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  1. I see they had a great year this year. I am not familiar with their team. How many starters they graduate?
  2. Who Wins District 12 I have south Side. Chester don't graduate anybody and neither does South Side. I just feel like south Side will improve a ton and Chester probably won't be any different than this year. Who Wins District 11 Creek Wood in this one - Sycamore can't compete moving up and Fairview will also struggle even though they had a good season. Montgomery in over their head Who Wins Region 6 South Side wins the region and Chester goes on the road and wins Sub state - both go to the state tournament
  3. West TN: South Side walks through their new district even though they lost some really good players - They also win the Sub-State game and go back to the State Tournament Dyersburg will win their district South Gibson will compete even though they lost 3 starters - They will have to play every night in District unlike the past couple of years with NS and Liberty making up 4 of their 6 district games. Crockett and Dyer County will compete - That is it in 3 A West TN It will be South Side and whoever wins Region 5 going to state and it will be Dyersburg and south Gibson going to state - Region 8 will compete but won't be able to beat either one of those teams in sub state
  4. !!!!!!!!! Data speaks Celebrate the kids. A 4 class system allows us to celebrate more kids going to the state tournament.
  5. Agree. There are blowouts in all end of season tournaments. Find something to celebrate and stop looking for the negative man. Celebrate the great players on the teams that win and be happy for the experience for the teams that get beat.
  6. Good point on football. Basketball gets caught in the middle of football and baseball. I have seen several really good players in West TN recently decide not to play basketball and focus on football. That makes me sad for the kid because they are missing out on the high school experience. Also, stinks for the basketball team and coach. Also, agree with focus on the fundamentals. There are only a hand full of teams in West TN I watched this year that were fundamentally sound and they made a decent post season run with a ton less talent and athletes.
  7. The classifications have nothing to do with the level of High School talent in the state right now. It is just not what it use to be. 4 class system 10 years ago would have been lights out in the state tournament. It is the talent not the system.
  8. Do you think kids hearing people say things like "We should not have 4 classes it waters down everything" "The TSSAA just wants money thats why they have all these classes and teams in the state tournament" take that as a detractor from playing in the state tournament? What is typed on here is said out there. My point is not that everybody gets a trophy or anything like that. They (The kids) have no control over the system. Don't take away from their experience by talking about how bad the games are and how they should not even be this many teams in the state tournament.
  9. Completely disagree with you. It is not the classifications! it is the talent. I been watching basketball for decades in West Tennessee and the talent is just not what it use to be. I remembered watching games 10 years ago and having 6-8 D1 players on the court from just 2 teams. It just isn't like that anymore. It will come back though. Celebrate the kids. High School sports MUST be about the kids. Let them enjoy it. They are playing in a state tournament.
  10. ... Need to have their phone taken away or their laptop thrown in the trash... Sad. why take away from what kids are doing? they can't help it that the talent isn't what it use to be or the classifications changed and made more teams make the state tournament. Celebrate them. They are playing in the state tournament making memories of a lifetime. Let them enjoy it and don't take away from their experience because it "just isn't the way it use to be". LET THEM ENJOY IT AND CELEBRATE THEM.
  11. Especially in West TN - Jackson for example North Side coach just finished second year, Madison just finished second year, JCM just finished 1st year, Liberty just finished 2nd year, TCA just finished 2nd year, USJ just finished second year. Out side of Jackson... Hardin County just finished 1st year, Lexington just finished second year, South Gibson just finished second year, ripley just finished 1st year, Crockett just finished 2nd year and I'm sure there are more.
  12. there have been A LOT of changes over the past 2 years. I think most coaches are going to stay put this year.
  13. Region 6 A - McKenzie vs Frank Hughes - I have McKenzie because they have the experience and the guard play Region 7 A - Humboldt vs Middleton - I have Middleton because they have one of the best players in the state in Robinson Region 6AA - Gibson County vs Union city - I have Union City because they are starting to get use to their roster after getting their best player back from injury Region 7AA - Bolivar vs Douglas - I have Douglas - too much balance and too many scoring options. Region 6AAA - chester County vs South Gibson - I have South Gibson. They play harder than any team I have seen all year and they seem to enjoy defense Region 7AAA - Haywood vs Ripley - I have Haywood simply because they let ripley sneak them in the District and Chapman can play Region 8AAA - Fayette Ware vs Ridgeway - I have Fayette Ware - Just too much for ridgeway top to bottom. Region 8AAAA- East vs Overton - I have Overton
  14. when is the last time all the Jackson public schools got beat the 1st round of their region tournament?
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