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  1. Can anyone explain why Lewis forfeited to Uhorchuk at 126?
  2. With just the finals, and placement matches left to wrestle, the race to win a traditional team state championship is too close to call. The top 4 teams are all within 12 points of the lead and all have a good chance to pull this out. Pigeon Forge has 6 in the finals and 3 wrestling for 5th Fairview has 4 in the finals, 2 wrestling for 3rd and 2 for 5th Signal Mountain has 4 in the finals, 3 going for 3rd and 1 for 5th Greenville has 4 in the finals, 1 going for 3rd and 3 for 5th A lot on the line in the head to head finals matchups PF vs Fairview at 145 and 285 PF vs SigMT at 195 Fairview vs Greenville at 160 SigMT vs Greenville at 113 Grab your popcorn, this is about to get very entertaining!
  3. 14 scratches seems like a lot. Are the scales heavy or are they cracking down on skin checks?
  4. I'm hearing some info that the ticketing system timed out parents before they could purchase tickets to see their own son or daughter wrestle for a state championship. I realize there are Covid protocols in place but can TSSAA right this wrong so at least parents can get in? If they will not do anything, can this message board group band together to make sure these parents are able to attend?
  5. https://tssaa.org/article/state-wrestling-tournament-postponed-to-next-week
  6. TSSAA website states "No tickets will be sold to the public." but then the Governor lifted attendance restrictions as of February 1st. Does anyone have any inside info on if there will be tickets sold for spectators for Thursday, Friday or Saturday? On top of that will this weather and subsequent school closings affect State competition?
  7. Cobra, make sure you let TJ Duncan and Zach Watson know that they only won 4 state titles each because their 1st state championships don't count because they were in 8th grade. And while you are at it, contact TSSAA and have them revise their records also.
  8. TN and TSSAA seeding system.....only state in the country where #1 kid in the country gets a #3 seed
  9. A little deeper research and the 2011 Baylor team scored 315 points with 6 champs; 4 runner ups; (2) 4th and (1) 5th place finisher. The question was dominant performances at state and this team was 59 points ahead of 2nd place Christian Brothers. Other year high totals were: Baylor 2010 - 282 pts Father Ryan 2009 - 253 pts And the historical 2008 season when Father Ryan and Baylor were co-champions with 275 pts
  10. Will all the school closings impact the state duals?
  11. Possible line ups we will see tonight. With full knowledge that all 3 coaches can and will bump kids around at certain weights to make things interesting. Rankings shown are from pin-Tn.com McCallie Baylor Ryan 106 Haney(#3) Cordey(#1) Jones(#4) 113 Ridings Bond(#1) Oberlander(#4) 120 Braman(#1) Hartline(#4) Eason(#2) 126 Taylor(#1) Tisdale(#3) Keiner 132 Herring(#4) Horst(#1) Wesnofske(#3) 138 Kushman Dendy(#1) Pitts(#3) 145 Holtzclaw(#4) Radpour(#2) Marchetti 152 Zahrobsky Manella(#3) Madson(#1) 160 Whitworth(#1) Alvarez(#3) Miller(#2) 170 Cagle(#1) Garriques(#2) Nelson(#5) 182 Looper(#3) Duffy(#1) Rodgers 195 Millirons Harper(#1) Petersen(#2) 220 FF Chambers(#2) Wright 285 Howard(#1) Chritensen(#3) Wilson
  12. It was a great win for the Irish. No time to celebrate though as they battle again tonight, as Baylor and McCallie come to Nashville. There will be some huge matchups tonight with State seeding implications.
  13. Father Ryan wins this one tonight 39-27
  14. What are the details on the DQ at 120?
  15. National Prep Wrestling Tournament Eligibility Criteria Criteria For School Eligibility Participating schools must be accredited by an established regional, independent school accreditation organization that is recognized by the appropriate state department of education and the National Association of Independent Schools. Wrestling must be a recognized varsity sport at participating schools and an interscholastic competition schedule must be published by the school for public viewing not later than December 1st. Participating schools may not take part in their state's public school state wrestling championships. Participating Schools must join the NWCA prior to their first competition and follow the NWCA / Trackwrestling / National Prep OPC weight management guidelines. Participating schools are required to operate in accordance with the National Federation Rulebook Schools that are virtual or on-line schools must be accredited and affiliated with a participating National Prep Tournament network school. Schools that rely on public funding to sponsor operations do not qualify. Schools must participate in their qualifying zone tournaments in order to be eligible to participate in the National Prep Tournament. Eligible schools that are not located in a qualifying zone will be assigned to a qualifying zone by the National Prep Board. Schools must be approved by the National Prep Board, for National Prep Tournament eligibility not later than November 1st of the season in question. Eligibility for Individual Wrestlers Must be enrolled as a full-time student at a school approved by the National Prep Board for participation not later than the end of the second week in January. May not have reached one's 19th birthday prior to August 1st of the school year in question. Eighth grade student athletes who are enrolled full-time, as an eighth grader, at an approved National Prep network school are eligible. Student-athletes, grades eight - post graduate, who are enrolled as full time students at schools that meet the national prep eligibility criteria are eligible to participate in the National Prep Tournament.
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