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  1. Not to disagree with what you are saying but a dominant program may be built by doing one or a combination of the things below: 1. Build from within by working with the youth and middle school 2. Recruit and bring in kids that are very successful when they arrive on campus Both of these things happen at both the public and private schools in Tennessee
  2. Yes, Pat Simpson and Gordon Connell are the only two with state titles before the split. Not trying to knock anyone but Bradley did not win a team state championship until after the split.
  3. Current Coaches: Pat Simpson (Father Ryan) 11 individual & 8 dual Total 19 Ben Nelson (Baylor) 3? individual & 4? dual (had to guess as to when Jim Morgan retired) Gordon Connell0 (McCallie) 7 individual & 6 dual Total 13 Ben Smith (Bradley Central) should have several but with Steve retiring and then returning before retiring again it's fuzzy. Does anyone know? Cleveland ?
  4. IMO, if you are going to rank the best high school wrestling coaches in Tennessee you must begin with who has won the most TEAM state championships.
  5. Unfortunately it can be fixed but you would have thousands of people get their feelings hurt.
  6. I am a product of MNPS and I hate to say it but the school system that I attended in the 70's and what you have today do not resemble each other academically.
  7. It happened in St Louis, Detroit and DC in the 70's
  8. Gun shots being fired is a little more than an altercation in the school parking lot. This is the reason that so many families have moved out of Davidson County or send their kids to private schools. Parents are afraid for their children's safety while at school. MNPS is not far from beginning to play high school football games at 4:00pm or dropping all after school activities like many large inner city school systems.
  9. What is your best estimate: 500?, 1000?, maybe 1500?
  10. What do you estimate the attendance to be at all the MNPS jamborees?
  11. In recent years (past 5) has MJ played what I consider a really good team in a non region game? Being a 6A school you have the D2AAA teams that are having to travel long distances just to fill a regular season schedule. Would MJ ever consider playing MBA, BA or Ensworth?
  12. cbg

    Super 32

    What are peoples opinions regarding Super 32? With USA Wrestling Junior/Cadet Nationals being July 13-19 when are kids & coaches expected to take a physical & mental break? If kids train all Summer then I like to see them stay off the wrestling mat until after Labor Day. I feel that the kids should still strength train and do some type of cardio but their bodies need some time to recover. What I have always been told by the most elite athletes is that it takes eight weeks of intense training to get ready for a national tournament like Super 32. My question is how can kids train hard for USA Wrestling Junior/Cadet Nationals and then turn around and train hard for Super 32 and expect to do well? Should kids just focus on one tournament and not both tournaments?
  13. I don't ever remember a team from Tennessee being ranked in the Top 25 at the end of the season. The only exception may be the McCallie team that won the Bethlehem Christmas Tournament back in the early 90's. If the boarding schools continue to be allowed the opportunity to go outside the State of Tennessee and get whatever athletes they can get into their school all the other schools might as well concede the state championship to a boarding school. I said 30 years ago that if Baylor & McCallie ever decide to get serious about athletics everyone else will be playing for 3rd place. Don't get me wrong I enjoy competing against the best kids in the country with the kids that have been locally developed but the idea of a team state championship will be close to impossible.
  14. On a selfish note I wish that people in the State of Tennessee could watch Cooper Flynn (McDonogh School) and Cody Chittum (Blair Academy) compete in high school. That would make the kids that had to compete against them so much better.
  15. It's not only enrollment numbers in Texas it's also coaching and facilities. I would venture to guess that 90% of the coaches in the higher classifications played in college and that includes the assistant coaches. The programs are operated like a small college program. With regards to facilities they are unreal but when you have oil & natural gas money being dumped into schools it puts the Texas facilities over the top in many instances. I can tell you that my home in Nashville would have it's property taxes tripled if I lived in a similar neighborhood in Houston.
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