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  1. That is terrible. Prayers to him for a speedy recovery and his family.
  2. This entire ordeal is ridiculous… as for David leaving, I don’t blame them to not pay him what he was wanting IF that number I heard is true.
  3. TheTreyB


    Logan Fowler over Max Norman tech fall in 30 seconds Tyson Russell over SD HWT 14-2 Piper Fowler wins again… heading to Jordan to try a repeat for World Title. #CLEVELANDRUNSTHESOUTH
  4. lol I was replying to FR615 when he gave the one he thought. Like I said, give me Maddux High. Your post doesn’t really make sense to what we were talking about.
  5. I did know that. I know a lot more than you think I do. lol
  6. Not being a jerk… just giving updates on scores. Blackmon may be doing ok but I know for a fact by someone they dodged us a couple years ago when we wanted a dual. My point to you first score was the numbers Blackmon had in that session and we had 8. But YOU made it seem like it was something. I was simply saying (not making an excuse) that that’s the ONLY reason. thanks for congratulating Trey. Gotta keep grinding.
  7. Beginner Team State Champions Elementary Team State Champions Middle School Team State Champions Girls Overall Team State Champions OVERALL CLUB TEAM CHAMPIONS Boys High School State Champions Girls High School State Champions
  8. Final score update: HCWC 819.5 Blackmon 577 TNWA 275.5 @DylansDad
  9. @DylansDad you checked that updated score? Didn’t take long. You actually made my point when you told me I can’t give them credit. We had EIGHT is why that score was that way in that session. Wasn’t making excuses just saying facts. But it’s all good. Just doing a update
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