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  1. Also missing Max Norman on the list
  2. I have not heard that but I’d be doing backflips if he moved to DB
  3. We appreciate the love. I just wanted to point out they’ve wrestled recently and It was great wrestling. Def no bonus points. Glad we don’t have to wrestle him in a match lol
  4. Mason would def not major JoJo!!! I’ve watched them train together recently and Joe actually scored more on scrambles. Very close match. Mason is my kid so takes a lot for me not to get on here and say my kid would win without a doubt. Joe is one of the best wrestlers in the country. On the flip side I saw cowcatcher post that mason was nowhere near the same level as Joe, which is also not intelligent.
  5. That’s great. I’ll go look for it. Prayers for a speedy recovery
  6. Is he out of surgery yet? Take a video of him coming off the gas lol
  7. Disagree. There are some on here that blows my mind.
  8. Tony does more with the HS instead of club now. Zeke and Cade handle club!!! All 3 are great coaches though.
  9. Max Titus Garrett Gavin Mason Noah Church Jimmy Dempsey and chase smalling at science hill all trained in the warehouse in the back of my business. TNWA, before that Kingsman…before that Hammer. Certainly you know all those clubs and every kid I mentioned. I’m leaving out a couple but don’t worry, I’m working on getting them back and then some. Looks to me like that’s all the champs and place winners. We have some great coaches in there now and one was a 2X NCAA All American and Runner up…..kids can jump levels in that room buddy. All they have to do is be willing to put in the work. The coaches we have up here is enticing to families to move here to bring their kids there to train. Just look at what they’ve done with those kids I mentioned. Watkins won’t be in lineup for another couple years but that will be a huge pickup…..so to answer your question just about all of them!!! Only had one transfer last year unless you know something I don’t. Don’t worry though, I’ll be working on more.
  10. Don’t worry we will. We want to get several of them just like my friends at Cleveland. They had two champs that transferred there and two high placers. I just need to get on this recruiting trail. Maybe even offer up some NIL money lol
  11. I guess we’ll see next year. You might be pleasantly surprised
  12. Lol Nobody coming up that you know…Expect to see some different faces in the lineup. Also, the heavyweight wrestled one year. Crowder could always move up and there is another kid working hard that can step into his spot. Don’t count DB out. Before this year not everyone knew Mason. Some were questioning who he’s beat in TN or if he’d beat Baltz or Creque. You’re not a DB guy you’re a Cleveland guy. The nobody coming up thing is nonsense.
  13. Chase is a great wrestler. Love that kid to death. He also had a great tournament!!! Mason puts in the work and has had and has some really special coaches. He’s a student of the game.
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