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  1. Ask the Westview AD to call Coach Trevathan and schedule Greenfield this year? We could fill the UTM gym up and donate the gate money to St Jude. It would be an awesome game and both teams would benefit from the game. Its really sad that we don't play, both teams have a real chance to be state champions this year.
  2. After watching most of the games last week at the girls state tournament I appreciate the Gibson County team even more. To begin with they have a great coach that has taught his girls how to play defense. They don’t have a superstar on the team but they have 10 girls that play together as a team. GC beat teams that had great players because they had depth, role players that step up and do their job. It was fun watching GC play unselfish basketball. I know some will disagree but this is just my opinion but I think Gibson County would have won Class AA tournament last week as well. Class A Girls Basketball was better than AA Girls Basketball this year. Class A teams have beat AA teams all season, example (GC beat Westview twice & once by 24 pts). (Class A Clark Range beat the favorite in AA Cumberland County and Macon County). In fact Gibson County would have beat 4 of the 8 AAA teams at state this past week. Great teams beat super star individual players teams. Congratulations to Gibson County, you deserve the Gold Ball.
  3. Congratulations to Gibson County. You have a great group of girls who bought in to your coach and played some awesome defense, he is a great coach. GC fans are a classy bunch and they know there basketball, you deserved it. Great year! it. Great year!
  4. Congratulations to Gibson County. You have a great group of girls who bought in to your coach and played some awesome defense, great coach as well. GC fans are a classy bunch, they know there basketball. You deserved it. Great year!
  5. Awesome win Gibson County. The best team won and I’m proud for your fans. Good group of girls and fans.
  6. Gibson County plays defense. Go GC it’s your year. Gibson County by 6
  7. Good job Lady Jackets. It’s been alot of fun watching you this year. Loretto is s very good team, the sisters are both great players. The best team won today and the refs did a good job. It’s been a fun year. Good luck to Loretto in championship game.
  8. Westview by 7 Gold Ball headed to west Tennessee.
  9. Come on now, don’t go there. I’m pulling for another 7A rematch. Gibson County - Greenfield all the way.
  10. Loretto looked really good today, they have a good team. The freshman is going to be a good one.
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