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  1. Clearly he was making a comment on the statistics, as a counter argument of someone previously stating that 12 kids making all-state is too many. If you are too dumb to realize that, you have no business insulting anyone else's intelligence.
  2. Every sport does this. Football has has an "All - State " team for each of its divisions, usually with 4 to 6 guys listed per position. It's a note-worthy award that's been watered down over the years- nothing new to just wrestling. If you want a laugh- check out the "All-Region" teams in Football. In Tennessee, each coach gets to pick their own players that are deemed "all-region". Because of this, you usually get 6 "all-region" quarterbacks for a region that only has 6 teams.
  3. I'm actually agreeing with your argument.... but (and I hate this saying) "times are different". Kids are very different than they were 10 years ago. Just from what I have seen at the schools I have worked in- Kids don't go out for sports like they used to. Kids would rather go home and do something else. Even the kids that do play sports - whether its from their parents or their coaches- they all specialize in just one sport- two at best. Schools that used to have 100 kids on the football team now only have 50-60 kids. Again, I agree with your point about "does it really grow the sport?"- Just saying you can't really compared numbers when participation in all sports are down overall.
  4. You need to factor in the sectional round that did not exist until last year. For an accurate comparison, you would need to look at the schools that qualified for wrestlers for each sectional- as that was the round of 32. If this was 2014, those would have been state qualifiers.
  5. Region 1 scrambling to make a two-day region tournament on a Wednesday, that started that Thursday, was pretty bad. Especially for the parents that were driving from multiple hours away to make a 4 o'clock weigh-in.
  6. Guys, I think I should just take over and run things. State duals would be divided into 5 classifications: Private School would keep their current split- however 8 teams would qualify for each division. Public School would be split into 3 divisions: A for schools under 800 students, AA for schools between 801 and 1499 students, and AAA for schools with 1500+ enrollment (As I slowly takeover power in TSSAA this 3 division split system will become uniform for ALL sports- no more teams competing in 5A football and 1A wrestling- this kills me personally). Each of these divisions will have 16 teams qualify for state duals. This system will produce more state champions, and more teams qualifying than it ever has before. Why do we need need 64 total teams at state duals? Because I need to make more money, of course! Now you wrestling purists- don't get your panties in a wad just yet. For individuals- There will be only 1 "real" state champion (real is your word choice - not mine). HOWEVER- there will now be 16 regions spread across the state, and the top 4 from each region will qualify for a 64 man tournament (I also believe 64 state qualifiers per weight class is more than we have ever had before- so look at me go on pushing out that 'state qualifier' patch to put on little Johnny's new letterman's jacket). With this 64 man bracket- I get to bring back my 3 day tournament- as me maximizing my profits in ticket sales is all I really care about after all. But, with 16 regions spread out across the state, we should be able to easily divide everyone up logistically and eliminate parents taking 2 hour drives for regions or sectionals. Now bear with me as I sit and come up with a plan for the girls- because their stuff is more jacked up than the boys as it sits currently.
  7. Personally, I think they should add a division in duals (A, AA and AAA) , while combine them all for individual. The Halls, Gibbs, Soddy, Page, (there are others too) either compete against schools double their size or half their size.
  8. Even with multiple state titles, I still think he is the most underrated coach from this area!
  9. I liked the idea of the sectionals two years ago, but I already can see why people in certain areas hate it. The logistics of this state really makes any type of post season format difficult. It doesn't help that the "level" of wrestling varies greatly across the state either. Yes- there are great programs in every area, but on average, the central part of the state and the south eastern part of the state are much tougher than the other areas. The tri-cities area may not be far behind, but the counties in the greater Knoxville area, and the western part of the state have a distinct drop off compared to the rest of the state.
  10. How many times do you see seniors wrestle under 120? This is the only sport that caters towards smaller kids. If you want to grow the sport, change the weight classes to something that would promote change. In 2022, the average weight for a male high school student was 161lbs... To me, I think that's an obvious sign that half of the weight classes should be under 161, half should be over 161... None of these options are even close to that.
  11. 182 has a shot if he is opposite Brenot
  12. Maryville may turn some heads and end up in the top 5 of the traditional tournament. They could potentially have 3 champions with in 95 220 and heavy, and I would expect their 170 to end up on the podium as well. Their lighter weights are scrappy, and could get a couple of wins each to help bring in even more points.
  13. AA District 3 1. Anderson County 2. Karns AA District 4 1. Maryville 2. Heritage
  14. The level girls wrestling has grown in just the last 5 years is astounding. Thanks to both of you guys for giving effort and making rankings for them - even if there are arguments (there is in every set of rankings after all) these girls deserve the same treatment and respect as the boys.
  15. Just like every poll... 1 educated vote is cancelled out by 1 uneducated vote
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