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  1. That didn't last long. What about Coach Rudesill? Still director of basketball operations?
  2. And, is the job open? the article said interim coach for Coach Lake
  3. The question will be is the next coach Director of Basketball Operations... ???
  4. I read the article and it said family health related issues played a part. Hope it isn't anything serious.
  5. Wow! huge win for Westview. Milan vs Westivew will be fun! Two former D1 guys going against each other.
  6. This is a huge surprise. Brian Lake has been named the interim coach at JCM. Coach Shutes is one and done. Does anybody have any insight on this? Where will Shutes land?
  7. Anybody hearing anything on the Westview job?
  8. You never know about it this time of year. the month of May seems to hold surprises every year when it comes to schools making changes.
  9. a little late for sure. Is there an assistant in house that has been loyal and waiting to take over. Lots of times when these openings pop this time of year the assistant has been groomed to take it.
  10. Coach Hart is going to do both boys and girls at Peabody.
  11. Not sure if you are talking about the Wilkins Family whose Dad is at Gibson County Girls but if you are, I would be shocked unless there is one out there I don't know about. Obviously, the Patriarch of the family is not leaving GC. The one that left South Gibson for Independence definitely not coming back. The at McKenzie just won a state championship and has a really good team coming back. So... the one at Huntingdon girls... I just don't see it.
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