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  1. .72727273 winning percentage
  2. cbg

    TNUSAWRESTLING Fargo Questionnaire

    How can anyone be an effective leader of a business, civic organization, school, etc... if they have truly alienated so many people? The answer is that there is no way that BB can be effective. When you are the point man for a volunteer organization like TWF you MUST work with people and ask them politely to help you. This is not the military where you are able to just bark orders and people must do what you say.
  3. cbg

    Nick Boykin makes world team!

    I feel confident that Michael Hooker is probably disappointed in finishing in 3rd place but considering the fact he had major shoulder surgery about one year ago he is on the proper path to making a complete recovery.
  4. cbg

    TNUSAWRESTLING Fargo Questionnaire

    Does it really matter who the person is that made the generous offer and yes I have been informed that the offer is legitimate? Most, not all of the people that I know with a significant amount of wealth prefer to remain anonymous.
  5. cbg

    Wilson Central Job is open

    Please explain how a school is able to have five (5) consecutive losing seasons and the coach be considered a HOF coach? Where I am from that coach would be lucky to find a job coaching in middle school.
  6. cbg

    Ensworth Job open again

    If you are sitting our your backside and not recruiting in D2 you are getting killed!
  7. cbg

    Dec. 21 Bruise Brothers Brawl

    Any chance that you can get "THE LEGEND" Randy Thomas back to pass out the awards! lol
  8. cbg

    Wilson Central Job is open

    You can rest assured that Wilson Central has never had a coach like Steve Thompson who has taken seven (7) teams to the STATE TOURNAMENT.
  9. cbg

    Wilson Central Job is open

    2018-19 10-18 4-10 2017-18 13-18 6-8 2016-17 13-13 7-7 2015-16 12-15 4-10 2014-15 5-20 2-12 Why would anyone consider the assistant coach when he was a major part of a program that has not had a winning record in over five (5) seasons? The program is in desperate need of new blood and major dose of discipline. It's time to clean house and that includes both coaches and probably a few of the players that don't have a good attitude and are unwilling to work hard.
  10. cbg

    Wilson Central Job is open

    It's difficult to make a shift in culture and discipline when the people making the decisions do not wish to have any discipline in their personal or professional life's.
  11. cbg

    Wilson Central Job is open

    They don't want someone like Steve Thompson that demands discipline from both the players and parents. You want to know why the kids act like fools just knock on their front door and a fool will answer the door.
  12. It is a NFHS rule and to my knowledge it is considered illegal equipment and no warning shall be issued. Much like throwing a pitcher too many innings: if the pitcher goes out to throw and if he throws one pitch it will be illegal it is not the umpires responsibility to warn the coach and pitcher. The one that is responsible for the illegal catchers equipment is the player and more importantly the players coach.
  13. The catchers helmet rule has been in effect for a several years. If the umpire failed to make the correct call and the catcher was injured the umpire would have been held liable. Why the umpires before have failed to make the correct call is anyone's guess but the correct call has now been made. Would you rather the call be made now or in the state tournament?
  14. cbg

    Fargo cost - solution to money issue

    If this is true (I cannot verify) and does not happen the whole board should be voted out immediately. It's all about making things as affordable as possible while providing opportunities for the kids.
  15. With NHSCA Nationals having been last weekend in Virginia Beach and Spring Break just having ended it could be that several families just didn't want to travel anywhere last weekend.