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  1. Dang dont think anyone saw this coming but me
  2. You showed up in a big way.
  3. Down 7 in pickums got several dogs west was biggest you better show up uknoit2.
  4. haven't been on since Sunday took it hard lol, Be on here Fri Night for play by play. If HAMPTON IS TIED AT HALF BE SMILING .
  5. Took it hard fellows lol havent been on since sunday. Be on here Fri. night for play by play. If Hampton can go in tied at half be smiling
  6. Getting old won;t make any of our away playoff games. 3rd Seed just had some hope this year.
  7. Why do I let football get too me so much, been depressed. This should be a heck of a game Don't know who to go with .
  8. Was looking for you on fifty saw 4 orange seats up there. 6 and 3 have to be D1 players who's looking.
  9. Congrats AE Speed Speed Speed Number 3 and 6 and 27 good players. now we play a team that mercy ruled you. Well 3 seed on the road.
  10. You watching game live or tv. That will tell your age.
  11. Tell him pftigersfan1 orngnblk come on don't start this mess were homegrown.
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