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  2. B52bomber3

    2018-2019 9AA

    I believe this year will be the best shot for someone to advance to the region championship . Other side is down but still much better . Nobody is beating East. What hurts 9AA is their style of play . Someone needs to play more up tempo to have a chance to take down the top teams on other side . The slow down tactic only works when you have fundamentally sound players that can handle that type of pressure . There is no team in the district that fits .
  3. was told of a brawl between them and the Sycamore coach taking his team off the floor afterward.
  4. westtnsportsfan

    Never too early...Who Wins Class A 2018-19 and why?

    Wow. Honestly can’t believe anyone could have the opinion that GC is scared to play anyone... That’s just plain wrong. You realize westview beat Crockett and GC has beat them twice? Beat South Side. Played all of the top single A teams in a he area. We can go on and on there. And to call out GC saying that either team would have beat GC is not needed. I can guarantee you one thing. Neither team would score close to 80 points against GC
  5. football6

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    We need a offensive minded coach. Someone who can call a dang offense. THAT'S MY RIGHT HIRE.
  6. rlh

    Tee Martin’s son QB Knoxville

    I watched some USC games in 2016 and 2017 and He was calling plays in some key wins that saved Clay Helton's butt. Clay Helton geting hired in 2015 was controversial. Also, T was responsible for recruiting 21 top 100 players while at USC. That is something UT needs in a major way. I am skeptical of inbreeding systems. Exhibit 1: Lane Kiffin bringing in his daddy to replace Chief John Chavis at UT and then taking him to USC with him. Exhibit #2: Clay Helton and Ty Helton who were brought to USC by Lane Kiffin. This moot because he isn't OC at UT. https://www.conquestchronicles.com/2017/10/7/16441460/usc-trojans-football-2017-tee-martin-offensive-play-calling
  7. BCB~MVP

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Who is the right hire in your opinion?
  8. Purplegoldfootball

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    He's gonna have a great year next fall no matter what position he's playing. Sure would hate to see him leave. So much talent still on that team. 2019 will be his year to shine!! I see him being the main go to guy. He's a great kid with a promising future.
  9. BCB~MVP

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    Sorry bud..... As bad as you want it to happen, he has his eyes set on a higher level!
  10. Iceman2000

    District 8AA

    Smith and Upperman score kind of surprised me. Any details Dexter 10?
  11. oldsc7

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    I have a strong feeling that you are wrong. I could be wrong been wrong before. Last time I talked to him he had no interest in high school ball.
  12. UTRok

    District 8AA

    Yep only matters who's a head when time expires.
  13. Today
  14. Dexter10

    District 8AA

    They led the whole 1 quarter till the last seconds and some of the 2 and 3 but never in the 4th doesn’t matter a good game
  15. Dawgfan88

    Region 1A

    That gym is at least more than big enough to host a tourney. It wouldn't have bothered me if both tourneys were held there. But Unaka?
  16. Dunc4265


    10A Standings as of 1/23/19 Mt. Pleasant 4-1, 13-8 Richland 3-1 , 10-9 *Has head-2-head tiebreaker over MtP Culleoka 3-2, 3-14 Santa Fe 2-3, 4-13 Hampshire 0-5, 1-18 Columbia Academy 0-0, 17-4
  17. catswild

    Oak Ridge Football 2019

    Your post actually makes some sense. But I still believe there's more to lose than they will gain because Powell and Fulton are immediately following.
  18. catswild

    Oak Ridge Football 2019

    I'm waiting..............................................................................................................
  19. 85warrior

    5AAA Predictions

    They may be playing Cookeville or White County in the region. White County has beaten Stone and Cookeville is capable of beaten Stone. All 3 teams at the top of 6AAA are virtually equal.
  20. ecu

    District 12AA

    Community sent a big message to rest of district with big win over Nolensville.
  21. Why don't Greenfield play Westview? Same reason we don't play Crockett because you can't play everyone on schedule. Crockett is having a good year. We played them in a 40 minute scrimmage two days before season started and played them in jamboree. We play Huntingdon twice, Greenfield, Gleason twice, Dresden, Union City, Bradford, Summertown, McNairy, Dyersburg twice, South Side. Can't believe you would insinuate that GC is scared to play a team.
  22. GoWarriors

    Happy Valley Lady Warriors 2018

    Elite enough to go to the Regional Tournament and beat Rogersville 43-23, Sullivan North 36-9, and Holston in the title game 27-25
  23. rebelwoman87

    District 4AAA 2018-19

    Catholic was the home team
  24. LetsGoToWork

    Scott Tillman out at Lipscomb

    Yes I admitted there is risk in hiring him, but there would be risk in any hire. Even proven coaches go to other programs and dont work out i.e. Potter at BA. No guarantees! Not confused. Your last paragraph summed up what I was arguing which is...... AS OF TODAY, this isn’t a bad decision by the administration. This is a great decision based on the information and facts. A little unfair to the administration to throw them under the bus re. their past decision making and not acknowledge the decision they made today to hire Dilfer is a great decision today. It will be proven in later years whether it was or was not a good decision but the decision made AS OF TODAY, is a great one. Only those administrations/organizations who have a crystal ball make great hiring decisions 100% of the time. It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and criticize while you have the luxury of watching it all unfold and then at some point in the future point fingers at bad decision making when THiS decision, as of today, is the right decision and I doubt anyone, including you, would’ve walked away from hiring Dilfer. Yes this decision won the press conference, but it wasn’t based on that. It was based on a Christian man who grew up as the son of a HS football coach and played at the highest level of his sport and the belief is that he can coach HS football players. He has been around some of the greatest coaches in football so I would assume he has learned a few coaching tips along the way. Also, I would say being a career QB gives him a leg up on most pros who want to coach. His football IQ is built on extensive offensive knowledge with a great understanding of defenses. Most head coaches in HS specialize on one side of the ball or the other. Not both. None of the above guarantees success, but I wouldn’t bet against him being successful and I would bet you wouldn’t either.
  25. Wildcat1953


    2nd half of district starting. Tullahoma and Shelbyville game exciting tonight but a very sloppy game poor shooting by both teams. Tullahoma has Lincoln on Friday at Lincoln should be a good game new girl for Tullahoma adds a new dimensio
  26. reasonable14

    District 8A how do these teams look

    My guess would be MC will not be in the top 3. Cascade, Eagleville, and Huntland. Just not sure how that is going to play out yet! Huntland needs to go hard all 4 quarters and their coach definitely needs to stop waisting time off the clock and start allowing his players to play instead of mumbling plays out the whole second half! Huntland should definitely not be this bad this year after only losing two starters! JMO
  27. BatmanDevil

    Greeneville Football 2019

    100 percent agree.For coach to leave what he help build in Greeneville to be a part of what we have in Kingsport, would be laughable .That said,it's been tried before by a state winning football coach .
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