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  2. Any chance some school districts play or is it going to be a full cancellation everywhere?
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  4. I agree with this. Well said. Sad times and poor leadership all around.
  5. Kids gotta be in school. If they aren’t you can flat out forget about sports. If kids are in school there will probably be some sort of season. Metro not being in school is a bad signal. I know, “Quit being negative”. That would be like me telling my doctor to quit being negative about my high blood pressure. It’s still there. We can shoulda, coulda, this ain’t right, masks, no masks, liability, no liability, Governor gonna get beat or ain’t, T$$AA this that and the other. That’s just how it’s going to be.
  6. Metro schools just announced virtual learning only until Labor day, no other choice.
  7. Baseball and softball here got in one regular season game apiece, others may have gotten in a tournament before it was all shut down. All the different scenarios-worst to best case-for football and other sports should have been studied since then, there has obviously been time to do so with no games. Maybe it's the wrong view but it seems as if they've been blindsided.
  8. read what i said. I said plan on playing only to have them in a few weeks saying no. They are not saying no now to keep people happy. Just postponing the inevitable .
  9. This makes sense but would require leadership and some extra work and some courage. All have been in short supply.
  10. It shouldn't be an all-or-none situation for football or other sports. Those school districts that want to allow it-pending governor's orders-should be allowed to do so. It may take some late shake-up with scheduling. If a substantial amount of schools aren't playing, allow teams to schedule all games on their own without regions then divide into playoffs by school populations for classes/winning percentage for seeding. Number of classes depending on how many teams participating. Baseball and softball clearly could have been played in the summer, there have been youth teams playing all over for weeks. Still disappointed at that.
  11. The issue is that one can sign a waiver for themselves and then go home and give it to somebody else that did not sign a waiver. You are sending mixed signals when you mandate masks, make kids sit 6 feet apart in school and shut down certain businesses but then allow everybody to travel from county to county to go to football games on Friday night.
  12. you can't actually sign away a right to sue for negligence.
  13. For Governor Lee: https://www.tn.gov/governor/contact-us.html For legislators: http://www.capitol.tn.gov/legislators/ Seems to me, hoops have to be gone through to contact them.
  14. Dallas, TX Superintendent said "I am fairly sure there will be no Texas high school football this year." Football is king in Texas, this could be huge in other states determining the "best" course of action. I hate it for all the seniors, been waiting on this all their lives. Have everyone sign a waiver and lets Tee it up. IF you are uncomfortable and scared STAY AT HOME.
  15. A lot of great posts on here lately! Well done everyone. It’s good to see common sense and logic still going strong nowadays.
  16. Yeah it is a bad deal. TSSAA been asleep all summer and “shocked” at the news of the government Executive Order and said they were caught off guard. They should have been communicating with coaches and AD’s all summer putting out guidelines. I talked to a coach at length about a month ago and he said TSSAA told schools they were in charge of guidelines...etc..I think that is the problem. Other associations are being leaders in other states.
  17. I have contacted my state legislators (which I normally don't do) and told them how ridiculous their handling of the COVID-19 issue has been. I'm still greatly disturbed that the Governor was tracing our cell phones earlier this year and then ordered a stay-at-home edict. Students have a higher percentage chance of dying in an automobile accident than dying from COVID-19, so should we stop allowing students to drive to school? The Ford Hospital released a study that showed hydroxychloroquine is 99% effective against COVID-19. We don't need to wait for a vaccine. There are going to be outbreaks of COVID- 19. Are we going to wait for 0 cases before we start living again? What's the next shut down going to be about? Governor Lee approves pro and college football, but NOT high school football. How ridiculous is that? In this time of extreme racial divisions, we need the great racial uniter, high school athletics! Please write your legislators and tell them to get off their part-time butts and get to work! It is their job even if it is only their part-time job.
  18. This isn't TSSAA-specific, but definitely fall football related. Ohio State shutdown all voluntary workouts yesterday, due to a deluge of positive COVID cases, although they aren't publicly reporting exactly how many. Rumor is that the Big Ten is now planning to delay fall football, and could cancel the season altogether. This is a big change from the league's stance just a couple of weeks ago.
  19. https://fox17.com/news/local/tn-icu-bed-capacity-drops-below-400-doctors-warn-of-disaster-scenario
  20. Biggest concern about playing in the spring is that possibly there could be a new resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. What if he shuts sports down for a couple of years. You have liberals wanting that done now.
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