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  1. Oh my, You are absolutely nuts. Greenfield had a 20 pt better team this year than last year and Greenfield embarrased Clark Range at the state tournament last year. It could have been a 50 pt game if Greenfield had not called the dogs off. Anybody that kept up with girls basketball over the last 50 years will tell you The 2020 Gold Ball belonged to Greenfield. That could be the best team ever to come out of Class A. Now next year could be and should be Clark Range’s year but Loretto may have something to say about that.
  2. Now that the season is over, I can state my opinion. I’m not trying to dish any other school and I’m not looking to debate this, this is just my final thoughts of the 2019-20 season. I didn’t want to put added pressure on our girls back so I haven’t made these statements before. I have talked to a lot of college coaches, high school coaches and fans during the season and at Murfresboro so this is not just my opinion. This Greenfield Lady Jacket team was the best team at the state tournament this year of all three classifications. They are the best team I have seen in my lifetime (I am 64) in west Tennessee. Three division 1 players to big time colleges on a Class A team just does not happen to a school the size of Greenfield. (We are one of the lowest enrollments in the state playing basketball) This was our year and everybody that knows basketball knew it. It’s sad that we didn’t get to finish it but sometimes life throws you a curveball. You get up and make the best out of life. These girls took every challenge that was thrown at them this whole year. Most games were over at the end of the first quarter and with good teams by halftime. Thank you Coach T and our fellow coaches for a great year. Thank you to the Senior class for setting the bar high and giving us fans the ride of a lifetime. Thank you Chloe Moore and Tess Darby for doing something that’s never been done before. Miss Basketball finalist five times, Miss Basketball twice. We are pulling for you at UT Lady Vols and Indiana Lady Hoosiers. Make us proud because we will be following you every game. God is good even in times like we have had the past two months. Let’s refocus as a country on God and make our nation a Christian nation once again.
  3. Congratulations Chloe! You are an awesome player and an even better person. It’s been fun watching you since the 2 grade dribbling basketballs at half time. I’m going to miss your great attitude and unselfish play. I was hoping our Lady Vols would offer you because you could have started immediately for them, they made a mistake. Make us proud at Indiana, go Hoosiers. It’s been a pleasure watching you, thank you for all the memories.
  4. Oh Me Negative Nancy. Thank you TSSAA for giving us a chance to play. We truly appreciate it. That’s all we can ask for at this time.
  5. Awesome news, thank you TSSAA for doing the right thing.
  6. Khali don’t let this kid upset you. He’s trashed everybody but Westview this week. Been a poster for a week and knows everything. He hides behind a screen name and tries to start drama.
  7. Let’s just play to earn a Gold Ball. It ain’t the same if they give 12 gold balls this year.
  8. That’s not the answer. We just want to play. Macon County and Greenfield are together we have one chance and that’s this year. We will never have a team like we have this year every again.
  9. Greenfield wants to play not share a trophy.
  10. Yes sir. I ride a handicap scooter so I stay up at the top level but stop me sometime and let’s talk. Gibson County has great fans and a great coach and always a good team. Next year it could be Clark Range and Gibson County in the finals. This was our year if we can just finish it.
  11. I feel your pain, Greenfield is in same scenario. This was our year to try and win it all but we will never have a team like this one this year. 34-0 with two Miss Basketball nominees that are seniors now.
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