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  1. Past hour
  2. ysoangry

    Lake Co @ Freedom Prep

    Good luck both teams and safe travels to all. Thinking Lake County 42, Prep 28
  3. jimmycrackedthatcorn

    Mt. Juliet vs Oakland

    Good luck Coach Creasy and his Patriots. Rooting for you in TC.
  4. This should be a great game.
  5. ysoangry

    UC @ Peabody (Golden Tradition) (Gold Rush)

    Good luck boys from warm sunny Florida!!!! Stay safe, both teams.
  6. jimmycrackedthatcorn

    Trousdale heads to Watertown for some Revenge

    Fight to the finish Jackets. It is do or die tonight.
  7. ysoangry


    Good luck both teams tonight. Should be a good one.
  8. Watching that footage reminds me of our 87 game on that hard concrete field.lol.Footballs alot more finesse now.Back then it was all blunt force trauma!
  9. Yep totally useless,i say they will have a separate entrance.If not its not worth the xtra dollar.
  10. rlh

    Old CoachT Posters. Where are they now?

    We know the cataclysm that led to the departure of 2/3rds of them followed by the rest after Jasper drama a couple years later.
  11. It gives you the opportunity for something to go wrong . . . cold whack out your device . . . poor signal for some reason . . .
  12. orngnblk

    Quarterfinals Coalfield @ Greenback

    Yes sir!Looking forward to seeing inprovement from last week!
  13. QSouth89

    Best team in District 3-AAA?

    Powell is really talented team. Them and Oak Ridge should be an entertaining game.

    Farrah-Gut sales intwo tha Skeetur

    I would like to congratulate the MHS seniors on their accomplishments both on and off the field.....One last time to pull on that black shirt at home tonight....So go out there and lay it on the line.....
  15. Nope not Price... Game Day... Safe Travels
  16. WarChant

    Quarterfinals Coalfield @ Greenback

    I’m just hoping this game will be a lil louder... that last game between us was the quietest game I’ve ever watched. Hoping for a injury free game. Gonna be a good night for football!!!!! Gback 42 coal 13


    They watch Huntingdung HUDL videos for entertainment
  18. Today
  19. bahahahaha, best post yet.....i will say this about Packer though....in his defense, he doesnt just suck, he screws up alot too
  20. Imthayeti

    South Greene @ Meigs County - Quarterfinals

    This isn't a knock Crow, but you watching any games this weekend bud?
  21. I got my sideline pass in the mail today from the TSSAA . At the bottom it says in parenthesis "Anderson countys last game of 2018 ."
  22. This post shows who the SMART people in anderson county are. Make sure you hang on to that shirt, you will need it 2 more times this year.
  23. tnredskin

    Quarterfinals Coalfield @ Greenback

    Best of luck tonight to the Cherokees!! The Redskin Nation will be cheering you on!! Looking forward to a great night of football!
  24. cornerback10


    Yeah, it’ll be a few years until we’re back on par with these Cornersville teams. The middle school group we have now is 49-1 dating back to flag. The same core grew up playing together similar to our current senior class.
  25. jeffery6


    ITS GAME DAY BEEEEOOOOOCCCCCCCHHHHHHEEEEESSSSSSSSS. Good luck to each team, safe travels to the away team. Lets go Pioneer nation. Pioneers 26 Central 21.......... We will miss an extra point or two lol.
  26. crow

    South Greene @ Meigs County - Quarterfinals

    Meigs is better this year than last, SG and Oneida played a close one. Honestly oneida was average at best this year and Meigs romped us. I hope y'all have a great game but honestly I see Meigs winning going away. Their line will be the best line by far SG has saw and will be a huge difference in this one I think. Won't have to wait long now to find out at least.
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