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  1. The issue here is not reporting an incident between teammates from what I have heard so it’s not shocking DCS is involved to some degree. The allegation was serious. Many people close to the program question whether the alleged incident actually took place.
  2. https://www.local3news.com/local-news/soddy-daisy-wrestling-coach-suspended-while-under-investigation/article_a8a8a2cc-f9b4-11ee-8a4d-5bd9facd30f6.html
  3. It was reported on wrcb news channel 4 in Chattanooga tonight. He is on currently on leave. Hate it for Ulric and can’t see him covering up anything illegal. Very Serious investigation though.
  4. News reports of a police investigation going on into Soddy Daisy wrestling. 3 detectives on it. Heard some rumors about this last week and a wife that was removed as the account manager for the program which is an entirely separate issue from the investigation. I have a lot respect for Ulric and very surprised by this.
  5. Team Black “team Mccallie “ is wrestling some of the best in the country and representing. Undefeated day one! In know most of the elite wrestlers are at NHSCA Middle duals but still impressive.
  6. If these numbers are correct how is Baylor or anyone in the state going to beat Mccallie with the recruits they are bringing in? Mccallie is bringing in a soon to be 9th grader that was expelled from Baylor this year. Talented football and baseball player.
  7. Very close but I’d lean Minions. Jaxon Lane looks to be a five timer. Might not have the depth of HCWC but elite wrestlers. Think quite a few switch over for tourneys
  8. Would love to see one of the Chatt schools make it happen. I have tons of respect for Oakland.
  9. You guys lose at least 2 if you played in D2AAA East
  10. Thank god someone pointed this out. Lol
  11. Cleveland domination. The spread between them and second will be worse next year.
  12. I’m going to drop this bomb on the “Cleveland dominance” thread then I am going to hang up and listen. Ledbetter and Villers want that match. Not sure Cleveland could have beaten them this year. Hopefully that gets set up for next year. Father Ryan has a ton back and I expect there to be some surprises in the Baylor lineup. Dominant in public large yes…
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