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  1. Not bad idea. That would be my 2nd choice but how are seeds determined state ranking?
  2. Walker valley made it in 2019 with a 1-9 record (0-3) in region bevause there were only 4 teams in region 3 4a.
  3. Top 3 in each region, #1 in each gets bye to round of 32. #2 hosts #3 1st round then winners play at #1s based on random draw. Example: maryville winds region 2, gets automatic bye til November 12th but them and the other 7 number 1s do a random draw (like in basketball state tournament where the coaches actually draw bingo balls to determine opponent) to see which winner of #2or#3 they play. Example: maryvillle draws region 6 so they will host the winner of region 6 #2 #3 winner gives advantage of winning regions. In quarters, higher seeds host. If its 2 teams of same seed 2 #2s for example, tssaa draws for home fields. Do away with stupid coin flips, less random. If its 2 teams from same region, then whoever won the head to head matchup hosts, (could be #3 hosting #1 or 2 in same region if they happen to beat them in regular season) Follow same rules in semis. Championship gets played at vanderbilt or nissam stadium if ots east vs west, Memphis if its central vs east, or neyland if its central vs west, make every team have to travel for fairness. Having oakland play at mtsu every year gives them basically home field. If its two yeams from same state locations say region 1 vs region 2 then play it at neyland. Nobody from west Tennessee will care if 2 east Tennessee teams play championship. Or say its blackman vs oakland, play it at vandy, only fans thatlk go is middle tn people.
  4. Implement it for playoffs to keep teams from playing keep away for 2 minutes, or have 10 minute quarters, give them the college experience
  5. Oh darn its going to rain thursday Friday and saturday and every game is region games so boo hoo they cant move datesbup or back on gamea and have to play in the rain aka (bad weather). Finally the players get to experience what it will be like to play in college/nfl in the elements instead of forcing them to always play in sunny skies that being said if your team has a bad rushing game heres their chance to improve it before the playoffs. Maybe that will help bradley hang with maryville, bradley has good rushing game. Unsure of murvils
  6. I see that. Don't be surprised if Bradley beats murvil, Jackson is good running back.
  7. Money money money money.....money (quote the o'jays)
  8. Still 2nd and 3rd best in the district. Clevelands coach has a ego problem though and it bleeds down to the girls.
  9. Also, let them play in the rain so long as there isnt lightning. They play soccer in the rain so how is football any different!?
  10. Finally the schools arent letting the tssaa hold their hand anymore and deciding on their own if their players are able to play or not. Last year they let tssaa tell them what to do and acted like it was listem to us or forfeit thus losing money
  11. The bradley brainerd game with be at finley so brainerd is texhnically the home team
  12. I'd have to put jason reuter in top 5. Evety year he goes to state with new roster. Also wins games against middle tennessee schools
  13. I do but it isn't very smart if auto correct doesn't work right lol
  14. Makenna miles is the only one that left from last years bradley squad from what I've read. She is a senior this year anyway. Doesn't seem to bother them when a great player leaves, they proved that when blair moved to Cleveland. miles did play lock down defense but somebody else will step up like carpenter or one of the other great stars they have. "New" district, same district winning streak just based of history and experience, Cleveland has the best chance to beat them what teams are in 6aaaa now that would play them in region tournament??
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