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  1. bit of a shocker. also of note, in an article on their site, their AD stated.. ”Our decision became even more clear during this Coronavirus crisis, which we know will have significant impact on future athletics budgets. This decision will better allow remaining sports to compete at a national level.”
  2. So with no NCAA tournament... ....i needed something to do so i ran through the brackets and made my full picks. Which i will now give to you, every day or 2 for the next couple of weeks, to give us something to discuss in this rough time. We’ll start with 125. 1. #1 Spencer Lee (Iowa) 2. #3 Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State) 3. #2 Pat Glory (Princeton) 4. #5 Devin Schroeder (Purdue) 5. #10 Jakob Camacho (NC State) 6. #4 Jack Mueller (Virginia) 7. #8 Michael DeAugustino (Northwestern) 8. #6 Drew Hildebrandt (Central Michigan) Dark Horses: #23 Joe Manchio (Columbia), #16 Nic Aguilar (Rutgers)
  3. i’d honestly be shocked at this point if they do.
  4. We did something the last couple of years and it turned out well. If enough people are interested i’ll set something up in the next week or so
  5. 106- Corday 113- Borders 120- Bates 126- McDaniel 132- Horst 138- Dendy 145- Cannedy 152- Smith 160- Whitworth 170- Cagle 182- Duffy 195- Harper 220- Davis 285- Coffey
  6. 8 of the 14 state champs will return. graduating seniors are 132- Tyler Seeley 138- Christian Isbell 170- Gabe Smith 182- Brooks Sacharczyk 195- Johnny Mac Feldhacker 285- Skylar Coffey
  7. Bump11

    AAA Finals

    182 lb champion: Brooks Sacharczyk. 5-1 dec over Hayden Maynor
  8. Bump11

    AAA Finals

    170 lb champion: Gabe Smith. 4-3 dec over Josh Pietarila
  9. Bump11

    AAA Finals

    160 lb champion: Tre Morissette. 11-7 dec over Dejon Glaster
  10. Bump11

    AAA Finals

    started at 152 Mason Smith over Levi Stone 5-3 OT
  11. what is it people say about alabama football? they don’t rebuild, they reload
  12. crazy considering this was a bit of a down year for them imo. not as overly dominant as years past. still clearly the best but the gao seemed closer than recent years.
  13. Bump11

    AAA Finals

    also shoutout to @Hamm. as much as people complain about rankings, he’s pretty spot on. only 1/28 finalists is unranked (Though previously ranked), #1 at all but 1 weight is in the finals, 25/28 are #1, 2, or 3, and 6 finals are 1 vs 2...with an additional 5 being 1 vs 3. great job hammbone
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