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  2. Good luck to the Panthers in 2021. I have to rely on my brother in law who is a Bath Springs resident for news about the team.
  3. You have been very fair. However, I think we can throw records out the window at this point. I hope for an injury free game. My son is a senior on the Lexington team, and I hope we pull it off. Either way, I'm just glad we had a season because his junior year of baseball got killed by Covid. I don't want any of that for these football teams.
  4. Don’t forget the livers and gizzards. Good luck BPM. I got You guys by 2 TD. Go get em.
  5. Too many weapons to double Parker all night.
  6. This is the truth observersd.Every expert knows o.r. has 460 more kids than south doyle.
  7. Question I have is when will the HC coach pull his starters to get ready for the championship game. Does he run the score up to send a message or does he pull them up like 35. Difficult decision, either way they win big. Doesn’t matter how many Wade brothers Summit has.
  8. https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/high-school/2020/11/24/tssaa-football-playoffs-semifinal-statewide-preview/6308030002/ There is the link. One guy picked Summit 38-14. Just scroll down to 5A.
  9. Heck with it I’ll say 32-28 Henry County.
  10. I believe the Cyclones win this one 42-16. They will contain the QB and wear down your big boys on both lines. Come 4th quarter, you will see many sucking wind and hands on hips. If you double and triple team Hughes, we will put him in the backfield for him to run wild! If you stack the line for Hughes, then you will be burned by Roberts and Holly. Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Go Cyclones!
  11. Today
  12. No dog in this fight either, but I'll take Maryville +38 if you're up for it
  13. Brave1

    LA vs ECS

    I hope you are correct but I know lots of alumni that fee like the school has sold their soul to the devil to win football games. Yes every coach should put their stamp on a program that’s what they are hired to do but this particular coach has been given resources that nobody else in that position have had.
  14. I garuntee I hope I can make it to Griders stadium tomorrow night. Wendy made pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dessert and I garuntee it has given me the trots. I have about read my entire Murphy Fair book today sitting on the Jon. I garuntee I will be calling my doctor in the morning if this mess doesnt go away. You think im joking but im not.
  15. Look forward to it ! This should be a heck of a ball game ! Hope for a injury free game for all .
  16. Il be sure to revisit this post tomorrow night at halftime to give you my take on the game.
  17. I think this is pretty much the thought of most.
  18. It’s not Nashville hot chicken. But Lees is a chicken joint in Milan we mentioned earlier. Get the spicy chicken. Not really very spicy but it’s the bomb. This fat boy highly recommends. Only problem is it’s drive thru only now and because it’s so good it can be very busy.
  19. i’d like to see anyone calling summit in a blow out. seems a bit far fetched. i think dang near everyone knows it’s gonna be a barn burner. i will say this though...going on the road won’t effect them the way you think it will. but we shall see. less than 24 hours til kick off! i’m already getting giddy haha. also if you wouldn’t mind posting a link to the live stream that would be awesome!
  20. I believe Nolo upsets the cyclones in Nolensville. NHS- 24 Elizabethton- 21
  21. Yes they did. Getting back to the actual game, no dog in this, but if you struggled that much with DB at home, you’re not going to be able to do much with Oakland on the road. I see a result similar to two years ago.
  22. I hope so, I think the Tomcats have improved a lot since those early season loses. Glad to hear they have looked good in practice.
  23. I am just saying we are battle tested and ready for the challenge The Tomcats look good in practice all week
  24. I thought I saw some of the guys talking about a place that served some good Nashville hot chicken in the area, if that is true what place would that be?
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