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  1. Josh no one is trying to be tough I was merely making an observation here. Hate is a very strong word and that doesn’t apply to me at any level. I’ll be pulling for LA come tournament time like I always have. I’ve got a lot of really good friends there and wouldn’t try to change that over anything let alone a high school sporting event. We are all partial to our home town teams and pull for them on here and on the field but the days of me getting angry or upset over a ball game are way in my past brother. Not that guy anymore. All my best to you my friend.
  2. You just made my point for me by labeling yourself as a Pharisee. This wasn’t about someone disagreeing with me. You said I was insinuating something I wasn’t. Once again you lie... I see a pattern developing here, you attack, deflect, and accuse.... yeah definitely a Pharisee
  3. Admit it you’re a Democrat aren’t you lol. You like to use half truths in your posts kind of like they do when they lie to the American people.
  4. No they had to run in place haha
  5. I noticed you decided to change the word “even” in my sentence thereby trying to highlight it as if it meant more than it did. Have your friend ask me in person or feel free to do it yourself. Just saying... for a friend of course.
  6. They will not challenge the mighty Tornadoes. I just hope PC or someone from the other side can make the game in Cookeville worth watching this year.
  7. Where did I speculate as to whether or not he got hurt? When you stop the game for 15 minutes there’s something seriously wrong and I for one am glad he got up and was able to play again. I know who you are so not sure why you’d try and insinuate something about me unless you knew there was more to the 15 minute delay for the injury? Because if you do then say it otherwise don’t put words in my mouth.
  8. When either Red Bank or Loudon win a meaningful game let me know. Didn’t Red Bank play Upperman last year???? What was the score I can’t seem to find it on here. Help a brother out?
  9. Worst officiated game I’ve seen in a long time. Not sure who made the refs mad but they were not going to allow Upperman to win this game. On a side note I hope the young man from LA that was down on the field for 15 minutes is ok. I know he ran off but I’m sure LA coaches wouldn’t have a player stay on the ground that long for nothing. Even if the other team was shoving it down their throat and their players were gassed. However that 15 minute break did give LA a much needed rest and once the refs kicked in with 2 straight penalties against Upperman the game was almost over. All they had to do was give them one more penalty and give LA a timely first down and the game was over which they did. LA has a good team no doubt about it and hopefully they will go on the make some noise in the 4A playoffs!!! Upperman will bounce back and should make it to Alcoa once again where the party will end.
  10. Clearly I’ve been in a cave somewhere lol
  11. Greenfield is the #1 team in Class A in 2019 and the reigning champions until someone beats them when it counts. Regular season doesn’t count as far as wins/losses are concerned and neither do the polls when they come out. Now as far as who’s 2-10? Does it really matter?
  12. Clay County will be a factor as well. Although they lost a couple of key players they are still very good and playing AAU ball at a high level.
  13. Isn’t TCA slated for Div II next season?
  14. I think both programs benefited here. It was a win win in my opinion. Smith County is lucky to get a coach as good as Sanders considering their talent level at the moment. Gordonsville got a great coach in Coach Bibb he is a solid hire even though I hear he’s a UK fan haha. At least he can now wear all of his blue and white shirts!!
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