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  1. cbg

    TN records

    Michael Hooker was the ALL TIMES WIN LEADER but it is my understanding that someone may have broken his record.
  2. While I understand what you are saying the problem is that the TSSAA transfer rules were written in the 1960's when most student athletes lived with both parents. With the divorce rate at over 50% those rules probably do need to revisited and changed. I have always been an advocate of allowing student athletes that reside in the State of Tennessee one free transfer regardless on the circumstances. After the one free transfer they must show a legitimate change of address. The issue I have with boarding schools (Tennessee only has 3 or 4) is that if they need a QB or 6'10" center they can recruit all over the country to find that one stud athlete they need. If they are ambitious they could potentially have a whole team of recruited athletes. No other public or private day schools are able to compete with the later even if they tried.
  3. That is just another TSSAA rule that is antiquated and should be changed. The problem is the TSSAA is operated by educational bureaucrats that don't have a clue as to how a multi million dollar business should operate. They always react to situations, never have they looked forward and recognized potential problems.
  4. So very true! He looks good in a uniform and he performs well at the various combines. The key will be if OU can get him to play up to his ranking. I am not convinced that Alabama and Tennessee recruited him extremely hard.
  5. If that is wrong what about the boarding schools that are able to pluck a kid from any public or private school around the country and they become eligible immediately so long as they board
  6. The word is that while originally scheduled to compete in the Father Ryan Duals both Northwest and Dickson County will for whatever reason not make the trip. Montgomery Bell Academy, Arlington, Fairview and Father Ryan will be in attendance with wrestling beginning at 12:00pm. MBA and Father Ryan WILL NOT wrestle against each other today but will have their traditional dual at the end of the season.
  7. cbg

    Week 1

    The same reason that McCallie vs Baylor and MBA vs Father Ryan compete against each other in a dual at the end of the season as they have done for 40+ years. It's called old traditions and rivalries. This tradition also helps with building fan interest all season long which culminates with a large crowd at the dual.
  8. So who is recruiting Whitworth & Horst?
  9. Not trying to be an A-Hole but if these two are the best P4P wrestlers in Tennessee who is recruiting them? I just noticed where two Tennessee juniors have given a verbal to Army so surely these two young men have been standing in line to sign them.
  10. Why did Chris Debien not wrestle for UTC
  11. That is not what I am saying. My feelings are that the times and family dynamics have changed since the TSSAA rules were written in the 1960's. With more than 50% of all marriages ending in divorce kids do not live with both parents their entire academic career. Often the student athlete is living with their mother and for whatever reason she cannot continue to care for the child so the grandparents who live on the other side of town have to care for the child. Rural areas of Tennessee are much different from the inner cities and the problems they must deal with on a daily basis. If you want to examine a bad rule you need to explore why a student athlete can be playing for public school XYZ as a freshmen and then transfer to a boarding school in Tennessee as a sophomore and be immediately eligible. Everyone can debate Memphis East and Penny all they want but if the boarding schools ever decide to really begin recruiting (they have) you can turn out the lights because the party is over. They have enough money to go and get every athlete they like if they so elect to do so.
  12. The TSSAA does not have the money for a long court battle so this will not go to court. I have said for a long time that every TSSAA student athlete should be granted one FREE transfer without any questions being ask. If a second transfer were to take place the transfer must be legit with the family truly having a change of address.
  13. The real question is how many schools have had the opportunity?
  14. With all this discussion regarding who is the best P4P wrestler between Noah & Alex I ask the question: What schools are legitimately recruiting both wrestlers? A form letter inviting someone to a camp is not being recruited.
  15. I can't disagree with you regarding both McDaniel & Whitworth. I would say that Coffee to me has a great upside due to the fact he is a great athlete, has not wrestled very much on the national circuit and most of the great heavyweight athletes want to compete in football. To be blunt the competition at heavyweight in college is not as great as it is in the lower & middle weights which should allow Coffee the opportunity to go much deeper in the NCAA tournament. Other issues that will play into the equation is are these athletes able to stay healthy at the next level, where they elect to attend college (does the room have a winning tradition of producing AA's with multiple AA's as practice partners) and last but not least are they able to break into the lineup sooner rather than later in their career. Gaining match experience as a young wrestler is so valuable.
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