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  1. I don't live that way, but I disagree buddy. I was at the central/crocket game last year and those boys looked to me like they believed they were going to win, and they played like it. Had they gotten a couple of breaks, they very easily could have. You're closer than you think.
  2. - I agree with you completely about Rosser/Central and why I have them in the top spot. My friends in the other sport I follow told me that Cleveland went after him heavily and I know that community can put quite a bit on the table. -Fulton will be young, but they are still the team in Knoxville that absolutely nobody wants to play- and that's for good reason. They are always athletic and I expect that to still hold true. -I get the impression that you are a "powell guy" and know Coach Lowe personally. He gets hated on a lot by a lot of people, but it can't be denied that he is one of the best coaches in the area. Most people are saying they are the pre-season top team, and had central not won the gold ball last year, I would agree with them. -Agree with you completely about South Doyle. They will be as athletic as any team in Knoxville, however they have struggled to maintain their success and go deep in the playoffs the last couple of years when they have had the ability to- maybe this year could be their year? -Oak ridge is a mystery to me as well. From what I was told, last year was supposed to be their year. Take that with a grain of salt though, as I only have a couple of sources that way and rarely see them play. -Knox West- See what I just said about SD. -it was I that mentioned Halls and I was really only bringing them up to round out a top 10 (them being 10). I mentioned them because I had heard that before all the coaching changes that this senior class was one that they were excited about, they have a new coach that's proven he can win in this league, and they did almost pull off a major upset in the first round of the playoffs last year. I agree with you and don't think they are quite on the same level yet as the others, but I predict they will win at least 1 game this year that they aren't supposed to win. -Again, with the NET, I respectfully disagree, No I wouldn't bet money that a musket bowl team will make it to the semi's. However, i do believe they are closer in comparison than blazer leads on.
  3. Central did lose quite a bit, but I have the number 1 on my list for the sole reason that they are the defending state champs, and to quote my favorite wrestler, "To be the man, you got to beat the man".
  4. Blazer, I know you are normally very reliable with your information and your predictions. However, I also know you very much enjoy down playing your area. From the NET, I would argue Crockett should be in the conversation after their season last year, especially if that QB is back. I would also think that Boone and TN High aren't very far behind them. If i were to rank the east half of the state (Region 1 - Region 4) in 5A, I think it would look like this: 1. Knox Central 2. Powell 3. Fulton 4. Crockett and then close behind (but not sure in what order) you have Oak ridge, Rhea County, South Doyle, TN High, Daniel Boone and maybe even Knox Halls (supposed to have a strong senior class).
  5. This friendly debate/topic has officially been ruined by grown men who rely on insults as a debate strategy. Very mature guys....
  6. Blake Ridenhour 2009 state champ at 152 was tournament OW. I think that is your best from the past 10 years there if there are no multiple time state champs. And still believe Jake Young from the same year is your best at 171. Jake placed 3rd his freshman year (behind Brandon Wright 2Xer from Houston and Creagan 2xer from BC- would have been 3X had he not lost to Wright), won it his sophomore year, got Inj his junior year, and then won it his senior year.
  7. Since when do we compete as regions?
  8. Well since everyone else is giving their opinion, I'll throw mine out and see what sticks. . . Dual season.... *3 divisions divided equally A- 50 smallest schools AAA- 50 largest schools AA- 50 middlest schools (yes you read that right) *All 3 divisions will have 8 regions *Top 2 from each region goes to state duals *A wrestler must report from your school for 8 of the 14 weight classes for your team to be eligible for state duals (ie you must wrestle at region- no forfeits or coinflips to decide region champs). Individual Region/State... *All 3 divisions combine (and if you're feeling snazzy- add D2) and make 8 sectionals. (Region 1A, Region 1AA, and Region 1AAA make Sectional 1. Region 2A, Region 2AA, and Region 2AAA make Sectional 2. Etc) *Top 4 from each sectional goes to state. *Teams may enter as many wrestlers as they want at sectionals, but will have to predetermine their point scorers. *Teams will have a total of 14 point scorers, and may have multiple in a single weight class. (Ie if you have 2 studs in the same weight- they can both score points, your trade off is you will not have anyone scoring points in another weight class) *The wrestlers you dignified as point scorers at sectionals, will be your point scorers at state. *All 32 spots at state will be seeded by a committee. This committee will be made up of 2 coaches from each sectional.
  9. 171- Jake Young from Ooltewah should be considered and 160 Brandon Wright from Houston (He may be more than 10 years though).
  10. Can any of them hang with Wooten? I watched that kid pin the BA 220 in about a minute at Halls and then turned around and did the same thing to Blackman's 220 in the finals of the tournament.
  11. Agree to disagree. But if this poll was based on traditional tournaments rather than duals, I would argue they deserve to be much higher than 12
  12. They are young too! Look for them to stay between the 7 and 12 spot the next 3 years!
  13. With all the trolls that have popped up over the last month or so, I can't tell who is being serious or who is just playing around. - But for real now, who seriously would ever use the word "great" to describe that venue? I have been a few years to watch and have never really enjoyed the seating, but this year hit an all time low. I made it down to the floor and actually walked across the mats- mid step I felt like I had tripped over something and began to fall! Luckily though, 30 years ago I could describe myself as an athlete and I guess I still got it because I was able to regain my balance before actually hitting the ground. I'll be turning 50 this year, so my natural first thought was wow I must be really getting old! That may have been the case, but then a kid who had watched me stumble (I believe he wrestled for Heritage - a very polite young man) said to me that I needed to be careful down there- the dirt floor under the mats isn't always level and there are a lot of mounds under the mats that can trip you.... I thought he was joking, but then I walked back over the area and I could clearly feel the dirt mound that almost scored 2 on me! Who knows how many matches over the years have been decided by that floor! .... is this really the best we can do as a state?
  14. This is a strange generation of kids. I use to say kids would rather sit at home and play video games over going to practice and working hard- which still holds true. However, now kids sit at home and watch youtube videos of other people playing the games!
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