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  1. I will go Greeneville over PF for 1st and Signal and Hixson for third with Signal in third.
  2. Only ones that matter seed wise are Cleveland, Science Hill and Wilson Central. I didn’t see the first one so not sure how it was all moved but as long as those three are seeded 1, 2 and 3 the rest can be thrown all over and it doesn’t matter. We saw that last year when the finals match was wrestled second round.
  3. Why should I? This prick thinks that he can whine about the match being cancelled like a little baby and doesn’t think of anyone else! Like Notre Dame or Knox Catholic couldn’t use the mat time! He has been critical of everything from rankings to about everything else on here! For someone that supposedly loves wrestling so much he sure as heck isn’t doing anything for it except for running his mouth! I am sure though that Father Ryan is happy he took up for them on here, they really needed it and probably couldn’t do so themselves.
  4. Who you talking about Willis? And it is pretty sad, I mean if I really wanted to be like you I would just whine like a baby on everything that had a ranking in the post and not have the balls to do one myself?
  5. Old man, get off your porch and quit screaming at the kids on your lawn! First jackleg, this is a first year of this coach at Notre Dame, so if it happened before it wasn't him, of course your to stupid to probably know that! On top of it these kids live all over city of Chattanooga since it's a private school, they don't just live in one area of town and again it's good to see an old idiot like you not caring about the families and only yourself, because guess what, Notre Dame and Knox Catholic also missed those matches and Notre Dame was already missing matches this year because of the past coach so I am sure they would love the mat time as most all wrestlers do! And don't tell me about not knowing real floooding you piece of excrement! Just last year this area had major flooding and loss of life! Maybe you are to deaf, dumb and blind to have seen that happening last year! I knew the lady who lost her life so don't tell me not knowing about flooding! You supposedly know a lot about wrestling, but you are a piece of crap and I hope I never have the pleasure of meeting you or hearing from you ever, you are a sad fan of wrestling as you car emote about seeing some matches compared to the people that can be affected! Again, pony up that checkbook old man and maybe next time the parents would have their hotels paid for including their other kids that don't wrestle.
  6. That’s because I don’t like to whine like a little baby! And I also actually wrestled instead of sitting behind a keyboard in momma’s basement!
  7. You are a moron as usual! Yes Notre Dame was elsewhere as was Knox Catholic! You aren’t down here to have seen the flooding so how about keeping your mouth shut for the first time! How about next time you let Father Ryan know to just stay down in Chattanooga and wrestle the next day at Notre Dame. You know since you care more about wrestling taking place compared to the parents of said wrestlers and the rest of their families that would have had to change on a dime to run up to Nashville and staying a night instead of an early morning trip up and back
  8. And it’s still raining I went downtown today and came home around 4, 2 of the 3 ways to get back to my house were already flooded, I am afraid the third one will be flooded by tomorrow morning since it’s pouring again! Going to have to borrow Noah’s ark here soon
  9. Would be the same for Notre Dame and Knox Catholic but not a lot you can do with weather and the flooding in Nooga area is terrible right now!
  10. I wished it was setup day right after states on that Sunday. Give them a few pounds and get it done and over quickly so the kids only have one extra day of somewhat weight cut and it could be done early enough start time in morning that those a distance away can get back in time for school that Monday.
  11. After all these other crappy rankings I have decided to just do my own! I have spent countless hours in my moms basement getting everything together so like the College Football Playoffs here is the unveil! Christian Brothers Arlington Germantown Houston Father Ryan Wilson Central Summit Clarksville Centennial Rossview no questioning these rankings, these are the rankings that everyone should be using getting ready for State duals that way these schools can grow bigger by being able to use their rankings! I also would like to thank my mom for allowing me over my usual hour a day screentime!
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