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  1. Rules? Who needs them right? Why would any society think rules are needed!?!
  2. Let me be crystal clear. Nothing you said “made” me do anything. I’m responsible for my actions. However when you decided to make a political statement that opened the door for me to comment in kind. I stand by what I said. No county that voted for this White House would like my views so me running for a political office there, would be futile. How about all of us people that actually work for a living have a show of hands if we like paying 4.25 a gallon at the gas pump! Back to the topic! If T$$AA is going to have any credibility at all they will strip East of every title they won under Hardaway. He cheated the entire time he was there. I WILL agree he didn’t bring Wiseman to Memphis to win a state title. It was as you stated to parlay that into the U of M job.
  3. Great post. For years now Memphis has gotten away with openly cheating according to the TSSAA rules and bylaws that the rest of us have to adhere to and the mentality is well in Memphis it’s different you cannot have two sets of rules.
  4. Absolutely correct. But it is typical rhetoric in todays world. make a comment politically and then try to play the victim as if he had nothing to do with it. We see that in our society a lot unfortunately. It’s like a word salad with A spin on it to try to deflect away from himself and onto someone like me to insinuate that I was the actual perpetrator when in fact all I was doing was responding to his original comment. Kind of like when the media shows only part of the video in today’s world that paints one picture but when you see the entire video you realize it was something totally different.
  5. Then quote the one that asked the question about politics not the one that responded.
  6. Don’t disagree with you. But he did it illegally. That’s the problem
  7. So basically he cheated to win and you just sidestep the illegal part and say… well the only reason is etc… bottom line he CHEATED TO WIN! Last time I checked that was against the rules but I guess that’s irrelevant to you? You mentioned the fact that I didn’t say anything this year, no rumors… there’s a reason for that. They all sat out last year so by the rules they could LEGALLY play for any team they wanted to. See how that works? As for running for office, I’m afraid any county that voted for this moron of a president and idiotic VP we have wouldn’t like me too much.
  8. As we all knew, Hardaway was illegally recruiting at Memphis East. NCAA is coming down hard on him and the University of Memphis for what he did as a high school coach. Wiseman wasn’t the only one that transferred illegally. T$$AA should take a page out of the NCAA’s playbook and at the very least vacate ALL titles won while Hardaway was on the bench. How many other kids dreams were dashed because of the underhanded dealings of this coaching staff? All in the name of winning at all costs! Chickens are coming home to roost now!
  9. Congratulations motto. I knew East was a good team and deserved this win. Loved the atmosphere at the region tournament as well. A lot of good people up there. Best team won.
  10. Absolutely correct! The better team won. Congratulations. Has to be somewhat of a hollow victory though, knowing you’ve allowed a player to disrespect the program and most importantly the team and the coach is about winning at all costs no matter what.
  11. East is unbelievably good. Don’t think they get challenged but as always the western part of the state will probably make me eat my words lol
  12. I have no doubt Peabody with have some good athletes on the floor. They will be a tough out for sure and could very well win if Clay doesn’t play good defense. Now I doubt Peabody has played against someone as good as Strong and if he gets his 30+ then Clay will be hard to beat. He puts so much pressure on the other teams defense and gets to the foul line a lot. Clay has one of, if not the best coach in Class A basketball in Coach Edwards. His teams are always well prepared and fundamentally sound on defense. Granted he’s been blessed with players like Tyreke Key and Grant Strong but give him credit for developing them. Should be a dandy game. Can’t wait to see it!
  13. Clearly the team was better off without him. Going into Memphis and winning a substate game is huge! No way I would have let the player back on the team. Coach has zero credibility now.
  14. Unbelievable that a coach would allow this to happen. I coached for several years and there is no way a player would have been allowed to even approach me to come back after quitting on the team let alone the fact he announced to the newspaper’s he was concentrating on something else. What a joke.
  15. If Hamptons post player cannot go that will hurt their chances for sure. Having watched both teams play, I think it’s a pretty even match if both are at full strength.
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