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  1. very well said. couldn’t agree more. this will make it more competitive, and give “state qualifier”, more prestige.
  2. Im a Beech fan, but i think you’d be a fool to pick against Summit here. I just hope the Bucs can keep it close and be competitive
  3. i don’t know if anyone outside of the HHS fanbase did. They had their way most of the night on both sides of the ball. Beech didn’t look good at all, and the Commando defense played lights out tonight.
  4. This one is all Hendersonville right now. 28-3 in the third. they are picking the Beech secondary apart
  5. Commandos rolling right now. 14-0 early.
  6. Beech has allowed 7 points a game, i think Hville gets more than that, but not by much. Beech notoriously gets better and better each week as the year goes on. I think that holds true and we see the best version of the Bucs so far this year. I’m intrigued to see how HHS plans to deal with 5, 7, 9, and 82. Their DB’s are going to have their hands full all night. Beech 31 Hville 14
  7. the kid who was the attacker was arrested and is being charged with attempted murder. the victim was hospitalized but will be okay. if i was him, i’d be transferring or getting home schooled. there’s no way i’d want to go back to school with all of those people who just stood around and watched and videoed.
  8. i suspect it will get very choppy on the field, very early. there will need to be a massive police presence to try and avoid anything in the crowd as well.
  9. speaking of….. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wkrn.com/news/sports-rivalry-between-hendersonville-schools-leaves-student-severely-injured-others-arrested/amp/
  10. I don’t remember a goat (may not be old enough) but ever since i can remember this rivalry has been as heated as it gets. It seems to have calmed down a bit recently, but i remember when it used to get bad. I remember when Beech seniors would sleep overnight on the field to prevent sabotage after some kids from HHS burnt an H into the middle of the field years ago. If someone has any recollection of any of the other pranks, i’d love to hear them!
  11. one of the best rivalries in the state. Can’t wait!
  12. see the thing is, Beech has the weapons to also put up 35-40 a game. makes me more excited for tonight cause they always bring the best out in each other
  13. That’s true, but Beech runs the ball religiously. they may not have a Destin Wade, but they consistently churn out above average backs, and they always have 2-3 of them that could all go off any given night. We’ll see what happens though. I think Damron needs to have a big big night to give HC a shot at the end
  14. Summit ran all over HC last week, Beech lives and dies by the run game. I’m taking Beech by 2 scores, and if the QB’s can shake the week one jitters, it could be worse. Im on the same peg as eers, Beech 34 HC 14 Good luck to both teams. Can’t wait for this one! Ps: Going to the Braves game tonight so i will be recording on MyTV30, so i won’t be on here til after i get a chance to watch to avoid any spoilers
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