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  1. The twins have matured and they have a better supporting cast. They barely lost at home to the best AA team in the state in Macon County and then lost to them again in Lafayette. Outside of that they haven’t been challenged much. The Stone team they just beat is a very good AAA team, they are no joke and should definitely make it to the substate and/or state tournament this year. As we both know the glass house is a tough place to play, especially the first game. A lot of times it’s about the draw as well. I remember the last year Jackson County won it they got to play on Wednesday and the rest of the teams had to play Thursday. Getting that extra days rest meant a lot! Greenfield is still the favorite with Loretta and Clarkrange a close second at this point. What will be a shame is if all three of these teams end up in the same bracket that would be a travesty but as you and I both know it can and does happen.
  2. Clarkrange is about to enter the conversation as to who is the best team in Class A.
  3. Eagleville looks like one of the best Class A teams in the state. Who else makes it out of this region to the sub state? Over on this side you’ve got 3-4 teams that are solid in Clay County, Monterey, Red Boiling and Gordonsville. None are as good as Eagleville but I think Clay and Monterey have the best chances of hosting a sub state game.
  4. That was undoubtedly the worst game they have played all year a lot of credit goes to Coach White and his team. Let’s put the tape on after the game at Upperman and see if this was a fluke or Macon is just that much better. A few years ago I watched Jackson County beat Clay County by 40 the first time they played and it wasn’t that close. When they played them for the 5th time in the state championship Clay beat Jackson by 20 and it was never a game. I think Coach White would be the first to tell you that while it was a good win in the grand scheme of things it means little more than bragging rights for the moment. There is no one that will challenge either team in the district or region so we will watch them play at least 3 more times. Maybe 4 more...
  5. Well of course you do. You’re from Macon County I wouldn’t expect anything less lol. I agree last night they were absolutely 20 points better maybe more! I’ll see you on the 14th of February and we discuss your predictions further. On a side note, what was Macon County boys program thinking by letting Marsh move to Red Boiling? That blows my mind.
  6. Coach White has his team playing at a high level. Clearly the better team last night in Lafayette. Upperman will have to make some adjustments for round 2 in Baxter and I have no doubt they will. Coach McWilliams will have her squad ready when Macon comes to town in a couple of weeks. It will be round 2 of at least 4 meetings, possibly 5. McClellan isn’t 100% yet but once she is she will be a force inside. The few minutes she played last night Macon had no answer for her inside. I did notice there was clearly no love loss between these two teams as it got chippy real quickly. Macon isn’t 20 points better than Upperman but right now they are the better team. How all you need to do is win the one game that counts. To be continued....
  7. Of course you would. JP has put Coffee County on the map and made them relevant. But give credit where you wish. Coach Cope has won wherever he’s been. Dekalb Co thought they knew more than he did too. That program will be right back where they were before he got there. Does Belichek have great assistant coaches? Absolutely and I have no don’t Coffee County has done very good ones as well. So let’s buy some popcorn and sit in the stands and enjoy the games shall we?
  8. I think these two teams will split the home and home matchups. Having said that I’ll be there to watch this one! Should be a great game. Boys game.... not so much. I bet Macon County wishes they had kept Marsh now! Kids a player best boys player in the UC
  9. Y’all have cried and complained for years about Blackmon and Riverdale. Every substate you lost to them y’all would get on here and cry. You’d bring those 33-1 teams in and get waxed by one of them and complain saying they recruited. I could careless about it just don’t like what the coach did. Nothing against the kids at all. Now see you go and get personal on here and talk about changing diapers. If you think you’re man enough to do it then have at it punk. Mommy’s probably wiping up your drool right now as you play your Xbox. Bring baby some jello and whip cream... Admit it you’re a liberal hack probably watch CNN and MSNBC dont you baby boy?
  10. Coaching has a lot to do with this but so does good players. JP has his team playing good right now. Pulling for Coffee Co!
  11. I guarantee you that if this was the other way around you’d be upset. I have been on here for a long time and I’ve heard the fans from Bradley Central cry and complain about Blackmon and Riverdale girls for decades. But now that it’s y’all doing it it’s ok.....
  12. Well If I allowed that to happen to a bunch of children I’d be expecting some criticism and rightfully so. I got my fair share of criticism no doubt and some I deserved. But I never got it for running up a score on kids thats for sure.
  13. I’ve been around high school athletics for 40 years and coached high school, middle school and AAU so I know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about one individual and it’s not a players it’s a coach. I guess it makes you classy to totally disrespect the girls from Marion County? Pat yourself on the back a little more.
  14. I got you dad, no it’s not upward ball it’s high school girls basketball. No one is taking enemy fire or having to duck because we have incoming, I get that. It’s 14-18 year old girls playing. Do you get that playa? I’m sure Marion County will be just fine but I’ve got zero respect for a coach that would allow his players to do that in a game. I’ve been in the same situations and I never allowed that.
  15. Nah you can still compete minimum 5 passes run your plays if they don’t get it right reset and run it again. It’s the perfect time to teach your jv and the younger players.
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