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  1. tradertwo

    District 14 AA

    Explains a lot. Coach Riley wouldn't tolerate that behavior without severe consequences.
  2. tradertwo

    Artificial Noisemakers?

    I'll use your own logic against you... if you can make that much noise without artificial noisemakers, why do you need one? I don't attend athletic events to hear someone blow an air horn. Having said that, I'll use the practical defense of the rule... where would you draw the line? Cowbells and non amplified megaphones aren't that disruptive, but would you want the student section to all have the amplified ones? How about a siren? The simplest place to differentiate is to disallow them all, rather than field all the " if he can have his, why can't I have mine?" questions. Just go watch the game, and yell all you want.
  3. tradertwo

    Wayne County coaching search

    There are certain "processes" to hiring a coach, or you would probably already know who's getting the job. Protocol dictates the timeframe of posting the job, accepting applications, conducting interviews, ect… Hypothetically, the administration and their "first choice" can be in agreement within an hour of the job being vacated, but it may take weeks to formally announce.
  4. tradertwo

    Waverly Coaching Vacancy

    Be watchful, vandy… that's what happened to us. Awfully easy to hire the guy in the building, and not have to accommodate the certification of the "best" guy. Cost us two years and a LOT of hard won momentum, not to mention some serious cash from mismanagement. Not advising anyone to be "that guy" who feels that his/her contributions or hard work have earned them the right to participate in the interview process or some influence regarding the hire, but letting the proper people know how much the program means to the community is not overstepping. Edit There are plenty of good applicants out there... I am thrilled with our hire, but honestly, we chose him over some that I would have been confident with. With the current state of your program, I expect some fine coaches to be attracted.
  5. tradertwo

    Jasper 2019

    Sort of glad this thread popped up, it's been pretty boring on here without some good natured hatin' on tha neighbors... IT'S COMING!!...LOL.
  6. tradertwo

    Camden Football

    No, you didn't. You left out the part where you "jumped the gun" in order to be first out with the news, and said some pretty harsh things about a fairly successful and much respected coach and man. If everything happens as you said, it's still immoral for you to put it out there beforehand. On the other hand, if it's just a rumor... well I guess that's just you living up to your username.
  7. tradertwo

    Trousdale County Coaching Search 2019

    No... most posters who had access to his previous employment records predicted it when he was hired. You wonder what he's thinking, with a returning bunch of kids who are one of a few favorites to win state.
  8. tradertwo

    The real All-State Team... coaches Allstate

    You know that it's bogus if some kid from Memphis ( who's name shouldn't be put on social media) isn't listed as the only QB. I hear the Chief's are recruiting him to forgo college altogether, sign as a franchise player, and play in Europe (on loan) until eligible to join the team. They're just waiting to see if Mama will accept the terms of the contract, or if she demands a media blackout until he's 18.
  9. tradertwo

    Derrick Davis resigns (Polk Co.)

    Bullseye! I'd like to add (because Title IX has been thrown like a grenade) that if the practice field can be lined off to meet the "standard dimensions" of TSSAA soccer fields, and the football field can't for whatever reason, they could be forced to use the practice field using Title IX against them (hint,hint). You hometowners need to follow BPM's advice and support the kids... all football programs in this area are funded by a collusion of sources, and boosters work alongside coaches for the betterment of facilities. I doubt that it would be readily accepted for another program to enjoy the fruits of football's labor without reciprocating upkeep at any school, and rightly so. You Title Nine'rs have a case, but it's not with football, it's with the central office. Edit... For the "taxpayers fund all sports..." comment. Sports are not a requirement. Title IX ensures EQUAL opportunity for both sexes, nothing more or less, and the public portion (taxes) of financial support is determined solely by administration. If any soccer booster feels entitled to the use of another program's designated facility "just because it's there", you're wrong on every level.
  10. tradertwo

    Rice leaving Wayne Co

    Big loss, yes... don't automatically assume that WC falls off though. With the tradition and fan support there, they'll be fine with the right guy.
  11. tradertwo

    Rice leaving Wayne Co

    That's what I was alluding to, but thought that Crews might go with Rice.
  12. tradertwo

    Rice leaving Wayne Co

    Perfect response. Not one of the guys you'd think of if someone asked you "who might leave their program?", but the timing and opportunity came together at the right time I'd guess. Best of luck to Coach Rice, and to the program at Wayne County in making the right hire. I'd bet that the hire depends on who goes with Rice, or stays put.
  13. tradertwo

    AAU coaches on HS benches

    Haston is faculty if I'm not mistaken, but no coach has to be. there are parameters allowing for non faculty including being fingerprinted, background checked, and a certain amount of "tenure" ( I believe that five years is correct ). In my opinion, allowing "contact" between AAU and TSSAA members is a Pandora's box that will not end well for TSSAA if they don't address it quickly and define lines that can't be crossed in either direction.
  14. tradertwo

    Derrick Davis resigns (Polk Co.)

    Then take the next step and run for the position yourself. If your old coach is the man represented by most opinions on here, I'm sure he would encourage the same. It's OK to complain, but much better to be the solution. I've re read this three times, and would like to sound less like a smart aleck, but I'm being sincere. Coaches strive to create leaders within their own ranks, and from your posts you seem to be one... don't doubt yourself and others will follow.
  15. tradertwo

    Derrick Davis resigns (Polk Co.)

    Simple solution... vote out the buddies that keep him in there, I presume that they cycle the Board elections every two years.