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  1. It was their first season? It's going to take time for them to start winning consistently.
  2. Someone once told me that, "recruiting is like trying to get laid in the club. The more b****** you spit to, the greater the probability". Wise man.
  3. Congrats to all the kids who made the Dream team! Here are the ones who made the first team 106- James Hicks (Wilson Central) 113- Owen Gobel (Franklin) 120- Jarvis Little (Summit) 126- Casen Roark (Father Ryan) 132- Landon Desselle (Summit) 138- Sammy Shires (Rossview) 145- Riley Fort (Wilson Central) 152- Steven Fisak (Wilson Central) 160- Logan Heckart (Sycamore) 170- Will Parcel (Page) Anthony Pyron (Mt Juliet) 182- Ben Marchetti (Father Ryan) 195- Nicolas Jenkins (Oakland) Rob Atwood (Tousdale) 220- Noah Todd (Wilson Central) 285- Max Fisher (MBA)
  4. Honestly, I think the one who wins the toughest bracket should get it. Also adding in the fact that Bradford hadn’t beaten Fowler or Lipsey at all during the season only to beat them both when it mattered adds to it too. just my opinion though.
  5. Nothing against Shires but the award is Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament, not OW of the year.
  6. I think it should’ve gone to Bradford. That bracket at heavyweight wasn’t near the bracket at 126.
  7. Him and Landon really put a lot of work and miles in this off season and came a long way since last year. I know Landon lost today and it sucks but he is still far ahead from last year. Jarvis didn’t even medal last year now he’s wreslting for a title. it’s a good testament to their work ethic and Brad’s commitment to their success. If they keep making the same jumps they took from last to this they’re gonna be stupid good their senior year and college.
  8. 106- #2 Colby Baltz (Houston) vs #4 James Hicks (Wilson Central) #1 Chase Walker (Cleveland) vs #3 Stiles Miller (Science Hill) 113- #1 Bryson Terrell (Bradley Central) vs #6 Paul Johnson (Wilson Central) #5 Aslan Nadeau (Blackman) vs #2 Russell Ford (Independence) 120- #1 Bentley Ellison (Cleveland) vs #2 Jarvis Little (Summit) #4 Hunter Heflin (Arlington) vs #5 Nick Mercante (Wilson Central) 126- #1 Easton Lipsey (Bradley Central) vs UR Dylan Winters (Science Hill) #3 Justin Bradford (Blackman) vs #2 Logan Fowler (Cleveland) 132- #2 Arlo Laxton (Cleveland) vs UR Seth Robles (Clarksville) #3 Hunter Sturgill (Heritage) vs #1 Landon Desselle (Summit) 138- #1 Sammy Shires (Rossview) vs #6 Clark Vaughn (Brentwood) #5 Spencer Kon (Independence) vs #2 Ethan Lipsey (Bradley Central) 145- #2 Luke Belcher (Bradley Central) vs #3 Max Norman (Dobyns Bennett) #4 Finley Jameson (Summit) vs #1 Riley Fort (Wilson Central) 152- #1 Cameron Cook (Collierville) vs UR Jacob Barlow (Coffee County) #2 Charles McTorry (Nolensville) vs #3 Jacob Roaten (Arlington) 160- #1 Aden Brenot (Clarksville) vs #4 Lucas Symborski (Cleveland) #5 Michael Colligan (Maryville) vs #2 Dylan Cockman (Arlington) 170- #1 Anthony Pyron (Mt Juliet) vs #6 Fransisco Molina (Rhea County) #4 Wyatt Gibbs (Brentwood) vs UR Zander Ward (Morristown West) 182- #3 Zach Duessler (Rossview) vs #2 Austin Cooley (McMinn County) #1 Jashua Chew (Blackman) vs #6 Jose Fernandez (Arlington) 195- #1 Tetoe Boyd (Cleveland) vs UR Peyton Cooper (Maryville) #6 Devon Medina (Science Hill) vs #2 Connor Milhourn (Siegel) 220- #1 Noah Todd (Wilson Central) vs #6 Patrick Styblo (Centennial) #2 Timothy Bosby (Cordova) vs #4 Theron Gaines (Oakland) 285- #1 Ashton Davis (Cleveland) vs #3 Ryan Smith (Summit) #5 Austin McClure (Bradley Central) vs #2 Samuel Harness (Cookeville) Semis start at 12pm cst. Which match up are you most looking forward to? Who's on upset alert?
