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  1. tradertwo

    Who goes to the glass house in 1A

    You're beating a dead horse. The argument has been made, and so has the decision. In the proper format, and at the proper time, I agree with your point of view... right now the CA kids are enjoying a championship won fairly via current TSSAA rules, and shouldn't have that tarnished. "My" team has been part of a district with multiple privates throughout the years... at times I've thought that one of those bent the rules some, but at the same time, I truly feel that we've had a long and good rivalry with at least one who never used their format unfairly. As a disclaimer, I'm not familiar with CA and their "tactics", but I have to agree with BulldawgsRise when he says that nobody complained until they were good. In any event, it's over and done with. CA proved on the floor that they had the best team in 1A this season, they deserve to enjoy it.
  2. tradertwo

    Adamsville and Scotts Hill fight

    TSSAA ruling is in, legal action has been filed, and everyone is done with basketball… time for me to give my opinion. First, the facts. I was in a room the following morning when the lead official stated her opinions and what would be in the TSSAA report. She stated that she witnessed an Adamsville player throw the initial punch, and that their team collectively left their bench area and approached Scotts Hills bench. Video shows multiple players from both teams throwing punches, Adamsville's coach strike one of our kids (manager), and several fan's from both sides eventually on the court. What I saw. Tie game, Loose ball at our free throw line picked up by A'ville player, he turns up the floor and contacts our player, causing him to drop the ball. SH player grabs the ball, throws it to SH player under our basket, he scores. I look at the clock as the ball goes in and there's seven tenths of a second. I look to the floor and A'ville coach charges toward the 'ref (3/4 court , SH side) where the contact was (no call), with several players following. First contact that I see is A'ville player hits our assistant coach in the back, in front of the scorers table. My opinion. Although there were several kids throwing punches from both schools, I feel that the fight was initiated by two individuals only... Adamsville's coach and the player throwing the first punch. I completely agree that TSSAA rules for throwing punches should apply to anyone involved, but feel that long term sanctions against SH as a team are unwarranted... simply put, we were where we were supposed to be, and only reacted to the aggression in defense. I don't believe that the coach intended anything other than to argue the "no call", but running onto the floor screaming incited his team. The contact with our kid however, was reprehensible... multiple video's show coach running full bore and blindsiding our 14 year old, 110 pound manager with a forearm to the side of his face/head. What didn't happen. Rumors say that adults threw punches and kicks at kids, racial remarks were made in the "handshake line", ect… nope. While I don't pretend to know what was/wasn't spoken, there was no handshake line where the slur reportedly was made, and multiple video's exist from several angles, none of which show any adult doing anything other than separating players.
  3. tradertwo

    Humboldt vs Fayetteville

  4. tradertwo

    Who goes to the glass house in 1A

    Congrat's on the win for your team, it was well deserved and well earned. I enjoy watching any team, in any sport, that plays "the right way" and CA definitely does.
  5. tradertwo

    Who goes to the glass house in 1A

    They could have shot worse and still won, they're going to rebound the miss. CA was the much better team, period. Fundamental basketball beat out a more talented (slightly) team again... no need to alert the media, it happens a lot. For one team to out rebound another by that margin, without a huge disparity in talent or size, just shows the impact that a coach really has... you can argue Jimmy's and joe's all you like, a disciplined team is tough to beat with athletes alone.
  6. tradertwo

    McKenzie Vs University School

    Phillips (IMO) was the factor that made Mitchell a cut above the typical Memphis teams. Booker T Washington, Westwood, and Manassas all have had phenomenal teams (major conference recruits) in recent years that were beaten at Murfreesboro by sound, yet inferior teams because of coaching... that was not happening to Mitchell. Just an FYI... I sat with some administrators and fans from Hampton during one of those games. I was (still am) highly impressed with them as well as your coach and team. Great bunch of knowledgeable basketball fans as well as fine people. I'll always root for y'all because of it... doesn't hurt that y'alls uni's strongly resemble Carolina Blue either!!!
  7. tradertwo

