Sunday, February 19, 2023

Reporting Scores to CoachT

Please add to your contacts as "CoachT Scores": 615-763-9150. Text your final score, the opponents, the location, the date, and whether it is a baseball, softball, or soccer score you are reporting. We need all of this in order to assure we report the right score for the right school.

Ex: March 13th- Softball- Happy Valley- 4 at Chuckey-Doak- 1. Final.

If it is a tourney game then: Softball- Happy Valley- 4 at Chuckey-Doak- 1.- Final at Powell.

If you want to report a game in progress then be sure to indicate that is so. Third inning, etc.

The method you use does NOT have to be exactly like the example. However, that is the info I will need in order to correctly add a game to the schedules if we do not have it or to be confident that I am entering the correct score. Saves time for you and me both.

PLEASE don't make me guess. Doesn't turn out well sometimes.