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  1. They're doing what they always do BigEd. Putting forth to the public what they'll catch less heat for, when they probably realize by now that at the very best there's a thread thin shot that basketball and the spring sports will play another game in the 2019-2020 season. I'd have more respect if they'd just put out a definite deadline dependent upon schools reconvening and leave it at that.
  2. I'm with you on the Democratic party and the socialists piggybacking them. Our generation realizes the difference, and vote accordingly... what worries me about the gen x'ers, gen z'ers, and some of the millennials, is that they haven't seen the practical application of socialism, and what the utopian society advertised quickly evolves into once put into practice.
  3. There are a select few leaders that need criticism right now... Pelosi and "the crew" have extended the negotiations by days already. A bipartisan agreement was all but approved when Pelosi stepped forward with "conditions" such as reduction of carbon footprints, extending travel visas, and an entirely new fiscal system run by the federal government that could endanger the privately run banking system. The socialist left wants to issue cards to each person connected to a government account, to be replenished periodically. She then accuses President Trump's package of leaning more toward business than workers, when workers will not have employment if their jobs aren't waiting for them when this is over. The socialists want to implement their visions of a government controlled and funded society, and are seizing this opportunity to twist the arm of the President to wedge their foot in the door. Our school system is a microcosm of society... older teachers, administrators, custodial staff, maintenance, busing, and delivery personnel would be at risk, as well as students with chronic conditions themselves. The main risk in my opinion, would be the spread of the virus by students into their homes and to their families. With recommendations of restricted gatherings and social distancing from the CDC and WHO, should we consider gathering hundreds of potential carriers together every day, then dispersing them back into their homes each evening?
  4. I understand a man (or woman) staying true to their word Willie, but as much and as fast as situations are changing daily, a little discussion is a good thing among friends. We all have opinions, we are all partially right and wrong, and I for one am apprehensive about how different our little corner of the world will forever be from how it was before. I'd love to hear your opinion on all these matters.
  5. I'll gladly take that 10 team region over our current situation. I'd figure that the overall disparity in enrollments would be drastically closer than we have faced in the last cycle, and that's all that we'd ask. Not that it matters, but I think that we would be top two or three baseball/softball , and top five basketball. Our football program took a hit for a couple of years, but I think that we'll get back to where we were in a few seasons and could be competitive when we do. I think that I can include Adamsville and Riverside in this statement... all that we ask is a reasonable chance.
  6. The last line has a lot of meaning. We've always played with schools to our west, but when football was reclassified and regions were redrawn, we were placed in region 5 with Riverside, Lewis County, Waverly, both Hickman teams, Clarksville Academy, and Loretto. Last realignment we were (are) in region 6, all still to our east... in all other sports, we are aligned in the same area as in the past, but bumped to AA, where only the other two small AA's are traditional rivalry games. The great thing is that most teams/communities that we now play are as well represented as our long time, traditional opponents. The bad thing is, we've had to forgo playing teams that we've faced uninterrupted (before recently) for decades.
  7. Five days later... NY, NJ, Illinois, and (surprise, surprise) California have mandatory around the clock lock down orders for ALL CITIZENS. You are only allowed out for groceries, medical necessities, and a few other activities decided upon by state government. They say that warnings will be issued first (particularly for businesses), then fines and "other measures" will be taken by LAW ENFORCEMENT. The lone example cited was a family out for a picnic, who were warned and sent home. The proof is in the pudding.
  8. I'll have to agree. No one here wanted complain about being the smallest school in 2AA in the state because it always has to be someone, so our coaches and kids just gritted their teeth and went at it. The reality of it in our district/region though, is that there are three teams between 490/530 students competing against others who average double that... no "in between" schools with one to two hundred more, and several closer to three times our enrollment than double. It's a hard pill to swallow watching our kids get walloped by state contenders in 2AA, when we would have had very respectable teams if we'd been classified with teams of our enrollment size. I'm not throwing a pity party, or angling to have an advantage over the truly small 1A schools... just hate for our kids to give the effort that they do, with little chance of success.
