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  1. UCSportsFan

    Manassas vs Columbia at State Tournament

    Manassas 1 and done. Not that impressed after all the hype. On the other hand very impressed with CA!
  2. UCSportsFan

    Gibson County Class A State Champions!

    Congratulations to GC! Well deserved state championship. I don’t think there was any doubt this year as to where the true powers were in Class A.
  3. UCSportsFan

    Greenfield v. Clarkrange (2019-quarterfinal matchup)

    I will be there tomorrow my friend congratulations on your dominating victory. Pretty Clear who the best team in class A is. Clarkrange on its best day could not beat this team.
  4. UCSportsFan

    West Sectionals (Regions 7 & 8)

    Whitehaven vs Bearden will be a great match up in the semifinals. I’ve got Bearden winning by 4
  5. I like this Tom guy.
  6. UCSportsFan

    Class A Sectional Matchups

    Hey I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong and eat some crow lol. Fayetteville is a good team much respect for coming into Clay County and getting a win. It doesn’t happen often so even more impressive.
  7. UCSportsFan

    Humboldt vs Fayetteville

    Fayetteville has 2 players that can score. #20 and #0. Outside of that no one stands out. They play solid defense so they should be in the game. Clay didn’t have the size down low to offset their poor night shooting the ball. I think Humboldt wins but this should be a good game. I’ll say this Fayetteville had one of the most respectful fan bases I’ve seen in awhile which is rare these days, so I’m pulling for them to win.
  8. UCSportsFan

    Class A Sectional Matchups

    Would have loved to have been at this game! I bet it was a great atmosphere to watch a game.
  9. UCSportsFan

    Class A Sectional Matchups

    Hats off to Fayetteville they earned this win. They were the better team tonight.
  10. I promise you I never take it too seriously. Lol I’ve been known to stir the pot myself a time or two so no hard feelings. As for Clarkrange winning well if the twins handle the pressure and don’t turn it over they will be tough to beat. However if they don’t Greenfield may win by double digits.
  11. I’d love to play any time and the bet stands as far as I’m concerned. The automatic press means once a person gets down 2 the bet doubles.
  12. UCSportsFan

    AA State Predictions

    Macon vs South Greene in the finals. Macon wins
  13. Of course you will down there in the safety of the radio people. We can tee it up any time you’d like. I’m claiming I could wax you without much of a problem. I’d play you for a 100 a hole straight up from the back tees with an automatic press when one of us gets 2 down and I’m not joking. I’ll put my money up fat boy you put up yours.
  14. Negative sir. Greenfield is the favorite. They are the defending champs and until beaten they will always be the favorite Class A.
  15. Found a pic of Not1 on his daddy’s Facebook page thought I’d share so we all know who we were talking to