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  1. If I remember correctly, it used to be different if a private was involved (there was an issue in Chatt. about 10/12 years ago), but there's nothing in the by-laws now differentiating between private/public. Also says 20 mile radius, and I (like BPM) thought that it used to be 25.
  2. Also, TSSAA rulebook says 20 mile radius. Maybe Lake Co. kids original home address was outside D'burg 20 mile radius, and they moved within it? Seems to me that something simpler(and easier to police) could be implemented...maybe they want a gray area so that they can decide on an individual basis and not be blatantly obvious.
  3. Section 12 article B says reads that transfers must have a "bonafide" change of address from one residence to another, and that the original address must be outside the new school's radius. A move from one residence to another within the new school's radius is supposed to result in the athlete sitting for one calander year, barring the exceptions listed.
  4. I'm gonna say that BPM is close, but has it a little mixed up on the radius rule...that even moving from house A to house B (legit address change) you have to move out of one radius before being allowed to transfer and play within the other.
  5. There are board policy rules, which may differ among any/all schools, and then there's TSSAA's transfer rule...BPM got it right about the radius, and about MAHS closing voiding that part. Just speculating, but I'd think that (other than Freshmen) those with an athletic record within the last year would be attached to the closest school to their home address. The 20% increase in population from one year to the next would be enforced this season (the way the rule reads) however. The only purpose for it was to ensure that such an event wouldn't be allowed to be an advantage between reclassification years. In a two year cycle it would be useless if not applied in the same year as the increase.
  6. He doesn't need a NIL deal BPM...if y'all will promise to feed him his mom will probably allow you to adopt him!!!
  7. Open zone or not, transfers have to sit from the date of their last participation for one full calendar year. I wouldn't be concerned too much, even if everything is true...one video of one kid and the whole thing comes crashing down, and secrets are hard to keep.
  8. He meant that flood or not, the enrollment was most likely back within the 2A range...the flood just dropped their enrollment even more.
  9. The above post was made about a week ago...read it carefully, and you might get the feeling that I'm not picking against South Pittsburg, I'm busting your chops for being a jerk.
  10. I agree, and will add that East Hickman has made the most forward progress of anyone in the region over the last two seasons...unless something has changed I'd place them at #4 preseason. Anyone in the region could gain or lose a spot, but I'd be surprised by more than that.
  11. Pretty well had that pegged too oneyewilly...just that sometimes my tolerance for "real dumb" gets worn thin. Best of luck to y'all over that way too, tough circumstances for the kids to deal with but I'm sure that they'll turn a terrible situation into motivation.
  12. Nobody said that they weren't the best team or that they didn't have a chance. Believe me, everybody has plenty of respect for the Pirates because they've earned it over and over on the field, not because some Johnny come lately newbie proclaims them "king of the hill" until someone knocks them off. The real Pirate fans on here tell it as straight as anybody, without excessive sandbagging, disrespecting weaker programs, or making brash statements that put extra pressure on the players.
  13. Sometimes this is true, more often it's an indication that they should be pretty good, and sometimes it's just ridiculous. If you won it all last year and return everyone, I'd have no problem agreeing with you...if (as Gordonsville did a few years back) you win it and graduate your entire starting team, it means absolutely nothing, and if you lose the players that South Pitt lost and beat your chest that you're the defending champion and that makes you the odds on favorite (team to beat), that makes me want to ask you if you're off your meds. South Pitt is THE premier program in the east, and I have no doubt that they will be talented, motivated, and confident. I'd bet that they make the semi's without knowing anything about them other than they expect to be there, and usually are, but there's some stiff competition coming from the west this season no matter which team survives the gauntlet, and they will be forged in the fire of being tested by a practically equal team for their last two or three games. You don't have to be scared (and the Pirates won't), but you'd better respect whomever comes out of the west this year or they'll hand you your hat and ask you to leave.
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