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  1. i mean, you could say that for both teams lol. it’s gonna come down to the run game and the defense. who can execute vs who can come up with stops. you would think 2 teams with the same offense would be boring, and it may very well be all defense, but it could also make for a back and forth game. I hope i’m wrong, not on who wins, but the manner of the win. I hope it is a close game. i hope it is a barn burner. it’s just that my head doesn’t see it that way. either way, it’s fun whenever these 2 meet. this shouldn’t be any different. i wish this one was on MyTV30
  2. that’s not what i’m saying. i do believe that. as in i’m saying MJ could win...BUT i don’t think they will. like i said i think HHS wins by 2ish scores
  3. I don’t think running the wing-T is gonna make your chances any better. Hendersonville also runs the WT. both defenses are gonna know what’s coming..it’s gonna come down to who can stop it. and i think HHS is just better. something like 31-14 final. also, do you think HHS played 1st strings the whole game against SC? not only did their first strings shut out SC, but so did their 2s and 3s. Hendersonville has more depth. they are just better all around. and with the wilson central game, all i hear are excuses. Hville executed and took care of business. that game was never in doubt. MJ did not. whether MJ played bad or whatever...my point there is also valid. HHS took care of business, MJ did not, and it almost cost them the game. mishaps like that, and the Rossview game, are the reason i’m saying HHS wins. because when faced with the same opposition, they didn’t have mishaps..they passed with flying colors. they’re just a better team. HOWEVER..I will say i am a firm believer in the “any given day, any given team” thought process, so MJ could win, i just don’t personally think it will happen
  4. solely based in the eye test, Hendersonville is atleast 2 scores better. based on common opponents... HHS shut out Station Camp, Mt. Juliet allowed 16 points. Advantage: Hendersonville HHS beat Wilson Central handily 27-10...it took everything MJ had to win 10-7. Advantage: Hendersonville HHS destroyed Gallatin 46-0, MJ also handled them but not as dominant 31-10. Advantage: Hendersonville (slightly thanks to the D) and perhaps the most important...HHS beat Rossview handily 42-21...MJ lost 22-14. I just think HHS is the more complete team. They are by far the better defensive team and a decently better offensive team. Home field will be MJ’s biggest friend friday night.
  5. hahahahaha what? this cannot be real lol. you can’t be serious.
  6. Hendersonville by as much as they want
  7. IMG wins pretty big, but gosh dang you have to give respect to ravenwood. they hung in there most of the night, had some big stops on D, moved the ball well on O outside of the turnovers, and that Trevor Andrews kid that played QB for RW is a freakin STUD. what a game he had. someone has to start offering that kid after tonight. Mad props to the Raptors for stepping up and taking a game nobody else would, and not backing down all night.
  8. can we not turn this into politics? why the heck does every single thing anyone talks about have to turn into politics. keep these threads clear of that crap, that’s not what they’re for
  9. based on the list published through the Tennessean..the following teams still need games for the following dates: Beech: 10/9, 10/30 East Nashville: 9/25 Gallatin: 9/18 Munford: 9/25, 10/2, 10/30 Smyrna: 9/25
  10. the kick return is one thing, but you cannot play that game with the field goals. he straight up shanked them. are you gonna say they should’ve had a better kicker? because the missed field goals weren’t something anybody controlled except the kicker. you cannot say they should’ve had those field goals when the kid missed under his own power. you could maybe say the kick TD should’ve counted, but the field goals...come on. nothing kept those from being made. Martin just straight up missed. and it sucks, but that’s part of the game
  11. don’t wanna take away from the RBs so i’ll post this separately. The defense is also making big improvements. after a shaky start they really came up big down the stretch. and the DBs, which have been the weakness if there is one, have seemingly gotten better each week. this team is gonna be fun to watch come playoff time
  12. that 3 headed monster in the backfield is going to do some damage as the season rolls on. and crabtree mixes them up well. Jefferson is clearly the lead back but Hill and Johnson are both studs. And all 3 are different types of backs so it’s hard to game plan for all 3. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I think Hill may be the best pure back out of the 3. not taking anything at all away from the other 2, like i said they are all studs...but watching the way Hill runs and hits the holes is something to see.
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