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  1. We're gonna' need it! Some of our wounded are coming back just because it's Riverside and they ain't missing it... I really hope that they're well enough to play without risking further injury. Tendons and bones don't generally heal faster just because you really want them to. Hope our trainer is on his game tonight with the tape and pads.
  2. The Western Division has recently given a good account for ourselves... many titles in the lower classifications and good showings with a few titles in the bigger ones. Before the last ten or so years, the East was on a different level mostly, and this year seems to be down across the board for the West again, but I don't believe that it will stay that way for long.
  3. Their two wins were the last two. The 10'th week last year in a monsoon, and early this season. I think we may have played them a couple of times when we weren't in the region with them, but our history together is short (we've only had football for a few years).
  4. Not unless Waverly boatraces HC. The Irish have improved phenomenally from even early last season, and I really think they'll gain Waverly's respect tonight win or lose. The Wavo posters support their team on here because they believe in them, but I've never known them not to give credit when it's due. If HC can pull off the "W", then yes the smack talk will be gushing from them for a while. Some of their brash posters are top end head first on a collision course with a reality check, whether it's tonight or not is yet to be seen.
  5. Umm... can't be a "fat guy" thing, or he'd be hoping for a scoreless tie...LOL!
  6. This type thread usually gets a lot of play... I think maybe because it's in the "general" football forum, not many people have seen it ( I just did for the first time). @Southtowner usually has good insight even out of his area, might be that he'd have some input. Henry County has a good case for the top spot. Most reasonable people would give them the nod over all other teams for various reasons... they've beaten "better" opposition, sheer numbers (depth), common opponent comparison, and enrollment size (classification). One team that I'm not sure about though, is Peabody. The tide is talented and deep... their coaching staff (not just the HC) is great, and they've beaten everybody on their schedule (so far) by pretty much whatever they wanted to win by. Position vs. position Henry Co. probably stacks up better, but as a team I'm not sold that Trenton wouldn't outscore the Pats should they play. Milan sort of exposed Covington as one dimensional, but with better play calling on offense coupled with their extraordinary defense, they could give both Trenton and Henry County fits. I'm sort of leaving Haywood out of the conversation, but to me, they just don't seem on the same level as the other three mentioned.
  7. I envy you... there's no place like home, but man I love it up there!
  8. It's all about the intent of those in control Mike... Memphis City ( now defunct ) was allocated around 500 million dollars in 2010-2011 from Race To The Top and Bill Gates combined... it only took two years for them to be bankrupt. Our system got a bag of peanuts out of the deal and we raised GPA, graduation rates, ACT scores, and college enrollment percentages.
  9. Sigh... it's no use, you just don't get it.
  10. You still had days here and there, around here seeing a mallard or pintail was akin to looking for that redheaded woodpecker that Arkansas claims isn't extinct... occasionally had a "sighting", but unconfirmed.
  11. A lot of in town decision makers were paid nicely too... many teacher salaries went into the six digit realm. Not saying that teachers don't deserve to be compensated, but the economics have to work out to meet the bottom line. I myself am "in the business" so to speak for almost 12 years, and if something isn't working great in our system we find out what works better for others and implement it. For you (and others) to defend the actions of those PROVEN to be using (sacrificing the education of) the kids for their own benefit just says that that culture has to change before the kids interests are placed first. Booker T Washington is a great example. They actually did the research, and implemented programs to further education and reduce absenteeism...their GPA and their graduation rates jumped almost 30% while violence within the school went down almost that much. Booker T's administrators and coaches, not the ones from Trezevant and Freedom Prep are the ones who Memphians should put on the pedestal, but everyone knows who has a "loaded" football team, not so many know about Booker T's success.
  12. Know what?.. I'm not quite done yet. The now defunct Memphis City System got over 400 Million of the entire states allotment of 500 million from President Obama's "Race To The Top" education program, along with 90 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Within two years they were bankrupt, dissolved the system, and forced Shelby County to absorb the students and dilapidated facilities, almost bankrupting them. VP Joe Biden ( after touring the city ) reported to Pres. Obama that the reason was "a culture of failure" in Memphis. My grandfather had an old saying... "do as you've always done, get what you've always got". Keep doing it your way.
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