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  1. State Champions by region: R1- 3 R2- 0 R3- 0 R4- 4 R5- 0 R6- 4 R7- 1 R8- 2 Total medalists by region: R1-14 R2- 1 R3- 3 R4- 16 R5- 11 R6- 18 R7- 11 R8- 10 Regions 4 and 6 tie for state champs.. for what it’s worth all 4 R4 champs were from Cleveland. Region 6 wins the most overall medals with 18.
  2. Bump11

    Best Of The Best

    Realistically we won’t have every champion there. But this should be fun. Has there been any talk on who might accept the invitation?
  3. Bump11

    Tssaa streaming service sucks

    Less than 10 minutes from the finals and still no stream. Someone needs to be fired
  4. Bump11

    Tssaa streaming service sucks

    I’ve heard it’s awful.
  5. Bump11

    Tssaa streaming service sucks

    25 minutes before finals are scheduled to start and no streams are running. Every year the streams are up early and every year you are able to watch the celebration prior to the finals. Not this year. This is pathetic. Tssaa should be ashamed
  6. Bump11

    Tssaa streaming service sucks

    Thank goodness. Fingers crossed
  7. Bump11

    Tssaa streaming service sucks

    I hope tssaa doesn’t use either 9 or 10 tonight. But I’m sure they will
  8. Bump11

    Tssaa streaming service sucks

    I was JUST posting the same thing. Unbelievable. If the championship matches are on 9 or 10 tonight I’m flipping a table
  9. Bump11

    A/AA Individual State preview, picks and upsets

    I take my hate off. Congrats to Ethan. Huge win. As a middle Tennessean I hope he wins it
  10. Bump11

    Predictions for AAA finals

    106- McDaniel 113- Borders 120- Cannon 126- Palmer 132- Isbell 138- Henderson 145- Pergande 152- Herron 160- Fields 170- Fowler 182- Antcliffe 195- Williams 220- Coffey 285- Kramer Best Wrestler: Palmer/Kramer Best Match: Fowler vs Diehl
  11. Bump11

    Day 2 Discussion

    Artiles does it again! Oh man what a tournament he’s having!
  12. Bump11

    Day 2 Discussion

    The streaming sucks. It won’t even load mat 9. This is ridiculous
  13. Bump11

    Day 2 Discussion

  14. Bump11

    Day 2 Discussion

    I don’t think he beats Pergande. The Lundy/Klingensmith debate has been going on since day one. I wouldn’t say most people thought anything. It was pretty split on who would come out on top. If anything I would say a lot of people favored him because he had a convincing win over Cole in the offseason