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  1. East is a great team..Cleveland didn't have the depth or size to compete.
  2. Cleveland will be patient with their offense. I dont think they will stall, but take good shots when they present themselves.
  3. A Bradley state title probably doesn't help the Cleveland program...but I dont think you'll see a single Raider fan not happy about the Bearettes' championship.
  4. I wanted to go over and watch today but unfortunately couldnt make it. I ended up watching online and was impressed by how composed the Bearettes were when they got behind. Heck of a game from Blair and a heck of a shot by Lombard. Well deserved championship for Bradley in a game not many thought they could win.
  5. No doubt. We will give them our best shot.
  6. We will have no answer for him lol. I was hoping we'd draw a team where we'd at least have a shot. Wanted to avoid East, Whitehaven and Bearden in the quarterfinals.
  7. Man did Cleveland get the worse possible draw lol
  8. Honestly, to speed the game up, so more points are scored. Its purely entertainment based.
  9. Anna walker is definitely my favorite Bearette to watch play, shes so talented
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