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  1. Great article on Chloe: https://www.thehoosiernetwork.com/2022/03/21/why-indianas-unpredictable-season-has-been-a-blessing-in-disguise-for-guard-chloe
  2. Trivia Question? Name a Tennessee High School team that has two players in the NCAA Sweet 16? Greenfield High School Both girls played great, I can’t say for sure but I don’t think that’s ever happened before. Way to go Chloe and Tess you make us proud!
  3. So awesome to see our two Greenfield girls playing in March Madness for two big time teams. Chloe had 7 pts 4 rebounds and 4 assists in #3 Indiana Hoosiers win. Tess started for the #4 Lady Vols in their big win and played well. Keep it going girls! Let’s go Vols & Hoosiers! Greenfield is proud of Chloe & Tess
  4. Congratulations to Westview! Go McKenzie, bring it back home to west Tennessee!
  5. Don’t count Gleason out. Low scoring game if Gleason gets ahead, 30 points might win it. Gleason will let the air out if they get ahead.
  6. Wow, two of the top teams in the state are from District 13. That’s awesome.
  7. Westview by 15 Westview should walk through this tournament but you never know.
  8. Makes you wonder what might have been? Anybody in our district could beat anybody this year. I’d love to see Dresden and Gleason match up again. I think every year our district will have two teams at state. Dresden will be the team next year, no seniors.
  9. Good luck to Gleason Dresden Mckenzie and Westview. I was hoping to get to go up today but it just didn’t work out. I think Westview and McKenzie have to be the favorites. But lookout if McKenzie loses today I’m taking Gleason. Dresden very well could win the bottom bracket for an all west finals. Good luck I will be listening.
  10. Karly is a great player, well deserved.
  11. Maybe we need to close this thread, don’t forget It’s just a game. Refs miss calls you live with it and learn from it. I hate it for GC because I was for GC but things happen in life. GC will be back.
  12. Gibson County 18 York 18 after 1 quarter
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