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  1. That would be fine with me if the public schools and private schools had the exact same rules. Remember that we are discussing an INDIVIDUAL SPORT and not a team sport. What is unfair about the two divisions competing for a single division state championship in all individual sports? As a public school athlete back in the day I would have been embarrassed to have been beat by a "TEA SIPPER" from MBA or McCallie. Let's not forget that every school has both advantages and disadvantages that other schools are not provided. It's what you do with those advantages and disadvantages that make a great program or bad program.
  2. If your predictions were true the results would be as follows: D2 10 State Champions D1A-AA 2 State Champions D1AAA 2 State Champions Folks the gap is only getting wider since the split. You cannot legislate competition in any shape form or fashion. If the D1 schools want to close the gap on the D2 schools they must be an advocate to put everyone back together for the individual state championships. Iron truly sharpens iron and it would force everyone to step up their game.
  3. cbg

    Summer Duals

    There is a reason that some of the top NCAA D1 coaching staffs want all of the wrestlers that they are recruiting to participate at the USA Cadet/Junior Nationals. Freestyle wrestling makes folkstyle wrestlers so much better. It also helps prevent burnout because it is truly like competing in another sport due to the rules being different. Over the years I have found that 90+% of the time the main reason that high schools do not promote Freestyle & Greco Roman is that the coaches do not know anything about the international styles and do not want to take the time to learn.
  4. Ladies & Gents: wrestling/training centers do cost money and it's nothing more than "Travel Wrestling" much like travel baseball or AAU Basketball. Someone must pay for the gym, elite high level instruction, utilities, entry fees, travel cost to elite tournaments, etc... I am just not convinced that the majority of wrestling families are willing/able to pay $5000.00 ($800.00-$1200.00 per month) for instruction not counting the cost of travel & uniforms for 3-5 months of wrestling. It's not free and someone has to pay the bills. I am fully aware that some areas of the state have a "SUGAR DADDY" that is not only able but willing to give back to the sport but unfortunately that is not the case for most areas.
  5. cbg

    Summer Duals

    Should I assume that with the matches being in late June that it will be both freestyle and Greco?
  6. I have been told that all D2AAA head coaches make $125,00.00+ The large public high schools in Texas pay much like the D2AAA schools in Tennessee.
  7. What looks almost untouchable is the 8 individual championships (66.66% with only 12 weight classifications) of Red Bank in the 1960's. Father Ryan got close twice with 7 (50% with 14 weight classifications) but 8 will be difficult to reach or top.
  8. 1. I firmly believe that it would help ALL the schools if Tennessee had a combined state championship for ALL INDIVIDUAL SPORTS not just wrestling. Recruiting has absolutely nothing to do with individual sports and I would go so as far as not even crowning a team state champion for individual sports. I fully understand that this will never happen but again it would make everyone work harder and compete at a higher level. 2. The reason that I feel the D2 schools should leave the TSSAA is because I am not convinced the TSSAA wants the D2 school in the association. If someone will take your money but does not appreciate you (what has the TSSAA ever done to really help D2 schools) you should sever that relationship and move on. At this moment in time the TSSAA is a second rate organization and things are not getting better. Go out and visit other states and see how much better their state championships are than those in Tennessee.
  9. First and foremost I am not trying to dictate what SH does with the wrestling program. What I am saying is what I would do if I were in charge of the program. With regards to helping out I am 400+ miles away so like you there is zero chance that I could help on any level. But to answer one of your questions as to finishing 6th in the state individuals and top 12 in the duals; yes, as the head coach I would be depressed and my feelings would be hurt. I have never participated in anything that I did not want to win the championship. Until everyone in the program hates to lose more than they like to win you will continue to finish 6th and 12th. Those are just the facts of how things will play out.
  10. You do understand that the definition of insanity is to continue doing the exact same thing while expecting different results? If I were Science Hill and began every season with high expectations but failed to perform at the State Tournament I would change my approach. Yes, some kids/families are going to get their feelings hurt but if you want to be a state champion you must cut your losses and pay the price. It's unfortunate but you will lose some good kids & families while on the journey because they are not mentally tough enough and are not will to pay the price for success.
  11. You deal with those fools (TSSAA) on Lebanon Road in Hermitage. I have said it once and I will say it forever, you don't need former educators operating a multi million dollar business. They simply are not trained to run a business much like most entrepreneurs are not trained to be teachers. The problem that I have with the TSSAA is that past behavior in a good indication of future behavior. The D2 schools in Tennessee should not walk but run away from the TSSAA much like the prep schools in other states did many years ago. The only thing the TSSAA cares about is the money the D2 schools pay into the organization. You can go to several other state tournaments and watch a first class event but when you go to the Cow Palace you see just how cheap and second rate the TSSAA is in its present form.
  12. The TSSAA could care less about D2 wrestling and the National Preps. In fact they probably would rather the D2 programs not attend the National Preps. The TSSAA is never proactive with anything but reactive with everything that they do.
  13. Until Science Hill becomes "road warriors" and decides to travel most every weekend for the best competition they will struggle when the bright lights come on at the state tournament. I understand it is difficult due to geography but they should probably look for tournaments in Ohio, West Virginia, Northern Virginia or even the very tough Father Ryan Inv in Nashville. The road to the top is not easy and staying on top is even more difficult.
  14. A very successful athletic director in Texas said that he has 5 names on a list in his desk for every sport so that he never has to begin a coaching search from scratch. I seriously doubt if any athletic director in Tennessee is that organized and committed to winning in every sport.
  15. Calvin is a good athlete. If you put him in the Cleveland or Bradley room for one year he would not only win the state but may TF or pin his way through the tournament. You have to be in a good room and compete against good competition everyday.
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