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  1. tradertwo

    Best NonSport

    Debate (arguing about sports)… mic drop.
  2. tradertwo

    Single A State Tournament

    Hope TCA gives you a good opportunity to shake the leaves off 'em!!! (no way I'd bet against 'em)
  3. tradertwo


    Milankovitch cycles...Al Gore...recent weather records...common sense...ect...
  4. tradertwo

    Single A State Tournament

    Peeking out from the bushes ???
  5. tradertwo

    Single A State Tournament

    I have only one opinion to share about your little disagreement with GCPioneer… if stats alone could accurately predict outcomes, Vegas would have gone bankrupt long ago on sports wagers. You have crawled way out on a limb that TCA and Lake County may just cut out from underneath you when it wasn't necessary. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, and if you feel that Loretto is the better team that's a good one, but to try and discredit someone else's with some lopsided logic from an early season game could very well turn on you.
  6. tradertwo


    Here's a novel idea...post it in the travel ball thread.
  7. tradertwo

    District 13AA and 14AA

    Looks like Chester County's hot streak ended at a bad time, but congrats' to them on a stellar season. Tough luck for McNairy... I would've figured they beat CC to host Haywood, and win that one to advance to state... shows what I know, and contradicts what I've said for at least half the season about our district being wide open, but I'd have thought that whomever outlasted the rest from 14AA would most likely join Covington at state. Best of luck to the Chargers and Tomcats.
  8. tradertwo

    West TN Coaching jobs

    Just heard that one of the "locals" who's name was cast about for the head girls job, has been granted an assistant position with the boys... been at several schools in the area over the last couple of decades, and should be made public soon. Also talks of hiring another assistant, but not confirmed.
  9. tradertwo

    West TN Coaching jobs

    The administration usually tries to allow the HC to hire their own assistants, unless there's just not room to accommodate for it... probably be a few days before they can assess fitment, unless that was a negotiating point during the interview process. Haven't heard anything on the boys side, there may be the same circumstances there.
  10. tradertwo

    West TN Coaching jobs

    Announcement on the 16'th.
  11. tradertwo

    West TN Coaching jobs

    Didn't Dresden have their banquet tonight?... wink, wink.
  12. tradertwo

    2019 State Baseball Poll Rankings (Poll #2)(4-14-19)

    Not about any one game, just an in general conversation discussing which "biggest game of the year" you can lose and still advance in the playoff, and which "biggest game of the year" sends you home.
  13. tradertwo

    2019 State Baseball Poll Rankings (Poll #2)(4-14-19)

    The thing that just doesn't feel "right" about the baseball playoffs is that it depends not if you lose a game, but when. You begin with double elimination in district, and end with double elimination at state... lose in regionals or sectionals, and you're done. The entire regular season seeds the district, which is rendered almost meaningless by the double elimination format. In the next two stages, a lone loss ends your season. I'd be more inclined to go single elimination for district with the higher seed hosting all games, double elimination for region, and a sectional with a best of three series, if allotted time isn't enough for all to be double elimination.
  14. tradertwo

    District 13AA and 14AA