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  1. I’m gonna be a homer and say Unaka eliminates UH. Will is gonna be coming off a game where the only way to guard him was to foul him. Cloudland beats SN. After that I think Hampton wins district beating NG putting them 1 and 2. Unaka and Cloudland have played close and it’s hard to beat a team three times so homer pick again I’ll take Unaka 3 and Cloudland 4.
  2. well the student sections jawed back and forth but I’m not surprised by that they’re kids, but idk what HV section was saying but the police went to there student section several times to stop it. They threw 1 adult out from HV. Then two women tried to cross the floor and go to the Unaka side before being stopped by police and I’m surprised they weren’t thrown out because they were in the police officers facing pointing and screaming. HV got two technicals within about a minute of each other. Police did have to come to the Unaka side once but it was because some kids from Elizabethon were on our side cheering for Unaka and I think they were stirring the pot a little too much. End of the game there was about 5 officers on the HV side of the floor to make sure none of their fans tried to cross over.
  3. Shew HV is a classy bunch let me tell ya. Rangers gonna walk away with a bounce back win after last night. Hopefully gave some momentum going into tournaments
  4. 6 point game going into the 4th ,got out of hand quickly.
  5. I’m in favor of a shot clock, but with some changes from the college game. Make it longer for one, 45 seconds seems like a good start for high school. Then add in a mercy rule of some sort. If it’s 25 point lead in the second half the shot clock turns off or something of that nature.
  6. Rangers beat UH tonight 53-50
  7. I looked on oak hills twitter it looked like UH already had about 25 or so before half time.
  8. Made it back to a Unaka game finally. Played tough against Cosby, beat ourselves at the line. Missed like 8 out of 9 or something like that at one point including the front end of a 1 and 1 twice and lost by 4. Also, I apparently no longer know what a block/charge is anymore. Craziest calls I’ve ever seen. Fun game though, Cosby has some players, felt a little like the Unaka/Cosby games of old.
  9. Happy Valley isn’t in district 1A they are AA.
  10. Love seeing Mentor play. I think they have a good shot. Mecklenburg doesn’t look as strong as they have before and The Webb School is without Keon Johnson. If they make it out of their bracket I think they face Mountain Brook or Concord. Would love to see Mentor vs Mountain Brook.
  11. Mountain Brook beats Tennessee High by 19.
  12. I’m not sure to be honest. The tournament pays for their stay and I think travel and also provides a little extra money for expenses.
  13. Fayetteville beats Wise-Central 56-42. Wise played well even started off on a 10-0 run to start the game. Fayetteville played well defensively, did a good job of limiting 32 for Wise.
  14. They shot well from the line all game then the final few minutes went something like 1 of 8
  15. Hampton hangs on to beat Tabernacle by 2.
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