
  16. you're right, they do have some talent. issue is that they (parents) have ran the coaches off in the youth leagues/feeder programs over the past few years especially, have ran off multiple middle schools coaches to a point there's only a handful, if that. there are constant staffing issues, among other things. how many of you on here actually know the ins and outs of the facilities at heritage, william blount and so on? these new facilities they have now will barely fit all athletes in multiple sports at these schools. don't get me wrong, they needed them and i'm glad something was done, but when you've not had those facilities for the past 10, 15, etc years, how are you going to succeed as an athlete? and now that they have some updated facilities, it's still not an instant fix, and we all know that. too many parents these days think their kids are D1 prospects and/or deserve a ring, so they do what they can to get them into other schools in the area or they keep their kids where they are, complain about the staff throughout the community the entire time. parents are hiring personal trainers, nutritionists, and recruiters while claiming the coaching staffs at these schools aren't doing right by by their child/children. then after hiring all of those 'professionals' that allegedly know more than coaches, your child still isn't offered a full ride to his dream school when it comes up on their junior/senior year. they are posting about 'offers' on social media, when all that's been done is you've spoken to a coach at a college that is basically saying your son could walk on after a visit you took. do you know how this affects future players? i get that we are in a different world with sports than we were years back, social media, NIL, transfer portals and it's all in the news, but, when as adults, you are portraying things incorrectly and sugar coating things to make you or your child feel better, it creates problems for the future athletes at these schools. you know how it works when you transfer schools in high school, you can say you play for whatever team, you can walk around with the name across your chest and be proud of it. these kids at heritage, william blount, they need to be proud of their schools, proud of what they are accomplishing and not compare themselves to other programs, other successes. they are creating their own successes and that should not be overshadowed by falsehoods or other schools. trouble is, it starts at home and it starts in the community. the parents, businesses, school board, they need to be behind these kids... ALL kids in these schools, not just the athletes. students/athletes at area schools see the comments on these message boards, on twitter, on facebook. they see the immaturity of adults hiding behind a computer talking about their facilities, their coaches, their schools, their records, their history. they see the hate. what kind of example is that setting? it's about time things change. i wish the new coach at heritage well whoever he may be, and I hope that Coach Reeves takes the program at WB to new heights, and i hope things start to change at the ROOT of the problem. i don't know about you, but i want all schools in blount county to thrive, not just exist.
  17. Advantage of having to staff a whole new school is there is room for the new coach to bring people with him. Not saying this will happen just that it would be easier in this situation than in most when a new coach is hired.
  18. That is a fact. Tells you how much talent is up there.
  19. Let me ask you a question. When in tarnation is this hill woman and little grider man going to get our boys a coach? Our boys are getting lazy and weak. Is this little grider man and stone man going to coach next year? I was talking to this man at foodland and he said this Fyffe man from Alabama was interviewing? Does anyone no about this mess?
  20. Place is a dumpster fire.
  21. Well there you go. I did not know he had retired already.
  22. Lol!! But East beat Forrest this year!
  23. Yeah I definitely don't blame him, I mean even the coaching stipends there are some of the worse compared to counties of their size around the state.
  24. If they don't play because of that they have no heart for the game anyway.
  25. Be tough if he doesn't know coaches in this area to bring in to help.
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