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  1. Not a board member but there was a long thread about it a few weeks ago. The current cost is $1500
  2. it didn't work in psu's favor in rby against desanto though. it looked like a takedown to me
  3. its not like this is the first incident of the weekend. they clearly let riding time get over 1 minute vs gable steveson and when reviewed it very very very clearly should've stopped at :58 seconds instead they let it get to 1:01. and then the non takedown with rby vs desanto. just too many missed calls this year that are deciding matches.
  4. the first one at the end of the period was a takedown yeah. the one at the end of the match wasn't. however I have to imagine that if they HAD awarded hidley the td at the end of the first nolf would've wrestled a different match. so hypothetically at the end of the first its 2-0 hidley I still take nolf to win.
  5. I spoke with a director and they said they haven’t even voted on it yet and that number is not accurate.
  6. I spoke with a director and they said they haven’t even voted on it yet and that number is not accurate.
  7. A friend of mine is the head coach of the Sons of Thunder Academy in Colorado (one of the best fs/gr clubs in the country) and he said they charge $850/kid. And it comes with all this included here.
  8. Good one, and when you have nothing of substance to say you go straight to personal insults. Mature. Just shows how completely ignorant you truly are. Anything else?
  9. lets hear those credentials then big boy. if you're gonna sit here and say that a 2x state champ and division one athlete wasn't very good then lets hear just how good you were. and by the way, I was there at the grand championships too. my brother wrestled with McCoy since he was little. our family is extremely close with the newbergs. that is a load of crap and didn't happen. mrs Newberg is one of the most genuine and awesome people ive ever met. the fact that you would get on here and throw her under the bus like that isn't just a joke its actually pretty upsetting. but its pretty obvious in your posts that you just don't have any clue as to what you talk about.
  10. So first off, to suggest McCoy was "not that good" because he lost to Hooker is a joke. Michael owns the record for most career wins in the state, a 3x state champ, a collegiate all American, Dave Schultz champ, multi time armed forces champ etc etc etc. Second, at least have a shred of class and keep his mother out of your comments because that part is ridiculous and never happened. Third, Hooker won state at 170 that season. Fourth, did you even read the original post at all? I said my pics were subjective and ONLY division 1 wrestlers so I wasn't picking Hooker as the 170. Also another clue that tells me you didn't actually read it is what I said about Kramer and Boykin. Go back and read the original post. Fifth, McCoy was a 2x state champ, a division 1 wrestler. Got to wrestle the best wrestler on the entire planet for a year before transferring to Chattanooga. If you're going to come out and say he "wasn't that good" you had better hope your credentials are better than his. but like you said, I digress.
  11. Well its all subjective and I coached McCoy in middle school so im a little biased there. Either would get that win. I would've loved to have seen McCoy his senior year vs Jake Young his senior year. Two different wrestlers.
  12. Hunter Allen was huge. I got to wrestle with him a couple times. I used to pride myself on being a good rider on top, or at least I thought I was in my own head. I’m a college wrestler wrestling this high school “kid” and I’m on top and I put two boots in and start cranking on his head. I thought that was it and I may get a turn out of it. I’m cranking hard. He half chuckles under his breath and just stands straight up. I felt stupid. and that’s my story on the time I wrestled Hunter Allen.
  13. So something I've been kind of running through my head today at work was how would the best state champs from the previous ten years stack up against the ones from this year. I don't really follow much division 2 so I'll just give my 2 cents in AAA. Remember its all subjective. I only used each wrestler one time. 106- 2019 Trae McDaniel (Cleveland) vs 2018 Trey Bates (Beech, Fr State Champ) - Honestly, I think Trey is the best 106 or 103 pounder in the last ten years. Last year he put together a 52-0 season and beat McDaniel in the finals 5-3. There have been plenty of great little kids in this spot from Ethan Hames of Bradley to Bradnon Brunner then of Tullahoma. But, and this is just my opinion, Bates is the best 106, just 106 not accounting for the rest of their careers after they moved weights and got older, in the last ten years. Bates by dec 113- 2019 Jackson Bradford (Cleveland) vs 2010 Blake Thomas (Brentwood, Sr 2x finalist and SC)- Blake Thomas was a big 113. He went on to wrestle at Chattanooga after leaving Brentwood. A senior at these light weights is pretty uncommon and Blake really did look like a grown man up against kids at some points. Bradford did have a great season and looked extremely tough on top of Borders in the finals this season. In this one it would be hard to pick against Thomas. Thomas by dec 120- 2019 Andrew Cannon (Arlington) vs 2013 Jacob Stevens (Soddy Daisy, Sr 3x State Champ) Jacob's tournament in 2103 was dominant. He had two pins and two techs and pinned Cordova's Byron Smith in the finals in route to his third title. Cannon had a great season and a solid tournament this year but its hard to argue that any other 120 in any recent memory being better than Stevens was. But if any other kid were to have that claim it would be Cannon. I still think Stevens would win big though. Stevens by maj. 126- 2019 Brayden Palmer (Beech) vs 2014 Chris Debian (Cleveland, Jr 3x state champ would become 4x) Ok so I had to put Debian at 26. From 2008-2018 he was the best 126 pounder but he may not have been the