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  1. Maybe you should refer to those forums on clarification on rules of hiring head coaches since several on here seem to be confused.
  2. Never been on either. I do occasionally argue with the Nashville folk on the wrestling forums though.
  3. There are numerous head coaches in Knox county of smaller sports (soccer, cross country, tennis, wrestling etc.) that do not work in the school. Although thats normally not the case for sports like football, there is not a rule in place that only applies to football in terms of hiring a head coach.
  4. So roughly 5 years before this year's seniors were born?
  5. When was the last time they didn't make the semi finals? 1998? or was there a year they got upset in round 2 or round 3 that I'm forgetting about?
  6. Seems to be popular opinion for most when they first see them. They seem to be okay with that though.
  7. I'm a former coach myself- Coached high school football and high school wrestling for over 20 years across 5 different states- babysitting a few jr. high and high school track and soccer teams as well. I promise you that it takes place at almost every school, in every sport, across every state! lol
  8. If there is any speculation of wrong doing, I believe TSSAA would look through the Powell program with a fine-toothed comb (I would imagine a much deeper investigation now that a gold ball is involved). Hopefully Powell can prove innocent, and hush all the naysayers for good. You know better than I would, and you can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the only thing a Powell coach is guilty of is having a conversation that may be considered a gray area to some advocates., but does not technically violate any rules.
  9. I may rustle some feathers of Henry Co and Knoxville West fans, or people that were claiming Page didn't deserve to be in the state finals, but I believe the two best teams in 5A met Friday night and they put on an exciting game for everybody watching. Congrats to Powell on their first state title!!! (I was shocked to learn that was their first), and hats off to Page for a hard fought game.
  10. ..... Didn't you try to say he wasn't your son awhile back ?
  11. Since when does it work like that? Does the kid live in Powell/ zoned for Powell and the parents are considering sending him to a private school? That's perfectly acceptable and legal. But to use the "R" word and the phrase "has his list down to" insinuates that conversations that aren't allowed to happen are happening in an area that's had a history of those similar rumors.
  12. A lot of that stuff will work itself out after a couple of tournaments. The first set of rankings are mostly speculation (especially the lower weight classes). He's one guy covering two new divisions across the entire state that he does on top of work and coaching- cut the guy some slack!
  13. Its a rule similar to pass interference in the way that there are numerous acts that are illegal that all fall under the same penalty name. There are a few other specifications too dealing with angles. For example, The endman on a line of scrimmage can't cut down at an angle to set an edge, and you have to cut "between 10 and 2 o'clock". The blocker has to be in a 3-point stance (that may have changed) you can't be down field or open field (that one may only be youth football- can't remember). Point being that just because a ref calls illegal chop block, doesn't always mean a high-low or it wasn't off the snap of the ball, there are several illegal blocks that all fall under the same umbrella.
  14. 441 carries and 19 catches in 12 games.... that's an average of over 38 touches a game!!! Can someone say workhorse?
  15. Being that Rhea County is a Wing-T team, and extremely well-coached Wing-T team, I would imagine that they will execute all cut blocks legally. They may add a few to their scheme to factor for Nolan, but cut blocks are most likely already a fundamental of their offense; a technique their coaches have been teaching how to do legally for years. I could be wrong, but I don't believe that will be an issue Friday night. Also, most people use the terms cut blocks and chop blocks interchangeably, but the actual rule book does define them differently. A chop block is what most people call a "high-low" block- where one blocker cuts a defensive player that is already engaged with another blocker.
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