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  2. Ok thank you I would rather pay more and not wait in line
  3. Knew it was a bunch. Has had one heck of a year, Great kid to boot.
  4. Peabody RB Ganaway had 232 rushing yards and 33 receiving yards for 6 total touchdowns Friday. 7 game total of 968 yards rushing and 15 TDs. 4 of the 7 games he played 2 or less of the 4 quarters.
  5. I am not sure. I’ll ask around and get back to you.
  6. Yeah He probably has about 1600 yards on the year and over 20tds. My brother in law should be able to add them up.
  7. Marion County quarterback/running back Taye Hutchins!
  8. Yep that what happens when you play in a large county that now has eight 6A programs. Would have been hard enough to get a good number there on a Friday, much less Thursday. Probably will be more people from Jasper than Oakland
  9. Today
  10. Jackson County had 25 guys (at most) in uniform on Friday night. You can definitely tell that their coaches get the absolute most from what they have to work with. Them beating Maplewood and qualifying for the state playoffs is a big thing. Their game against Stratford at the end of the year will determine the 3/4 seeds in the region. Smith County looked very good and really dominated the game from the outset. You can definitely see that it's a community that loves their football and wants it to get back to where Gary Rankin and Jimmy Maynard had it in years past. Their final two games of the season against Macon County and East Nashville will be good battles with the last game being for the Region 5-3A Championship and homefield advantage in the playoffs.
  11. I wonder if he pays them with coupons??
  12. Point on and well stated.
  13. There were 7 total out against Huntingdung. 3 of them are out for the year. We have gotten 2 of the others back and they were both starting linemen so that helps some. Our last 2 games we have won 50-6 and 34-7 so we are playing better but it was against sub par teams. I hope getting some people healthy and the new guys having some time in their new roles will have us ready. But you guys are rolling this season.
  14. Yes South Greene played Daniel Boone and Knox Catholic earlier in the season too. I hope it helps region 1 teams down the road. I guess we will see. I know it can't hurt as long as you stay away from the injury bug.
  15. And you guys do it better than anyone. I've become a fan.
  16. .......yes, stay away from the back parking lot of Miller Funeral home!
  17. For some reason Hume has not lived up to their ability if can find their groove could cause fly in the ointment
  18. Barney doesn't climb ladders.....he hires illegals to do the work!
  19. I have noticed some of the Region 1 teams trying to step up and play tougher competition
  20. JRB

    D2 AAA

    Latest standings according to Coach T: East 1. McCallie 4-0 2. MBA 2-1 3. Pope 2-2 4. Knox Catholic 2-2 5. Baylor 1-2 6. FRHS 0-4 West 1. Briarcrest 4-0 2. Ensworth 3-0 3. MUS 2-1 4. BA 1-1 5. SBA 0-2 6. CBHS 0-4
  21. Birchfield kid has some crazy rushing #s but they are not listed in the press, he more than likely leads this area in rushing. Has to be one of the very top in 1a.
  22. JRB

    D2 AAA

    Lou - Andrew can certainly boom it. He made a 55 yarder earlier in the season that came down as a defensive penalty extended the drive.
  23. County farm teams, you mean the area murvul annexed this year! try and get to WB without going through murvul city. When will murvul try annexing Walland....
  24. JRB

    D2 AAA

    Agreed. It was difficult to see from the broadcast so I am certain what happened. Late hit I assumed.
  25. I agree with you on the competition standpoint however we have tried scheduling better comp this year. Pigeon Forge and also Daniel Boone coming up in week 10(don't let Boone's record deceive you, they took Elizabethton and Science Hill to the wire this year. They are a solid 5a school) now whether it helps us this year or not remains to be seen.
  26. Going to need to narrow it down more than that! Lol.
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