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  1. A good chance for consolidation, Alex. Hampton will be really good in a few years.
  2. I've been up the creek without a paddle a few times.
  3. Well, she can ride the shoes of these 8th graders. They're gonna win anyway. Next year when there's a drop off in talent will be a test for her.
  4. She is new to coaching at this level but I don't think its a bad hire. The jury is still out. I watched her as a player and she always gave it 100% so its not like she's going to go in there and give a half hearted effort. People should not expect her to be the coach that Birchfield is. He's got years of experience. I think the best thing to do right now is give coach Horney lots of support. She may turn out to be a good one.
  5. Why is that surprising? You can't just stop doing something you love
  6. Can't get enough kids interested. I guess fortnite is the new thing now.
  7. No offense but I'm not giving any names just yet
  8. Trying to find where I said that, Lol
  9. Well, I meant if they had to get thrown in there, they could hold their own at that level. Most years, there is big drop off from high school to jr. high. Every now and then, you get a few eighth graders that are grown up for their age. I didn't realize how quick the team was. My girls competed well against the 7th graders and girls their own age but they are a long ways from being able to play with 8th graders.
  10. That's a truth bomb. And we've earned that shat. I just hate it for the kids and parents that put their heart in it.
  11. That hire will be just as important
  12. None of us will be powerhouses, but the Landers will spank Hampton both games.
  13. Never said they could beat anyone out.
  14. I think our best team lost to meigs in sub state
  15. I was talking about the first one but the 2nd one didn't really underachieve. Lots of great teams are in the state tourney
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