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  1. This should be a hard fought game and big test for Powell. I predict Rhea County keeps it close for 3 quarters, but Powell makes some big plays late in the game to break it open in the 4th. Powell by 14-17.
  2. Elijah Young is their guy. Running back committed to Missouri. He had offers from other Power 5 conference schools as well and is as good as advertised.
  3. AAA didn't exist before the split? It was just Division 1 and Division 2.
  4. Did Notre Dame actually compete in AAA? or is their time spent in D1 (one classification) before the A/AA - AAA split being considered AAA here?
  5. Any other big names from that area enrolled there? I've heard that school is wanting to push athletics just as much as academics and compete for state titles across all sports.
  6. Its been a day and a half since rankings came out and there's not any arguments yet... Maybe he's just feeling a littly antsy and wanting to pounce.
  7. About as "official" as TN rankings get. Look for several changes to be made the first few weeks of the season as there is still a fair amount of guessing on what weight class kids will be competing at.
  8. If Boone has their running back, they win big.
  9. I could see Region 1 going 3-1. I am really not impressed with what I've seen from Halls or Gibbs this season. Gibbs did just pull off a major upset against Central, however, that makes me question Central more than it does anything else. I think Crockett is better than Gibbs, so I think Crockett vs Central will be the closest game (Not sure yet who I predict to win). Halls is a one man band, and I think Boone is a more complete team. Even if #8 scores 3 touchdowns, I still think Boone wins by 14+. Gibbs apparently is better than I originally thought, however I don't think they have enough to sneak up on 2 teams better than them in a row. I predict TN high to win that one by a few TDs.
  10. I think you mean Region 3. Region 4 will likely be swept, unless Rhea County can beat the worst team Fulton has put on the field in 20 years. And how are these games not worth the discussion? Just about everyone will predict South Doyle over Cherokee, but the other 3 games could possible go either way.
  11. Love this type of thing. I hate that our local news never does anything for wrestling here.
  12. I would agree the Wooten kid deserves to be somewhere on the list. He may not have done anything at national tournaments (if he even attended any?), but he dominated a lot of tournaments at 220 while only weighing in around 200.
  13. You would imagine that would make him a dream recruit for college coaches.
  14. Ill be at this game, but believe Powell wins big. Halls has the right style of offense to keep this game close, if they run the ball, get some first downs and keep the clock moving they may be able to avoid a blow out. I don't believe they have a strong enough defense though to keep Powell from lighting up the score board. If these coaches stay where they are, and Halls can avoid kids transferring out, this rivalry should become one of the best in Knoxville in the coming years.
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