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  1. He said in Tn. Those are not in TN. The LA teams certainly could however to his point I do not believe there is a team currently in the state that could.
  2. Was waiting someone to respond with that. Not even sure how CPA got brought up in this. Coincidence that those 2 games were against a coach with no known knowledge of D2?
  3. What does it mean to "recruit"? See that a lot on here. Just wondering on how its defined by most.
  4. That is what I assumed just wanted to clarify. Here is what winning 4 straight championships and being hired away to coach DIV1 college football does mean though... you know the game and can coach. That seems lost by many. Lets take a look at the D2 coaching hires of late Good D2 hires Baylor: Kimrey hired with no D2 experience yet highly successful HS coach in SC and college. Won a state championship year 1 i believe for first time in 40 years. Seems like there are a few kids in the school now BA: 2 hires ago. Cody White was a moderately successful coach in Texas. came to BA and won 4 straight title with no D2 back ground LA: 2 hires ago. Dilfer. Got a few kids in the school and created a national program Boyd Buchanan: Gray Rankin. Never coached in D2. year played for a state championship. Few kids in the school now Other D2 hires BA: Jacob Gill. No D2 experience. He got kids in the school from all over in 5 months. SEC talent everywhere. Yet failed to score more than 20 points in most games and won 2 games. Was it a lack of kids issue or could not coach issue? LA: Mawae. No full time d2 experience or HC coaching experience. One of the deepest rosters in the state so no shortage of talent. Yet could barely get to 500 record in wins. Was it a lack of talent or was it coaching? Ensworth: Roc Batten D2 blueblood. No one would argue he was void of talent at Ensworth yet rarely performed at a high level. Teams underperformed every year. On offense were terribly coached every year he was there. Yet loaded with SEC talent BGA 2 hires ago: Jonas Rodriguez. D2 blue blood lifer. Could not get kids in the school and teams were poorly coached. So in summary the whole you have to know D2 is a bunch of non sense. You have to be a great coach. You know who kids want to play for? Great coaches! The focus in D2 for many seems to be acquiring talented football players. Simply hire a great coach and you will gel the kids. I would argue there is no more talented Div in the country than D2 football yet i would argue it may be to most poorly coached bc of the thought that you must be a D2 guy. BGA made the best hire and its not close. Will the other 2 end up doing well who knows but as of today BGA got the best guy.
  5. Does not know the d2 landscape for Dickson 2? What exactly does this mean? Have heard it said before but don’t really follow.
  6. Does BGa want a former player or a coach ? Anyone looked up this guys record as a HC? Unless I am looking wrong he was 0-30 as a HC. 0-30 is pretty rough. But i goes he was a good player?? Is a private school that cost 30k a year really going to hire a coach that went 0-30?
  7. Very true. MBA or BA can hardly be called wolves at this point.
  8. Yes ill do better. Ill try to find the positive. On the positive its basketball season.
  9. in TN more like Tim Tebow. No coaching experience at all... perfect. That is exactly what we are looking for. Just get talented kids to show up and play sloppy football with no real development.
  10. While BGA certainly has a more progressive view of many social issues its far from some East coast "woke" academic institution. While the school was competitive from 2010-2018 its also fair to say the competition outside of CPA is not exactly high level football. Its a low bar to be good in this division and that is just the truth. There are 3 teams in this division running football programs and 2 of them just started in the last 24 months. Take a look at BGA athletics as a whole both boys and girls. The only sports doing ok are boys basketball, girls soccer and volleyball. That is it. I don't understand the expectation to pay $30,000 a year and not pursue excellence in all areas. Athletics are not to the detriment of academics like many would say. You can in fact pursue both at a high level and should! Our kids deserve it. We have to quit with all the excuses. It really is as simply as run a great program where kids are seen, known, and developed and the numbers will take care of themselves. Its not about recruiting or other excuses. BGA needs to run a legit football program and hire someone who knows how to do that. If they just want a "coach" there will be no change. They need a program.
  11. In what way did he do this? Never knew he was highly political
  12. Non sense. BA had 3 linemen that will go play D1 ball. Do you want 10 that will play D1? At some point you must actually coach and develop an average HS kid into a good player. The line struggles were 100 percent coaching struggles not players. Sure better players help but darn at some how about we actually coach and develop.
  13. Who is the proven winner?
  14. Would be a good one? Based on what? Not being a jerk just curious on what this opinion is based. Have you followed the program at Stewarts Creek or known families that played in his program?
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