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  1. As long as the band has 400 + members guys does it really matter who the AD is?
  2. Got one today at home. Can't remember the last time we hosted a 7 vs 7. Hopefully we look decent
  3. Always hard to find a good schedule for 7 on 7 info
  4. Hate to say this about a good football program but the writing is on the wall.
  5. I have more questions about the O line than the D line. We bring back 3 of 4 guys upfront on D so I think that should be solid. We don't scrimmage anybody until August so we will see how they look then.
  6. He has done a heck of a job already but yes still a long way to go for the U to be a solid team.
  7. Who takes over at the middle school now ?
  8. That orange and black monster's 3 best players are from HV and Unicoi. Times are a changing for Elizabethton and not for the better. If they played with just kids they developed they would be a joke.
  9. Also let me say as someone in the know with the Lady Warriors and Coach Gouge we are on the brink of a RIDICULOUS incoming freshman class. Yes Cloudland is a very very good team as I have seen up close and personal the last few years. But we will be in Single A very soon and this incoming class will be a major force to be reckoned with. Its not everyday you bring in 6 or possibly 7 freshman who can absolutely play ball.
  10. I find it odd we heard Glenn White has the football job but this basketball thing has seemed to be taking awhile. Whats going on on the mountain King?
  11. Offense- Happy Valley welcomes Coach Mckinney from Elizabethton as our new play caller. Look for us to throw the ball more than in the past under his play calling. We should be pretty solid in the playmaker category with Tittle, Campbell, and Bahn ( who has run a 11.29 in the 100 meters ) We should be solid upfront with only losing 2 starters but people need to improve. QB will be the big question here just like last year. If we get bad to average QB play it will be a long year. Defense- We seem to always play solid Defense under Hyder. This group should be no different. We bring back 3 of 4 guys upfront and 7 of 11 overall on defense. Special Teams- Matthew Bahn is a next level athlete in the open field
  12. Is Avery Co pretty solid in football usually ? We scrimmage those guys this year
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