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  1. Saw Coach Winesburgh was cleared. Congrats Coach!
  2. Im pretty excited about the new rules that NFHS voted to adopt. Does anyone know if this will take place in Tennessee starting this year? I think I heard/read somewhere that the TSSAA bi-laws say they have to mirror what the NFHS does, and when the NFHS offered the current weight classes as options, TSSAA didn’t adopt them until NFHS made them official. Did NFHS make these changes official starting next season or will it be similar to the weight classes where TSSAA doesn’t change what they are doing until it is an officially official part of the NFHS rule book? It’ll be interesting to see if it is rolled out for the new TSSAA Middle School season and I saw a post where the youth wrestling in TN was going to vote on adopting it as well. I’ll pray for all the youth coaches that will have to shoulder the confusion from all those crazy #### parents who already think they know the rules more than everyone else . Imagine the first time their kid is taken down and a 3 goes up on the scoreboard or their kid gets pinned with only one point of contact in the cylinder. Their heads might explode. i kid, I kid. Sort of. I’m surprised ride time was brought down with all the other changes. I know some argue that it promotes stalling on top, but its been an official scoring method in college forever, so I figure it must be doing something right. Do any of you think that’ll ever be implemented?
  3. This may be a dumb question but does anyone know if there’s ever been an Olympic qualifier in wrestling from TN?
  4. That’s horrible to hear.
  5. I havent had many interactions with him, but the ones I have had have always been pleasant. I’ll withhold much thought on this until something comes of it.
  6. I can’t find anything about this. Link?
  7. I don’t like TreyB, but when he’s right, he’s right. Mattox is absurdly ridiculous.
  8. Shhhhhhhh…I’m trying to be on my best behavior.
  9. Oh we’re relevant. We reeeeeal relevant. Tennessee - 1, NCAA - 0 i get what you’re saying and I agree.
  10. When is the next divisional realignment anyway? That would certainly be something to consider.
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