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  2. BarneySox2007

    William vs Jeff

    Well this is one of the two games I said they will have to want it more but after watching last week this team doesn't know what that means. Jefferson County by 17
  3. BarneySox2007

    Tennessee or Florida

    After last weekend I'm worried if we can beat Charlotte and go 3 and 9 like I predicted before the season.
  4. Jim1972

    GCA at Greenback

    last time I heard a couple guys got met up with Hemi 41 it didn't turn out too well I think I'll leave him alone.
  5. Today
  6. peabodypride


    Dude what you said,Trenton went up to NCS with a dominate team that year and got embarrased!!! We got mercied!They went out AMD built that team just to beat UC
  7. peabodypride

    Sonny Moore 2A Top 10 9-17-18

    Golden Tide was 38,the weakness of Humboldt did drop us and the Halls, several have said on Tha T'"rankings dont matter" to a large degree they are correct!Its about "The way you match up" and at what point do you play that certain team! That being said I leave yall with a RTR!!!!!!
  8. peabodypride

    Peabody vs Dresden

    Great post my friend! I know the future is still bright for Dresden,I just think it may very well be a couple year's out! Come Friday night you will see a very different Golden Tide than you've become acustom to. We have scary balance offensively and defensively,that being said the Lions are proud and will not be scared or lay down because PHS Is "supposed" to win! There are no givens, none,no matter who you are!!! I do believe this will be a running clock but I am for sure homerish for my G.T. !I hope do hope to see a bigley Dresden crowd friday,and I hope to see you Hevy R.!!ROLL GOLDEN TIDE FLOOD THA LIONS!
  9. ladykee

    GCA at Greenback

    Oh on the contrary.....we can’t be having your QB sitting back there for 5 minutes picking our secondary apart!
  10. rnorris92

    Marshall County hosts Maplewood

    So did he take a knee or attempt to take a knee? That is the problem I have with your comment bleacher. If he attempted but did not take a knee he is then fair game to tackle, if he did indeed take a knee (not attempt) then it most definitely should have been a penalty on the Tigers. But to say they submarined to get the ball, I hate to break it too you, its all legal and part of the game. They were playing until the final seconds run off the clock.
  11. Mavericksinflight

    Anderson County at Heritage

    Congratulations to AC on a big win last week with Howard. Considering the circumstances AC still top team in the state. Proud of the offense and defense. I think when the time is right AC will pull out the arsanal. AC takes heritage easily and stays healthy! Go Maverick Players keep on playing tough!
  12. HevyReturns

    Peabody vs Dresden

    I gotta admit it was tough to see last weeks game where Greenfield spanked us good. And Dresden has had the same experience of a sweet victory where we finally beat a team that we hadn't for what seemed like forever, and now it was Greenfield's turn, like West Carroll the week before. Maybe this will spur those programs to keep creating competitive teams, which the better all our fellow-region 7 teams are, the better everyone becomes. Right? And top teams need to learn how to win with grace & humility, and take it's setbacks the same way, along with learning from it all as well. But what's causing real angst (<<there's a good word for semantical study) it's not just losing on the scoreboard that's painful, but more players were hurt last week, too. One thing for sure, 1A Region 7 is wide open now. And Dresden will definitely be facing impossible odds this Friday at Peabody, but hey, anything can happen in football, right? Ha. It's always good to have PMA, even when falling off a cliff, right? (wow. Look how far I can see! So this is what a bird feels like, eh? I wonder if....). Another problem is we are not as deep as we've been in other years, so no doubt quite a few freshman & sophomores will be playing & getting experience, which could bode well in the future, maybe even creating some surprises Friday night. It is true that everything happens for a reason, and sometimes it takes many years to catch a glimpse of what that may be (and even may have to wait until the other side of reality where all things will be made clear), but in sports, real players & champion-hearted people will fearlessly & enthusiastically go out against extreme odds and give it their all, competing at 110%, and the results will be what they will. Keep playing hard Lions, never give up, give out, or give in, just keep giving it your all, all the time! Good luck to both teams, and it would be good to see one game where nobody was hurt from either side! GOOOO LIONS!
  13. orngnblk

    GCA at Greenback

    I see what your doing,may God have mercy on you because she wont! Only with GCA have you heard this fan complain about officials lttle feller! I'm usually harder on our guys than anyone else's.
  14. orngnblk

    GCA at Greenback

    And you do that well!
  15. orngnblk

    GCA at Greenback

    Yap and you end up like a Roy tied up in the back of muskox truck!
  16. Croppygenius

    AP POLL CLASS 1A SEPT 17 2018

    Played 66 thru 68 football seasons. Don't remember if I played against him or not. I wasn't worried about who was coaching then. I was more concerned about the cheerleaders. Was hoping he started in 68 so I could claim I went undefeated against him. We won 28-0.
  17. Dctig

    Cannon vs Dekalb

    We are loaded at the skill position? Watertown, upperman, and Stone says otherwise. We have a lot of young players and hopefully they can be coached up. Time will tell. I say DeKalb squeak by. 34-26
  18. eers

    Class 5A Rankings after week 5

    I still believe there are too many East TN teams on this list and ranked too high.
  19. piratetom

    Meigs Co. @ McMinn Central

    56-6 only because of the running clock
  20. eers


    But it’s “fair” with 3 classes? I personally think 4 public and 2 private is plenty, but someone is always going to be the smallest in a class. If “fair” is the intent, it will never be so. I believe in the name of competition you lower the number of classifications, however the majority of the smaller schools in each class will struggle to be competitive come playoff time. Theres no “right” answer.
  21. Bms54


    Heath price has been the best player on the field for two years now k think this kid deserves some credit great kid on and off the field
  22. eers

    Sumner and Wilson County FBall

    Who do you have this week? Winners in BOLD Hendersonville at Franklin Springfield at Beech Clarksville NW at MJ WC at Gallatin SC at Hunters Lane Lebanon at Antioch
  23. RamTough41

    GCA at Greenback

    Greenville by 4 scores. Oh crap, thought I was on AC's state championship run thread.
  24. tradertwo

    West Carroll @ Dresden

    It's passing judgement for the intent, not the action. I saw the video. He stepped on the leg. no disputing that, but to pronounce JUDGEMENT for his intent is not what adults should be doing on a forum accessible to the kid. If it was a purposeful action to further injure the player, he has to deal with that himself...if not I hope that he suffers no mental anguish over it. Either way it's not my business (nor yours) to prognosticate.
  25. piratetom

    Whitwell Tigers @ Polk County Wildcats

    Tigers by 17 in this one. Too much speed.
  26. I think you’re correct. The more I look at their scores and stats from previous opponents the better I think they might be. I stick to my statement. If they were playing the SP, Whitwell, or Greenback schedule they would be 4 or 5-0 and one of the top 5 teams in 1A. Comparing 1A to D2 is apples and oranges overall.
  27. SportsnetWriter2

    GCA at Greenback

    This seems to be the year where streaks are coming to an end. Greenback by 2 scores.
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