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  2. 1. Halls 2. Signal 3. Gibbs 4. Soddy Page could sneak in the podium if they’re on their A game
  3. 3 of the 4 technical fouls are legit. The only one that wasn't was the 3rd technical foul in which a player must have said something to the official. This is bad. Shoving a player because he commits a hard foul on you is a technical. It's a tech in college, in the NBA, and it's a tech at toddler ball on Saturday's. Slamming the ball on the ground is a technical foul in high school, it shows up the official. Slamming the ball on the ground where the ball goes above the head of the person that is slamming the ball is a technical foul in high school, college, the NBA, church league, and toddler ball on Saturday's. When a team already has two technical foul's (knowing the first two happened during the first half so the officials talked about that during the half), that team is going to be on edge during the whole remainder of the game. The last play of the first half was about a dirty foul, too. Kid shot a 3, the defender doesn't go for the ball. Ends up tackling the kid. The fourth technical foul was a stupid cheap shot by the HC player. HC is trying to foul, everybody in the gym knows that. Don't run into the Obion Central player knowing you can very well brace yourself to stop. One thing must happen from Henry County is respect. Respect the opponent, officials, fans, and the game.
  4. Ellie Butler. Livingston Academy. The numbers speak for themselves. She's a big time reason that Livingston is returning to the top of their class.
  5. HC has a lot of problems with their boys program and culture in general. But don't group the girls coach in with that. You're not gonna find a more solid dude than that guy. He is genuinely a really good guy. Could he get caught up in a moment? I'm sure that he could but I'm telling you you won't find a nicer guy.
  6. Thanks! We shot 53% 3 pt line. 67% in the first half. Katie Chesser was 7 of 9 from 3pt. It’s coming together i think.
  7. Here's who you have to choose from in class A signal halls soddy gibbs page Tullahoma fairview and sycamore
  8. Thank you Hawk it was a good win. Our girls kept grinding. Proud of all of them and all are special but our Freshman are just extra special. They just don’t play like Freshman and always give us a lift when we need it. You seen them against South Side earlier. They played well against y’all. Very poised and aggressive players.
  9. Booger thinkin someone may entertain the idea that this whole Lets Start a thread idea may not be for me Booger just sayin
  10. Super exciting game tonight against West, even though there wasn’t much scoring. There was some serious defense being played out there by both teams tonight, and both teams laid it all on the line. Ray Ray Watson by the time he’s a senior will be All State for Oak Ridge. You heard it here first. Really good win against a solid West team. Big game versus Karns Tuesday night. Karns is very talented. Should be a doozy.
  11. I'm having a normal conversation... State championships are better than getting absolutely massacred in the 3rd round. You're the one who made this conversation awkward.
  12. Let's be honest, anyone could win that region with the talent East had and how down the region was. Coach laid an egg when it mattered most.
  13. Excited as always to hear some more Cowcatcher predictions! Should be another competitive State duals with a few new faces
  14. Big win tonight @pioneer42 for Gibson County beating Huntington on the road & @VOLnWTN on McKenzie on winning tonight.
  15. Well what you are hearing is wrong, you need to listen to LocalHero.
  16. That was one example of where the coach did advise thats where they should go... Either way, when you have your feeder/ pushing kids elsewhere that is poison
  17. Madi Hawk 2022 Miss Basketball finalist for DII A has been nominated for 4A MISS Basketball after transferring to Jefferson County HS 17.1 ppg 4.4 RB 3.3 steals 2.2 assist
  18. I’m with you. Hopefully he’s eligible and goes and wins A!!! Dupill in same boat as Jojo!!! Why cut when he’ll win 120. Those boys are two of the best wrestlers in the country. A rematch would be fun to watch, but I highly doubt we’ll see it.
  19. I’m not salty, they came on here saying no reason Dyer should be elig to wrestle after leaving, they did make calls to TSSAA on that also, so I’m pretty sure we know who has the salty vag for now! Also Ritchie already beat Jose and he didn’t come from Higher Calling, he was first at Soddy as my son was and went to Boyd after that for training. Ritchie actually had a tougher time with Colt than Jose, just shows how tough that room at Cleveland is when Colt could most likely place and he’s not even the varsity kid. I wish them all luck, would love for Jojo to go 113 and that opens it up for after if he’s elig, Jose most likely wins AA and Tran and Ritchie would be fighting for the title in D2 even though Tran has beat Ritchie twice this year. It’s going to be a fun next couple of weeks and good luck to ALL the teams!
  20. He has stressed many times how much he dislikes Cleveland though. He wished they’d take his name off the board as well as all the other championships from the past. I love how you think it’s Varnell though. When it’s a long time friend of his.
  21. Nobody booted him. He left for personal reasons. Truth be told his son got sick and almost died.
  22. Speaking of……if anyone is interested in watching.
  23. I’m guessing because he knows Dupill isn’t going to drop to 113, if that happens it’s a rematch of the finals last year. So maybe that’s why some say he will drop to 106 for state. I didn’t say he was, I was just told earlier that Dyer wasn’t going to win a state title because he would have to get through Jojo at 106. Im surprised that Greeneville won’t be at State Duals.
  24. #34 is Katie Bailey and she was a thorn in our side both times we played them. It looked like we would blow the game open and she'd start hitting 3's. HV has talent and they should've beat unaka and chuckey Doak.
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