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  2. KEV-O

    Greeneville 2018

    What's up with Greeneville stadium upgrades? How are those coming along?
  3. GeneralAmerigha

    REGION 5 | 2A

    I agree EHS. I see the same 4 teams from R5 going to the playoffs. I'd love to get revenge for last year's 1 point OT loss.
  4. DevilMan03

    Greeneville @ DB

    No he plays defense for Greeneville and is the long snapper as well. You know the Tennessee commit
  5. ant no risk involved Booger just sayin
  6. FreeAgent11


    We got invited to a three way involving you guys and Moore County at Whitwell next week. If were able to make it, look forward to meeting some of you guys.
  7. Today
  8. blazer1set

    Greeneville @ DB

    Who is Will? Does he play defense for DB??
  9. rebelwoman87

    Mairvul Footbawl 2018

    4 weeks until football season!
  10. TwoSix

    Bledsoe County

    Any idea what Bledsoe will look like offensively & defensively? Will they stay w same system or does Coach Frady prefer something different?
  11. fb247

    Metro Rankings

    OPINIONS is all coacht is!! Your opinion is no better. Maybe PC does not agree with me ,but I am sure there are others on here that agree. Maybe you just need to ignore my posts. Just remember this, your thoughts and posts are just that, your thoughts and opinions, no better.
  12. cbg

    Who follows Goodwin at DCA?

    After speaking with several middle school and high school football coaches the numbers appear to be down in many schools. The bad publicity regarding head injuries seems to be a hot topic for the low numbers along with kids are just electing not to participate in any after school activities.
  13. 92Dragon

    REGION 3 - 5 A

    I agree. Matt has a way of building programs. If you can win at Kings Academy, you can win anywhere imo.
  14. MidTennFootball

    Clarksville City football

    Learn something new everyday. Long time ago indeed, Central hasn't had a football program since 1971
  15. Workforit247


    Since July of 2017, TSSAA passed the ruling that you don’t have to be a teacher to be a high school Head Coach.
  16. BamaRules


    Finally after over two years of a delusional athletic system some positive changes have been made in the past week. We have a new AD, moved our middle school program back to where it should have always been. Then to top it off hire someone that will actually be a role model and teach some discipline to these boys. Hopefully this positivity will continue on.
  17. rebelboy121


    A joke of an athletic department, time to shut it all down and let the kids coop with another school. Scott Smith I hate that you were done this way. Whoever takes this job is crazy. Let the school board coach them so they can play who they want to play.
  18. redmolly

    3A Region 4 2018

    Why is Cannon always last?
  19. GWAVE1

    Clarksville City football

    A long time ago Clarksville and Murf Central used to play regularly. Both were area powers along with Springfield.
  20. BVDevil

    Greeneville 2018

    I dont know much about Greeneville football but if i did, i would most likely say something like. " Those kids wearing devils on thier helmets should be ashamed of themselves...beating up on a those 6A teams like they do.... they're gona give those kids little brother syndrome.... hehehe"
  21. BVDevil

    Greeneville @ DB

    4 weeks from tonight 2 things will be settled....the score of this game and greenevilles 6 decade losing streak in kingsport
  22. BVDevil

    Greeneville @ DB

  23. FIREBIRD80

    Metro Rankings

    We good with our coaching staff! Keep your opinion to yourself, because nobody at PC cares about it.
  24. Sommers

    Wrestling Updates and Tidbits...

    Thanks Coach!! UTC Wrestling Coach Heath Eslinger Resigns Thursday, July 19, 2018 Heath Eslinger University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Mark Wharton announced the resignation of wrestling head coach Heath Eslinger today. Eslinger, who spent nine seasons as head coach of his alma mater, informed Wharton of his decision this morning. "It was always my hope that Heath Eslinger spend the rest of his career leading our wrestling program," stated Wharton. "He is an outstanding coach and an even better human being. We are certainly going to miss him. "As most of us know, he has become a sought-after public speaker and coaching mentor. He has an opportunity to couple that with his faith and follow a new career path. We wish him and his family nothing but the best as they embark on this new journey." Eslinger was hired on July 11, 2009 and went on to win six Southern Conference titles in nine seasons. He has a career record of 101-61 (.623), including an amazing 53-5 (.914) mark in SoCon matches. He was twice named the SoCon Coach of the Year (2011, 2013), and has coached two SoCon Wrestlers of the Year, two SoCon Tournament MVPs and three SoCon Freshmen of the Year. The Mocs have also brought home 25 individual league titles in this tenure. "I can't express my gratitude enough for the University, this department, our alumni and all of our student-athletes and coaches for the privilege of leading this program," stated Eslinger. "I have truly been blessed to be able to lead this team and be around such great people. "I am not leaving one thing, but rather running toward something that has been a passion of mine for several years. I will do everything I can to help move this program forward and position it for success in the future. I believe the best days are ahead for Chattanooga Wrestling and I know our administration is in full support. "My children have grown up here and we are grateful for the friends, colleagues, parents and many others who have made this special for all of us. I look forward to seeing what the future holds here and can't wait to see how God uses my family in the future." The Mocs have been at the forefront of the promotion of collegiate wrestling during Eslinger's tenure with the creation of the "Chattanooga Strong" brand. His aggressive marketing approach helped UTC set attendance records in Maclellan Gym, including a sold out crowd (2,639) for the Iowa match in 2013. Eslinger orchestrated the move of the Southern Scuffle to Chattanooga's McKenzie Arena in 2012. The Southern Scuffle has grown into the top in-season collegiate tournament in the nation. There has also been a marked improvement in the classroom under Eslinger's watch. The Mocs have finished in the top-10 in the nation in team grade-point-average among wrestling programs three times and topped a 3.0 GPA as a team for the first time in the fall of 2016. They repeated that feat with another 3.0 semester in the fall of 2017. "Kyle Ruschell will serve as the Interim Head Coach and we will begin a national search for a replacement immediately," added Wharton. "Like all of our positions at Chattanooga, I fully expect to receive interest from highly qualified candidates from across the country. Coach Eslinger carried on the outstanding tradition of Chattanooga Wrestling, and I look forward to finding the next person who is the right fit to lead our program."
  25. WilleTheWildcat

    REGION 3 - 5 A

    If I remember right, Jordan got hurt in track in his sophomore year. He never really healed from that injury and added some more bumps and bruises during the season last year. Two other things people pointed out last year is that teams focused on stopping Jordan and at times he was used as a decoy. This is a new year and I agree I expect him to do very well.
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