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  1. I agree Grainger and Northview at 1 and 2. I'm curious to see who 3 and 4 from the east are. The best team in district 1 next year should be Sullivan East. They could give em a game at the very least .
  2. The Governor has extended the state of emergency until August 29th. There is no way the season starts on time if at all in 2020.
  3. I'd like to know who all put in for it. Big decision to make for the powers that be.
  4. Good for them I like seeing new schools being built. We have no chance of that happening in Carter County all we do is try and keep our heads above water.
  5. Now that I'm thinking on it Blazer I think it was on the news that it went way over budget and they were basically stuck in the middle halfway done with no dang $
  6. I had been wondering the same thing. I had heard that it went way over budget and they are stuck halfway through it. That could be rumor though. Has anyone seen them working on it lately or is it completed? I don't get up that way much
  7. If I'm Greeneville I'd like my chances next year. They had significant leads over Betsy in both games ( I believe 2 touchdowns ) yes of course they didn't finish it but they were good enough to be up. Betsy brings back their line but lose 2 very key playmakers in Maupin and Hughes. The gap between the 2 teams is razor thin IMO
  8. What are the odds of any Carter County teams having a scrimmage in July or early August?
  9. And a big Congratulations to Dana Hill as he takes over at his dream job at Happy Valley Lady Warriors
  10. I'd like to say Congratulations to Coach Gouge who is taking over at David Crockett.
  11. Thanks for the link. I was wondering when they announce the classifications for the next cycle
  12. Happy Valley has been filled and will be announced Monday .
  13. Yeti I have made the haul from Carter County to Meigs and let me tell ya it's quite a journey lol. Maybe one day we can force you boys to make the trip but 2020 probably isn't the year
  14. Hampton should be for the most part loaded in 2020.
  15. Seems odd to build a new Chuckey Doak HS just a few years ago then throw out this idea of combining all these county schools in a very big county .
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