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  1. So Richland beats Eagleville by 25 plus opening night. then today beat Harriman by 17 then after a girls game turn around and beat City by 3. So Richland will definitely have something to say about this region. I know City has football players out but the lead was 15 at 1 pt in the 4th before city came back. great start to the season for the raiders!!!
  2. Richland will give them all they want. good thing is that they play in HOF game so should get to see what it looks like early on. I imagine City has a football player or two so teams will look different come tourney time.
  3. Summertown didn’t win theirs but 2nd to Loretto. A solid team nonetheless
  4. I agree about poll completely. Just wondering how you say tougher schedule what are you basing it on. At least coach t is computer based on year long results. I’d say Loretto, Jo Byrns Summertown and Cascade are all solid and won their districts. Ask Clay about Cascade. Ask WC about Summertown. PS Richland beat Harriman without 2nd leading scorer playing. Can’t wait for Wednesday! Finally scored a ticket this weekend. Richland sold out in minutes.
  5. Not sure what schedules you looking at? Richland has beat 3 AP top 10 teams& or 3 top 10 coach t teams. Not same 3. No other single A team in state tourney can say that. Now that don’t mean crap come Wednesday but your strength of schedule business is bogus. Should be 4 good games. Picking : Richland , Madison, WC and PC
  6. Have you watched the other 6 teams play?
  7. You said depending on which bulldog team shows up may be Blowout or 2-3 pt game. Just curious who’s getting blown out? both teams only have 2 losses and 3 of the 4 were blowouts but all 3 were by really good upper classification schools.. Polls don’t mean crap but 4 of the top 5 are in the upper bracket.
  8. Agree totally 250 barely gets family there much less the fans who have been watching these teams for years..
  9. Awesome job Raiders. Tied 6-6 then Nicholson hit a 3 and the raiders steadily pulled away the rest of the game!!!
  10. Had a good point guard and A couple guys that could shoot.
  11. Rematch of last years substate game. Should be a good one. Go Richland!!!
  12. Coach Loveless had them ready for sure. 30-12 end of 1st. Qtr. OVER! Summertown kept fighting I will say that.
  13. Great sectional game. Packed house in an awesome old school Gym. First time some of our fans had to watch a game around the poles.. as to the game if 2-3 more shots fall early in the 4th this could have had a different outcome. But they didn’t and 3 was as close as our boys could get. Mauler proud to be a raider fan. All 5 starters return so hopefully this propels them further next year. As for Loretto Good luck and represent our sectional bracket well!!
  14. Richland by 1 on a 50 footer at the buzzer!!! Go Raiders
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