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  1. A fan is trying to find the owner of a soccer ball: I found a 2016 Championship soccer ball while paddle boarding in the Cumberland river. It says District 8AA East champs. Year 2016 Potts appears to be the name using # 45 Other signed names are: Ethan Fox # 15 Blake Washer # 19 Nicholus Bussell Wesley # 14 Zoc Berclay # 6 Patty # 11 Reeves York # 34 Ethan Elliott # 28 Stephen Bare Herd # 5 Will #2 Gregory # 4 Josh # 32 Anyone who can identify the team and perhaps the owner who appears to be Potts, #45?
  2. Clinton shuts football down over COVID-19, cancels games against Meigs County, Powell
  3. Just heard the news from another member, Galilee. Obviously I hate to hear this and pray for his family. KWC joined CoachT on September 5th, 2001.
  4. Lipscomb needs a game TOMORROW, Thursday the 3rd. Had a cancellation. Call Kevin Temple at 615-582-9568
  5. Lipscomb needs a game TOMORROW, Thursday the 3rd. Had a cancellation. Call Kevin Temple at 615-582-9568
  6. Any purpose served by this thread has ended long ago. If you want to continue this political discussion then you can do so on the CoachT Plus boards. Thanks to those of you who tried to keep it relevant.
  7. TSSAA executive director responds to Shelby County Schools superintendent https://www.coacht.com/tennessee/article.cfm?id=618461
  8. Cheatham Co at Lewis Co added for August 28th
  9. The game has been added. I don't remember why it was removed but I am sure I did it. Should be a good one.
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