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  1. barbwire

    Father Ryan Johnny Drennan `85 Memorial

    Along with 34 TN teams, Out of state teams competing are Arkansas Catholic, AR Athens, AL Caldwell County, KY East Side, SC Fenton, IL Marion Senior High, VA McCracken County, KY Mt. Paran Christian, GA Trigg County, KY Union County, KY
  2. This looks to be one of the toughest individual tournaments of the season in TN. According to track, there will be 44 teams from 8 different states competing. A very strong Union County, KY team will look to defend their title from last year against teams from Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia along with a host of Tennessee teams. Going to be some great wrestling and arguably much tougher to reach the podium here than at the cow palace in February. Best of luck to all the wrestlers set to compete this weekend.
  3. barbwire

    Father Ryan Duals

    I know this was switched to individual round robin pools. Any results available? Any upsets worth noting?
  4. barbwire

    Far from just a "wrestler"

    In a time where a lot of kids, starting at an early age are specializing in only 1 sport, this young man is involved in 2 very different sports at the same time of year and competes at a very high level in both. Here is the great article by Maurice Patton http://www.mopattonsports.com/simpson-2-days-2-sports-2-medals/
  5. barbwire

    Individual State Predictions---- D2

    MBA - (13) total wrestlers - 1 champ Bros - (14) total wrestlers - 1 champ Baylor - (14) total wrestlers - 3 champs McCallie - (13) total wrestlers - 4 champs Ryan - (14) total wrestlers - 5 champs The traditional title will come down to which team performs best in consos. Getting kids to dig deep and battle back and gain conso points will be extremely vital in such a tight team race. Ultimately the team with the most depth will come out on top. This year could come down to a crucial 1/2 point making all the difference.
  6. How will this affect state tournament? Hopefully there will be an exception made for all participants to be able to compete.
  7. First a huge congrats to all 3 teams that battled and won their respective divisions this year. A-AA Champions Pigeon Forge AAA Champions Bradley Central DII Champions Father Ryan All 3 teams showed how years of hard work and dedication can be rewarded. While many similarities can be drawn from past years to this year, like many of the same programs continue to showcase their talent and re-load year after year. I want to point out a truly unique occurrence at this years tournament. I know there were others that witnessed this and I know there have to be pictures out there that captured this moment. After the wrestling was completed, and the awards handed out and customary pictures were taken, something truly extraordinary happened. Like a scene out of Braveheart, two groups of warriors sprinted in mass towards one another. 40 plus young men screaming and yelling, not to do battle but to embrace and high five, congratulating each other on their newly won state championship. Coaching staffs from both teams giving hard high fives and handshakes, realizing their unified accomplishment. Bradley Central on one end and Father Ryan on the opposite end, coming together in the middle of the arena in a moment of pure joy, lifting the hearts of anyone watching. It was such a spontaneous and incredible moment. A moment that defines what this sport is about, true love of the greatest of all sports, wrestling. I hope that others witnessed this and hope that somewhere pictures or even video can be posted so that everyone can see this incredible, once in a lifetime occurrence.
  8. barbwire

    AAA State Duals

    In Division I Class AAA, the sixteen teams that qualify for the state tournament shall meet on the first Friday and Saturday in February to determine the state dual meet champion. The draw for the tournaments will be released following the completion of all qualifying meets. Teams which qualify for the state dual tournament as regional champions who placed in the top four in the previous year’s state dual tournament, shall be seeded according to their previous year’s finish. The remaining teams shall be separated so that no team from the same region will be in the same side of the bracket, unless seeding causes this to happen.
  9. barbwire

    Seeds for the Johnny Drennan Inv.

    Unfortunately mother nature forces this to a 1 day tournament. As in past weather shortened tournaments, this means first two rounds are now single elimination. This is necessary due to the 5 match rule. Wrestlers losing in the quarterfinals will then be pulled down to the first round of consos.
  10. barbwire

    Seeds for the Johnny Drennan Inv.

    Hopefully the weather does not impact this tournament by preventing some of the out of town/state teams from traveling.
  11. barbwire

    Father Ryan Deuls Friday 12/16 Live webcast Live

    To eliminate any of the questions on what happened, the entire dual can be seen at the following link https://www.facebook.com/UnionCountyWrestling/videos/1190161187705426/
  12. barbwire

    Bradley vs Baylor WC vs FRHS

    Just to correct you on one thing. Christian Simpson did not wrestle in the match. Griffin Habacker wrestled @ 120 vs Sesnan.
  13. barbwire

    Cleveland Dual Pools

    What team pulled out? Creating the whole that Cleveland JV is now filling
  14. barbwire

    National Preps

    Best of luck to all the young men from TN choosing to compete in National Preps this weekend. There are 13 warriors going to do battle up at Lehigh University. Several of them are highly ranked going in. Brackets are out on FloArena. Baylor and Father Ryan sending 5 each, McCallie sending 2 and MBA sending 1. This is a next level event where state champs become national champs. This tournament is full of future D1 All Americans and all who choose to compete here deserve our respect. Get after it boys, show the country what TN wrestling is all about.
  15. barbwire

    DII Sectional - West & East

    Can someone please indicate which teams from Middle were selected to wrestle in the West Sectional? Also what are the dates and locations for these sectionals? Straight from the handbook....... V. STATE TOURNAMENT (Division II) A. Three teams from the Middle Tennessee area shall be selected to compete in the West Tennessee Sectional tournament. The teams selected to compete shall be determined by the Division II schools no later than September 25, 2014. If no decision is reached by the schools by the September 25th deadline, the three schools shall be determined by TSSAA. The remaining teams from the Middle Tennessee area not selected to go to the West Tennessee Sectional Tournament shall compete in the East Tennessee Sectional Tournament. Four individuals from each Sectional Tournament shall advance to the Division II State Wrestling Tournament. The #1 wrestlers will wrestle the #4 wrestlers and the #2 wrestlers will wrestle the #3 wrestlers in the first round of the state tournament.