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  1. Playing devil's advocate, keeping the post season out of the equation ensures that all players are judged on the same platform. Consider two similar players on teams composed of vastly different talent other than themselves... one finishes fourth in district and out of region against the opposing #1 team vs. the other making it to state, where all the voters will see them. Boy's side of the bracket a few years back had Lexington, Bolivar, Liberty, SouthSide, and Chester County, all of which were within a few points of each other... probably all top 10 in AA, yet Chester Co. didn't even make the district tournament. Bottom line is, yes, it's a popularity contest... if you make it anything other than that, you will unleash a torrent of coaches running up scores to promote players and pad stats, selfish play from potential finalists trying to "get theirs", coaches scheduling weak non district teams, and causing unsportsmanlike, aggressive play in lopsided games.
  2. So you just want the high scorer on the best team to automatically get the award over the best player in the classification period? Come back with a legitimate point.
  3. Not buying it. I appreciate that the WH coaches make it a high priority for their players to be advertised, but if they were just better than average, DI schools wouldn't offer, and you wouldn't graduate eight or ten scholarships off the team most years. Maryville is the "king" of 6A football, and Whitehaven consistently has bigger, faster, and more athletic kids in just about every position on the field... why are they better than Whitehaven? Superior coaching.
  4. Records shouldn't always be the determining factor. Good coaches lose games to superior talent all the time, and superior talent usually wins with subpar coaching until the talent level is balanced out. Bet if you wanted to spend the time to see if I'm right, that Whitehaven has sent more and better talent to the next level than any other school in state over the past several seasons... maybe it's close with a handful of the powerhouse privates, and maybe not. With the talent level on the field, the Tigers ought to be within a coin flip of the best out there every season at worst, and untouchable at best.
  5. Just listened to Coach O's on field interview after LSU's National Championship win... he mentioned character and integrity first... and he's wearing purple... you think that MM has made a call???
  6. Didn't mean misinformed about whether it would be a good or bad thing to happen, just that what was being discussed isn't possible unless they've changed the way they do things in the district and region. The reason that it's been done the way that it has, is the fact that the majority wants to do it that way.
  7. I was there too, but I was referring to the longstanding history of the district/region. Other than McNairy in 2018, I don't remember going anyplace other than Lexington or CC.
  8. I think you guys are misinformed. Schools "bid" to host, with the only stipulation that in regionals the tournament rotates between the districts involved. I am in no way involved in this process, but if the tourney has been awarded to Lexington (like the booster said), it's pretty much over. There may be an odd exception or two over the years, but I can't remember anyplace other than Lexington or Chester County hosting.
  9. Booster club member setting up hospitality room says both are there, and a caterer has already been contacted to sponsor... doesn't necessarily mean it's a lock, but sounds like they think so.
  10. Let me tell you what my grandpaw used to tell me Roy, he used to say "fool me once, shame on you... fool me twice and that means im real dumb". Let me ask you if they are really real stupid up there 'round the jailhouse?
  11. Scotts Hill is eligible... after reviewing the video and reading the game officials written account of the circumstances, all penalties and fines were removed. Still going to be tough to get in the top four without two starters… one early graduation and one injury, but the bench is stepping up so far.
  12. Here's two stats that exemplify what I'm saying about making arguments for/against ANY Alcoa player left off the team 304-0 combined score totals against their region... not once all season on any "freak" play, missed assignment, blind hog finding an acorn, or any situation did their defense even allow a point. That includes even a field goal. Maybe the defense could really have just been Alcoa's starters. Could the All State team beat them in a game? Three players deemed best in state at their position on the field at the same time for Louden, yet they couldn't manage to score a point either. Not hating on Louden or anyone else, and just because there are always those few who take things out of context, I'm not saying that any of the selections are wrong, or that Alcoa should have more on the team... what I'm saying is that the whole "rename the whole state to Alcoa" narrative that lineemup posted was a little drastic considering how tactfully hammer made his point, and how dominant that Alcoa really was.
  13. Biggest omission that I see... #7 from Peabody. Kid is a baller, and can fly. Should have made it as a WR, DB, or athlete.
  14. It just bothers me that those kids did enough to win that game, and because of repeated bonehead mistakes from their coaches, they left the field feeling like they were losers. Going under center was not the dumbest thing that they were instructed to do, but it was ultimately the decision that cost them... throwing (Baugus interception) the ball when running out the clock with the lead, running a high risk play deep in the backfield for the conversion, and spiking the ball from the shotgun were all calls that no decent coach would make in those situations. Line them up under center, they probably execute a snap without fumbling the next 10 times in a row, and if the QB is familiar with it, it's probably the right call... my problem is that Coach knows his team better than anyone, and knows (should have) that they aren't rock solid from that formation. I have just as much respect for Peabody's claim on the gold ball as if they'd beaten everyone by 50... they fought 'till the clock ran to 0:00, and made the plays needed after the fumble to beat Fairley. They showed heart, determination, and best of all, respect to the Fairley team afterwards... I still can't shake how bad for the Memphis kids I feel, because they didn't deserve to be in that situation.
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