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  1. Hatch, as usual great job keeping us all up to date on summer wrestling. Great interviews and great info on our 16U team representing TN at National Duals. One thing you should consider is investing in a good microphone for these podcasts, I realize you were doing this one on the fly at Panera?, but the sound on your side was not the greatest.
  2. Go back and watch the end of Sells vs Pattee match. Sells got robbed by a table worker not paying attention. Clock stopped with 6 seconds left as wrestling continued and match ran through 8 seconds before ref called the fall. Match was over before he was ever turned.
  3. edited to add Div 1 A matchups in original post
  4. Edited to add Div 1 A matchups Starting a thread to see what you all have for predictions for State Duals. Div 1 AA Cleveland vs Nolensville Maryville vs DB Summit vs Bradley Clarksville vs WC Div II AAA FRHS vs MBA CBHS vs Baylor Div II A-AA Goodpasture vs Chattanooga Christian BGA vs Lakeway Christian GIrls Div Rossview vs Tullahoma Clarksville vs Cleveland Div 1 A Fairview vs Tullahoma Munford vs Greeneville Signal Mt vs Page Gibbs vs Pigeon Forge
  5. From Indiana state rankings which is all (1) class, the way every state should be for individuals. EMD has (10) ranked wrestlers 106 - Isiah Schaefer #5 113 - Evan Seng #4 120 - Reed Egli #10 138 - Tyler Vanover #22 152 - Hunter May #2 160 - Joey Pierre #17 170 - Brody Baumann #1 195 - Gabe Sollars #2 220 - Nathan Critchfield #2 285 - James Ralph #3
  6. Hey cbg, I hope you enjoying the sunshine down in FL while we are getting buried in snow. Hopefully Eastside, SC and Legacy Christian from OH can make it, along with Cleveland and defending champs Union County, this is going be a very tough tournament.
  7. Why not just slide it to Saturday/Sunday tournament? 1 day tournament with the 5 match rule will be tough.
  8. Info according to trackwrestling. I do not see Bradley on the list and they do not have it on their schedule. Teams listed are Cleveland Duals Click on the team you would like to view results for Arlington, TN Blackman, TN Father Ryan, TN Rossview, TN Summit, TN Woodland, Cartersville, GA https://unapproved website/seasons/MainFrame.jsp?TIM=1638907572499&twSessionId=aubrjbtldl&loadBalanced=true&pageName=Results.jsp%3FTIM%3D1638907572738%26twSessionId%3Daubrjbtldl
  9. Can anyone explain why Lewis forfeited to Uhorchuk at 126?
  10. With just the finals, and placement matches left to wrestle, the race to win a traditional team state championship is too close to call. The top 4 teams are all within 12 points of the lead and all have a good chance to pull this out. Pigeon Forge has 6 in the finals and 3 wrestling for 5th Fairview has 4 in the finals, 2 wrestling for 3rd and 2 for 5th Signal Mountain has 4 in the finals, 3 going for 3rd and 1 for 5th Greenville has 4 in the finals, 1 going for 3rd and 3 for 5th A lot on the line in the head to head finals matchups PF vs Fairview at 145 and 285 PF vs SigMT at 195 Fairview vs Greenville at 160 SigMT vs Greenville at 113 Grab your popcorn, this is about to get very entertaining!
  11. 14 scratches seems like a lot. Are the scales heavy or are they cracking down on skin checks?
  12. I'm hearing some info that the ticketing system timed out parents before they could purchase tickets to see their own son or daughter wrestle for a state championship. I realize there are Covid protocols in place but can TSSAA right this wrong so at least parents can get in? If they will not do anything, can this message board group band together to make sure these parents are able to attend?
  13. https://tssaa.org/article/state-wrestling-tournament-postponed-to-next-week
  14. TSSAA website states "No tickets will be sold to the public." but then the Governor lifted attendance restrictions as of February 1st. Does anyone have any inside info on if there will be tickets sold for spectators for Thursday, Friday or Saturday? On top of that will this weather and subsequent school closings affect State competition?
  15. Cobra, make sure you let TJ Duncan and Zach Watson know that they only won 4 state titles each because their 1st state championships don't count because they were in 8th grade. And while you are at it, contact TSSAA and have them revise their records also.
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