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  1. What happened to SpaceMtn? Think I like that better than Cland King.
  2. Lol no I was able to manage it. They throw the ball really well and have some good wide receivers. Once they found a rhythm by the 3rd drive it was game over. Their a unique team to try and guard in region 1.
  3. 21 to 7 CD. They can sling it around. Got some good athletes and a good qb
  4. Thank you buddy Good luck to yall as well.
  5. I still can't believe how that game went. Complete opposite of scrimmages. SandBag Jarrett got us both ! Lol
  6. CD had an impressive showing at Catholic (21-14 at the half ) but didn't look good at all against Hampton. Not sure what to make of them, or us for that matter.
  7. JC looked pretty decent on offense in the jamboree. I'd say your RB can get going on em though and control the game on the ground
  8. If #12 is healthy for Cloudland and they run him 15 plus times yall will win IMO .
  9. last season was sponsored by Michelob at HV lol
  10. Yall will be fine King. Like you said clean up some penalties and the bad snaps in the red zone and its a different ball game.
  11. Looks like My Warriors are gonna win it 22 to 6. I think Jarrett was sandbagging all of us.
  12. No ! Lol we looked awful in scrimmages
  13. I'm near the concessions stand. Camo vols hat
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