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  1. Individuals on 2/19 https://cms-files.tssaa.org/documents/tssaa/2021-22/sports-calendar/2021WrCalendar.pdf
  2. Anyone have any insight or inside knowledge on numbers and how this is going to be setup?
  3. 24 man brackets would make the 3rd/4th place matches at regionals exciting and worth watching. Also, we really liked Chattanooga and the venue this year. Nice to be able to have hotels steps away and to be able to walk to restaurants. Would have liked to see the finals mat be separated from the other 2 mats at the end and have the crowd be able to have 360 degree access to seating to make the finals stand out a bit. But, I think the venue did great.
  4. How is the general public even allowed to attend? The latest order from the governor states only household members are allowed at these events. By opening it up online, I'm sure there are non household members attending now. And, still a bunch of us parents without a ticket.
  5. As a very diligent parent here, I was never relying on a coach's email that was sent by TSSAA through the AD. I was following TSSAA website which said parents would be given codes to buy tickets...period. Public would not be allowed...period. At no time did I ever think I would need to rush to buy a ticket especially with what we have been hit with in the past week with the weather. There was no mention of any deadlines on TSSAA site or in their first email to the coaches. I don't feel there is anything nefarious going on, but why was there this quick deadline if public was not to be allowed...period?
  6. Need 2 tickets for AAA. Yes, our coach didn't get us an email fast enough. He was also dealing with his school being shutdown due to 10 inches of snow and ice, scrambling to find practice facilities, multiple emails from parents/wrestlers, and whatever familial issues he has to deal with on a daily basis. Why this deadline? I've been following the website and assumed tickets would be available to parents until the last minute. I wasn't planning on looking at buying tickets until a couple of days prior to the event, especially with the easing of covid guidelines. Anyway, 2 tickets AAA?
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