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  1. Why is Bradley not ranked 1st? They're the state champs so until someone beats them in playoffs they are the team to beat. Win a state title as underdog and still get no love. Riverdale will be down without acasia Hayes for most of the season. THat's an opening for someone like Blackman or Oakland to dethrone them in district 7. Lebanon who lost in state quarterfinal last year is ranked 1st?
  2. Is it me or is it a mistake in the scheduling but i saw that bradley only has 4 home football games this year and 6 road games...is every school like that or was it just a misprint?
  3. Then start basketball season later say December and not november
  4. When does the srason start cause allot of teams schedules arenr posted yet
  5. With days like Tuesday with the recent heat and it still being summertime especially in the south, do you agree that they should wait until mid September instead of mid august to start football season just for the safety of the players. It would just extend the season till december. The playoff format is fine tbe way it is, i just feel they start the season way too early.
  6. What a surprise that Jason McGowan retired. I figured they'd give him dew more years to win state before firing him.
  7. What about rhyne Howard representing for Tennessee and winninf tourney mvp for team usa
  8. Because they're rich and want they're kids to win scholarships everywhere
  9. Or the referees. No team can beat them unless your name is lebron James. Haha
  10. Bradley central does...only lost 3 seniors
  11. As great a team as meigs is they get to find out how great Bradley is since they are on the schedule this year, I heard through the grapevine that Bradley and Riverdale will be playing in Christmas tournament in Phoenix and that Blackman is doing a home and home with Bradley. Could just be a rumor though.
  12. Madison Hayes didn't graduate? And Bradley will win district again and compete for state title. When do schools usually hang banners, 1st home game of season cause Bradley gets 2 this year
  13. Several new head coaches going into next season, I didn't expect coach cretton to retire so early from walker valley but they are getting a great coach in soddy daisy old coach and a assistant in a former Bradley standout in kaylan withrow. I expect walker valley to actually compete this year and finish 2nd or 3rd in district so all three Bradley county teams will probably finish in top 4 in district. I'd pick McMinn 3rd then Cleveland 4th. Cleveland is rebuilding so it will be a tough season for them, walker valley and McMinn will both compete to 2nd. Bradley is the Alabama of aaa girls basketball, they don't rebuild they just reload lol. I'd expect them to get picked to either repeat or at least make it back to state but another team from district 4 could surprise. East Hamilton won't be as good without Madison Hayes, of course they said same thi mg about Bradley last year without Howard So well see.. So my early prediction for district 5 is Bradley, McMinn, walker valley, Cleveland, East Hamilton, soddy daisy and ooltewah. District 7 got a shakeup too with couple coaches retiring or going elsewhere like Jennifer grsndstaff
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