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  1. That's a high number for you guys.
  2. Cloudland gonna dress out 27 kids but they leave out the part that 15 of them can squat a Buick......
  3. She had the play of the weekend IMO. She went to the hoop and got blocked and fell down on the play. Of course there was a crowd reaction with alot of kids there. But instead of being embarrassed She went right back to the hoop the very next chance and got a bucket. Says alot about her mental toughness. I loved to see it.
  4. We are here in Winston Salem with Lady Rain King. Finally got a chance to watch Raegan from Cloudland play with the 8th grade group. She's a fine ball player she did really well.
  5. Mains was the real deal. His daughter is even better I wish they would have stayed local and played around here she was fun to watch.
  6. Daniel Boones coach resigned today. The writing has been on the wall for upcoming Boone kids. Can't say I blame them to jump ship honestly.
  7. That would just fit their pattern for the last few years.
  8. I kinda had this feeling. I know of another Washington County kid who is going to NG now also. She is a good player but not on Andrea level obviously.
  9. It's not hate I'm just saying they are an average AAAA with a very easy non conference schedule. Yes Mo West is average in AAAA. They go 3-3 in district play 1-1 in conference tournament and 1-1 in the regional tournament. That's 5-5 against other AAAA teams. How much more average can you get ? Yes 2A is pretty weak. Crockett should know that they played all the bad ones including CD, PF and WG. Not to mention UH and Hancock County. Good teams in District 1 regardless of Classification: Science Hill, Elizabethton, Sullivan East, South Greene, North Greene, Cloudland, Unaka, Hampton.
  10. Crockett just needs to play more AAAA schools. There record against AAAA schools this year is like 8-6. It's funny how Crockett people want to brag about how big of schools DB and SH are but they never mention that Crockett is literally 3 times as big as the teams they beat up on like 1 win UH, 6 win Chuckey Doak, 7 win Pigeon Forge and Hancock County lol. Not all 20 win seasons are created equal.
  11. More like a realist. Crockett went 5-3 in conference like 3 other teams did. They were district runner up in a average district and lost in the regional first round to an average AAAA school in Mo West who they went 1-2 against.
  12. Also Crockett is more loaded with great scheduling. They played only 1 AAAA team in non conference. Played alot of bad 2A teams. CD ,Hancock county, Pigeon Forge and UH just to name a few. They lost to Unaka in a 20 minute jamboree. Not all it's cracked up to be
  13. They started 3 seniors. They have a good bench but nobody on her level.
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