best 132 pounder. Again, all subjective. So I included him here. Honestly when I was digging through brackets I thought it wouldn't matter who I chose bc its Brayden but when the choice became clear that Debian was the one to choose it made this decision harder to pick. So in the end I think that if these two were to match up in Chris' junior season at 126 I would probably have to bet against him. Don't get me wrong, Chris was amazing to watch, but Palmer is just a different breed and hes going to be special to watch at the next level in years to come. Palmer by dec 132- 2019 Christian Isbell (Clarksville) vs 2012 Campbell Lewis (Soddy Daisy, 4x state champ) Campbell was crazy. He was so good. I watched him beat people that when he walked out I thought ok this is it, this is one he wont win. And he'd win big. He used to bait people into putting legs in and he'd sit out and pin them. It was constant. All the time. This kid was just so dominant his entire high school run. Isbell had a hard bracket this year and last year had a tough tourney and didn't medal. As big a fan as I am of Christian the pick on this one is pretty easy. Lewis by maj 138- 2019 Dillon Pendley (Tennessee) vs 2008 David Mang (Bradley Central 135, Sr 2x State Champ, I think) So I remember watching Mang wrestle and just being in awe. He wrestled in TN his freshman, sophomore and senior years with a year in Georgia his Jr season. That is the season I don't remember. If memory serves me correctly he did win a state title that season in Georgia. But watching how effortless he moved on the mat was a thing of beauty. It was almost as if he didn't try he just demolished everybody at that tournament. I don't think he wrestled the entire season that year bc of the transfer rules I think he only came in and was eligible from state duals through the rest of the season. I may be wrong on that part too. Pendley put a good year together and beat the defending state champ in the finals and did it convincingly too. But I think Mang would've been way too much for Pendley to handle if this were to ever happen. Mang by maj 145- 2019 Grant Lundy (Clevleand) vs 2017 Knox Fuller (Bradley Central, 4x state champ) Knox was a hammer. He would beat the tar out of whoever he wrestled on top. His top rides were brutal. It was awesome to watch. I'm not sure many could keep up with that in the last ten years. Lundy would put up a good fight but in the end its never smart to bet against Knox. Fuller by maj 152- 2019 Austin Sweeney (Cleveland) vs 2010 Chris Aguilar (Bradley Central, State Champ) So I went back over the last ten years and Austin Sweeney is the only 2x state champ at 152. All of the other kids to win this weight from 2008-2018 had not won a title coming into that season. Crazy stat to think of considering just how many multi time champs are on this list. Aguilar was fast on his feet. But here I think Sweeney would dominate. Sweeney by dec 160- 2019 Dominic Fields (Tennessee) vs 2017 Matt Sells (Blackman, Sr 2x State Champ) A pair of 2xers. This one would be hard to pick. If I was playing that one game where you shout the first thing that comes to your mind I would probably pick Fields here but honestly I think its a toss up. Ill go with my gut here. Fields by dec 170- 2019 Chase Diehl (Science Hill) vs 2012 McCoy Newberg (Independence, Sr 2x State Champ) I'm probably a little biased on a couple of these and this is one. McCoy was so much fun to watch. He was slick on his feet and could scramble but so tough on top. After hs went to Nebraska for a year before landing in Chattanooga. Any match you think would be close he would pull out a ton of points before pinning them. Diehl is a tough kid but I cant go against McCoy here. Newberg by maj 182- 2019 Austin Antcliffe (Arlington) vs 2015 Chad Soloman (Maryville, 3x State Champ) Chad was good, he was so good he made good wrestlers look not good. Austin is fantastic, and a super strong kid, but im not sure he would've been able to stop Chad's offense. Soloman by dec 195- 2019 Bradley Williams (Clarksville) vs 2012 Cody Davis (Pigeon Forge, 2x State Champ) Another pair of 2xers. Cody was huge. Don't get me wrong so is Bradley but Cody was massive. It was a while ago and my memory is starting to slip now but this would've been a fun match to watch. For the sake of argument ill go the other way on this one. Williams by dec 220- 2019 Skylar Coffey (Brentwood) vs 2010 Cameron Croy (Brentwood 215, 3x State Champ) LOL. I didn't mean to do this. Cam was just the clear pick on the best from the previous era. His left hand high crotch was fantastic and next to impossible to stop (except for that one time Mike Kennedy cradled him to his back off it and held him there for almost an entire period but we wont mention that one). Cam finished his career at Harvard, wrestling there for 4 years, and was even the captain of the team his sr year. Croy by maj 285 2019 Michael Kramer (Wilson Central) vs 2017 Nick Boykin (Riverdale, 2x State Champ) So hear me out on this. My argument is Kramer would win this. I know I know, "But Nick beat him". I would argue that the Kramer of THIS year is significantly better than the Kramer of last year and tenfold better than his soph year when he wrestled Nick. His shots on his feet are insane for a middle weight let alone a heavyweight. Nick was big (not anymore, seriously if you haven't seen Nick now please go to his facebook page and check him out) and moved well for a big kid. His throws were outstanding and he won double fargo titles bc of them. But I think, in a folkstyle match, with both of them as seniors, my gut says it would be different this time. Kramer by dec What do you guys think? Did I make a mistake picking a different wrestler from 2008-2018? Who would you have picked and why?
  14. You just said you've never seen him lose, he always wins. Just commenting on that saying he does have an L this year.
  15. except to brayden palmer of course.
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