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  2. Not as familiar with Monterey as York but they’re definitely on the radar. Anytime you can sling the ball around you can be dangerous.
  3. I’m not counting them out by any means. Given our current coaching uncertainties I can honestly see us anywhere from 1 through 4 in region 2 this year. Depends on how we hire.
  4. I'm gonna keep an eye on this Monterey team.I have a feeling you are correct.
  5. Today
  6. Rather have a team miss a summer season and hire the right coach, than not miss a summer season and hire the wrong coach. Schools should take their tIme.
  7. Was here until 7th I believe and moved to Dunlap for a few years but came back home.
  8. Who’s the new kid? From Whitwell?
  9. Gibson County just beat Trenton in extra innings 7-6 in a sloppy game by both sides. Proud of Gibson County for gutting one out, but this tournament isn’t over by a long shot.
  10. Just need to stay healthy. An injury here or there at key positions would change a lot.
  11. Just saying South Gibson has kids come in all the time there from all over. Believe a big time coach would easily sway good players there way. They have a big time real estate market in Medina and folks are looking for a reason to move there.
  12. Or maybe give these coaches a chance before you try to go about casting stones.
  13. I think you might have the team to beat in 2A. I don’t really like Jasper but I think you will be a very good team. No one can match the size AND speed together.
  14. They're probably 300 after dinner tonight lol
  15. Just go get David Wilkins and all kinds of kids will transfer in.
  16. That’s just a couple more Big Macs.
  17. 1. Meigs is the odds on favorite in the east for sure. Return a very good team but the road to the title game will be tougher this year with a change in region. 2. Watertown returns some good kids. They just have to get over that hump. 3. Marion isn't really that young. Maybe 16, 17 or 18 seniors. A lot of 3 yr starters. Arguably the biggest team we've ever had and possibly the fastest. Very hungry kids too. 4. Hampton is a team to really watch out for. Could be a tough matchup for a semi game. 5. Not familiar with York lately so I'll take the guys opinions on here that know them better.
  18. Respect. Them and Monterey will shock some people this year.
  19. Your actually a good young man I'm very proud of for going after your degree and now working on your masters and over coming great odds most would give up on. Your opinion about passive-aggressive on me has a few traits but not all. A lot of my personality and habits may have started early as high school playing football for a winning hard demanding coach and may be why I am so critical on others. Winning is the only thing I can understand and I take that right into my business. Has a lot to do why I've been very successful. I've dealt with a lot of bad azzes as a general contractor over the years and at least half a dozen are doing life in prison I've had face to face confrontations with that nearly came to blows so getting in someone's face is pretty much what I do quite a bit. I'm very sorry if I have hurt your feelings or anyone else at WB or any other school but I expect only the best and sometimes you have to rattle peoples cages to get their attention. I hope your calling games on the radio again this year and really enjoyed listening to you when I was able to tune in.
  20. Indian

    Class AA 2021

    Sequatchie 17-1 over Marion in 2.5 innings. Sequatchie and Bledsoe advance to region. District Final is Monday.
  21. 100% You must of went to their worst games. The QB threw for over 3,100 yards. https://www.unapproved website.com/high-schools/franklin-admirals-(franklin,tn)/football/stats.htm
  22. Just went final against UC. LC wins a close one 2-1. Didn’t see a second of it so I don’t really know anything! From watching game changer it looked like Parker Gordon threw a dandy! Sorry I’ve been in Jackson all day playing with a bunch out of Gibson Co so I’m low on energy and information lol
  23. Where they really the number 1 passing offense? I saw them play twice and was not really impressed with their offense. Did think the defense was pretty good though
  24. And honestly the Powell team was players from Powell Middle . The Baby Roadrunners team (13u this year) will be glad to play Alcoa . Post the coach info and tell him to don’t decline the offer . No knox county team has players from 1 middle school area that’s why the Mac league is so questionable but set the game up I’ll get in touch with the AE coach and I’ll tell him now
  25. Yesterday
  26. He wouldn't say anything to anyone's face. Barney is very passive aggressive. That is kind of his whole thing.
  27. Except y'all do that 2 or 3 games a season. NG and UH do that over half their seasons. Apples & oranges.
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