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  1. The Simpson brothers had good freestyle careers.
  2. Oh no I got the city initially wrong that is hosting the Olympics this year. What ever will we do now?
  3. Nick Boykin of Riverdale Hs and Sunkist Kids WC will wrestle in the Olympic Trials finals tonight against Joe Rau. Winner goes to Paris!
  4. 100000% agree. Well said Brayden.
  5. Yeah, like I said, do the state a favor and have nothing to do with it.
  6. Good lord, grow up. Its not "hotly debated". You're just flat wrong. The only person who lost any credibility is the one who continues to say they wouldn't encourage kids to wrestle at the highest level possible. You're just a miserable, sad person and i genuinely hope, with everything i have in me, that you never coach anybody. Ever. Go ahead and tell Brad that you don't think Landon shouldn't go to Ohio State because TN kids don't do well in D1. Tell him that he, as a father, made a mistake in allowing his kid to sign with them because YOU think he, and others, are better served at a lower division. Go ahead. Just do us all a favor and have nothing to do with TN wrestling moving forward, because you CLEARLY don't care about the future of it. If you did you'd want kids to get to the biggest programs possible. And beyond that who are you to tell them they don't have what it takes? Absolutely pathetic. Shameful and pathetic. Do us all a favor and leave.
  7. That may not be what YOU are saying, but it is what Oceansize is saying. I even quoted the section for you.
  8. Man i feel sorry for any kids you ever coach. To not tell a kid to follow their dreams is crazy. If they fail and want to move divisions that's their decision or if they fail and want to quit thats their decision, but to tell them not to even attempt it is astounding. I sincerely hope you never coach any of my kids.
  9. Yeah, im not going to tell the kids i've coached not to chase their dreams because statically it probably wont work out. That's awful life advice. And no, im not "hung up" on d1 being the end all be all, my oldest child's godfather was a d2 national champ and coahces at Newberry. I've sent kids his way plenty of times. But man, i just cannot grasp the idea of telling kids not to follow their dreams or go try and get a spot on the best school they're capable of getting into becuase they may not make it. That's just pitiful Also, to add on, we've got more kids now in this moment that are capable of making an impact on a d1 roster than we've ever had before (chittum, the uhorchucks, jakobs, desselle, hilton, flynn etc)
  10. The entire issue is you saying they shouldn't even bother. How do you not see that? Maybe they do go and wrestle a year, then trasnfer, or flame out, maybe not. But why would anybody ever think telling kids, sorry you arent good enough to consider wrestling division 1 is a good idea? You know how we find these "exceptions"? By encouraging the kids to go to the BEST schoosl they can get into and try their hardest to succeed. Telling them sorry, not enough kids from TN wrestle D1 and not enough have winning records so you can't succeed either is stupid. Just stupid.
  11. Still an absolutely asinine take. The fact you continue to double down is baffling. So every one of the kids who signed with division one programs this year should retract them and go to a different division because there aren't a lot of current tn kids starting on div one teams, and of those that are there arent many winning records. You heard it here, just go ahead and go somewhere else boys. Let me ask you, of those who did sign div 1 commitment letters this season, who do you think should go and who should just not even bother trying?
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