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  1. Im glad to see SG get a ranking in the AP it is well deserved. After reading Gunners post I don't see this one being very close.
  2. Unicoi has set the edge on us all night long. Getting outplayed
  3. Even though I'm biased I think HV and SG in week 10 will be for the conference. Haven't seen North yet on film but they are always tough. One thing we can agree on is Go Braves and #Chopon
  4. My friend at work went to WG and he said he thinks it started in the late 70's as their version of Tennessee and Kentucky and the beer barrel. He isn't sure what inspired the milk can part though
  5. #74 for Hampton is very versatile up front. Very good lineman
  6. Where did the milk can game originate from ?
  7. I like it We all know the top 4 are set in stone ( and should be ) 5-10 is where the debate begins.
  8. Yes he did play last year at QB. He has good experience for a backup
  9. I don't get the good fortune part. Only 1 Hampton drive did they fumble it away. The rest of them were either turnover on downs or punts. Our defense is tough and I've seen us all year we were not tired late in that game. We stayed in the game and finished it. Proud of our boys. And your 1 scoring drive was penalty aided also.
  10. It's a telling stat if you're a ball control offense. Which Hampton is but HV is not.
  11. Y'all stick your backup QB in their for a half and see if you even get those 8 points
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