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  1. Without going back over their schedule and examining their opponents record (we were placed in a region together a few years back... I didn't "keep up" with them before that) their quality of opposition lately has been decent at least. Waverly, Columbia Academy, Riverside, and Scotts Hill have kept them from advancing further than they have, and precious few teams would have beaten those four mentioned in the years that Lewis County has had to face them to advance. I don't want to call attention to the weaker teams in Lewis's region, so I wont use names, but they have to play who they have to play... beating them is what good teams do, and beating them is what they've done. Teams with "rough" region schedules usually go weaker out of region, and vice verse. With CA out of their region, and only two or three teams that most think will give them a test this year, they scheduled Riverside as their first game non-region... I think that alone blows holes in your argument about them seeking out weak opposition. I have nothing but respect for Coach Sharp, the Lewis County program, and their fans... they've been gracious in defeat, humble in victory, and have always played us hard and clean on the field.
  2. OK, here's how this works. If you intend to reply directly to someone's post, you hit the "quote" tab at the bottom of it. That way when you start your post with "You figure", we won't have to wonder to whom you are directing your question... in case that it was me because I said that I'd favor Mayfield this year, I'll respond. I don't pick who Mayfield schedules, nor am I a fan of theirs (never saw them play), but I am aware of their tradition and recent history of fielding excellent football teams. I also know how high school teams are "assembled" in Memphis, and that Lausanne is the "hot" football destination there right now, so don't think that I doubt for one minute that the Lynx will have talent all over the field. Considering both aspects, I believe that Mayfield's experience and cohesive play will be enough. If I'm wrong, I won't lose any sleep over it.
  3. I'm not falling for that mess Reitz. I guarantee you circle fly fellers don't no nothing about no durn strawberry hill... LOL... back in the day... I guarantee you I ain't joking neither!
  4. We've been there... had 22 kids when we hired Stroup, and within three years had 68 with a slight overall enrollment drop. I'm really only disappointed because the new coach has already changed the culture in the school, as well as the community (estimates are between 800-900 at "Meet the Lions"... NEVER had that). I just assumed that the kids were waiting to jump at the opportunity to play for someone like Coach Woodmore.
  5. Same to y'all… I'm as much of a Waverly fan as I can be, and still have to beat you to get where we want to be. You can't watch a game like the 'quarters in 16 without respecting the other team... made me a fan.
  6. Keep the faith Hevy, unless a lot of people who know some football are very wrong about your new coach, he's going to build you a winner from the ground up.
  7. We're going to be better mentally, and we're going to be in better shape. We don't have the athletes to compete for the region yet, but we do have a big freshman class, and a good looking bunch of eighth graders for next year to build on. I'm a little disappointed that more of our upper class athletes haven't committed to the football program... if most had, then we might worry some folks now, but give us another year or two before you can circle our game on the schedule.
  8. Not sure how my offhand comment about bulletin board material by a fan turned into kids jawing at each other???
  9. Wasn't busting chops for your post, you can respect what they are and still "hate" 'em... that's only natural for a rival. We have a couple of those ourselves!
  10. Looked worse than it was. Started by giving up some on the ground to one play. They pulled the right guard and ran off his hip with the back reading the linebacker to cut it upfield or bounce outside. We busted two plays for long TD's, one pass and one run. after the first series we figured out how to defend the running play that was giving us trouble, and didn't give up much the rest of the night. Our offense isn't great, but not terrible either, and the QB actually has some touch on the intermediate passes that we haven't had lately. Bruceton won't win state, but they aren't a pushover either... good sized line and two bruisers for backs that can catch. They may catch someone sleeping that's "supposed" to beat them.
  11. McNairy Co... at 9:30! Not sure if that and a 3:30 wake up call will mesh very well, I might just have to take someone's word on how we look.
  12. Just for kicks... tell the Meigs kids that Greenback said that they had a donkeystomping coming, and see how well they take it. Nobody who works for something as hard as these kids do likes to be slighted.
  13. Don't get me wrong, I like a good debate (argument) as well as anyone, but you have to come up with some new material, or at least work on your delivery. If it's not a challenge, it's not an argument, it's just a bad opinion.
  14. Now look what you've went and done... you brought useless facts to a perfectly good argument he had made to make you look silly, and ruined it for him... party pooper.
  15. Doubt it... haven't seen one post about who's real fast from Greenback yet.
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