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  1. The new alignment certainly has added some excitement to the small school division. There's a few teams that are in the mix to win state duals that may not have a single kid reach the finals in individuals.
  2. They seed it.... barely. But not by a system that makes any sense.
  3. Tennessee if the first state I've lived in that does not allow this. If you want to keep the seeding criteria for the state tournament being based on previous years medalists, than this needs to happen! If a stud freshman at 106 can't make the lineup because the team has a senior state champ, let him compete and maybe finish 4th or 5th, that way next year he isn't such a bracket buster.
  4. Here's a harsh reality most of you do not want to hear... TSSAA is more likely add divisions over the next 10 years than they are to combine any.
  5. In Knox County, A high school head coach starts out at (after taxes) a little over 1200 a year as their coaching salary. It grows to about 2K after a few years but maxes out around there, most of which goes into their program. Keep those figures in mind when you downplay 50K from 16 years ago.
  6. To be fair, those 106lbers are smaller guys. Anything deeper than 5ft is often one-in-the-same for them. That must be why the Signal Mountain kid swam just fine in the deep end when he's only used to the shallow end.
  7. This schedule sucks!!! In addition to the lunacy of a 3-day 16 man bracket, the Friday schedule is a joke!!! Who's idea was it to have the semi-finals at noon? How is that a money decision? Every year for the last 6 or 7 years (minus last year) I've left work Friday afternoon and driven to the cow palace, paid money to park and paid money for a ticket to watch the Semi Finals that evening. I stay the evening and go back and watch Saturday. At noon I'm still at work!! You're losing business T$$AA!!! I know I cannot be the only fan of the sport in this boat.
  8. Can I ask what area of the state you're from? I'm starting to notice the feelings of the sectional round varies drastically and the pattern seems to be based on logistics.
  9. I would agree with you if it was a different venue. I feel like the kids wrestling are 50 yards or more away from the crowd the way it is now, so yes all eyes are on them, but I wonder if they can even hear the crowd cheering for them. Plus, I know I am different in most in this preference, but I enjoy seeing the entire weight class featured at once. I enjoyed that part of the tournament last year, so I would do it again. But since we are pack on the dirt floor this year, I'd have the finals on the ends- in the 4 corners of the cow palace where the crowds can be up close to them. Then would have the 3rd and 5th place matches on the other mats in the middle of the floor where the seating is more limited.
  10. Since everyone else is throwing out their ideas, ill throw mine out there too: Since there are 4 divisions (A,AA, D2, and girls), and the cow palace is lock on location: Each division has a 16 man bracket, the majority of the tournament should wrestled on Friday, building to the semi finals happening as a 'main event' type deal for Friday night. Wrestle through the consolations that evening as well, but save all the medal matches to take place during the same time as the finals on Saturday. I think this should be done for several reasons- the kids that placed 6th through 3rd have to stay for podium pictures anyways- so have them wrestle while they're there. If the location changed, I would say keep the finals separate, but 4 mats in the cow palace feels empty, so I say keep 12 mats out there and have each weight class all wrestle at once.
  11. DB also ran into Cleveland, who put 8 or 9 (I can't remember the exact number) in the finals themselves.... I get your argument, but think Greeneville may have more in common with Cleveland in that comparison than D.B. Outside of their big 4, they do have a couple of other guys that could make the finals in A.
  12. I may be reading the bracket wrong, so someone correct me If I am, but I believe Bradley and Summit could wrestle twice Saturday.
  13. Agreed. They are missing what should be their best kid too!
  14. My mistake, someone told he was going to miss before hand so I just assumed. I watched the Facebook stream online but without audio so missed some names, and had never seen those kids before so just assumed Greeneville made some bumps to get their points. And I agree that the 195 match was a big swing, but also their was a match in the lighter weights (somewhere around 120) that could have gone either way. Most of the other matches I think would give you the same results 9 out of 10 times, so don't think Halls would pull off the W without something crazy happening, just was much closer than I anticipated.
  15. I have heard the same from several people. From what I understand they lost 10 seniors last year, have zero seniors this year, and 2 to 4 guys that are in their lineup this year will most likely will lose those spots to 8th graders coming up. I don't believe anyone is on the level of getting any type of national attention, or even any clear front runners to be individual state champions, but just a very solid team from top to bottom in the next two to three years that will be a tough dual for anyone.
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