  9. We are in different camps in our way of thinking, I'm an optimist by nature, but a realist too... I was not in favor of dismissing when we did, as there were two confirmed cases west of Nashville, both in Shelby County. I thought that we should have kept schools open until there was an imminent threat in our area. At the present (one week later), there are confirmed cases in every county we share a border with save one. I think that we may just be in the beginning stages here in West Tn., and that it will take time for the situation to improve.
  10. That's the perception from a lot of folks PP, but thankfully not everyone views it that way. We've had five instances in our county in the last twelve years, and all of them have been investigated and exposed. The biggest problem is that the majority of them know to resign before being fired, saving their licensure and certification. School systems have no recourse once that happens, and unless prosecuted by the victims they are free to move along to another job without a paper trail following them... not even an official reprimand. In one case, the Dept. of Education revoked his license before the resignation, but the victim's family refused to prosecute. Three of our cases went through the judicial system... one victim changed the timeline of events from their initial statement and that one was not tried, and only two of the five were prosecuted. Of those final two, one somehow got a conviction expunged from his record (not overturned) after a few years. As far as I'm aware, three of the five may now apply for a job in education, and a background check will reveal absolutely nothing to their prospective employer. Only one served jail time other than overnight. Hopefully someday every slug who's guilty loses their teaching license and serves time.
  11. I think that it was one of the TCA guys, and I remember it as well.
  12. I guess that the best way to respond is by paragraph... 1 I don't think that either party has an ulterior motive... the measure is understandable considering the circumstances, and the financial assistance will be much needed by many. Having said that; your government is telling you what you can and can not do, and paying you... sound familiar? You are being conditioned. 2 The virus isn't a hoax, it's a serious infectious illness that is potentially fatal to the elderly, infirmed, and in rare instances to the otherwise healthy. I won't address "Obama", as I already have, but as far as blame for the liberals and media... the liberals were simply doing what they've done since the 2016 election. At any and every opportunity a finger will be pointed at President Trump, and he will be criticized, legitimately or not. The media have sensationalized COVID-19 to the point of creating mass hysteria. When people who otherwise (as in an outbreak of the flu) would be cautious of crowds and withdraw from social contact of their own accord are congregating by the hundreds at Costco and Sam's for as absurd an item as toilet tissue, there's a problem. As for me "taking responsibility" ... for what? I don't call Democrats Socialists, on the contrary, I won't call Socialists Democrats. The "Bernie" liberals are as far from my generations Democratic party as North is from South. Biden will receive the nomination because at the present the party as a whole knew that Sanders had zero chance to be elected, but if the non socialist Democrats can't acknowledge the momentum that Bernie had before they wised up and aligned with a more mainstream candidate, we are in trouble in the future. I'm sure that some Nazis/KKK/Communists/Taliban/IRA, and members of the Screen Actors Guild voted for President Trump in 2016... I'd bet that some voted for Hillary as well. Lastly... thank you for your respect. I consider myself one of the original Reagan Republicans and I pray for another man to lead us as he did... from either party. I agree what politicians are doing to this country is sinful. Also, in all sincerity, thank you for your prayers (even though I'm not a FAR...) and I will reciprocate.
  13. Not scared of a man who is thankfully long gone at all. He was never much of a threat anyway... didn't do much of anything except for making hollow promises. Clinton was the ruination of our economy... he emptied earmarked funds for infrastructure and social security, then opened our boarders economically for businesses to go south, both literally and figuratively. Socialism is what I'm afraid of. Bernie isn't going to be "the man", but if this new generation of voters don't wake up soon, there will come a time when the temptation of promised free money and social equality will prevail. Just for the record... I'm not a Trump fanatic. He's arrogant, he's a narcissist, he talks too much, and he doesn't behave in the dignified manner that a president should. His economic principals however, are pretty solid. His support of our Constitution is admirable, and despite all the hoopla, he's pretty much done more to keep the campaign promises that elected him than any President in recent history. As far as proof... a prediction of upcoming events can't be proven... yet.
  14. This isn't over yet... next step will be curfews by city governments... then private businesses that haven't been economically crushed will be forced into shut downs... at some point during the process the socialists will have the plan to save the day by giving "stimulus" money to those they have adversely affected... BINGO! You are now under government control and on their payroll... socialism without winning an election.
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