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  1. They should just do the regional at Boone also. But I guess it is District 2's turn to host the regional?
  2. 19-10 overall is a pretty solid record. And yes they have lost 3 of 4 but that was to Central , Elizabethton and East the top 3 seeds. Cloudland is still the better team but JoCo is good enough to get them 2-3 times out of 10
  3. JoCo has been playing really well the last 2-3 weeks and that is a hard place to pick up a win. You're right this is not a major upset. Cland is still on Pace for a shot at Murfreesboro
  4. Where are the Landers going for Christmas King ?
  5. Had the chance to watch NG girls last night. The game comes real easy for their Center #50 she is a real difference maker. And she is not a transfer in the way we have all been thinking. She went to Ottway for middle school which feeds NG. She left for Kingsport but came back.
  6. What's Mike's deal he has now officially coached for every Carter county school but HV. He needs to coach our Lineman next year to make this equal...
  7. They picked the Horns 3rd in the conference. Supposed to be a real good JoCo team.
  8. NG is the real deal. Probably the favorites in the region
  9. Yes sir I am. She plays some on varsity just depends on the situation. Best of luck to you all this season and beyond
  10. We have only 1 as well King. Not sure if you made the JV game but that was all freshman for us and 1 sophomore who is my kiddo
  11. Yes they did King. Be very telling how this year plays out for us. We are not consistent enough on offense to go win 20 games or anything like that but we are young and talented. I was also very encouraged by the JV score and game. Lot to be excited about for both teams .
  12. They run Potter mostly and he's smaller. But Dolan is the guy who gave us fits.
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