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  1. If he goes to Columbia, he will probably have an offensive and defensive coordinator...head coaches at 5A schools have plenty of assistants.
  2. I can see the cat's head...it'll be out of the bag before long.
  3. Correct. If they were to "replace" MAHS in scheduling, that would mean lots of long"ish" road games and home games with very low attendance (gate money). Better to schedule JV that improves your team and provides an atmosphere (fans) at the game.
  4. Nah...he's never at a loss for words, even if they make no sense. It will be interesting to see if he continues to bash Lewis County without Sharp, or chooses to bash Sharp wherever* he chooses to be next season. * Sharp has several options at his disposal... if the HC job at Columbia isn't offered (or if he turns it down), there are multiple others, one of which would turn 'ol Pizz's stomach!
  5. I get it, but a coach could recruit players at your square dance. The underlying point is that facilities are just a place, and that illegal recruitment can occur anyplace. Our facilities have been used for everything from Zumba to charity auctions, and to not allow middle school access for fear of opportunity of wrongdoing would be unjustly penalizing them. People who intend to break rules will do so wherever and whenever, that's why the rules specify contact and not location.
  6. No, still pretty simple as explained. You are not allowed to integrate middle schoolers with the high school team, but are allowed to use the facilities as middle schoolers...heck, you can use the facility to have a square dance if you procure permission!
  7. The defunct Memphis City system got the lion's share of Tennessee's 500 milion dollar "Race To The Top" federal allotment a few years back, then proceeded to declare bankrupcy a few months later... what's a few million among friends?
  8. I like your reply, but see that you couldn't resist one last jab. I also agree that you made it a point to exclude 1A/2A from your vague and pointless observation. If you need proof to the contrary, just look at Trenton Peabody's staff...they have proven past head coaches down to the middle school level, and names get thrown out for the biggest jobs open in West TN. on a regular basis.
  9. You're not wrong, but what you said is misleading. Contracts vary, and can also be 11 or 12 month contracts for basic employment...also, coaching stipends usually consist of a basic contract that includes duties and behavior (maintenance, conduct, ect...), but are not time specific. You can't pay good coaches an hourly rate, at minimum wage they would make more than the Director of Schools.
  10. Lots of people believe that what you said is window dressing or movie script lines, but I can attest that it's not. Jim Stowe was very fond of saying that his "job was not coaching football, it was molding men...men will win you football games". He didn't mean physically either, he meant character and heart. Kids will put forth more effort in order not to disappoint someone who they respect than they will to achieve a personal goal every time. Hope that you guys get the total package that you're looking for.
  11. There are almost as many small reasons (excuses) why programs are not successful as there are small details that winning programs do well. No coach was/is going to walk in that gym and transform the team that Northcutt agreed to coach into winners in a short time, nor will it be easy. The old adage of "if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem" could be applied to you, after you saying that it "isn't worth..." for you to support the program that you "wish" was relevant again... yet you bemoan the fact that youth isn't in the gym. Northcutt wouldn't be there if he didn't believe he could eventually field a competitive team...he may be wrong, but if he can't, I couldn't imagine who would attempt it that could. Be patient and support the program, you can't lose more than a few bucks and a couple of hours a week, and you might just enjoy the ride.
  12. He's so out of the loop that there's something brewing under him and his bud's noses that will send them in orbit, and they're clueless. When the shoe drops, I'll reference an OLD post of mine that gives a hint just so they know how much they don't know.
  13. When Northcutt was announced, you just knew that the Lady Indians would begin their rise. How long it takes and how good they become is yet to be seen, but Northcutt and "bad" are not compatible.
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