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  1. No. The opening is for an assistant coach with a math certification.
  2. I accidentally hid this thread when all I was trying to do was hide a few profane posts. My apologies.
  3. IMPORTANT: 2021 Playoff CoachT Big Ones Deadline is 10AM CST Each Day! I have no way to set individual game deadlines so the deadline has to be at kickoff of the first game on each day. So, the first deadline is at 10AM CST, 11AM EST, on Thursday for the DII games.
  4. Things tightened up a little tonight. Gonna be an interesting championship week: https://www.coacht.com/tennessee/bigones/standings.cfm OldandBusted leads by one.
  5. Looks like it will be: https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/events/maryville-high-school-maryville-tn/gam6a40d376f2?utm_source=coacht.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=scoreboard
  6. NFHS Network Games from last Friday: Haywood vs South Gibson Pearl Cohn at Tullahoma NFHS is a subscription site but now is a good time to join for a month. You can watch all of the semifinal replays that they have plus the state championships. If you join I get a free month. Not a big deal to me. I think it is $10.99 for a month. Of course, you can watch the finals on TV, also, for "free".
  7. I don't know but you can see for yourself: https://www.coacht.com/tennessee/search.cfm?searchString=tullahoma&listOrderBy=DateFlight+DESC&Submit=Apply
  8. As you can see above, Tullahoma's football facilities are as nice as you will find in TN. Great high school baseball stadium, too. As an outsider, we have always heard that Arnold Air Force base, which takes up a lot of both Coffee and Franklin Counties, has put a lot of money into schools and facilities there.
  9. I haven't been there personally in many years but it looked, on TV last week, as good as ever which is thick Bermuda grass (now dormant after several heavy frosts lately). Footing should be excellent. Home Side: Visitor's side below in aerial view
  10. Nice stadium, good bermuda turf. Should be a great game...and, if you have time for a sit down meal...Whiskey Trail near the stadium....bbq ribs or steak. In fact, their loaded nachos with brisket, or pork, or chili, or chicken will fill up most eaters. https://www.whiskeytrailbbq.com/ Nachos
  11. CoachT Big Ones Contest- 30 minutes to make your picks!! https://www.coacht.com/tennessee/bigones/
  12. I'm really interested to see how this one comes out. Should be fun to watch.
  13. 2021 Playoff CoachT Big Ones Leaders: OldandBusted, Jet Pride, & PPride Tied at 30-3 (90%) Standings
  14. Not very many close picks so far this week. As always, there will be some surprises. https://www.coacht.com/tennessee/bigones/realtime.cfm As always, up until state championships, the deadline is 6PM CST, 7 EST. The deadline for state finals is the kickoff time for the first game each day. I can only set one deadline in our system.
  15. Y'all are right- 30. I had said 31 earlier but I think I just mistyped.
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