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  1. Thought he had a case last season, but Cam Montgomery was just as deserving.
  2. Hopefully Jacobi can win player of the year this season. Reggie has a chance to win it, Jason won it last year. I think its just the girls basketball coaches that vote that way. No reason for Reuter not to have a few.
  3. Loved watching Joy play. Heck of a volleyball player too.
  4. Doesnt seem to be playing this season. Huge loss indeed. Likely would have been Clevelands best player.
  5. Farragut looked much better than a 5-5 team against Bradley. Impressive.
  6. Let em play where they want. If the school has room for them, who cares? Why would anyone try to stop a high school kid from playing his senior year all because they chose a different school?
  7. I'm not sure how many yards he ended up with. Probably around 350? Special player.
  8. I knew you guys would have trouble stopping Hunt, but I didnt think it would be that bad.
  9. Glad this season is over, ready for basketball lol. Good luck next week. Glad to see you guys having some success.
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