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  1. Why not just go out and hire the very best candidate that give you a real chance to win a state championship? In the end it’s all about working to win a state title.
  2. Most of the NFL HOF players were 2 and 3 sport athletes. I have been told by several former players, that when Carlton Flatt coached Brentwood Academy he made the football players run track that were not playing baseball. My father who was a former coach once told me that no ever got someone pregnant or broke into someone’s home while they were in a smelly gym or on the practice field. The point being that being multi sport athletes make them better athletes and more well rounded people.
  3. Is Spring practice really necessary? Would the athletes not accomplish just as much by lifting and running track
  4. D1A has several strong teams and some very good individuals. I would like to see a Dual State Tournament divided up between D1A, D1AA and D2. After that tournament is completed lets throw everyone into the mix for one big combined traditional state tournament. It would really make for some great scraps for the individual state championship
  5. When will one of the D2AAA schools decide they want to win and pay Paul Wade the big bucks to leave DCA?
  6. We’re there any great matches or major upsets in the tournament
  7. While they are private schools you have multiple ones in the Nashville area that are strong and always searching for games.
  8. I understand that it would be a long trip but SH should really schedule one of the top teams from Middle Tennessee early every season. It would show not only how good of a team SH has but it would also show what they need to improve on to compete for a state title.
  9. I am not convinced that SH plays a tough enough regular season schedule. Team speed kills and SH has not ever shown that they have enough team speed to win a state championship.
  10. The top D2 wrestlers go to the National Preps the week after the D2 state tournament. I also see absolutely no way that they want to return home from the national preps and participate in any All-Star match other than the Pittsburgh Press Classic or whatever they call in today.
  11. I feel confident that if UTC wanted to hire Jordan Leen they would have to show him the money. He probably makes more money as an assistant coach than he would as the head coach at UTC. Personally I am not convinced that UTC will ever be able to consistently sign the top D2 kids from Tennessee. Over the years those kids have shown a tendency to go to one of the top academic schools in the country or a top 25 wrestling program. UTC must find a way to bring in some great workout partners for the team if they ever expect to consistently have All-Americans. I am afraid that if UTC is ever going to have a Top 25 program they must find lighting in a bottle with some young coach that never has any intention of leaving Chattanooga. Much like The University of Tennessee did when they hired baseball coach Tony Vitello.
  12. Yes, I agree that the issues with MNPS began long before Mayor John Cooper but what has he done to correct the problems? The answer is absolutely "NOTHING" I would like to see Davidson County go back to the mayors office appointing the school board so that it would eliminate much of the finger pointing and force the current mayor (John Cooper) to accept responsibility for the disaster that is now MNPS and make the necessary changes.
  13. The issues with both "ACADEMICS" and "ATHLETICS" in MNPS begins with the school board, Mayor John Cooper, Metro Council and last but not least the parents and students. Until everyone is held responsible nothing changes and the citizens of Davidson County decide that common sense is more important that hidden social agendas nothing will ever change.
  14. Local school boards determine if schools are allowed to be open zoned
  15. That’s a fabulous list of schools that the top senior wrestlers from Tennessee will be attending.
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