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  1. I picked Sp and GB over who was it whitwell last year, cost me in pickum. But a healhy GB Llne good luck
  2. Word up this way is that GB, QB is a real gun slinger. Gonna light up that scoreboard.
  3. pujo you show up a GP this year, I'll buy you a couple burger. how's everyone been.
  4. Was hoping GB was on schedule hope our non conference schedule is tough, maybe Seymour again been years. Only reason I like playing GB, Hampton and Oneida is you guys,
  5. Man I love you GB folks passionate about fri. night. Heard another rumor GP and GB are back on next year hope so.
  6. orngnblk GB posters are a lot fun hate its over. it was almost like a death in the family when whitwell kicked that field goal. No one to pull for at state, Alcoa drilled us so Go Tornadoes . Not really.
  7. Southtowner did a great job last night giving us up dates, it was almost like watching the game. You hold GB to 21 your a good team. Hard to say this morning but Congrats
  8. Wow Whitwell has beat me 3 times this year on pickum. you beat GB you have a special team.
  9. They will score again GB is a 2nd half team have been for a lease 3 years, Hope QB makes it back but going for 2 13-7 sounds like coaching staff thinks not.
  10. not sure where QB played on defense but GB will try to take advantage.
  11. will be glued to this site tonight Good Luck GB.
  12. Cornerville/ lake Co. 56 pages GB/Whitwell 49. Should be a lot of talk next week. lake Co put a bunch of points up 3rd round. will be reading
  13. 2nd week off but will chime in, Teams that play this time of year like GB are mentally ready, can travel, play in cold wet conditions. East is a Beast his year, might be close at half , GB could even be behind, but orngnblk could run behind this line second half. GB 35-21
  14. Picked catholic on pickums when i heard announcer say they were healthy last week.
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