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  1. Now that's a post worthy of kingship!
  2. I don't think either team can put together four 80 yard drives, but a blocked punt, fumbles, interceptions, penalties can make it possible for either team to score 28.
  3. Don't know why the feller got butthurt. Cland has had teams that played dirty. Teenage boys can get angry and do crazy things. It don't mean they're bad kids. Its part of growing up
  4. Pull deez nutz off your tonsils. These kinds of things do happen whether its coached or not. Been part of this game for 30 years and on here for 17
  5. It is possible, even if oneida plays good d. Vice versa with the indians
  6. If i was betting, I'd say the rebels will be out to hurt Swafford. In 03, when we were upset by cak, they wiped out mark Byrd on a punt return. In fact, i watched teams try to injure him his whole career. Minds can become dark in the heat of a game
  7. You're fond of Witten?????? Uknoit has repented
  8. How many versions of the black beast are there?
  9. I can hit a golf ball from jc stadium to the city limits. YOU ARE ELIZABETHTON!
  10. I stand corrected. Its gonna be colder in Oneida than Roan Mt. Friday night
  11. Wooooooo!!!!!! That's why I'm wearing alligator shoes that cost more than your house! LOL. Good to have you back, Kazatoro
  12. That is true concerning the weather in Hampton and Oneida. The colder weather only applies to cland. You can google the temps for Roan Mt and Elizabethton and see the difference.
  13. There will be some good football in carter county for sure. Oneida and Hampton. Cland and OZ. Take your pic. I think we take OZ to the wire. Oneida and htown's defenses will shine in their matchup. It won't get interesting for you until the semis. If we so happen to beat OZ, then it might be a "slippery" slope for you in the quarters
  14. Greenback beat the team we are playing Friday night 50-0. Meigs beat Greenback. Its just a whole different level of ball when you talk about Greenback, Meigs, and South Pitt. South Greene will have to prove me wrong.
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