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  1. Just curious as to why there are 5 teams ranked between McCallie and MBA. I watched them wrestle the other night @ FR and it was a close match. McC had to come from behind and win the last 2 wgt classes (285 and 106) with at least bonus points in one of them in order to secure the victory. Of course they got their 6 from Howard and I believe got a tech at 106. That being said, MBA wrestled McC to a closer match than I expected. Did McCallie not wrestle their entire starting lineup, MBA wrestle the absolute best they could ever hope for, MBA be ranked higher than 11, McCallie not be as high, or are there 5 other teams in TN that could it closer than 37-33 yet still not beat McCallie? I know McCallie gave up a forfeit at 152 or so and bumped everyone else til they got to the upper weights. IMO, if McC wrestled their entire lineup aside from the forfeit, then MBA and McCallie are much closer than our dual meet poll indicates. Just curious as to what others think or know.
  2. Guess she registered under Boom Ranch for Tulsa, but she usually wrestles for WCWC in local tournaments. Whatever her singlet said, I dont believe she wrestled in the 93 lb weight class. Probably somewhere between 70-75, so maybe 73. Congratulations Caroline and Piper!!!
  3. Bump, wrestling and life have a whole lot in common. Sometimes you gotta "lower your level".
  4. The ref is pointing at the wrestlers with his right hand (green/Chittum) to show that there was no loss of control or escape. The ref never even thought abt moving in position (get on the mat) for a pin or count nears bc there was no need to. The secondary referee counts down the last few seconds of the match bc the match went the full 6 minutes. Scorekeeper mistake. Match ends 7-2 in favor of Chittum. NO PIN, NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!
  5. Is this the first time that National Preps and our State Tournament have been on the same weekend? If so, very well could have been an honest mistake. If not, when was the last time this happened? If the last time they were scheduled on the same weekend was 15-20 yrs ago, then it was most likely an oversight. If this also happened a few yrs ago, then probably not an honest mistake. Just a few thoughts, opinions and questions from someone that doesnt follow DII as close as DI.
  6. Snapdown, I saw the kid at a camp about a year and a half ago or 2 yrs ago. He was with Coach Nichol at McCracken Co and moved with him to Paducah Tilghman. The kid is an ANIMAL for his age. He will be able to pick where he wants to wrestle. Remember his name. He is a SPECIAL TALENT!!!
  7. Coach Hamblen, I'm not real good at alot of things but I did pay attention in math class.
  8. Jimmy, I was wondering the same thing. Asking for help from some of the FR faithful and TN wrestling "historians" on the T.
  9. Yes sir, Isbell has now won three in a row at the Ryan tournament as well as having a third place finish his freshman yr. Christian only lost one match during his 4 yrs at this tournament and that was to Zeke Escalera in the semis of his 9th grade season. Great job!!!
  10. Barb182, Union would have most likely topped 300 with the 113 alone as he would have probably made the finals and they didnt even enter a 113. IF Union had both Paxton at 195, who prob finishes 2-4 depending on the bracket and scores around 25 points AND Matthias who makes finals the minute he weighs in ( beat Coffey in last yrs finals at 220), who would score north of 30 team points, they would have threatened 350! The two backups at 195 and Hwt only scored 12 team points combined. Those 12 points would have been replaced by about 55, plus the 30 or so scored by their 113 added to the 276 makes me think that 350 team points would NOT have been a stretch at all for them to score at this yrs tournament.
  11. Missing 2 Ervins along with a 3rd stud and still won the Ryan tournament. Not too shabby!
  12. Brave, I know yall were missing Ervin at hwt and the 113 who got second at last yrs Ryan tournament at 106 (and just finished 2nd at the Mater Dei tournament a few weeks ago). Who is the 3rd? Even without a few starters, yall have an outstanding team!
  13. What's up buddy, how was your Christmas? Are  you guys planning on going to the Top 100 tournament in Chattanooga?

    1. FargoStrut


      Not much, in Hawaii abt to go to the beach. Christmas was good, how was yours? Yes sir, we are going to the Top 100 in Chattanooga. Yall gonna be there as well?

    2. JSamson7


      We should be, but I won't have that many going to that one. There's another Beginner tournament closer to home where most of mine will be going as opposed to Chattanooga.

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