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  1. Im asking everyone to keep roy whited and his family in your prayers. Coach whited won back to back state championships at white county in 98-99. He is very well liked and respected in this area. For those of you that dont know he went missing 3 days ago. No one knows where he is. His truck was found in a rural part of the county. Thanks again. We are all very concerned.
  2. All the recruiting ended when whats his name went to lebanon and insell went to mtsu. Now if only reuter would go somewhere.
  3. I wish but wont happen. Dodgen will go undefeated next year in season. Wc will be #1 all season and then he will lose in the region or substate. Its like a broken record.
  4. Did u see chatt prep? I believe they could have beat nybody. Dont know how their public. All boys school?
  5. Cavs will be back in 70 years!
  6. im calling it right now. White county will go undefeated next year! We mad!
  7. This game was alot closer than I thought.
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