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  1. The rumor that has the most legs is that the TSSAA Individual State Wrestling Tournament will be contested at the Chattanooga Convention Center. AAA will use a 16 man bracket and all other divisions will compete using an 8 man bracket. Each division will compete on different days and it will be a one day tournament.
  2. cbg

    Da Dale!

    Why not just have them lift & then go into the wrestling room for practice? You want them strong, in good physical condition and mentally tough the wrestling room is a must.
  3. Are you still allowed to workout at Boom Ranch, MMA facilities, etc...
  4. Irene had most every judge and law enforcement officer in Maury County working for her. How do you claim self-defense when you shoot someone that is sitting on the toilet? Not only did Irene make the claim she got away with it!
  5. A judge may very well laugh at such a claim but a good attorney that can get a jury trial is dangerous for the TSSAA. No one ever knows how a jury will react unless someone passes them a few envelopes.
  6. It is my understanding the TSSAA does not receive any gate, parking, concessions money, etc... from the State Championship games. I have been told that the TSSAA receives a guaranteed payout from the city of Cookeville/Putnam County. The football state championship series was bid out and the city of Cookeville/Putnam County was selected due to having the best financial package.
  7. The overtime rules in high school football were established by the National Federation. The TSSAA has "NEVER" deviated from the national federation rules.
  8. How many of the Maryville football players are actually zoned for William Blount or Heritage?
  9. Great question! I know if you have 8th graders on your campus there is no problem but if the 8th graders are on another campus i would be inclined to think that you must wait until they have graduated/ completed the 8th grade in May/June? Who knows what the TSSAA will say or how they will rule.
  10. You are correct about kids being in and out of the lineup. IMO, we will be very fortunate to even have a true season and a state tournament.
  11. The rumor is that D2 wants to host their state tournament at the new MBA Athletics Pavilion, McCallie or Father Ryan. Who knows! IMO, we will be fortunate to have a state tournament with the COVID-19 going crazy again.
  12. A home and away would make for a great series that showcased two of the premier programs in Tennessee
  13. cbg

    AAA outlook

    I have been told of two scenarios: 1. Municipal Auditorium in Nashville. Not sure that this is a possibility due to the mayor of Davidson County having most everything closed. 2. splitting the D1 & D2 tournaments. It is my understanding the D2 schools have ask for the tournament to be moved to the new MBA arena, McCallie or Father Ryan. Who knows what will happen.
  14. The TSSAA allowed football teams the opportunity to play out of state teams so why not wrestling? This sounds like a double standard!
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