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  1. HV will hire an assistant coach or possibly a sitting HC from outside Knox County. KCS is not going to approve a HC hire moving over from another KCS school. At this point in the year, KCS will want to have all their schools with a HC after the HVA hire and not have to go through the process again at another school. Another interesting notion is the appointment of Mr. Speas coming over from Fulton to be the new principal at HVA. It will interesting to see how things turn out.
  2. who does Bradley have to pitch in the championship game? Farragut will no doubt pitch Ryan Hagenow
  3. CU06

    AAA State

    Bri Blair from Halls, and Catelyn Riley from JC have been more than impressive all year. Riley is only a sophomore too. There were some very good teams, legit contenders, that were not able to advance past these two clubs from the east. Powell, Farragut, AC, S. Hill, Mo East, Boone were all capable of making some noise in the Boro.
  4. Congrats to... Farragut Science Hill Bradley Central Riverdale Independence Summit Bartlett Arlington some huge upsets in sectionals in Memphis. Drawings happen Sunday. Best of luck to everyone!
  5. Sectional matchups (predictions in bold) Farragut at Tennessee Science Hill at Hardin Valley Lincoln Co at Bradley Central Soddy Daisy at Riverdale Independence at Station Camp Hendersonville at Summit Arlington at Bartlett (Regional, played tonight) Houston at Collierville (Regional, played tonight) I expect both Houston and Collierville to both win their sectionals tomorrow, Bartlett can beat Houston if they see each other Friday
  6. Scotty Dykes, former assistant at HVA in Knoxville, took the Cocke County job in Newport.
  7. True. But my point was to @BatmanDB that Alcoa wouldn't be winning national championships losing to Maryville every year in the regular season.
  8. If Alcoa was 6A, they'd still only have 3 wins vs the Rebs in the last 13 years
  9. Probably better overall. Kees dropped Farragut, Rhea, and WV for Sequoyah, Bearden and Notre Dame. But the Kees have been 2-10 in the region the last two years. That's where they need to make the improvement.
  10. Spot on. Also to note, when a team declines to play it doesn't necessarily mean they don't WANT to play... now this could have been the case with SC as they were set to renew. But most times when adding a new opponent and they decline it could be because the home and away dates didn't match up. The problem here is that every district has a different number of teams and each district determines the weeks are their "district" weeks. OR was needing a non-district away game late in the schedule, and there aren't many teams needing a non-district home game that late. Just worked out the way it does sometimes.
  11. Passy probably on the softball threads
  12. Looks as though most of 5A/6A for the Knoxville area have been added.
  13. CU06

    Champions 2019

    Collierville will play at Farragut next Thursday 6:00 pm as part of the Diamond/DeMarini Tournament in Knoxville that weekend.
  14. Yes, but it was actually 2005 season, semifinals. Rankin's last at RHS with the younger Thomas brother at QB and Gaston Miller at RB. OR had the Gulmire brothers as QB/RB. 17-0 W for the Wildcats.
  15. Results from Monday: Sevier County 62 Oak ridge 57 Bearden 46 Dobyns-Bennett 40 Cleveland 49 Blackman 42 Oakland 61 E. Hamilton 59 Brentwood 54 Station Camp 49 Franklin 63 Gallatin 42 Whitehaven 65 Bartlett 49 Memphis East 85 Bolton 67 Only Brentwood and Whitehaven were able to go on the road and win
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