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  2. Tony has done one heck of a job starting from ground zero and building the Lakeway Program!
  3. Are you sure this is fact and not hearsay? I’m pretty sure that now that their season is over there is no practice, and if McCord is hurt as bad as everyone says with a concussion and all, I doubt he’s even at school.
  4. So the son admits that he did it and he admits that it wasn’t over things that were said during the week that lead up to the game between the DC staff and their players. Therefore, nothing was said to Shields. From my perspective there was no altercation or exchange of words at Arlington high school that night. The report says that Shields’ son, was caught on camera changing clothes to all black and shows him waiting for the DC crowd to leave. It is on record that it took the DC fans, players, and coaches over a half hour to leave the locker room and gym. This proves that it was premeditated. Also the report states that the son ran towards the DC group after they had walked outside so he was running at them from behind. No doubt in my mind that he did this and had bad intentions for hours maybe even days prior. Also in the police report it says that the tag number of the getaway car for the son was given to the authorities, and it came back as one of the Arlington players and several of them were identified as being at the scene and fleeing in this vehicle. You have to remember this was done with a group of around 30-40 people, so there were a lot of eye witnesses. You can spin this as much as you want, and it sucks that it happened and that the girls can take continue on, but Arlington needs to look at its leadership. This is the 2nd occurrence that had to do with fighting. Also Arlington was popped twice for playing 2 ineligible players. One from MS and one from a private school. Maybe Shields isn’t the answer and they need to part ways with her. That seems like the best play for AHS. I hate it for their girls though, but you have to lay the blame on their leadership.
  5. Good game tonight.I wish Oak Ridge couldve hit some shots tonight but just how it goes sometimes.Oak Ridge is at their best when they play fast and go all out.This team turns it over way too much trying to play a half court inside out game.We can win Monday but we need some key players to step up.J.Miller needs to play like he can.I didnt hear the scoring run down but I only remember him scoring once.I would love to see Oak Ridge and Beardon play 10 more times.Maybe if Oak Ridge can upset DB we can play again.
  6. I mentioned to several of their fans to bring back the Gold Ball and they always seem glass half empty. Just the facts.
  7. Yeah I’m hearing all kinds of things. I will put my faith in the committee to make the right choice for the kids. That is first priority.
  8. I’m from Celina, so obviously I’m rooting for Clay. They have 10 losses, but 6 of those are to Macon County (2) and Clarkrange (4). The other four came to Livingston, Sunbright, Lipscomb, and Pickett. They “upset” a 24-2 Van Buren team due to playing their tough schedule. I think that it helps them here again. Definitely home court for Huntland will be huge. I hear that each team only has 200 tickets to sell. I hate it that the atmosphere will be hindered by that. I’ll take Clay in a single digits win.
  9. Totally the truth. Quit trying to hide the truth. It’s no secret McCord has a bad attitude and thinks he can do no wrong.
  10. Wow really? Can you read? I believe I wrote it in black and white.
  11. Social media had nothing to do with it. The player standing up for Shields and getting kicked out of practice is a fact. That was a phone call to Shields not social media. So how was it planned? How do you know it was planned? It was fueled by McCord talking crap. Simple as that. He got his butt handed to him on a silver player and got out coached.
  12. I think it’s possible. During my time in metro, Overton had some of the best athletes in their zone. Problem is you have to recruit to retain your own zoned kids. You can’t have the privates poaching your best players. Coach Anderson was a class act and one heck of a football coach. His Overton teams were always well coached and hard nosed.
  13. That is the truth and too many came from experienced players. We can fix the problem though.
  14. Knock knock. Who's there? Better duck and cover because the Atomic City is about to go BOOM on your rear ends,
  15. And cut down the turnovers, man we've had a ton the past couple a games.
  16. Again your filthy mouth coach and so called christian man provoked this whole thing. Unfortunately it caught up to him in a bad situation.
  17. I was referencing him going to Scottsboro but if he were an option for SP I still think It would be a homerun hire. I do see what your saying about his style of offense but his record speaks for itself. There are some interesting things going on behind the scenes. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.
  18. I think Coach Green will come up with a plan to defeat DB. We must get out to a fast start and keep the momentum. RWR!
  19. Oh it’s a FACT. So don’t try to disregard it. Everyone knows the girl got kicked out of practice for it.
  20. If you are sincere, and have been opinionated without the desired result, take it to the next level and run for your district's school board seat. Kids need advocates, not politicians.
  21. Oakland coming to Bradley Central Stone travels to Blackmon best wishes to both Region 3 AAA teams!
  22. Good win by Bearden. We (OR) let ourselves get too far behind, and just ran out of time, but we showed a ton of heart and effort to make it into a really close game in the end. The press really had Bearden reeling there, for a bit. Tremendous defense by both teams was played tonight. Definitely the two best teams in this area in AAA, no question.
  23. He's a heckuva coach. 313-53 with 5 state titles and 2 runner ups.
  24. Can’t argue with this post. Ever since we have moved in the same district with them some have acted a little out of hand in the bigger games sometimes. Great team, but just have some poor sports in the crowd
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