  9. List upsets and any major updates here.
  10. Post your region results here. I’ll start with Region 7 Region 7 Wrestler of the Year- Landon Desselle (Summit) Tournament Most Outstanding Wrestler- Landon Desselle (Summit) Region 7 Coach of the Year- Team Scores- 1. Summit 204 2. Nolensville 187 3. Brentwood 181.5 4. Franklin 150.5 5. Ravenwood 146.5 6. Independence 121.5 7. Centennial 121 8. Columbia Central 38 106 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Sachin Sashti of Ravenwood 2nd Place - Gabriel Ribeiro of Nolensville 3rd Place - Joeseph Daniels of Brentwood 4th Place - Anthony Olivas of Columbia Central 5th Place - Noah Criado of Independence 6th Place - Wyatt Smith of Franklin 1st Place Match Sachin Sashti (Ravenwood) 29-14, Sr. over Gabriel Ribeiro (Nolensville) 34-11, Fr. (Fall 1:30) 2nd Place Match Gabriel Ribeiro (Nolensville) 34-11, Fr. over Joeseph Daniels (Brentwood) 27-20, Fr. (NC) 3rd Place Match Joeseph Daniels (Brentwood) 27-20, Fr. over Anthony Olivas (Columbia Central) 16-14, Sr. (Fall 3:41) 5th Place Match Noah Criado (Independence) 23-21, So. over Wyatt Smith (Franklin) 4-7, Fr. (Fall 0:30) 113 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Russell Ford of Independence 2nd Place - Owen Gobel of Franklin 3rd Place - Ammr Albarati of Ravenwood 4th Place - Zach Ordonez of Brentwood 5th Place - Daniel Freeman of Centennial 6th Place - Deacon Stewart of Nolensville 1st Place Match Russell Ford (Independence) 26-7, Jr. over Owen Gobel (Franklin) 14-2, Sr. (Dec 6-3) 2nd Place Match Owen Gobel (Franklin) 14-2, Sr. over Ammr Albarati (Ravenwood) 34-16, Sr. (NC) 3rd Place Match Ammr Albarati (Ravenwood) 34-16, Sr. over Zach Ordonez (Brentwood) 31-9, Sr. (Dec 8-5) 5th Place Match Daniel Freeman (Centennial) 30-11, So. over Deacon Stewart (Nolensville) 17-15, Fr. (Fall 2:53) 120 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Jarvis Little of Summit 2nd Place - Alexander Hardoin of Nolensville 3rd Place - Elijah Benfield of Centennial 4th Place - Nicholas Sebastian of Independence 5th Place - Eli Goricki of Ravenwood 1st Place Match Jarvis Little (Summit) 42-1, So. over Alexander Hardoin (Nolensville) 25-22, So. (Fall 4:58) 2nd Place Match Alexander Hardoin (Nolensville) 25-22, So. over Elijah Benfield (Centennial) 24-12, So. (NC) 3rd Place Match Elijah Benfield (Centennial) 24-12, So. over Nicholas Sebastian (Independence) 13-12, So. (Fall 2:39) 5th Place Match Eli Goricki (Ravenwood) 14-15, Fr. over () , . (Bye) 126 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Brayden Leach of Summit 2nd Place - Arash Yazdani of Brentwood 3rd Place - Riddeck Romano of Independence 4th Place - Caleb Jay of Franklin 5th Place - Eiljah Weston of Centennial 6th Place - Avin (Ernest) Eisenlohr of Ravenwood 1st Place Match Brayden Leach (Summit) 39-3, Fr. over Arash Yazdani (Brentwood) 39-9, So. (Dec 7-5) 2nd Place Match Arash Yazdani (Brentwood) 39-9, So. over Riddeck Romano (Independence) 26-7, Fr. (NC) 3rd Place Match Riddeck Romano (Independence) 26-7, Fr. over Caleb Jay (Franklin) 24-21, So. (MD 13-2) 5th Place Match Eiljah Weston (Centennial) 29-17, So. over Avin (Ernest) Eisenlohr (Ravenwood) 11-17, Jr. (Fall 0:41) 132 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Landon Desselle of Summit 2nd Place - Andrew Donelson of Brentwood 3rd Place - Noah Kang of Ravenwood 4th Place - Nathan Alcock of Centennial 5th Place - Timothy Ford of Independence 6th Place - Kenneth O`Neal of Nolensville 1st Place Match Landon Desselle (Summit) 46-1, So. over Noah Kang (Ravenwood) 30-14, Sr. (Fall 4:45) 2nd