    McKenzie Vs University School

    There are a few rural West Tn. teams who can (not every year, but often) play with the Memphis teams... Union City, Middleton, Humboldt, and a couple more less frequently as Lake County, and TCA (gotta stop someplace). Memphis teams aren't always the same, but the recipe usually is... big, athletic, long, confident, and poorly coached. Their kids know basketball... everything they do on the floor is second nature to them, as they've probably actually played more competitive minutes than most college sophomores and juniors. If you're going to win state and beat that type team, you have to have players, you have to be fundamentality sound, you have to have a game plan, you have to have a bench, and you have to withstand runs. I can vouch for those Mitchell teams you mentioned, they had inside, outside, defense, a Mr. Basketball (future) coming off the bench, and a coach who stressed team basketball... nobody in 1A was going to derail that train, but I was highly impressed with Hampton... they covered everything it takes to beat "the usual" Memphis squad, and were tough as nails to boot
  8. tradertwo

    Head Coach Openings

    You're correct, but that Director of Schools was a scapegoat too. BOE made the hire with intentions of mass drastic (and unpopular) decisions, then promptly made another change at the top.
  9. tradertwo

    Head Coach Openings

    The real "why the job is open" goes deeper. What this coach apparently did speaks for it's self, but why the job has been open so often since those titles were won speaks volumes to the lack of support from administration. They have gone from great coaching, and pick of talent from Jackson (magnet school), to "not many good coaches want to be there", just as in football.
  10. Fans jaw back and forth on here... no big deal. Not cool to say that one of the final eight teams in the state "just ain't very good...can't dribble... can't pass... lucky not to be beat by 30". Kids read this stuff, and their kids were good enough to beat everyone they faced to get to the state championships. Kids are usually off limits for criticism.
  11. It's perfectly OK if you don't want to give Summertown the benefit of any doubt BLAHBLAHBLAH... there have always been one or two random posters on here who will take the first opportunity to discredit a bunch of young kids and slander them while they are hurting, and it is definitely not required of you to back down from your initial assessment just because some jerk fan of theirs get's his/her little feelings hurt. You do you and be proud of it. moron
  12. tradertwo

    All State Tournament selections

    I think that the very thing that earned y'all the gold ball was what cost the MVP trophy. No one GC player HAD to be as relied upon as Weathers was for Loretto, because they had no weakness. Every player (sub's too) on the floor was capable of scoring or making a critical play on any possession for GC... team ball. MVP doesn't always mean best overall player (in the tourney I think it did), but most valuable to their team's success, even in a loss. Take any player off GC's team on Wednesday morning, and they are still capable of winning the tournament... no disrespect to Loretto's other players, but the Lady Mustangs have no shot at playing on Saturday without Weathers. I do agree that Butler should have been Miss Basketball at least once, probably twice... the comeback to win the 'ship a few years back reminded me of Reggie Miller leading the Pacers back to beat the Knicks that is so famous.
  13. Just going off this post, and not saying that you're trashing her either, just not giving her the credit that she earned on the floor. If it were "easy to put those numbers up all year...", more talented players would have those numbers, and there was "quality talent" in Murfreesboro this past weekend. She's been (I'd assume) defended by the best defensive player on most teams that they've faced, played at an extremely high level all season, and even stepped that up against the best that 1A had to offer when it mattered most... as a freshman. She's not (yet) the best high school player that I've ever saw, and may or may not get there... she has however earned my highest level of respect for her skill, talent, competitiveness, and heart.
  14. tradertwo

    Griders 2019 South Pittsburg Pirates

    Better tell your goat about this mess Roy... that bear might just be there to intercept that goat from getting any of that Ryan mans boys to come to South Pitt. Next thing you no them jailhouse fellers will try to get them a mountain lion, and I ain't joking neither.
  15. You're in luck!!! There's a separate board for that...off you go.