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  1. Unfortunately this team will never have a chance to hoist the gold ball and that’s a shame especially after we have all now found out that this virus rarely affects kids and is not nearly as bad as the media let on. I never got a chance to watch them play outside of the one or two games I seen them at the state tournament. I have no doubt they were one of the elite teams in the history of Class A. The 08-09 Clarkrange team was the best Class A team I have seen. They dominated everyone and it wasn’t close. They didn’t have quite the star power in 2 players but they were very good at every position and they had a deep bench. It would have been a great game without a doubt.
  2. Clarkrange, Pickett and Clay should all be good next year and in the foreseeable future. It can only help JC to get away from them as the program has fallen off the charts. Talk about a tough AAA District, there’s a very good chance you’ll have Upperman, White County, Stone and Cumberland County all in the same district.
  3. If White County moves down to AAA they will always be a factor in both boys and girls. Maybe even more so on the boys side. They have a lot of talent coming up.
  4. You have to be a democratic moron to say that the democratic mayor had no choice but to raise taxes. All dummycrats think taxes should be raised as long as they don’t have to pay them and most don’t! The moronic mayor of Nashville is in lock step with all the other dem mayors and governors. They will absolutely ruin our country to regain power. As a teenager you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than you do of dying from COVID!
  5. They always are. Two quality programs that compete for a title year in and year out.
  6. Clarkrange is by far and away the favorite with Loretto in 2nd. Let’s just hope our government doesn’t decide to strip us of our constitutional rights again!!!
  7. Not ever going to happen. Clarkrange and Loretto dominated their games and the winner of that matchup would have given Greenfield all they could handle. Greenfield was impressive and I hate that they were not given a chance to win it on the floor but we don’t hand out state titles based on records. Greenfield was undoubtedly the favorite but that ship has sailed. Unfortunately for my good friend Coach White and his Macon County Tigerettes they won’t have a chance to win a title either. He’s never won a state championship and there was no doubt he would have been favored to win it this year. It’s on to 2020-2021. Clarkrange Vs Loretto for the State Championship.
  8. Negative. None that I’m aware of.
  9. Well said and spot on! You can not argue with facts. You can deny and deflect but facts are facts!
  10. I know we can all agree on one thing and that is we’d like to see these games played. Let’s hope that happens as long as it’s safe. God Bless America
  11. They won’t. We had 8 years of lies and false promises already. What are the Dems running on? Free free free oh and socialism. Not going to happen this time around and hopefully never. See Venezuela
  12. Meanwhile it’s a banner season for the spring break capital “Florida”. Beaches are packed with thousands of people. Where is all the social distancing that’s supposed to be going on? Haha haha haha what a joke our Media has become. H1N1 killed 15000 it was way worse than this virus and there was no shut down then. What’s the difference? Glad you asked! The democrats controlled the White House! Just wait and see people. This is the biggest hoax in modern day history.
  13. We will have to disagree on this one my friend when it comes to who was the best overall team in the state. Ensworth was the #1 girls team overall and as well they should be. They recruit players from all over and being Div II they are allowed to. After that I would have to say Macon County. But it’s merely speculation at this point. What is a shame is that the liberal leaders at MTSU shut down this tournament. We need to get this tournament away from MTSU and get it moved to Tn Tech. The games would absolutely have been played there. I seriously doubt anyone from T$$AA ever even attends the game so for them to cancel was no big deal. Do we have an option to play the games at all or is it officially done?
  14. Class A state champions Clarkrange Class AA State Champions Macon County Class AAA State Champions Stone Memorial After watching all the teams play at the state tournament these 3 were clearly the best in each classification. With Macon County being the best overall team in the tournament. But for what it’s worth I hope they play the games and if Greenfield wins I’ll be the first on here to congratulate them and my friend Greenfileldfan!! Clarkrange is by far the favorite for 2021 as long as planet earth is still here. Oh wait I’ve read the Bible so I know for a fact the Coronavirus won’t take us so we should be God willing!
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