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  1. Fairview definitely can't overlook Stewart Co. Stewart County is scrappy and are led by a tough senior at QB who can run and throw. Looked like the Jackets got some things figured out last week, but as Chris Collinsworth would say, "The team that executes the best, scores more points, has the fewest penalties and wins the turnover battle, should win the game."
  2. Fun to watch him grow and compete at the national level. Good for him, good for TN, and good for Greeneville as it makes that whole team better. Just goes to show big school, small school or private school a kid can hunt out and find success on the national stage if he's willing to put in the work and has the support behind him. Greeneville is definitely on the rise as a program with Hunter, Kodiak, Morgan Lowery and others. Great job Hunter! Congrats on your discipline, desire, and success.
  3. Just seems like you are taking an opportunity to bash a kid you don't like. The onus is on the tournament director to allow them or not allow them. He stepped on the scale, he qualified for the weight he wrestled. Maybe they were lax this year due to covid. Maybe if you have it out for that kid so bad you should reach out and turn him in, then they can tell you directly that it didn't matter, he wrestled the weight he weighed in at. idk, give it a shot.
  4. Lol. This is what off season/post season has devolved to on CoachT! Great stuff. Who gives a crap what a kid putting in extra work wrestled?
  5. Super tough tournament.
  6. Too bad that state titles aren't determined by CoachT threads. Lots of great wrestlers moving up across the state, lots of great coaching staffs, and lots of great competition. "Way too early" is fun, but certainly not worth getting "Way too fired up about". What would be interesting is if we could tie dollars to comments. Are you $1 sure about who wins next year and next several years or are you $1,000 sure? Are you $1 sure that your favorite team makes it to the state duals or are you $1,000 sure?
  7. I don’t know much about Halls, but looks like they graduate half their team this year.
  8. From the Road. We had some snow as we rolled in Monday but saw mt Rushmore, badlands, sylvan lake, Custer state park, hot springs, and tons of wildlife. By time we left it was 65 and snow had melted. Definitely a trip worth taking and some good wrestling to top it off. No tan tho!
  9. Was a very well run tourney. Most kids were from IA, ND, SD, NE, and WY. Had 15 registered at 182 but ended up only being 9. Most state placers and one state champ. Did spring break in mt Rushmore and badlands area. Would fly next time.
  10. Next year there will be 75 teams in big school and small school. There will be 8 regions in individuals in both AA and AAA and there will be 16 districts inside AAA, two districts each region. It seems to make sense for AAA to have Districts, then regions, then super regions(1v2, 3v4, 5v6, etc) where top 4 from from each super region advances to state. If you want a 32 man, eliminate the super regions and take top 4 from each region. For AA you have regions with top 4 going to super regions (1v2,3v4,5v6,7v8) with an 8 man bracket, top 4 from each super region goes to 16 man state bracket. The super regions act like the 32 man round of the state but held at different locations. This model is actually how PA does it. Districts, regions, super regions, state. Except their state bracket is only 8 guys, 4 from East Suoer region and 4 from West Super region.
  11. Look like some tough kids. Welcome to small school!
  12. Black Hills Nations - 3/20 Spearfish SD USAW Qualifier - 3/20-3/21 Indianapolis USAW Recruiting Showcase - 3/25-3/27 Coralville, IA Windy City Nationals - 3/26-3/27 Danville, IL Tyrant Duals - Manheim, PA 4/9-4/10 High School Nationals - VA Beach 4/24-4/25 Wrestlefest Duals and Individuals - Round Rock, TX 5/1-5/2 National High School Duals - VA Beach 5/29-5/31 Tyrant Duals and Individuals - Pigeon Forge 6/19-6/20 We will be attending some of these. May even be putting a TN duals team together to compete in some of these Dual Tourneys.
  13. Given that the coaches get to vote, by definition it is subjective and each person’s criteria may vary. If you want to take variability out of it, it should be something like most pins in least time by a state champ and coaches don’t vote. I’m sure there is a valid reason why coaches get to vote though and it’s not just most pins in least time.
  14. http://bhnationals.com/documents/BH_Nationals_Tournament_Flier.pdf Anybody on here going? Ever been?
  15. It wasn't stopped due to blood time. His dad walked out on the mat and stopped the match. Riley had a bar in deep and was about to turn him, and with a pre existing shoulder injury, his dad did not want to risk additional damage. Bennett was in control of the match prior to the nose injury.
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