Place Match Andrew Donelson (Brentwood) 29-20, So. over Noah Kang (Ravenwood) 30-14, Sr. (SV-1 5-3) 3rd Place Match Andrew Donelson (Brentwood) 29-20, So. over Nathan Alcock (Centennial) 22-8, So. (Dec 6-4) 5th Place Match Timothy Ford (Independence) 23-12, Sr. over Kenneth O`Neal (Nolensville) 19-18, Jr. (Fall 3:45) 138 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Spencer Kon of Independence 2nd Place - Clark Vaughn of Brentwood 3rd Place - Dakota Pattee of Nolensville 4th Place - Michael Posey of Summit 5th Place - Sean Skinner of Centennial 6th Place - Andrew Salmon of Ravenwood 1st Place Match Spencer Kon (Independence) 27-7, So. over Clark Vaughn (Brentwood) 44-6, So. (UTB 3-2) 2nd Place Match Clark Vaughn (Brentwood) 44-6, So. over Dakota Pattee (Nolensville) 28-8, So. (TF-1.5 5:00 (24-7)) 3rd Place Match Dakota Pattee (Nolensville) 28-8, So. over Michael Posey (Summit) 23-11, Fr. (Fall 4:40) 5th Place Match Sean Skinner (Centennial) 21-8, Jr. over Andrew Salmon (Ravenwood) 20-18, Jr. (Fall 1:00) 145 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Finley Jameson of Summit 2nd Place - Brock Wittman of Franklin 3rd Place - Chase Mayes of Nolensville 4th Place - Brandon Fogarty of Ravenwood 5th Place - Jackson Wynne-Dossat of Centennial 6th Place - Cole Moss of Brentwood 1st Place Match Finley Jameson (Summit) 40-7, Jr. over Brock Wittman (Franklin) 43-5, Jr. (Dec 7-4) 2nd Place Match Brock Wittman (Franklin) 43-5, Jr. over Chase Mayes (Nolensville) 36-8, Fr. (NC) 3rd Place Match Chase Mayes (Nolensville) 36-8, Fr. over Brandon Fogarty (Ravenwood) 11-8, Jr. (Fall 2:32) 5th Place Match Jackson Wynne-Dossat (Centennial) 13-11, Jr. over Cole Moss (Brentwood) 24-21, Jr. (Fall 0:53) 152 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Charles McTorry of Nolensville 2nd Place - Ceron Campbell of Centennial 3rd Place - Taydrion Cofer of Columbia Central 4th Place - JD Saulters of Franklin 5th Place - Justin Arrieta of Summit 6th Place - Alex Osburn of Ravenwood 1st Place Match Charles McTorry (Nolensville) 8-1, So. over Ceron Campbell (Centennial) 33-14, Sr. (Fall 1:59) 2nd Place Match Ceron Campbell (Centennial) 33-14, Sr. over Taydrion Cofer (Columbia Central) 25-11, Sr. (NC) 3rd Place Match Taydrion Cofer (Columbia Central) 25-11, Sr. over JD Saulters (Franklin) 30-19, Sr. (Dec 8-6) 5th Place Match Justin Arrieta (Summit) 20-18, Jr. over Alex Osburn (Ravenwood) 16-11, Fr. (Fall 0:53) 160 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Drew Dodson of Ravenwood 2nd Place - Tate Crowell of Nolensville 3rd Place - Jack Hill of Summit 4th Place - Aiden Thompson of Brentwood 5th Place - Isaac Dotson of Independence 6th Place - william clingan of Centennial 1st Place Match Drew Dodson (Ravenwood) 17-4, Sr. over Tate Crowell (Nolensville) 33-12, Jr. (Dec 5-1) 2nd Place Match Tate Crowell (Nolensville) 33-12, Jr. over Jack Hill (Summit) 27-21, Sr. (MD 11-0) 3rd Place Match Jack Hill (Summit) 27-21, Sr. over Aiden Thompson (Brentwood) 20-10, So. (M. For.) 5th Place Match Isaac Dotson (Independence) 2-2, Sr. over william clingan (Centennial) 30-14, Sr. (Dec 9-4) 170 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Wyatt Gibbs of Brentwood 2nd Place - Jensen Schreiber of Summit 3rd Place - Ben Warfel of Nolensville 4th Place - Rylan Schroeder of Franklin 5th Place - Alex Fogarty of Ravenwood 6th Place - Jamar Morris of Columbia Central 1st Place Match Wyatt Gibbs (Brentwood) 43-5, Jr. over Jensen Schreiber (Summit) 41-12, So. (Fall 3:47) 2nd Place Match Jensen Schreiber (Summit) 41-12, So. over Ben Warfel (Nolensville) 10-6, Jr. (MD 13-4) 3rd Place Match Ben Warfel (Nolensville) 10-6, Jr. over Rylan Schroeder (Franklin) 18-10, Sr. (Dec 10-8) 5th Place Match Alex Fogarty (Ravenwood) 18-16, Jr. over Jamar Morris (Columbia Central) 15-15, So. (For.) 182 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Luke Justice of Summit 2nd Place - Hunter Meade of Brentwood 3rd Place - Sawyer Robinson of Franklin 4th Place - Hayden Sinner of Nolensville 5th Place - Kyler King of Independence 6th Place - Maddox Gates-Fabbri of Centennial 1st Place Match Luke Justice (Summit) 35-15, Jr. over Hunter Meade (Brentwood) 29-14, Sr. (Fall 5:00) 2nd Place Match Hunter Meade (Brentwood) 29-14, Sr. over Sawyer Robinson (Franklin) 31-9, Sr. (NC) 3rd Place Match Sawyer Robinson (Franklin) 31-9, Sr. over Hayden Sinner (Nolensville) 27-16, Jr. (Dec 7-6) 5th Place Match Kyler King (Independence) 20-14, Jr. over Maddox Gates-Fabbri (Centennial) 23-23, So. (Dec 7-4) 195 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Zach Sinner of Nolensville 2nd Place - Colin Jackson of Franklin 3rd Place - Cannon Roberts of Independence 4th Place - Jake Beightol of Brentwood 5th Place - Noah Felts of Summit 6th Place - Andrew Kim of Centennial 1st Place Match Zach Sinner (Nolensville) 35-9, Jr. over Colin Jackson (Franklin) 39-6, Sr. (Dec 11-7) 2nd Place Match Colin Jackson (Franklin) 39-6, Sr. over Cannon Roberts (Independence) 24-12, Sr. (Inj. 3:00) 3rd Place Match Cannon Roberts (Independence) 24-12, Sr. over Jake Beightol (Brentwood) 17-14, Sr. (Fall 0:41) 5th Place Match Noah Felts (Summit) 16-13, Sr. over Andrew Kim (Centennial) 14-20, So. (Dec 5-3) 220 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Patrick Styblo of Centennial 2nd Place - Dominic Green of Franklin 3rd Place - Will Parodi of Ravenwood 4th Place - Nathan Montpool of Nolensville 5th Place - Ruger Humble of Brentwood 6th Place - Micah Oltmanns of Independence 1st Place Match Patrick Styblo (Centennial) 38-5, Jr. over Dominic Green (Franklin) 38-10, Jr. (Fall 4:40) 2nd Place Match Dominic Green (Franklin) 38-10, Jr. over Will Parodi (Ravenwood) 22-15, Jr. (Fall 1:53) 3rd Place Match Will Parodi (Ravenwood) 22-15, Jr. over Nathan Montpool (Nolensville) 23-11, Sr. (Dec 6-2) 5th Place Match Ruger Humble (Brentwood) 16-8, So. over Micah Oltmanns (Independence) 14-14, Sr. (Inj. 0:00) 285 Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Ryan Smith of Summit 2nd Place - Noah Dixon of Brentwood 3rd Place - Alec Allen of Franklin 4th Place - Caden Kellow of Ravenwood 5th Place - Juan Diaz-Robles of Centennial 6th Place - Ahijah Hildreth of Columbia Central 1st Place Match Ryan Smith (Summit) 43-6, Sr. over Noah Dixon (Brentwood) 29-15, Jr. (Fall 3:07) 2nd Place Match Noah Dixon (Brentwood) 29-15, Jr. over Alec Allen (Franklin) 13-4, Jr. (NC) 3rd Place Match Alec Allen (Franklin) 13-4, Jr. over Caden Kellow (Ravenwood) 26-18, Sr. (Fall 2:25) 5th Place Match Juan Diaz-Robles (Centennial) 14-15, So. over Ahijah Hildreth (Columbia Central) 12-17, Fr. (Fall 4:44)
  11. Honestly its like beating a dead horse at this point. It'll never change. Might as well just accept it and figure out how to help grow what we got. At least we got double elimination and not that stupid pull through we had for years.
  12. So CoachT has written, So it shall be done.
  13. Updated rankings post State Duals can be found here http://www.pin-tn.com/?page_id=1675
  14. Cleveland has some hammers left up. I imagine they pull away.
  15. Wilson Central over Summit for 3rd 43-27
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