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  1. He has, on and off the field. I think he truly understands how to build a program and how to change the culture. Idk if he will ever have an amazing W-L record here, but he’s a good one.
  2. Week 1 I would of picked Hancock, but I think after 2 games we got some young guys figuring things out now. Being at home I think we can take this in a close one.
  3. Tempted to make the trek to Jellico. Haven’t kept up with high school ball in several years, but that was the last gym I ever played in. Would love to see Unaka get a win there. Not to mention I think a total of 3 of our fans came when I went there. Hope this years team gets more support.
  4. Johnny, I apologize. I forgot you were there...You may go now.
  5. There were some rumors last year of him having interest in the Unaka job before he took the DC job. Whether or not there was any truth to that I couldn't tell you, but if there was, thank goodness we dodged that bullet.
  6. Glad to see the Rangers got their first win last week. They’ve deserved one. Hampton is a much tougher opponent than Hancock however, glad they are on the schedule again.
  7. We've got a ways to go before we can make this a competitive game, but we have kids who work hard. Hopefully, they lay the foundation and more will follow. While im here though. Does any one else use coacht on mobile? If so are you having issues? Almost every time I get on I get redirected to a pop up website, normally one of those you've won a gift card things.
  8. Ahh well that isn't as bad. Saw 35-0 on be scoreboard.
  9. Wow, bet lil mike ain't gonna be happy. Those boys will be in for a rough practice next week.
  10. Unaka was the more talented team imo, just way too many mistakes. They will be okay though if they keep working hard. Hopefully those kids realize it's going to be a marathon and not a sprint. They need to be the ones who change the culture.
  11. Landers easy, they ran the most basic offense you can imagine last week. If you can defend an off tackle hand off. You're good to go.
  12. Predicition was just a tad bit off. Congrats Harriman and Grace. Both games went pretty much how I expected. Best of luck at state! Good year Bulldogs. On to the sport of kings! Let's play some baseball.
  13. I knew of him because my sister teaches at Halls, but didn't know he had applied. His biggest challenge is going to be hitting the halls and getting kids to come out. That's step 1.
  14. Hire made http://www.cartercountysports.com/unaka-tabs-bennett-new-football-coach/
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