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  1. Idk if Flo is actually aware of that entire situation or not lol. I do know that despite being out currently Landon Desselle has 3 wins over Logan. One in each style. But that was a while ago and he has a dec loss to Gabriel Bouyssou who's 11. Either way he should be in the mix there. I know you guys may say its just rankings who cares but some colleges do. They'll give money based on these accolades. Its important to get it right.
  2. Just received word Landon Desselle will not be participating.
  3. Go follow us @PinTNPodcast on twitter!!
  4. So we at Pin-TN are in the works of starting our own TN Wrestling weekly podcast. Recapping the previous weeks top duals and tournament results, upcoming weeks marquee duals and tournament (local AND national) breakdowns and predictions, breakdown of updated rankings, rising stars and sleepers as well as highlighting new teams each week with coaches interviews. We're currently looking for sponsors as well as more ideas of content you would like to see! If you are interested or have any ideas comment here or reach out to us at bradleydesselle@gmail.com Yours in wrestling, Thadd Little
  5. I believe Regan will be attending Wyoming Sem this upcoming year.
  6. Bored at work today and took inspiration from a thread on the intermat forums. Here is my pick for the TN All Star team. Best of all time. Please tell me how awful some of my picks are. 125- Randy Batten (UTC - 118lb) - 3x NCAA Div 2 national champion before Mocs move to D1 133- Matt Keller (UTC) - Ncaa AA 141- Cody Cleveland (UTC) - Ncaa AA 149- Phillip Simpson (West Point) - 3x AA, 2005 NCAA finalist 157- Jordan Leen (Cornell) - 2008 Ncaa champ 165- Nick Marable (Missouri) - 2x AA 174- open to suggestions... 184- Charles McTorry (Nebraska) - Sr national champ, promising career at UNL but injuries took him out of wrestling 197- Bill Harlow (Oklahoma State -190lb) - 3x ncaa finalist and 1966 NCAA champ 285- Nick Boykin (Ohio State) - Double Fargo champ at Hwt. On the Ohio St roster but primarily wrestles Greco on the World team.
  7. He left after an altercation with a kid who has assault charges pending. Then left to a school that is a better fit for him anyways. Just back our alum. Stop being a douche. Also, follow that tweet. Cormier retweeted it and Pyles jumped in. That tweet is inaccurate.
  8. Come on, grow up, support our TN alum. Hes the best shot we have, as a state, at getting another NCAA champ.
  9. Personally, i think the more likely scenario is Ferrari redshirts and we see Chittum vs Cobe Siebrecht
  10. Agreed, the rest of the wrestling world hates it, but I think the move is great.
  11. They are, ive been following those and the intermat forums today. Immediately after Flo announced Cody's switch they began talking about a new coaching staff to replace TNT.
  12. I think ISU will stick. From what i've seen he left after an altercation with Ferrari. ISU is a better fit for him anyways. Vionavich just transfered in at Iowa, then there's Woods and Siebrecht as well. He'd struggle to find a starting spot. At ISU hes got Johnson below him, Carr above him and Metcalf coaching.
  13. List the results of our TN boys here.. before we get into all of this a MASSIVE shout out to Hamm for finishing 3rd in the masters greco div. We all talk a lot of trash on here and a couple months ago a couple coaches even wanted to wrestle for bragging rights. But Hamm actually went out and wrestled. darnit man, kudos.
  14. Just curious, would you also feel there should be a "substantial loss of team points and removal of (his) name from the bracket" if he snapped his leg in half and couldn't continue?
  15. 106- 2. Jojo Uhorchuk (Soph) 5. Jose Cordero (Soph) 113- 9. Mason Jakob (Soph) 120- 2. Caleb Uhorchuk (Sr) 126- 10. Jarvis Little (Jr) 12. Titus Norman (Soph) 13. Bentley Ellison (Sr) 132- 11. Ethan Lipsey (Sr) 170- 7. Aiden Brenot (Sr) 12. Logan Heckert (Sr) 195- 4. Kendrick Curtis (Sr) 5. Ryder Smith (Soph) 220- 3. Rob Atwood (Jr)
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