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  1. Will take the bait. Houston is the only high school for all of Germantown, population nearly 40,000. Brentwood is roughly the same size as Germantown but splits students between Brentwood and Ravenwood. Combine THOSE two schools together and tell me if Houston would have the same "dominating run". Doubtful.
  2. Should have scored 9 more.
  3. Spoken (typed) like a proud parent!
  4. Come out and play man-to-man instead of standing there in the paint if you want the ball back.
  5. Until they play a team with enough technical skill to keep the ball on the ground. Then that height and higher centers of gravity become a liability. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/41818468 (And this one added as an edit -- Barcelona were the shortest team in Europe, of over 600 top-flight teams, when they were also the BEST team in Europe): https://sabotagetimes.com/football/barca-really-are-midgets-and-other-fascinating-stat-based-insights-into-european-football
  6. Partly true. The NFHS does admit only one association per state as a "member association". However, associations can become "affiliates". No NFHS rules prohibit a school in a member association from playing any other school. Otherwise, schools like Oak Hill Academy would lose the majority of their basketball games.
  7. Seriously raises the stakes for the AD hire.
  8. All right, genius. Here you go. Directly from page 21 of the TSSAA handbook. This is the entirety of the "Independent-Game Participation" section -- my bold italics for emphasis: "Section 21. Once a student’s name is listed on the school’s eligibility report, if a student participates in an independent game in that sport after the first contest date allowed and before the season has closed or his/her name has been removed from the eligibility report at the request of the school principal, the student shall be ineligible at the varsity level as explained below. Any organized game in which players not registered with TSSAA participate – regardless of whether admission is charged - is considered as an independent game. Violation of this rule will render the student ineligible for 25% of the number of contests/dates allowed in that sport by the sports calendar or for the remainder of the season in that sport, whichever number is the least. Violation of this rule a second time in the same sport in the same season will render the student ineligible in that sport for the remainder of the season. A student's name may be removed from the school's eligibility list upon written request of the principal prior to the first official contest date allowed in that sport without penalty. After the first official contest allowed, a student’s name may be removed from the school’s eligibility list upon written request of the principal, and he/she may then participate as an independent without penalty. If the principal requests the state office to remove a student’s name after the first official contest date allowed in that sport, such student may not again be certified during the season of that sport." That's a three paragraph section. The ineligibility in the second and third paragraphs pertain only to VARSITY sports. Under TSSAA rules, a student may play in independent games during the season if that student does not play on a VARSITY team.
  9. MoonDogRex

    Showing Class

    Given the option of building up their goalkeeper or attempting to tear down an opponent, they chose the latter. Enough said.
  10. MoonDogRex

    Showing Class

    Heard the Beech fans chanting "Miss it" every time a Greeneville player stepped up to take a PK in the shootout. Let's also go down this path in our conversation about "class".
  11. The problem right there with the American game. Or, in a more detailed analysis, this: https://www.starsandstripesfc.com/2018/10/3/17933046/failure-u20-womens-world-cup-symptom-bigger-ynt-problem
  12. In this heat, you will also find that it bounces higher, too. GKs, watch out!
  13. MoonDogRex

    Mercy Rule

    They play Station Camp on Tuesday. What comes around, goes around.
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