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  1. Maryville should win the district. I think HVA could surprise some teams and never count Bearden out.
  2. I wasn't trying to be facetious, I know how intense the Catholic/Webb rival use to be, and in the past there has been very little positive support from each other for each other. I do not follow D2 enough to know about Brentwood Academy being down, but the Irish are still young at certain positions. After the last two years I'm sure they will be happy with a win and one step closer to a playoff position.
  3. Spoken like a true Spartan
  4. I'm not sure if this was mentioned but Norwood is an elementary school but I think know which middle school you are referring too and their zones are crazy. I live 2 miles from Bearden High School yet my daughter's zoned high school is Hardin Valley. Another strange zone is Middlebrook Pike, (between Cedar Bluff and North Gallaher) depending on what side of the street you live on you either go to Cedar Bluff MS or Karns MS. Makes no sense.
  5. There are some publics who wouldn't care. I think the lower classifications (1A, 2A, and 3A) would complain the most if they combined divisions.
  6. Knoxville Catholic sophomore point guard B.J. Edwards has earned a 4 star rating and is ranked one of the top 50 players nationally in his class. https://www.5starpreps.com/articles/free-read-catholic-pg-b-j-edwards-ranked-in-the-top-50-nationally-in-class-of-2022/
  7. Correct me if I’m wrong but YOU said running clock not anyone else. Catholic has talent but they are still young at key positions. The QB started 2 or 3 games as a sophomore when the starting QB was injured, he also missed a majority of last year with a broken foot. The leading returning rusher and receiver from last year are just sophomores and the transfers are still learning the schemes so it’s a work in progress. Build towards the playoff not peak in August lol. Sounds like I missed a good game. I watched the UT game.....I should have drove to Corbin.
  8. How does he see this one playing out? Catholic was 9-4 and lost in the class 5A semifinals last year to Knoxville Central who won it all.
  9. I have a cousin that lives in Cincinnati (he played football at Archbishop Moeller with Ken Griffey Jr.) and he was telling me that Highland, which is in Fort Thomas Kentucky located just outside of Cincinnati (some 5 miles away) has won 23 state titles. Catholic will play them this Saturday in Corbin Ky at the Cumberland Fall Pigskin Classic. This should be a very good game between to talented teams. I don't know how strong Kentucky high school football is but 23 titles is still impressive.
  10. I can tell you from personal experience the refs up there look out for the local teams. Ten years ago we were in Corbin playing a basketball game and the calls were very one sided. So our head basketball coach asked the ref can you at least not make it look obvious and the refs response was I'm going to make you wish you'd never left Tennessee.
  11. Catholic was very young last year and if memory serves me correct they started 6 freshman in that game. The major difference with Catholic this year is their depth. Those freshman developing and gaining some more experience helps too. I think it'll be a more competitive game.
  12. Knoxville Catholic High School web page has a video stating that the Catholic/Brentwood Academy game will be played on October 3rd and it’ll be televised on ESPN2. I would assume that Mark Packer will not move the Rivalry Thursday game. After all ESPN and Fox televise college games on Thursday and sometimes they have big name matchups.
  13. Corrie Johnson was at ETSU when I was a student there. I think he transferred to Tennessee State or MTSU (I really can't remember). Great shooter for the Bucs.
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