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  1. T$$AA = Trash for these state tournament match ups
  2. It is trash!! They don't want an all west TN Final four!!!
  3. South Gibson and Dyersburg punched their ticket to the state tournament in the region semi-finals. South Gibson made it possible for them to go to state tournament in the district consolation by getting beat and going opposite Dyersburg in the region. This district will have 2 teams going to state tournament for a long time to come. Memphis girls basketball is just not very good at all. Complete opposite on the boys side. LOL
  4. No way to answer that question! you would have to give specific teams - districts - regions in order to answer that question.
  5. Dyersburg fell a little short - I miss this pick. I saw them a couple of times this season and they were really good both times. This is why I love basketball. On any given day... Well, you do have to have some ball players but on any given day any team can win. But, like I said, you have to have some ball players.
  6. yes. not sure what this post is talking about. I'm a little confused.
  7. those days are gone for now in West TN public schools. Not sure about private outside of Jackson but the answer is a no for West Tn.
  8. SGC has a clear road back to the state tournament: Beat Fayette Ware - Realistically a game that SGC should win easily - Beat Crockett in the Semi which is not too much to ask and actually I think they should win that game as well. They do that and they are back in the state tournament. Not a rough road to get there honestly.
  9. probably had kids out sick. there were so many teams had kids miss games earlier in the season. I don't know this to be a fact but could have played a role
  10. West TN it may be Dyersburg. I think they win their region Tournament. Not sure about Munford, Egypt and Ridgeway but Dyersburg has legit 6'8" post guy, several shooters and a PG that can play. They have all the pieces. They also guard you.
  11. I watched the consolation and finals for 13AAA last night and here are my take aways: 1. Dyersburg is legit - Their 6'8" kids played so tough last night. Guards shot it and didn't turn it over. Coach's son is best player in the gym last night 2. Dyer County seemed "off". Like the things they were doing usually worked and it wasn't working. they didn't make shots and gave up a lot of easy shots and wide open 3's. 3. Obion has improved alot since I saw them way earlier in the year. They shoot it so good. 4. South Gibson is small. they have good PG play and decent shooters but they don't have any size. Length will bother them in a big way. Apparently they lost a kid to injury according to a fan I talked to last night.
  12. This is how is use to be... Not anymore... Players play/officiate/coach coaches coach/officiate refs officiate/put on a show parents officiate/coach/put on a show
  13. so no teams on the other side of this region has a chance to beat obion or south gibson?
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