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  1. 6-0. 15 shots on goal to 1 shot on goal. Was never going to be close.
  2. You will have to be very lucky (and Brentwood will have to have their worst game of the season) to be correct with one of your picks. But weather is the great equalizer...
  3. Not sure about the second one.
  4. McCallie just lost to Ensworth.
  5. What if that pg wants to play NCAA D1 basketball and needs to meet the sliding scale requirement for GPA to ACT/SAT? Transferring to an easier academic school would help boost the GPA. I have no evidence that this was an issue, but going from BA to PC will certainly help the GPA, no question.
  6. Randy Brady is going to a stronger basketball school. Not sure that decision is any reflection on the coaching situation at BA.
  7. You drive to NW Nashville from the Chatt ('round about TREE hours each way) to witness a whoopin"? C'mon, man. Tell the Lunar Canine King that you didn't do that.
  8. Will take the bait. Houston is the only high school for all of Germantown, population nearly 40,000. Brentwood is roughly the same size as Germantown but splits students between Brentwood and Ravenwood. Combine THOSE two schools together and tell me if Houston would have the same "dominating run". Doubtful.
  9. Should have scored 9 more.
  10. Spoken (typed) like a proud parent!
  11. Come out and play man-to-man instead of standing there in the paint if you want the ball back.
  12. Until they play a team with enough technical skill to keep the ball on the ground. Then that height and higher centers of gravity become a liability. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/41818468 (And this one added as an edit -- Barcelona were the shortest team in Europe, of over 600 top-flight teams, when they were also the BEST team in Europe): https://sabotagetimes.com/football/barca-really-are-midgets-and-other-fascinating-stat-based-insights-into-european-football
  13. Partly true. The NFHS does admit only one association per state as a "member association". However, associations can become "affiliates". No NFHS rules prohibit a school in a member association from playing any other school. Otherwise, schools like Oak Hill Academy would lose the majority of their basketball games.
  14. Seriously raises the stakes for the AD hire.
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