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  2. Then why have a state championship game at a site that’s having construction done and taking that chance of something going wrong? I’m pretty sure it was Huntingdon games when I was flipping through. I watched two pitches and turned it because you couldn’t even tell when the ball was being released when the camera was right behind a net
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  4. The middle Tennessee area is a desirable area for families moving from out of state.
  5. I wasn’t able to make the championship game but heard fans got parking tickets for parking on Mtsu campus.
  6. Several people got what they wanted. Personally, I’m not sure it was a good thing for the program. I know whoever the brave soul is that accepts this job better buckle up. I do think it was a good decision for Blake Satterfield.
  7. I’ll stay, we’ve historically been a .500 team…yes. We’ve also historically had some of the worst coaches known to man. Basketball and Baseball teams have always been successful because they had great coaching to go with the talent. Football team had the little drummer boy calling the plays until Brooks.
  8. You guys are a historically .500 ball team before the Groves kids. 2 yrs from now it will be back to business as usual. May have been one of the worst game we played all year as well. Part of that was the Indians were a good team. Keep hanging out in this thread
  9. Just glad we didn’t have to dive into another state to pull kids to beat someone. It’ll go eventually, but if it does it won’t be to yall. Still have alot more to improve to beat us. We played one of our worse games of the year and still won by 3 possessions.
  10. Maybe to play for their dad who is a coach. Enjoy this run you guys are on. It goes as quick as it comes.
  11. Kids don’t move their senior year for nothing!
  12. Who said anything about recruiting??
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  14. more recruiting to beat a homegrown ER team?
  15. That’s awesome! Nothing better than seeing some hometown kids bring it home to their city.
  16. Gordonsville loses two seniors and should be a heavy favorite for the 3 peat. Word on the street is that they have an elite upcoming freshman that is ranked very highly in her class,incoming.
  17. LOPAO, Earholing the Warriors was always a joy, actually playing them became too many mercy rules.
  18. Let’s hope not, it’ll make everything easier!
  19. Judging from what teams lost last year I would say 1.) Cloudland (Top dog until someone beats them) 2-5.) Cosby, Jellico, North Greene, Unaka (Arrange them in any order Jellico and Unaka lost the most) 6.) Hancock (They lost all of their best athletes in a big senior class last season)
  20. Some systems give credit for previous years in other states, but I don't know if Anderson County is one of those systems.
  21. I have twins who play for cloudland and I guarantee vacation would be canceled before they would miss the state tournament. Maybe I'm missing something here. Anyway, good luck on getting back. We return some key players and should be back in the sectional again
  22. Coach Keith has only been here 4 years after coming from Kentucky so I don't think he would have tenure.
  23. No, I know for a fact those kids grew up with each other and played travel ball, pee-wee, etc. for years. Combination of a really good feeder program, some great luck in getting a whole group of talented kids in an age group, and, quite frankly, some money to boost their development.
  24. Wartburg had a great showing for their first ever trip. Played the entire tournament without one of their starters due to a vacation and another starter left for vacation after the first day. That wouldn’t have made a difference in the Gordonsville games. Wartburg should be back there next year with only having to replace 2 starters.
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