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  2. Southtowner

    Sonny Moore 1A Top 10 9-18-18

    I just checked Sonny Moore's archives. Union City was rated #24 in the state at the end of their championship run in 2014. That was back to back 1A titles and a 27 game winning streak at the time.
  3. Amannamedhorse


    Alcoa had about 5 D1 signees on that team didn’t they?
  4. orngnblk

    GCA at Greenback

    D-line played really good at OS got good pressure and a couple sacks,i dont think GCAs line is as good (i say that toungue in cheek) as OS.We have to get pressure on him and if we do he will fold.Hit him a couple times and it takes him out of his game.I say this but we also have to be solid on the run game,last year they streaked us up the gut!
  5. Southtowner

    AP POLL CLASS 1A SEPT 17 2018

    I've been leaning that way pujo.
  6. 1. Freedom Prep 2. MAHS 3. Central 4. White Station 5. Lausanne 6. ECS 7. FACS 8. Arlington 9. Ridgeway 10. Brighton 11. Southwind 12. Ensworth 13. Collierville  14. Harding Academy 15. Raleigh Egypt 16. Chester Co 17. Tipton Rosemark 18. Germantown (how is this a BGIM?) 19. MUS 20. North Panola
  7. repoman

    2018-2019 8AA

    Gregory may be destined to be a better college player or better next year, I 'll agree to that.. Carter game as of now may not translate to the next level like Gregorys will,but Carter at this time is a better "high school" player. Take Carter off Macon they are battling for 3rd and 4th. Take Gregory off they still have chance to win the district.
  8. Southtowner

    Sonny Moore 1A Top 10 9-18-18

    I'm not sure what they were last week. I thought Sonny's website was down for a bit. Not saying you're wrong but top 25 in the state for a 1A team is rare and could only come most likely after a championship run. Again I didn't see last week's ratings.
  9. orngnblk

    GCA at Greenback

    Thanks good luck to you all also
  10. WarChant

    GCA at Greenback

    You can stream it on rivalrythursday.com
  11. sum1uno

    GCA at Greenback

    Thanks and good luck to y’all Kees.
  12. Romansfive8

    Who would win Alcoa or Greenville

    Road Trip! Bus leaves at noon!
  13. Gbnation

    GCA at Greenback

    Radio Greenback.com
  14. I got a free Blaze Pizza last night in Alcoa.
  15. SuperBowlKid1489

    Peabody vs Dresden

    No way Peabody doesn't win this by a lot. Would have been a fun game to see with a healthy Dresden squad, but with Yates down not looking good. Jones is a heck of a player, but not going to be nearly enough!
  16. sum1uno

    GCA at Greenback

    Any radio stations streaming the game?
  17. GBO52

    Jo Byrns @ Westmoreland

    Word is they have a lot of staters out. Is that the case?
  18. Rockstar89

    Dickson County

    I agree Brentwood is #1, and then its a revolving door for that #2 position in District 11 with some drop off. It's my personal opinion that teams like Dickson County, Page, Ravenwood, Independence & Summit if in a different Region than 6 would *likely* qualify for state and have a chance to win a game (I'm not saying compete for the title necessarily). I could be wrong. They just seem like too decent of teams to leave off the dance floor completely. To also answer above, Dickson's best wins are Goodpasture, Station Camp, Nolensville, Hazel Green (AL). They have Wilco wins against Summit, Independence & Franklin. They won the Rocky Top Sevierville Tourney & The Mid TN tourney. With so many games, even if it is a softer schedule, to have the fortitude to win 30+ games is a feat. A date with Camden is coming up next week. They should solidly win, but it will be a good game. With 8 seniors, Dickson does have quite the dropoff for next year though. So I hope they get a chance to compete beyond Region to see what they can do. it's a fun time of the year!
  19. TynerRamFan

    Whitwell Tigers @ Polk County Wildcats

    The speed will definitely be the difference.
  20. WarChant

    GCA at Greenback

    I’m gonna say the Cherokees come out ready this week!!! We definitely can’t come out slow against the rams or we will be in trouble. Our dbs are gonna have to step up and make some big plays and we have to get pressure on the qb
  21. ElizabethGrace1320

    2018-2019 8AA

    Reagan Hurst is one of the best players in this area. I’m pretty sure the coaches would take her.
  22. orngnblk

    GCA at Greenback

    Just what i was thinking,was rolling last night and this morn...then it died.lol
  23. WarChant

    GCA at Greenback

    Tomorrow is game day and this thread is dead
  24. orngnblk

    York @ Oneida

    Should be a good game.
  25. Red Rebels

    Who would win Alcoa or Greenville

    It's all about that third E. That's what make Greeneville, EVIL!
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