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  1. Why would he be trying had to keep his secrets? Just what SECRETS does he have to keep.
  2. Only my opinion but TNAAU and TN Wrestling Federation should work to combine groups. There are a select few states that have done this and it would benefit Tennessee wrestling for this to happen. Long story made short AAU has a strong folkstyle program in Tennessee but USA Wrestling is the top dog nationally. It would be a win win win for ALL TENNESSEE WRESTLING for this to happen. Let's see if some adults can set aside their egos and make this happen.
  3. Would you mind posting what clubs are registered and would be eligible to vote. This way we could place pressure on our individual clubs to get out and vote.
  4. That's the problem that I have with football coaches. If you have a kid that is a legitimate college recruit and their national tournament is in late July the coaches want to punish them if they show up to practice the day after the national tournament is over.
  5. How are most schools handling Spring Football and kids that participate in other Spring sports? What do most football programs do with regards to kids that participate in Summer baseball and AAU basketball? If the kids are participating in legitimate national tournaments are they excused from early Fall practices or are they punished or cut from the football team?
  6. cbg


    Are you asking for Powerlifting to be sanctioned as a TSSAA sport?
  7. As someone that try's to keep up with wrestling around the country I made a few calls to friends to get their opinion. 1. Was told by someone in PA that they are being told by other coaches in PA that USA Wrestling wants all teams to stay together, eat meals together, travel together, etc... The reason has something to do with liability even if the athlete is traveling, lodging, eating, with their parents. We both agreed that this sounds strange but who knows what the legal eagles at USA Wrestling are doing. The individual had a call in to both the PA chairman and USA Wrestling for clarification. 2. Ohio and PA do not allow athletes to pick and choose what part of the state team travel program they want. There is a flat fee and you may use it if you want but no discounts are allowed if you elect to not stay in the dorms or make your own travel arrangements. ** Also just spoke with someone from Indiana and in past years they have charged about $925.00 for one style and $1025.00 if the wrestler competes in both styles. This is a flat fee and they will not allow you to pick and choose what parts of the package you wish. If you want to stay in a hotel, eat meals off campus, fly to Fargo, ND, etc... you still pay the entire fee. The Indiana gentlemen also said that he has not heard anything about USA Wrestling not allowing kids to stay with their families and he didn't feel as if that could be enforced. He did say the state association had the right to say that certain individuals could not be on the coaching staff but he had never heard of this happening. Included in the package are the following: A. Charter bus transportation B. Room & Board in the dorms C. Uniform package D. 5 day training camp 3. In the past both PA and OH have both charged about $1000.00 to attend. 4. In OH the coaches volunteer to coach the team during the training camps and the coaches personal clubs typically pay the travel cost for the coach to attend Fargo. 5. Both states are doing everything possible to keep the cost down for the wrestlers. One of the coaches told me that his club will send 5 or 6 kids to Fargo this year and his club will pay 50% of the cost for the wrestlers. He said that on rare occasions the private clubs have paid 100% of the cost to help families that were struggling with money.
  8. While I don't know specifically what they are referring to I feel confident it has something to do with board members being forced to sign a NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT that they will not discuss any details of the board meetings with anyone except the board of directors. I have personally been told (cannot confirm) that people have been removed from the board for violating this agreement.
  9. Is it fair to say that certain individuals have ZERO people & communication skills? No one in their right mind would post something on a forum as the cost of an item if it were not a firm price without making some type of notation that it had not been voted on by the board but was being considered? From the outside looking in it appears as if the president is making decisions and the Board of Directors is "rubber stamping" most everything. Does the Board of Directors understand that they are completely and fully liable for all decisions and actions? The more I hear from past and present board members the more alarmed I am becoming. The picture being painted of multiple smart and talented individuals being on the board and then removed in less than one week is not pretty. In closing I would like to ask two questions: 1. What 501c3 organization would decline an attorney in good standing being on the board? 2. How many state organizations that have a regional training center being run by a former Olympian would not want that individual on their board?
  10. Having been a member of numerous not for profit (501c3) boards over the years I must say that the minutes and budget of Tennessee Wrestling Federation are quite vague at best. I see absolutely no reason that a member club that is in good standing (have paid their dues) could not ask for (Send a certified letter) and receive a copy of the 2018 audited books along with receipts for purchased items in a reasonable (30 days maximum) amount of time. You should also be able to request a copy of the 2019 proposed budget with financial figures attached. Most 501c3 organizations will post a copy of the certified and audited books online for everyone's viewing pleasure.
  11. Very valid questions! I have been one of Bowers largest critics but I do feel that if someone is going to find faults with a plan they must present sound solutions. Without a "SUGARDADDY" paying for a portion of the trip what should it cost to attend the USA Junior/Cadet Nationals in Fargo, ND and what should someone expect to receive? I know that Ohio has a training camp, uniform package, transportation, lodging, etc...
  12. Let's all be honest and say that $300.00 per wrestler is not enough and $1100.00 or $1500.00 is very much on "IT JUST COST TOO MUCH" side of things. It really depends on what is provided: 1. Is there a 5 day training camp that provides instruction, room & board, etc... 2. Charter bus or flights to Fargo, ND 3. Type of uniform package 4. Room & Board in Fargo 5. Is TN Wrestling Federation paying for the coaches to attend the tournament These are all questions that must be ask
  13. Or he is soft you tell me. Ask Cowboy Pete on this board and he will likely tell you the exact same thing.
  14. The point being if he could make 66kg(145lb) in 2016 you should be smart enough to understand that he could have easily made that in high school which is 25lbs lighter than the 170lbs he competed at in high school his senior season. Michael probably walked around at about 150lb-155lb his senior year of high school but he was not very good a cutting weight.
  15. Everyone does understand that Michael Hooker was wrestling up about two weight classifications his senior year at Father Ryan? He competed this past weekend at the Armed Forces Championships at 74kg (163.1) for Greco Roman and 72kg (158.7lb) in Freestyle.