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  1. If my memory serves correct wasn’t Moore County looking for a Coach last year too?
  2. I was giving an example. If an upper East Tennessee team was to host play it at ETSU. If a Knoxville Area team is hosting play at Alcoa or Farragut or South Doyle Middle, they have a huge gym.
  3. I can’t remember who said it being that it was a few years ago but a poster on CoachT made a comment about the private schools and public’s making a complete split and he said the next thing we will here is rural and urban schools splitting. I told him he was wrong but Lord have mercy he was right, I owe that guy a drink lol
  4. I personally think they should leave it at 3 classes. There are already districts in AA and A with 4 or 5 team districts. One of the issues in football is too many championships and how water downed it is, I think it should be earned keep it three classes. Eliminate the home court substate and play a neutral site game but do a double header for fans. For instance, in East Tennessee the class a substate could be at Oak Ridge, the AA substate at Walter State and the AAA substate at ETSU
  5. That’s the best idea I’ve read. Play substate/sectionals on a neutral court but how would you schedule it? You could do a double header in a neutral gym for the quarterfinals. Or do like D2 and let the quarterfinals be played at the home of the higher seed or in a neutral gym. I do like the idea of playing just semifinal and finals in Nashville.
  6. Good luck to the Rebels on Monday.
  7. Knoxville Catholic (25-4) defeats Briarcrest 50-47 to win the schools first ever state title
  8. Knoxville Catholic (24-4) vs. Briarcrest (25-4) for the state championship in DII-AA. Knoxville Catholic’s sophomore PG Brian Edwards is a finalist for Mr. Basketball in D II-AA. He has already played against one finalist Chaz Lanier from Ensworth and will face 5 star recruit Kennedy Chandler from Briarcrest. Looking forward to a good game. Both teams have played extremely tough schedules to prepare for this matchup.
  9. Friday’s state semifinal matchups at David Lipscomb University : #2 Baylor (16-9) vs # 1 Briarcrest (23-5) #2 Christian Brothers (18-10) vs #1 Knoxville Catholic (23-4) Two teams each from the East and West.
  10. D2AA East Region Standings 1) Knoxville Catholic 5-1 overall 22-4 2) Baylor 3-2 overall 15-8 3) McCallie 2-3 overall 13-14 4) Chattanooga Christian 1-5 overall 15-10 Baylor plays at McCallie on Saturday not sure how the tie breaker works if McCallie wins.
  11. But how does the playoff format works for DII AA? How many teams make it to state? Since there is only 14 teams in the entire class (which seems strange) how do teams advance in the playoffs? Is there a regional or sectional games or is Briarcrest automatically anointed state champs by default?
  12. Can anyone explain how the playoffs work in D2 AA?
  13. In D2AA Knoxville Catholic has two candidates 6’9 senior center Akeem Odusipe 17 ppg, 12 rpg multiple D1 offers including Rhode Island, Wichita State, South Carolina, Seton Hall, West Virginia, Georgia, Texas A&M ETSU and Virginia. 6’3 Sophomore PG Brian Edwards 20 ppg, 6 app, 7 rpg has offers from Tennessee, Seton Hall, Auburn, South Carolina, Texas Arlington. Kentucky and Georgetown are showing interest. Irish have played mostly out of states teams including nationally ranked Gonzaga and IMG. Having two may hurt voting but both are deserving.
  14. How is MBA ranked ahead of Knoxville Catholic and the Irish beat them head to head? Is it because Catholic has played so many out of state opponents like nationally ranked Gonzaga and the two time defending South Carolina state champion Gray Collegiate?
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