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  2. CR beat PC 10-9 in 2012, and been running every since until tonight.
  3. 1.). Pearl-Cohn 2.). East Nashville 3.). Stratford 4.). Hillsboro
  4. Congrats to the Firebirds!
  6. I’ve seen Portland play there huge and very physical good luck!!
  7. After watching on YouTube Forrest is some cheap shot dudes watch your back Portland. Physical team though.
  8. They’re definitely improved from last year, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Aside from a long pass and a long drive aided by penalties I thought our defense played ok, too many missed tackles. We could’ve definitely played better, but credit to them for playing hard and making us earn it.
  9. Well, we definitely missed 2 of our 3 best players in the first half. We came out dead and flat. Nothing went right. second half we played good ball. highlights: Miles Walters kicking off and making teams start inside the 20 is huge. JJ Beene and Brydon Mabry has a good game at lb
  10. I’m pretty sure Cane Ridge has been to the playoffs every year since 2012. I could be mistaken. They also beat Pearl in 2012 both in Varsity and for the Freshman City Championship. All that to say yes Cane Ridge has been good for a while.
  11. Have you seen the trophy it’s pretty bada**
  12. I’m extremely upset with how the game last night went!!
  13. Not much to say cats or kers? Strange.....
  14. One thing I forgot to add. I know we were 3-8 last season but we were a better team than that. We had our best player out for 6 weeks. At Loudon we build our young players like a farm team in baseball. When you do this you will have a couple of down years but every other year you will have a really good team. And I read on this thread we had a receiver from GCA. That is not true. Semy is Loudon born and bread. All of our kids came from what we call "on the hill" (Loudon little league football).
  15. 38-12, CR didn't score until 9min in 4th quarter.
  16. I garuntee you Grider better have our runners carrying a durn ball assertions around. Our runners are fumbling too much. That Hayworth mans substitute is going to be telling those Grundy boys to strip the ball. You think im joking but im not.
  17. Tough start for SC even with some out for SP. Several new OL, 3/4 running backs getting first real playing time, QB in his first start, sophomore saw just end of game time last year. Offense will improve as it goes on, defense shouldn’t be on the field as much as it was in the second half. Hosting Jasper next week.
  18. Thank you sir. I usually dont post before or after a game but I just want to tell the GB folks that you were beaten last night by a very good 3A team. Who has more athletes than you do this year. Your kids were fired up and played hard but they just were out manned. It didn't help that your coach goes for it on his own 20 yard line on 4th down (I realize that it ultimately didn't hurt you) but if he makes crazy decisions like that it makes you wonder about his preperation and personnel decisions. When you see someone post about their D1 lineman allowing someone to walk right by him and that he doesn't have heart it makes me laugh. He was simply tired! When your sucking wind it's hard to block someone who isnt. Loudon had more athletes and were in better shape. Dont forget we scrimmaged Alcoa, Meigs (without Drew Jackson), Pigeon Forge (without Drew Jackson). We have seen teams with more speed and more athletes than what we seen last night. GB will be just fine and I think if your team doesn't lose its confidence will go down to the wire with Meigs. You wont have to worry as much about the pass but your run defense better be good because Meigs can run. Sorry to ramble on but thought I would respond to GB most sensible poster orngnblk.
  19. Thanks. Yes it was. Their coach pit all their players in the right places. I'm impressed with what he did in a year.
  20. We will escape with a victory. Wasn't pretty but being the first game and with some pieces missing I'll take it.
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