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  1. The only thing most don't consider (TSSAA when formulating classifications, and posters when considering options) is something similar to what you have outlined yet involving percentages when setting cutoff numbers. Without publishing a novel, I'll just try to explain it as; there's less disadvantage from 1,500 to 2,500 enrollment when searching for 30 kids who are actually good football players than there is from 300 to 500, although the percentage is the same. There should be less gap between smaller enrollment schools than the larger classes for this reason, rather than list them numerically and divide them equally.
  2. Glad that someone else remembers. There was a whole thread where posters lined up to ridicule Riverside for hiring Frost after his record was not great previously. Sometimes success isn't measured in wins and losses, but in this case, it's appropriate. Some places are harder (or take longer) to win at, but I'm sure Frost would have had success there if he had been given time and support...people think that they "deserve" instant results, but most of the time you only reap what you sow. Tyner is the favorite, but I'm sure Frost will have the Panthers ready... play one snap at a time like the game will be decided on that play, and a lot of folks might just be shocked when the last whistle blows.
  3. I wouldn't touch that argument. Throw in Mt. Pleasant, Lewis County, your Tigers, and the early rounds of playoff football for the next two years will probably consist of at least one championship contender in every game. Brutal is almost an understatement.
  4. I'd say that mileage may be close, but timewise and ease of travel Knoxville is the better option.
  5. Too easy...been saving it for the right situation, and figured someone would surely beat me to it.
  6. Add to that, that Knoxville is a better commute from the west than Chattanooga. Cookeville wasn't bad, but I was glad to see it go from there...just didn't have any atmosphere from the community/venue that it was a big deal at all, and the field was horrible.
  7. I guess things are more "interesting" this time of year...don't know why if folks are aware of this site that more wouldn't us it as intended rather than just come in and be a jerk because they can for a hot minute.
  8. See what I was talking about...Jekyll posted at 9:53 and Hyde showed up around 11:30'ish.
  9. You always need to look at POP's timestamp. He has a Jekyll and Hyde type thing going on that usually happens in the wee hours...probably caused (as was the good Dr.'s) by drinking some sort of potion. He "transforms" from IPOPU2022 into IPOPOFF2022.
  10. I really don't see a clear common-sensical solution. Reducing the classes would be fair in keeping with the basic formula of assigning them by enrollment, but not so much in forcing smaller schools to compete against schools over twice their size. Not to say that the enrollment advantage can't be overcome, just that there is a clearly defined advantage. Moving up successful programs is essentially punishing them for achieving their goals, and I don't agree with the "if it's hard, we'll change the rules" approach to reward mediocrity with an advantage over the successful just because some fail consistently and some succeed consistently. Leaving everything "as is" and having some subpar teams making the playoffs while better teams are at home and having some lopsided results as the result isn't perfect, and when a good solution to prevent that comes along I'll be on board. As things are, I see the current system as less of a problem than creating advantages/disadvantages where none exist in order to guarantee close games in the playoffs. A rural/urban split would involve population density in order to define the line between them and anytime you involve that, along follows politics, opinions, and perception, and none have a place in fairness. Once the determination is set for population, do you include magnets and/or charters with which, or separate them from both and include them with privates, or do you separate each into their own classification? Do you classify from population density or school enrollment within each class? Too many questions and not enough legitimate answers. A merit system could achieve the result of evenly matched playoff games but would completely eliminate the "level playing field" aspect of TSSAA"s mission statement. Win for a couple of seasons, and move up a class (my perception of the meaning) sounds great, but what do you do with Alcoa? Keep moving them up and they keep winning, so we create more restrictions...bearing in mind the last 20 years record, next season they would have to play in the SEC wearing handcuffs and ankle shackles while blindfolded. A tongue in cheek example, but based in fact... it's not in the spirit of fairness to restrict one while playing against another just because one works harder or is more talented. All just an opinion thrown out there for discussion.
  11. East Tennessee, Reelfoot, and small-town football...no way you ain't all right!
  12. Lewis County has a good passing attack... that L they hung on Riverside earlier and then the second close one with them just might be worth their weight in gold.
  13. That's the spirit!!! I almost went that way myself lol!!!
  14. Not arguing your placement at all...I don't think there's room to dispute any of your positionings, just taking in the "big picture", with lots of angles. I watched PC at Lexington...they have no glaring deficiencies, and are solid, but thought that Haywood was just a tad better... they weren't. Hard to argue Henry Co. either way... they play nothing but stout competition and could be better than Haywood or McKenzie...but have losses, so you know that they aren't unbeatable. Playing a close(er) game against McEwen was a head scratcher, but they did win. I also know that it's pointless to do the so-and-so beat so-and-so by more than so-and-so thing, but the link of Red Bank getting absolutely whipped by Fayetteville and going on to lead Anderson County in the semi's at the half is hard to ignore, especially if Anderson County beats Pearl Cohn by more than Red Bank (it could happen). Like I said earlier... just a gut feeling.
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