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  1. You couldn't possibly understand how happy I am that you have no input into whether we play or not.
  2. IMO Watertown has been as good or better than TC for the past two seasons, but they haven't done what you have to do to take something from the "bully of the block"... beat him up and take what you want. That's a harsh way of saying that TC's tradition has allowed them to win the must win games between the two, and will continue to do so until Watertown believes that they are better than TC, and proves it to themselves.
  3. Wish Trey would run in 2024... he'd have my vote locked up just from what he's already said and done.
  4. Wow, what timing! I was giving you a "thanks" upvote on another thread when your notification came in. Snowflakes like that are the problem... they're afraid to live, but too jealous of everyone else living their own lives to just do what they wish.
  5. You're smarter than the average bear Salem. I'm predicting a big spike in cases shortly after returning to the classroom, not because of transmission from students, but because there are so many asymptomatic kids who will be tested from being "exposed" after the first positive test on each campus. I just hope that the Governor and TSSAA are expecting this as well, and use the some logic in processing the information.
  6. Simple solution... you're his legal guardian, so don't let him play.
  7. The court will rule according to the law unless gross negligence is proven, at least until the law is changed... that's what the court system is for. Your analogy of your company is irrelevant in this discussion, until someone files a lawsuit for negligence or discrimination. No need to reply... I'm done beating this dead horse, as I can see that your opinion isn't going to change and your argument is based only on your opinion. Sorry that I have to appear heartless and argumentative in this discussion, but that's my viewpoint based upon the laws regulating school employees and working conditions.
  8. I'm not trying to be heartless... I completely agree with the sentiment of all your posts, but legally (especially in a government funded occupation), you simply cannot discriminate for any reason what is expected of an employee, nor the environment in which they work. You began the discussion by implying that school systems would be liable if they did not discriminate, when the exact opposite is true according to law.
  9. You have been discussing what-if's and we should's... I've been countering with established guidelines and practices. Here's a what-if... what if your employer provides an alternative work option for a few of your co-workers (let's say age), yet you are not exempted from your normal duties because you aren't deemed "high risk"? What if your normal duties cause you to contract CV-19, take it home to a family member, and that family member perishes from it? Your employer's own policy has already determined that you were placed in a more perilous position than some of your peers, selected only by their discriminatory conditions for exemption. I'm no law expert either, but your employer's own well intended policy has basically acknowledged that there was a disparity in risk, and admitted that they were aware that you were placed at heightened risk, determined only because of your age.
  10. Morally and practically everyone's situation is different... legally, not so much. You made the Connotation that teachers would file lawsuits against "the taxpayers..." (school system) and would be paid (win). There is no liability without negligence, therefore unless blatant disregard for the well being of the employees can be proven, there's no grounds. On the other hand, exempt a 60 year old employee with COPD and diabetes, yet "ask" a 30-something year old "healthy" teacher to do it, and you'll get your lawsuit from the 30- something teacher. As long as reasonable precautions are taken (Governor's directives, Dept. of Health suggestions), school systems are not liable for negligence.
  11. Other than the current state of politics being intertwined with this particular contagious illness, how is that any different from any/every other situation? The job description required attendance in the classroom (administration, custodial, maintenance, coaching, ect... also) with no alternative options last year, and will next year also... there always have been and always will be employees who are more susceptible to contract whatever bug is going around, and at a higher risk of suffering long term or worse consequences from it. If my employer places me in unnecessary/unknown danger through indifference or neglect, I may have a case for what you are saying, but if I decide tomorrow that I no longer wish to accept the risk of performing my duties as I always have, I have the option to resign, and so do the teachers.
  12. All great points, and absolutely true... on the other hand, it's a shame when you have all the ingredients you mention, yet have to compete against schools with over double the athletes to choose from.
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