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  2. Crockett 57 Cherokee 52 Tennessee High 63 Dobyns Bennett 59 Boone 77 Volunteer 52. Things really gets complicated now with DB going down still a 3 way tie for 3rd with only a game out of 2nd.
  3. At some point these boys (SMHS) are going to get the credit they deserve. They shoot it well from the perimeter and they’ll pass you to death in man. They play tough defense every night. They aren’t flashy, but they just keep winning (by 20+ in district). They don’t have just one scorer. They have 6 that can go double figures any night. Better keep an eye (or 2) on these boys on the mountain. They’re unselfish and a tough out imo.
  4. Macon and York get blow out wins Livingston over Cannon and Smith took Dekalb to OT You can’t never count out any team in this district on any given night except for Macon they are just to good for the bottom teams in the district
  5. Dresden obviously is getting better it looks like. Union City has gotten a lot better since last year. If the regular season ended today, Gleason and Bradford would battle it out for 4th place. I expect Gleason to get better as well. Very surprised tonight at the GC score. I watched Peabody this summer and they looked much better than they did tonight. I don’t know if they lost some players but that is not what I expected from them. GC looked to do anything they wanted to offensively. They played great team ball and shared the ball. Macey Neal and Kacey Sweat have racked up some major assists the last few games. GC rebounded well and took care of the ball. Great win and confidence builder for GC.
  6. "Wide open" is relative. It has been 100% Bradley the past few years. Stone has been knocking on the door. There is a good chance that they both make it to Murfreesboro. East Hamilton has been a disappointment the past few years. They have had so many off the court issues. They are about the only local team to push Bradley though.
  7. Today
  8. Just curious as to why there are 5 teams ranked between McCallie and MBA. I watched them wrestle the other night @ FR and it was a close match. McC had to come from behind and win the last 2 wgt classes (285 and 106) with at least bonus points in one of them in order to secure the victory. Of course they got their 6 from Howard and I believe got a tech at 106. That being said, MBA wrestled McC to a closer match than I expected. Did McCallie not wrestle their entire starting lineup, MBA wrestle the absolute best they could ever hope for, MBA be ranked higher than 11, McCallie not be as high, or are there 5 other teams in TN that could it closer than 37-33 yet still not beat McCallie? I know McCallie gave up a forfeit at 152 or so and bumped everyone else til they got to the upper weights. IMO, if McC wrestled their entire lineup aside from the forfeit, then MBA and McCallie are much closer than our dual meet poll indicates. Just curious as to what others think or know.
  9. A wins a win, but played very sloppy ball tonight. But ill take it.
  10. 20 years of wasted talent, it's a shame. Gets out coached every single game. No offense but just my opinion on what I've seen game after game.
  11. DC wins a game they definitely didn’t deserve over Smith in OT. To me, it looked like smith had decided before the game that if we were going to beat them, we would have to do it from 3. They packed the paint. And it almost paid off. Our shots were not falling at all.
  12. So sad that I could not attend this game. But wow, TCA was white hot in that first quarter. They never let a capacity crowd into the game. No question about it, they will come with all guns blazing in the return visit. We have to be prepared and that defense needs to get tighter. It was a statement win tonight. I for one am pleased. However, another nasty road game awaits the Lady Lions on Friday at TRA. The Lady Rebels did not like us punching them in the mouth. We must be prepared.
  13. Think Upperman won 18 in a row. Macon may do it sweep but bout gaurantee Macon won't win 18 in a row.
  14. I don’t know what has happend to USJ. They beat a good Covington team by double digits during Thanksgiving and they seem to be going the wrong direction. They are good enough your right but if TCA plays like they are capable they may work every one over. Congrats on a good win!!
  15. Heard that Callins is back in a limited role and they're going to slowly be working her back in. WV held Dyersburg to 31 points? If that score is correct, that's hard to believe in itself. Those 2 will be having at more battles before the season is over it appears. I was surprised by the margin of victory of Dresden over Bradford for my shocker tonight. Bradford has a young, scrappy team and have played better this year, than I was expecting. TCA's victory doesn't surprise me too much. When they're all on, they're a very good team.
  16. Macon might even sweep Upperman over the entire season. How long since that has happened?
  17. 64-43 final. At SMHS vs chs.
  18. It was never close. I think it was 14-0 at beginning of game. TCA had a balanced attack with their two best players, Lee and Howell, leading the way with 19 and 18. TCA post players dominated inside. USJ won’t lay down. It will be a dog fight the next time we play again. USJ is good enough to beat TCA if they don’t come out focused.
  19. really competitive game. MP hits a running 3 from the corner to win. Oh yeah it was also banked in. Looking forward to next game between these 2 teams. Really even teams.
  20. They are really good so I am not surprised. But I missed the Cannon score by a lot. That’s crazy to me. What’s going on in CC?
  21. Big win for TCA. Didn’t see that one coming. I predicted a pretty close win. Man I was wrong. 29 points.
  22. Area 12 (1) Huntland vs (2) South Lincoln (?) Eagleville vs (5) Unity
  23. I agree it was not really a fun game to watch, largely because of the officials. They called way too many fouls on both sides ( I am curious what the final count is,) and seemed to break up any rhythm either team started to get into. The fans around me agreed as well.
  24. You should probably come watch CHS play again
  25. I was very wrong on Culleoka this year. I really thought they had turned the corner and could compete for the district title. With numerous returners and solid athletes at several positions, I thought they could pull within fighting distance of the top spot. I believe each of the top 3 beat them fairly soundly. Just in shock.
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