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  1. Possible line ups we will see tonight. With full knowledge that all 3 coaches can and will bump kids around at certain weights to make things interesting. Rankings shown are from pin-Tn.com McCallie Baylor Ryan 106 Haney(#3) Cordey(#1) Jones(#4) 113 Ridings Bond(#1) Oberlander(#4) 120 Braman(#1) Hartline(#4) Eason(#2) 126 Taylor(#1) Tisdale(#3) Keiner 132 Herring(#4) Horst(#1) Wesnofske(#3) 138 Kushman Dendy(#1) Pitts(#3) 145 Holtzclaw(#4) Radpour(#2) Marchetti 152 Zahrobsky Manella(#3) Madson(#1) 160 Whitworth(#1) Alvarez(#3) Miller(#2) 170 Cagle(#1) Garriques(#2) Nelson(#5) 182 Looper(#3) Duffy(#1) Rodgers 195 Millirons Harper(#1) Petersen(#2) 220 FF Chambers(#2) Wright 285 Howard(#1) Chritensen(#3) Wilson
  2. It was a great win for the Irish. No time to celebrate though as they battle again tonight, as Baylor and McCallie come to Nashville. There will be some huge matchups tonight with State seeding implications.
  3. Father Ryan wins this one tonight 39-27
  4. What are the details on the DQ at 120?
  5. National Prep Wrestling Tournament Eligibility Criteria Criteria For School Eligibility Participating schools must be accredited by an established regional, independent school accreditation organization that is recognized by the appropriate state department of education and the National Association of Independent Schools. Wrestling must be a recognized varsity sport at participating schools and an interscholastic competition schedule must be published by the school for public viewing not later than December 1st. Participating schools may not take part in their state's public school state wrestling championships. Participating Schools must join the NWCA prior to their first competition and follow the NWCA / Trackwrestling / National Prep OPC weight management guidelines. Participating schools are required to operate in accordance with the National Federation Rulebook Schools that are virtual or on-line schools must be accredited and affiliated with a participating National Prep Tournament network school. Schools that rely on public funding to sponsor operations do not qualify. Schools must participate in their qualifying zone tournaments in order to be eligible to participate in the National Prep Tournament. Eligible schools that are not located in a qualifying zone will be assigned to a qualifying zone by the National Prep Board. Schools must be approved by the National Prep Board, for National Prep Tournament eligibility not later than November 1st of the season in question. Eligibility for Individual Wrestlers Must be enrolled as a full-time student at a school approved by the National Prep Board for participation not later than the end of the second week in January. May not have reached one's 19th birthday prior to August 1st of the school year in question. Eighth grade student athletes who are enrolled full-time, as an eighth grader, at an approved National Prep network school are eligible. Student-athletes, grades eight - post graduate, who are enrolled as full time students at schools that meet the national prep eligibility criteria are eligible to participate in the National Prep Tournament.
  6. Who knows CBG? Due to scheduling conflicts, maybe this is the year both Baylor and McCallie choose to send their teams to Prep Nationals @ Lehigh University instead of the cow palace. I would bet the mortgage on knowing their will be considerably more college coaches at Prep Nationals vs Franklin, TN on Feb 21-22.
  7. Not 100% sure but an educated guess would be Aaron Bateman won it 4 times.
  8. Looks to be one of the biggest and most highly competitive tournaments in the history of the Father Ryan invitational. 50 teams from 6 states will be competing for the coveted title. New teams from as far as Wisconsin and northern Illinois will be battling against teams from Arkansas, Kentucky, Alabama along with numerous TN teams. Can Union County defend their title this year? Will Cleveland challenge for the top spot? Will we see one of the teams from up north come to Nashville and take a title home with them. The possible individual matchups are too numerous to get into but this year's tournament will be one for the ages.
  9. In order to crack the top 50 in the nation, a team needs to wrestle in multiple tournaments vs top teams and place above those top teams. Prior to this year, TSSAA teams have been limited to the # of out of state tournaments they could travel and compete in. The new rule change will now allow this and open the door for teams willing to travel multiple times in a season. 4. Article IV, Section 2 (Contests with Out-of-State Teams) This rule will be restructured. It will be left up to the individual school and/or school district administration to decide how many out-of-state trips over 600 miles round-trip a sports program takes during the season.
  10. It would be a great match to see Wooten vs Coffey. Wooten @ 49-3 vs Coffey @ 46-1. Maybe they can face one another on March 2nd?
  11. Baylor's weigh in roster does not include Bates or Horst. 3 wrestlers weighed in @ 106, nobody @ 113. 2 wrestlers weighed in @ 120. nobody @ 126. I believe Bates out with broken hand, but no word on why Noah did not weigh in? Match 2 weeks ago was only a 6 point difference, Semi finals should be a barn burner tonight.
  12. Along with 34 TN teams, Out of state teams competing are Arkansas Catholic, AR Athens, AL Caldwell County, KY East Side, SC Fenton, IL Marion Senior High, VA McCracken County, KY Mt. Paran Christian, GA Trigg County, KY Union County, KY
  13. This looks to be one of the toughest individual tournaments of the season in TN. According to track, there will be 44 teams from 8 different states competing. A very strong Union County, KY team will look to defend their title from last year against teams from Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Georgia, South Carolina and Virginia along with a host of Tennessee teams. Going to be some great wrestling and arguably much tougher to reach the podium here than at the cow palace in February. Best of luck to all the wrestlers set to compete this weekend.
  14. I know this was switched to individual round robin pools. Any results available? Any upsets worth noting?
  15. In a time where a lot of kids, starting at an early age are specializing in only 1 sport, this young man is involved in 2 very different sports at the same time of year and competes at a very high level in both. Here is the great article by Maurice Patton http://www.mopattonsports.com/simpson-2-days-2-sports-2-medals/
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