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  1. For all those people that think the “better team won”. Better teams don’t got for it on 4th down inside their own 15 trailing by 6 in the second quarter. Hats off to Whitwell, but they didn’t even think they were the better team. Who knows how this game plays out without poor weather, but the weather definitely favored Cornersville. Not taking the wind is kinda silly as it doesn’t allow for throwing by one team in the fourth. Either you are winning and you don’t need the win, or losing and you need to throw. It was also egregious that you only only get two plays as the clock ticks under 1 minute. Whitwell made plays to win and Cornersville constantly played to not lose.
  2. Over and under 15 years before C-Ville makes a state semi much less a Finals again?
  3. No sir I didn't mean to disrespect anyone, simply asking a coach about simple game strategy and clock management is a legit question. I know you have a relationship with the coaches and there is nothing wrong with that but you still should want to seek answers for your viewers. Thanks for the coverage
  4. Did you ask him if they practice the spike it, clock it play at all? I think on camera you see assistant coach telling him to call it but it never gets signaled in to the QB
  5. With all the graduates from Cornersville, it is safe to assume this run is over for some time. Great run nonetheless from a school just a few years ago was being scheduled as everyone’s homecoming game.
  6. Cville by far the better complete team but I can't get over the way both teams fought their tails off and Whitwell just kept fighting. Cville coaching staff should walk back home for that clock management, goodness gracious
  7. Haven't seen clock management that poor since Les Miles was in a crucial game in Baton Rouge on a Saturday night. Hats off to both teams and all the players.
  8. Guess cville doesn't have the basic kill it clock it play cause they straight up butchered the time management at the end.
  9. Cville coach said nothing about any injuries except "everybody's purty good right now" lol
  10. This game is far from over but corn dawgs have the edge with depth. I'm impressed with how hard whitwell is playing after getting absolutely smashed in the mouth opening drive by cville.
  11. What college offers does Ty Youngblood have so far?
  12. Just a observer casual football fan, the play calling from Trousdale county on offense was atrocious and very predictable. Peabody played harder and faster.
  13. Does the 4a game really need picked? It's like asking will a hurricane or tornado cause damage, instead just ask how much damage and you will end up with around greeneville 49 Haywood 7
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