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  1. Set it up Bump. Please and Thank You.
  2. Pretty sure Tisdale has always been an East Ridge kid until the last year or two.
  3. 106- Wilson over Ellison 113- Borders over Calvin 120- Bates/Belcher and Bradford/Artiles should both be semis matches. Going with Bates over Bradford. 126-McDaniel over Shires 132- Moore over Seeley 138- Isbell over Mann 145- Williams over Hurst 152- Laxton over Smith 160- Harter over Morrisette 170- Pietriella over Meeks 182- Sacharczyk over Richards, (I'm DEF pulling for Cooper but my brain says Sac). 195- Feldhacker over Brumlow 220- Davis over Boyce (should've been a semis match) 285- Coffey over Dawson or anyone else (whenever he wants it to end)
  4. I know this topic is very debatable and everyone will have an opinion as to why this wrestler should be ranked higher than that wrestler. I have listed some of these wrestlers accomplishments. Please feel free to list your own top 10 pound 4 pound wrestlers in TN, while being respectful of the kids. 1) Alex Whitworth; 3rd at Cheesehead, 6th at Beast of the East 2) Trae McDaniel; 3rd Virginia Beach, 8th Beast of the East, 2X Double Fargo AA 3) James Howard; 1st Cheesehead, 4th Beast of the East, 1st Virginia Beach, Double Fargo AA 4) Skylar Coffey; 4th Super 32, 5th Virginia Beach 5) Garrison Dendy; 3rd Nat'l Preps, 3rd Grappler Classic, 1st KC Stampede, 1st Prep Slam, Fargo AA 6) David Harper; 2X 2nd place at Grappler Classic, 2nd at KC Stampede, Prep Slam Champ, 7th Nat'l Preps 7) Noah Horst; 3rd Prep Slam, 4th KC Stampede, 7th Grappler Classic, 13X TNAAU and TSSAA state champ ( couldn't help myself and had to list his state accomplishments) 8) Christian Isbell; lack of Nat'l experience hurts his resume, 3X Father Ryan Champ, lost 4-2 in OT to Dendy last season so he cant be too far behind him. 9) Garrett Bowers; 1st KC Stampede, 3rd Prep Slam 10) Al Wooten; Prep Slam Champ, 3rd KC Stampede Just missed AND will be there soon: Parker Peterson; simple- win it this weekend. Will make the list very soon regardless of finals outcome. Hunter Mason- one of the few A/AA wrestlers who can compete nationally. I believe he went 5-2 @ Beast of the East and got beat in the blood rounds. He WILL make the list VERY SOON, most likely starting Saturday night when these seniors wrestle their last HS matches.
  5. Newestguy, if I post my picks for AAA, are you willing to make a friendly wager to see who picks the most champs correctly? Maybe a bbq sammich and a cold drink?
  6. I believe that every region tournament in D1AAA (1-8), A/AA (1-4) and East/West in DII is listed on track with locations.
  7. PurpleWrestler, I'm not on the poll and not 100% sure how the scoring is done, but by using some deductive reason, common sense and basic math; I "think" I figured their scoring system out. There are 12 places on our poll- 12th place gets 1 pt, 11th place gets 2 pts,etc all the way up to first place who gets 12 points. There are 14 coaches on the poll who each get to rank their top 12 teams in the state (14 coaches × 12 points for each number 1 vote =.....168 pts, which coincidentally happens to be our maximum power ranking. If my best guess pertaining to their scoring system is accurate, this means that 1 of the 14 coaches on this poll does not think Baylor is the best team in the state and voted them in 2nd place behind Cleveland. Also note that Baylor gained 1 point in the power ranking and Cleveland lost one point in the power ranking over this past week (1st place receives12 points and 2nd place gets 11), which would mean that until Jan 27 there were 2 of our 14 polled coaches who believed Baylor was inferior to Cleveland. Baylor has 167 power ranking. 13 Coaches gave them a 1st place vote(12 points) 13×12=156 while one coach gave them a 2nd place rank (11points) added to their 156= power ranking of 167 this week. These are my thoughts on how the rankings are done so No Sir Mr Purple Wrestler do I believe that a coach didnt vote. I believe a coach voted Baylor as an inferior team to Cleveland.
  8. Looks like one of the 14 coaches on our panel finally came around and no longer believes that Baylor is the 2nd best team in our state which leaves us with one coach who still does. I have to ask whomever you may be... Coach, do you honestly believe that the 2019-2020 Baylor Red Raiders are the 2nd best high school wrestling team in the state of Tennessee OR do you dislike them so much that you refuse to vote them #1 no matter what?
  9. Durdon, virtually everything you said was spot on as to what I saw on Friday night. McCallie, FR and MBA are much closer than our poll indicates. MBA should be ranked higher than what they are, probably right behind Ryan. This season, McC is a MUCH better individual tournament team than they are a dual team. MBA is a bad matchup for McCallie in a dual and Baylor is by far the best team in the state this year. IMO, very accurate post!
  10. Just curious as to why there are 5 teams ranked between McCallie and MBA. I watched them wrestle the other night @ FR and it was a close match. McC had to come from behind and win the last 2 wgt classes (285 and 106) with at least bonus points in one of them in order to secure the victory. Of course they got their 6 from Howard and I believe got a tech at 106. That being said, MBA wrestled McC to a closer match than I expected. Did McCallie not wrestle their entire starting lineup, MBA wrestle the absolute best they could ever hope for, MBA be ranked higher than 11, McCallie not be as high, or are there 5 other teams in TN that could it closer than 37-33 yet still not beat McCallie? I know McCallie gave up a forfeit at 152 or so and bumped everyone else til they got to the upper weights. IMO, if McC wrestled their entire lineup aside from the forfeit, then MBA and McCallie are much closer than our dual meet poll indicates. Just curious as to what others think or know.
  11. Guess she registered under Boom Ranch for Tulsa, but she usually wrestles for WCWC in local tournaments. Whatever her singlet said, I dont believe she wrestled in the 93 lb weight class. Probably somewhere between 70-75, so maybe 73. Congratulations Caroline and Piper!!!
  12. Bump, wrestling and life have a whole lot in common. Sometimes you gotta "lower your level".
  13. The ref is pointing at the wrestlers with his right hand (green/Chittum) to show that there was no loss of control or escape. The ref never even thought abt moving in position (get on the mat) for a pin or count nears bc there was no need to. The secondary referee counts down the last few seconds of the match bc the match went the full 6 minutes. Scorekeeper mistake. Match ends 7-2 in favor of Chittum. NO PIN, NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!
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