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  1. It's been a slow process but yes we can do a few things here and there .
  2. 24-6 Cloudland. Atleast we scored .....
  3. Lol King my girls will be there but I couldn't get off work til later and was counting on you to keep us posted on here. We will definitely meet up during basketball season my friend.
  4. Let me first say I'm so happy for the kids to finally get a win and get the fear of going 0-9 behind us. Getting Ensor at QB and putting Little at WR is the right combination. The problem is we are just now in week 3 form at best and our run blocking is not what it needs to be at all. With all that said we have played better in the last 2 weeks. It was 12-12 with CG at the half and the JoCo game wasnt even a contest really so we are improving. If we score 14 I'll be happy with that performance for sure.
  5. Im just glad we picked ourselves up from the floor and got a win finally. We actually played better against Cumberland Gap (12-12) at halftime we just gotta learn how to win and believe a little bit and finish.
  6. It's good to have Grainger in there to test yourself with. Best of luck to you all this season.
  7. Wow impressive win. Happy for the King and the Landers didn't see this coming at all.
  8. And we are gonna go to the playoffs no matter what. Atleast Meigs is in R3 now smh
  9. I think when you are staring 0-9 in the face it's easy to turn on each other. It's still inexcusable though.
  10. You are correct. When I look at our team I see 3 problems. #1 The numbers are slightly down (35) I believe but there are plenty of people who never even have 35 like Unaka and Cloudland but it is concerning. #2 We don't look like a team that hit the weight room like we need to. #3 The offense even in good years needs more help and better play calling. Just my 2 cents.
  11. You might be right. These are the times that try men's souls my friends.
  12. Thank you for years of your show Mike. I really appreciate all you guys did for HS football. Rest easy brother.
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