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  1. Yep and similar situation arose with fans being too close to floor. Cleveland was supposed to host it 2 years ago but. They didnt have new gym built so instead of having ir somewhere else they had it at walker valley. I guess they had it on walker valley this year cause it was their turn in rotation. Soddy was last year and cleveland was supposed to be 2018 not sure why theu didnt kudt play it at lee University thst year. Bradley is next due to host it in 2021 i think. They last hosted in 2014 I believe. Region next year is scheduled to be at walker valley. Hopefully they move it to bradley or cleveland or any other district 5 gym besides WV.
  2. That was a great no call but a horrible technical call. He wasn't fouled at the end he just missed the shot. Theyll play again in region final
  3. Not if they have the same refs xleveland bradley game had. Idk who it was i just listened on radio but heard you could hear fans screaming at refs from behind the benches
  4. Tournament would be at bradley if white county loses Saturday?
  5. Id expect to see bradley and cleveland in region title game. Its hsrd to beat a team 3 times in same season anyway
  6. Why keep having the district tournament at the same school. Rotate. Next year have it at bradley or McMinn. At least their gyms can accomodate people. Or lee university
  7. Horrible reffing in the bradley cleveland game. Why call a technical? No game should be decided by a twxhnical foul. Now cookeville goes to cleveland instead of bradley. Huge difference. Stone memorial goes to bradley so in district 5 every team should be victorious except ooltewah
  8. Theu definitely arent as good as last few years. Id think this will be their last year making tournament. Id pick wv over them the next few seasons. East hamilton is only good because of madison hayes. But of course people thought nradley wouldnt do anything without howard either so...
  9. Mayo has played lockdown defense all season. Her 3 point shots have been off this year so she has been making up for it with defense. She'll kick it in high gear with her shots from here on out. Id put her as the go to girl besides walker. Whole tourney could get moved to different location if there is an upset
  10. Proves they can win no matter what players they have but with McKenna miles and Sloan carpenter being freshmen the next 3 years they should be elite. Add kelsey carman Anna muhonen and jamaiah williams as experienced players and ad ashlen crittenden off the bench. They should be fun to watch next year. I keep calling them the Alabama of tennesser high school basketball. They don't rebuild they just reload
  11. If stone can stop rhe hayes sisters particularly madisom doen low the should win unless they just have an off night shooting
  12. Yeah so its clevelsnd at rhea county. Tough pick as is stone east hamilton game. So IF white cpunty loses Friday to mcminn (dountful) then the rest of tournament geys moved to Bradley if every district 5 team wins??
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