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  2. He doesn’t but it wasn’t worth addressing. Cane Ridge went out early last year. I believe 1st round against Clarksville. We have already played Smyrna this year as we do every year We were in the quarterfinals last year against Summit. I do believe we are set up to make a run. Are we gonna make it, who knows but I believe we have as good a shot as anyone. Can we win it, that would be a stretch. For the record I think we have competed well the last 2 years in 6a considering we are one of the very smallest schools in 6a.
  3. I know that these 2 Regions are not the cream of the crop in 2A. I think everyone agrees that Riverside is the team to beat. With that being said how do you think the match up in the playoffs will go between the regions?
  4. Do you really think Cascade will move up to 3A?
  5. The facility is really good. Reminder it hosted an epic semifinal game last year with a huge West Tennessee crowd. I am pretty sure City will not bring as many fans as Peabody brought last year. If I am not mistaken it was the Bethel University old field until they built there new facilty.
  6. Last 3 meetings between these teams 2021 Westy 9- 6 2020 Westy 35-7 2019 ER 27-7 Total Points Westy 50 - ER 40
  7. Exactly cause last years game was better than advertised. Dresden just not in that tier and thought they was for beating cupcake teams. They wasting gas coming to City round 2 they’ll see just how good City is then. Never been to McKenzie but I hope they can hold the crowd for what’s gonna be there to watch that one will be one heck of an environment.
  8. BVD has had health issues but doing better and has great videos of the Devils.
  9. This is the second year for Beech in 6A. Last year region 5 swept region region. Not saying it will happen again, but let’s not pretend you have a clue what you’re talking about.
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  11. Where is the face palm emoji? Between this comment and some others I feel it's warranted... That said, I'd hate to be stuck in any kind of adverse situation with some of you all with your doom & gloom mindset. I promise you our coaches don't feel that way. Some of you all should go back and reexamine what Maryville Mentality actually stands for... I assure you it's not some slogan we put on a shirt for $#!+$ & giggles.
  12. When everything is going good for you it’s GREAT!!!! BUT let’s all point fingers and blame and be POUR sports and losers….And everybody just quit….that’s the way to handle it….That’s what is wrong with or society today!!! Sounds like everyone involved needs to look into a mirror….. Just face the facts your team is not very good….Franklin kid is great but he can’t do it all by himself…..This what’s 2 years of success does to you….They is gonna be down years where rebuilding takes place at your smaller schools….It happens everywhere…
  13. In 5A maybe, but this is 6A Remember both of their state titles were in 5A Also the last time they were 6A they did not do so well thats why they moved down Cane Ridge would smoke them like they did when both were in 5A together Overton would beat them as would McGavock Even Smyrna is better even though Smyrna has lost in the first rund last several years Beech will be lucky to get to the Second Round Quarterfinals would be the absolute Ceiling before Cane Ridge tears them apart again
  14. We have a coach who tells the paper that we couldn't compete if we passed the ball. I have literally seen us score on defenses with D1 players when we had pass happy offenses. Um how about Oakland? That's just one of many examples but I think it's the only one needed because their defense is elite.
  15. You're right...they were as much of a pair as Abbott/Costello and Laurel/Hardy, and it was no act. I talked to 'Ol Butchie some time after Duckman passed, and he as much as said that he was done posting because it was just a bad reminder. I hoped that he would gradually come back, but respect his reason not to.
  16. What kind of team does dekalb county have this season? Can someone tells about tbe there team.
  17. Right on all counts. Clearly, you had some inside info or a crystal ball. I would have been disappointed with a 21-7 loss. Fans were outraged by a 21-17 loss late last season to a 3-5 ERobertson. And then this. I will apologize for you traveling and paying $7 to watch that. That will go down as one of the worse performances on Forrest's field in school history. As you said a pick'em on paper. Cascade was playing for a #4 seed and Forrest still had a chance to win the region. No excuses for that effort. A running clock at 6:00 of the 3rd quarter and several dropped passes prevented Cascade from scoring 70. We are predictable and stale. The game looked like a scout offense going against the first string and the starters were listening to the play in the huddle. These kids have been running those same 3 plays for 8-10 years and we looked like a group of exchange students got together on Monday to install an offense. We couldn't block. We couldn't hold a hand off. Backs didn't know where to line up and ran into each other. Special teams were just as bad and the defense is the worst unit in the region, possibly in all of 2A. Trajectory. That is the issue and what GeneralF and I post about. Yes, the program had success over the last 5 years but we can't beat teams when the athletes on the field are even and the opposing coach watches film. This was a painful 48 minute- We told you so. No player retention or development. We have a great chance to be one of the top teams in 2A over the next 4 years but not without change.
  18. Yeah they finally started calling holding after our coach had a talk with the refs. Watch the film and tell me how many holding calls they missed on clay co that was right in front of the ref. I mean complete tackles it was crazy. The game got out of hand in the first half because they wouldn’t call holding and one of our best lineman that played both ways got tossed and missed the second half of the clay game and the entire whites creek game. The film don’t lie. Take a look at it
  19. Cornersville is done. No playoffs in their future, they’re turning their equipment in in a couple weeks and what should’ve been a great team was ruined by a lack of want to, lack of good coaching, and poor handling of the coaching search by the administration. Waddell will go the way of every other Cornersville coach not named Stocstill or Randolph, just another guy who filled the role. I love Big Ben, I love Bradden Hickman, I love Riley Qualls, and I love so many guys on that team. I hope for bens sake he leaves and does better things because Cornersville is done this year and for the next few years.
  20. 2015. Walt was a once in a generation talent. Kid was absolutely an incredible athlete. He could score 5 or 6 TDs, throw a no hitter and hang 40 on you on the court. He could do it all very well. I believe he graduated from Memphis on a baseball scholarship this spring. Taking nothing away from Zeman. He could take over a game on offense or defense. Walt just had more talent around him.
  21. I believe it will like it was last time tbh, we will be with HC, DC, and the Clarksville schools, and you guys will be somewhere with the the Nashville schools, could be wrong, but that is just a guess...
  22. Devilman is who MJG is probably referring to? BVD which is short for BigVolDaddy, is the one who made some videos in the past for the Greene Devil football team. I hope to see some new videos coming from BVD for the post season.
  23. 45-14 and you want to blame it on special teams. You can't say you were ready last year when you bring up they had issues that you have fixed now and will be ready this year, it can't be both my guy
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