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  2. Exactly my point, if they are serious about wanting to win its time to spend some money and hire a proven head coach with a proven history of continuous playoff appearances. Don Cody left, talent was down, they promoted Cantrell to HC and he just couldn’t get it done. Cantrell is a good guy and a great assistant but didn’t need to be HC at the time. McConnell had them going in the right direction but has since gone home, time to right the ship.
  3. I was at the GP and Grainger game. Grainger is tough matchup for most teams they are very deep team. GP is a good team but young...Outside Bales and Moore GP struggles to score. Grainger defended Moore pretty good. Bales is going to get 20 you just hope to not give up anymore. Grainger missed several point blank shots.
  4. Yeti... where did the Ambassador go? He was on here alllllll the time. Then he just disappeared right when I got here.
  5. I feel both of these teams have done great this year, Springfield winning their last 2 games and Elizabethton winning their last 2 games was impressive. I’m hoping for a hard fought game with the Cyclones winning! Play hard boys, but be safe! Now as far as these dopes saying Elizabethton recruits, lol, y’all are idiots. Do they recruit 5th graders? Most of these kids went to TA Dugger in 6th grade! Lol!
  6. Peabody has one planned. They're charging $20/person, and that includes a ticket to the game. Hope Meigs does too. The more the merrier. Those boys deserve huge cheering crowds on both sides of that stadium.
  7. Not irrelevant, but not worth throwing out four classes for lol.
  8. Shoot most religious people I know don't even believe John 3 16. They think God is some kind of a monster without love. Can murder and destroy as long as you do it in the name of our flag . That,s far from my beliefs. Think its called a form of Godly devotion but proven false to its power.Show me any war and I'll show you some type religion. The God I look to is totally opposite. The new commandment of loving thy neighbor gets brushed to the side. Now they want us to believe that God sent this Pres to save the world. What a joke.
  9. Because where has Westview been in the last 3-4 years?
  10. Dude you are clueless and have no clue what is classified as open zoned. It's not hard to look up and see what schools charge Tuition (or a small fee as you like to call it) and nothing someone has to tell a kid. Any School that has a transfer policy on file and has the POTENTIAL to have a student attend their school rather that be 1 student or 500 students is open zoned point blank period fee or no fee charged. Springfield isn't just going to layover and has made it there for a reason. This Elizabethton team is good but not near as good as the 2017 Greeneville team that Springfield faced. In Springfield fans eyes this team is better as a team than that 2017 team. I see it being a 14-17 point game in Favor of Betsy but if Springfield can force some TO then they have a chance to win!
  11. I am hoping we take a Pep bus Saturday. If the school will I’ll pledge $100. Talked to several kids who wanted to go but couldn’t get there. This is first time in 24 years— let’s go Meigs. Everyone tell administrators to get those kids there. It’s their memories to make also. Any churches have vans? Get your ppl there!!
  12. They should have paid coach Dancy the money he was a good coach
  13. Small yes. Slow and weak, no way. I would like to know what you’re comparing their speed too? Looks to me like they had enough speed and strength to earn a spot in the championship game.
  14. LOL your weird bro. Don't let #21, #9 or #5 slip out, you will see pure raw spreed. But your right idk how we are here for the 2nd time in 3 years, or how we had our 5th quarter finals appearance in a row this year. I really really don't know. You've been on ever thread this playoffs shut up and let the 2 fan bases talk and enjoy this week, we've EARNED it. EHS is a great program & Springfield is a great 107 year old program and Saturday will be a great game.
  15. Its gonna be interesting to see how it all shakes out.
  16. Biggest gain from reading this website is separating Homer's from the truth sayers. For example week one some says they are looking at the best team ever and week 10 they are 4-6. Being optimistic isok, but once you've seen a real good team play and you only need to see it once. You really know how your seasons gonna go. Union City for example I said was down this year before the season began and I got bashed for it... well it wasnt meant as disrespectful but in the end I was right. Oh well. Bern here 2 years now... i know who Homer's are and aren't at this point. Part of the T.
  17. We have always been small, but slow and weak is ridiculous, I will be the 1st to say we may not impress on film but we always have speed and quickness, plus we will hit you, it's cool though...
  18. Goons in the house this morning to get some of that BBS Karma!!!
  19. Yea I totally understood why Giles wanted out. With Republic joining the district that gives them more ammo to go back but the problem is I'm hearing republic is on it's way to being 4a.
  20. Southtowner made a thread about how the games will be aired.
  21. Sorry they recruit the kids early and tell them they can come to EHS if they pay a small fee. Seems like the team they are playing isn't capable of doing that from their fans. Yes it does. The more I watch Springfield the more confused I am how they have gotten here! Small, Slow, and Weak! However, well coached, disciplined, and they play hard. Just don't see those three positives outweighing the negatives against this team
  22. This next reclassification could shake things up a little with all the new schools popping up in the Nashville area. Nolensville will probably be in 5 or 6A. We lost page out of the 4A class due to enrollment and now Nolensville will be moving up. I wonder what team will be coming to region 4 4A? I suspect Giles County may be moving back up and will be back in region 4.
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