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  1. We have a girl close to her size in 8th grade. Right now, she's just too sweet. She's like a daughter to me and I've tried working with her all summer on being aggressive and going up strong with the ball. If she fulfills her potential, we'll be a threat to win it all in a couple years
  2. We are very similar to TA Dugger and liberty Bell. We had an overtime game with liberty bell over the summer. We can't press as aggressively as those teams because we're not as deep. The things that hurt us right now, is inconsistent shooting and being too soft on defense. When we play to our potential, i think we are among the top ten 1A middle school teams in the state. I know we are second or third best in section 1.
  3. @RodgerDodger32 can tell you. I think he's a north greene man.
  4. district 1A is probably stronger overall than they've been in years. North Greene's record is very deceiving. They've beaten south greene twice this season
  5. If we don't get upset by Hampton Tuesday night, we will be in Newport's bracket. We lost by 23 to grandview in the christmas tourney but we did miss 10 foul shots. I told my daughters to expect a real battle if they play newport.
  6. No. We just played like poo. We've had some games like that. We didn't show up to unaka last week and got blown out by 17. But we are talented enough to beat teams like north and south greene. Its just we've got so many young players still
  7. yeah. But it was against Rogersville city. Hard to gauge someone against a weak opponent. They are a lot like us but neither one of us is as talented as grandview. It would be a major upset if us or newport were to beat grandview in the sectional final. If grandview makes it to the finals, I will definitely make that trip to see them take on South Lawrence. I believe the lady stallions will dominate the west.
  8. How much is Ally Weathers getting to play this year? I took notice of her in last year's state championship with South Lawrence. Cloudland middle has a good chance of getting there this year and I was relieved she had moved on to high school, lol
  9. I agree. Cosby not as strong as they normally are. Sunbright Lady Tigers will be a tough place to go play substate. They are really stout this year along with Coalfield. Jr High tournaments start today. If we win the area tournament, we'll be number 1 seed from area 1. We are opposite brackett from Grandview middle but we share a brackett with newport grammar. Going to heat up in the next couple weeks.
  10. Critical game tonight against the lady dogs.
  11. Warrior, I think you have a pretty good team. The record is deceiving when you have to play murderers row. 4 of the district 1-1A teams are among the best in the state.
  12. I agree. But it helps having those speedy players to apply pressure defense.
  13. Yeah but #5 Andrea is their best player by far. Cloudland Jr high is 17-1 with their only loss to grandview. I've watched them destroy everyone on YouTube
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