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    Since I haven't seen many Crockett County fans on Coach T this year, I would like to give the Cavaliers some recognition. Crockett was a far better team than their 8-5 record might indicate. The Cav's 5 loses were to 4 teams who (after last night) have a 46-5 record. Those 4 teams are: Dyer County (11-2) Class 5A semifinalist Lake County (13-0) Class 1A semifinalist South Gibson (10-2) a second round team whose 2 loses were to Haywood (Class 4A semifinalist) and Covington (Class 3A semifinalist) 2 loses to Haywood (12-1) Class 4A semifinalist Crockett defeated 3 teams who made it to the second round (Ripley, Lexington, and Millington) and they also defeated USJ who will play for the Division II Class A championship. The Cavaliers were a formidable foe who gave Haywood all they wanted. The game was tied on 3 different occasions (21-21, 28-28, 35-35). Haywood scored the winning touchdown with 38 seconds left in the game. I would like to congratulate Crockett for a good game plan and a good season, and I would also like to congratulate the Tomcats on their persistence and their victory. Even though the weather and field conditions were nasty, I think the fans got their money's worth!
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    Multi quote is a great space filler
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    This is where our line of focus HAS to be!!!Whether Carnes can pass for 200 or 300 yards this week or maybe next,Whether 23 can be covered 1 on 1 or over and under those things WILL NOT matter 1 bit if our line play is not GREAT.I was very happy with their energy and focus last week.The weather is going to be bad by the looks of it this week,we will live or die by the big boys up front.They played GREAT against Oneida,OS and CF this past week BUT championship teams HAVE to be able to run the ball,the Meigs game has already shown us that our run game was not even in the area code and it cost us that one.Each week it will get understandably tougher.The rain will level the field more this week because of our bread and butter being the pass.We have to establish a run game in each contest from here out to advance.OS folks this game THIS week has just become more interesting for you all and the rest of the state!Alot of talk and focus on the Semis and we need for our boys to be focused on this game to win and advance!!
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    Pirates game was changed to Thursday but then moved back to Friday night due to transportation issues for Gordonsville, or maybe because they decided they had a better chance playing in the rain and mud against us.
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    Good Luck tonight Cherokee's! Redskins are pulling for ya!!
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    One thing I can say about Vandy and Pride, they are straight shooters and that is what more posters should pattern themselves after. Roll Tide!
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    Whitvuhls assessment on the season.
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  9. 2 points
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    I’m going with the better coaching staff in this one. 17-14 (Cornersville of course)
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