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  1. Fairview will be hosting Coach Buck Watkins (Wrestling Mindset Coach) on July 13th and 14th at the Fairview HS Auxiliary Gym located behind the school off King Rd. Saturday's session will start at 8:30 and run through 2:30 with lunch provided and Sunday will be noon through 5:00 pm with a snack provided in the afternoon. This camp is for 3rd grade through 12th grade and wrestlers will need their AAU card at check in. You can email me at [email protected] for the flyer/registration form ahead of time and you can send completed registration to me at that email as well. Also, feel free to call or text me at 615-627-8708. Cost is $50 for either day or $75 for both days. Registration will be capped out at 75 wrestlers.
  2. Lots of teams looking for MS kids to fill their rosters for the Memorial Day weekend tournament. Contact [email protected] to be added to free agent list. Send wrestlers name, weight, email and phone number. I sent my kids track profile too.
  3. Just FYI Biffmar4 is me, Biff Curtis, 615-627-8708. You guys lose all credibility with me when you make silly accusations about one person having multiple accounts. If you were to put a price on the line items, what would it cost? Simple question.
  4. First time poster. No dog in the fight. Here’s my thoughts, I don’t even know total number of days but when you start putting amounts to what’s included, you can see how the figure can get to $1500. Maybe some are more, maybe some less and maybe some amount goes back to the club and it should. Until you’ve volunteered your time (basically a full time second job) for a youth non profit, it’s understandable to not be clear what it takes. How much would it take you to feed, house, and fly or drive your kid to Fargo? Then you can pay for your coaches certification and pass to coach your kid. Lastly, I see where there are two emails if there are more questions. Has anyone tried those options? This includes -Camp $200 -Gear $100 -Food $100 -Lodging $500 -Travel $400 -Coaching $100 -Entry to Tournament $100  Any Questions please contact Ben Bowers TNUSA Chairman [email protected] or Nelson Shirley West Region Director [email protected] 
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