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  1. No I mean can you crop it to make it not obvious it’s in the venue so you can repost it.
  2. Anyway to crop the video enough to make it not obvious that it’s in the venue?
  3. Really? Do they make you take it down if you have a video taken from in there?
  4. But look who I’m telling…you already knew. Is that why you sell baseball cards at tournaments?
  5. Please do. Your wife is getting expensive these days.
  6. AND Red & Blue toilet paper. Don’t forget the red & blue toilet paper.
  7. “Midgets” is politically incorrect. It’s “little persons”.
  8. I appreciate the clarification. I was confused. You are a gentleman and a scholar, kindest sir.
  9. Oh im just having as much fun as I think he is. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice game of trash talk?
  10. All trash talk aside, you can’t really be that dumb, right? OR is this part of your troll gimmick? If so, well played. If not, dude…come on.
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