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  1. You joined 8 hours ago. Was it to come on here and troll? I’d say our HS club team is def top 5.
  2. How many kids in that club do you know? The ones I named?
  3. Thank you. We feel the same way about all of your guys kids. Mattox, Kellen, Jakhai and Jaxon are the younger guys I know best and those kids are all amazing. Zac, Chase, Corderos, Fowlers… I love all those kids.
  4. Don’t be sleeping on us old man lmao
  5. Starting at 106 you’d win 6 of those matches. What’s impressive is that’s your hs team and ours are from all over….but this is a question of club. Now if we could get all of our hs kids on one team that would be great. I def wouldn’t consider Cooper a Higher Calling kid nor would I say Hudson is either. I’m sure Hudson will have on a boom ranch singlet this weekend if he even wrestles at the state tournament.
  6. You said k-12 not k-6….. Myles Maines, Tibby Norman, Neyland Street, Jensen Cross, Gavin Horne, Knox Louis, Beau Atwell….i can keep going if you want. Or I can start 7-12 Mason Jakob, Carson Dupill. Chase Smalling, Jay Eversole, Spencer Reep, Garret Crowder, Derek Winseman, Sam Comes, Noah Watkins, Deter Thompson, Jake Dempsey, Briar and Barrett Whaley, Castos, Helton, Gumlick, Kibelbek, Normans when they’re home…..you want me to keep going. That’s just the start. Our older boys are hammers.
  7. TNWA has to be in the mix if you’re going k-12
  8. You have to be a kid, which is absolutely hilarious you have all these adults arguing with you.
  9. I won’t be there Saturday I have to work playa lol if he shows up with socks I’m going to laugh my #### off. I hope he does. I’m sad too because I want to know who it is. They have very good things to say about Mason. Sometimes I think it’s one of the kids on his team, but then they say stuff nobody would know that is a kid at DB.
  10. I too want to see it Doesn’t change anything now but I was on the floor and saw it live. It happened so fast so I’m surprised anyone is confident they know what happened from a blurry video. Just proves we need replay bad. Officials are human and make mistakes. Replay could help all of us.
  11. How does he make his son look bad? His son isn’t the one on here talking. His son is a great kid. I think the more it bothers people the more he does it. It’s actually entertaining lol
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