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  1. The “portal stuff” is only going to get wilder. The rich programs that are flush with money will buy the best athletes, pay those athletes and provide them with great workout partners from the RTC
  2. Many times, mat time, playing time are guaranteed if someone is brought into a program from the transfer portal. Believe me when I say that deals are being cut every day.
  3. If Jarvis could get in the lineup early and have a good season he could enter the portal for a much more high-profile program. It's all about having great workout partners.
  4. The real question may very well be what options if any will Isaiah Powe have if he enters the transfer portal.
  5. I truly appreciate your honesty and evaluation of your son’s abilities. I have told so many people that if Tennessee had one division in wrestling , that we currently have kids winning state titles that would not even qualify for the state tournament.
  6. Wrestling has grown in Tennessee and the top wrestlers are much better. However, I am not sure that anything other than population growth has attributed to wrestling being better. Take a close look at how many good wrestlers have moved to Tennessee due to their parents taking one of the many new jobs this state has to offer. My question is would the Tennessee wrestlers be more battle tested and therefore better if we did not currently have 3 divisions?
  7. The facts are very simple; when The State of Tennessee had collegiate wrestling programs at University of Tennessee, Tennessee Tech, Middle Tennessee State University, Carson Newman, Sewanee and University of Tennessee at Chattanooga many Tennessee high school wrestlers filtered through those programs. Almost all of those coaches would go from town to town having clinics for the local kids. These clinics raised the technique level but it also allowed the coaches to recruit the kids at the clinics. The end result was that many of those college wrestlers became high school coaches and most of the officials also competed on those teams. I still say that both coaching and officiating was much better during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s due to so many guys wrestling for the local Tennessee colleges.
  8. What does Carter Starocci have to do with the Ryder Downey other than they both know how to ride.
  9. The walk up crowd in Nashville would add between 25% and 50% to the attendance
  10. For a much better walk up crowd the tournament should be moved to Lipscomb University or Belmont University. Personally I would look into moving the tournament to Municipal Auditorium in Nashville but you always get the “it’s too expensive to park” from some people. It’s interesting that those same people couldn’t care less about paying to park when they show up to party in downtown Nashville on the weekends.
  11. The David Lipscomb "LIFERS" were put back in charge when Mrs. Candice McQueen was given the gavel by the folks at Hillsboro Church of Christ. The problem arose when some of the lifers' kids and grandchildren either didn't get to play in football or did not play the position that they wanted. What happened next is instead of handling everything internally like most other private institutions a few individuals began to talk in public. The end result is that those individuals basically dropped a nuclear bomb on the David Lipscomb High School athletic program. The sad part is that it punishes families and kids that actually had zero to do with breaking any rules.
  12. IMO, Ryder Downey did absolutely nothing from the top position other than riding. Yes, I completely understand there is riding time but the top man must be working for a fall.
  13. As a coach you are paid to win championships. If you want to get paid to be in the playoffs (that’s really pretty easy in today’s times) you don’t want to work for me.
  14. This is not a true statement! Yes, Wayne County has a pretty good mens and very good women’s basketball team this year but just how many state championships have they won in men’s basketball, baseball or football? They have not been really strong in football since Rickey Rice left. I am sorry but it’s about winning state championships and Wayne County has only ever won one state championship in a men’s sport and that was well over 20 years ago.
  15. It’s easier to control both practice and the games and not teach. Part of teaching is allowing people to learn from their mistakes
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